Holding for Life Ch. 02


This is a newly written story which I’ve shared elsewhere too and I expect to form part of an ongoing series. It is entirely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real persons, living or otherwise, is entirely coincidental. All characters are well over the age of 18. I hope you enjoy it.


Tuesday Morning -5.30am in the staff flat.

Anne turned over in bed. Sarah, her best friend, confidant, work colleague and, in Archie’s absence, lover was by her side.

“Sarah, are you awake?”

“After the night I’ve had, am I likely not to be?” There was a hint of sarcasm in Sarah’s voice.

“Sorry Sarah. I didn’t have a good night.”

“Neither did I. You nearly had the duvet off five times, all that tossing and turning.”

“Look I’m really sorry. It’s just…”

“That Jonah?”

“Sarah, how did you guess? You should have seen him pee yesterday at the end of induction. I’ve never seen anything like it. He was pissing like he’d never pissed before in his entire life. It was like a bloody fire hydrant. How he didn’t piss his pants yesterday I don’t know. I think it was more luck than anything else. Maltepe Escort The poor lamb hadn’t been for 18 hours. He put such a brave face on it but I know that after holding that long he’ll have a few problems for a day or so. Also, I’m 95% sure his bed will be sopping wet this morning. I promised him he wouldn’t get punished if that happened too. I can see that’s going to be tricky at adjudication too. You know as well as I do we’ve got to be transparent about things.”

Sarah gave her friend a sympathetic but knowing look.

“You want to fuck him, don’t you? I can tell.”

“I hate myself for saying this but who wouldn’t? You really should see his cock.

It’s absolutely massive. I know it’s unprofessional to take such an interest in such things but I just couldn’t avert my gaze. In fact, I made him pull his pants down in class so that the girls could have a glimpse before pulled the curtain round and put him on the commode. Shameful of me, I know, especially knowing how close he was to pissing himself, but I just couldn’t resist.”

Sarah gently stroked Anne’s hair.

“Hey, I’ve seen it. I was İstanbul Escort lead tutor the last time he was here. It’s just as well I don’t do men otherwise we’d both be in a fix wouldn’t we? Look, I’m sure you’ll handle adjudication superbly but, if he’s had an accident in the night and you’re letting him off the hook, I’d go easy on any other bedwetters too. After all, the game’s not only about being fair but being seen to be fair too. You know far better than I do how to play it. As for Mr Big, just try and get through today without having a meltdown. I’ve as good an idea about how you feel as a fully signed up, unreconstructed, lesbian can have. Look, I’ll supervise the 7am toileting if you like and you can help matron organise the breakfasts. By the way, don’t let that Linsey Dawn or her side kick wind you up. I know she pushes your buttons but the best way to respond is not to take the bait, although I’m sure you understand that better than I do.”

Anne kissed Sarah.

“You’re such a good friend. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“A friend with benefits, you mean.”

Sarah reached between Anadolu Yakası Escort Anne’s legs and stroked her sex.

Anne moaned.

“Sarah stop it. I’m moist enough already!”

Sarah withdrew her hand licked her fingers.

“I know. How you got through the night without touching yourself I don’t know. Look if you can get though today – and I know you can – we’ll have the most amazing sex tonight. We both deserve it. There’s no point in me telling you not to fuck Jonah because I’m sure you will before the week’s out. Just be careful though.

I don’t want you hospitalising. Much more importantly, we’ve both spent thousands on this place and I don’t want you doing anything that will bring the whole edifice crashing down around our ears. After all, you know what they say about mixing business with pleasure.”

Anne gave Sarah a friendly shove.

“It’s good to have a friend who’s got her priorities in the right order! Look I’ll go and make us some tea and a round or two of toast. I packed some of that whisky marmalade we both love this time. We may as well allow ourselves a little luxury or so. When we’ve had that I’ll race you for the shower.”

Sarah smiled broadly at her friend.

“Anne, why don’t we shower together and have a damn good piss whilst we’re at it. I’ve not had a golden shower – in the shower – for ages.”

“You’re on Sarah Worthington!”

(to be continued)

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