How I Became a Chastized Cuckold Ch. 06


**Warning** This fantasy story series contains or will contain elements of Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial, Female Domination, Cuckolding, Interracial Sex, Bi-sexual Innuendo and Tendencies, Teasing, and BDSM Activities. If any of these topics are offensive you to, I recommend not reading.


I awoke the next morning with an unbearable case of morning wood, my engorged testicles trying desperately to painfully wiggle their way between the clear plastic sheath and ring that kept me securely in my chastity belt. The previous night’s events vividly invaded my dreams and continued to occupy every thought in my head. I fought to press the cage towards my body, offering the slightest bit of relief, as I stared at my still slumbering wife, my unfaithful wife who spent last night getting her married pussy pounded by a large black cock. I watched her milky white breasts, the same breasts that got mauled and suckled by a man she met just hours before, rise and fall with each slow breath as her body recovered from being savagely taken by her lover.

I silently inched my way out of bed, careful not to disturb my sleeping goddess, and made my way to the bathroom, hoping that emptying my bladder would allow my unwanted erection to go soft and shrink to the small size the cage would comfortably allow. It had been months since my body overcame its good sense and made an attempt at morning wood that most men experience without any trouble what-so-ever, at least those that haven’t given up their right to cum and volunteered to have their cocks locked into a chastity belt. Like many other things to come, my hot wife’s adventure in sexual freedom helped change that.

As I started out the day, what I truly considered the first day of my new life, I sat at the kitchen table in my normal household attire and reflected on the sea of fresh thoughts swimming through my head while sipping a cup of coffee. Now that my cuckold fantasy had come true, was I capable of living with the knowledge that my wife got fucked by another man or is the fetish something I should have kept locked away in the dark closet of my imagination? One thing is for sure, I cannot undo what was done. I saw the pictures of Jerome’s cock inside Angie’s pussy. I saw the picture unmistakably showing her face with his dick inside her mouth and her tongue licking his large balls. There was no dramatic play to create an illusion that she shared herself with another. No, she jumped at the opportunity to go out and get laid and had no shame in her eyes coming home to me glimmering with that after sex glow. So how did that make me feel? Did I feel betrayed? Angry? Hurt? No, I smiled to myself, I feel excited, even happy. It turns me on so much officially being a cuckold in chastity that the anticipation of her going out again causes another feeble attempt at an erection.

After reflecting on my thoughts for a while, Angie walked into the kitchen and rattled me free of my trance. Her hair was a mess and she was stark naked, her pink nipples as hard as pencil erasers and the aroma of her sex quickly filling the room.

“Oh my god hubby. I feel so sexy that I don’t want to put a shred of clothing on today,” she said as she grabbed her own cup of coffee and sat down at the table with me. “My pussy is still spread open from Jerome’s big black cock. God he screwed the fuck out of your wife. You need to come look at what he did to me.”

Her brazen words made my cock stir, attempting to fill the cage again and trying desperately to escape. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled across the floor until my face was between her thighs and my eyes focused on her slightly parted lips and the small void beyond.

“Well, aren’t we feeling a little bit submissive this morning,” she giggled. “I guess knowing that your sweet innocent wife willingly fucked some stranger will do that to a man. Not only did I do it with your permission, but you begged me to do it. Get your tongue in there and feel what my lover did to me. I feel like such a slut and I need to cum like one.”

I did not waste time with words. I immediately shoved my tongue deep inside the slick gash as far as it would go. She wasn’t lying. Her pussy felt alien to me, as if it was some other women but I knew her flavor, her scent. I continued to eat her pussy with my face pressed against her cunt, pausing only to breathe. My lips found her swollen clit and I bit down lightly as my tongue flicked the hood and I began to hum, the vibrations sending her over the edge.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” she screamed aloud, the sounds of her orgasm carrying out the open kitchen window for anyone in the neighborhood to hear. “Eat my fucking pussy cucky. That’s it. THAT’S IT! Taste me as I CUM ALL OVER YOUR FACE! AHHHHIIIIYYYYYAAAAAAA!”

My face was soaked with her juices as I fought the pain in my stomach from my locked up condition. I looked up to see her eyes closed tightly and her chest rapidly rising and falling in shorts gasps of breath. I knelt there silently below my Mistress for five Anadolu Yakası Escort minutes while she regained her senses.

“We need to do some talking today but right now I want you to crawl out of here and give me some time to myself,” she ordered me.

As I turned around on my hands and knees, she gave me a nice hard slap on my ass that startled me. I just looked at her and smiled as I padded off into the living room, shaking my ass as I went. I spent the next hour or so relaxing and watching TV while she enjoyed her privacy around the house, reflecting, I surmised, on her own thoughts and feelings. After a while, Angie came into the living room wearing nothing but thigh high patent leather boots with a sharp five-inch heel and a choker collar to match. She sat down next to me and I immediate shut-off the television and turned my full attention to her.

“Last night I made another one of your fantasies come true,” she began in a proud but calming voice. “I slept with another man and made you a cuckold. Now I need to know how you feel about it. Please tell me that you are not angry with me. Please tell me I didn’t screw up the greatest thing in my life,” she said with pleading eyes.

“You didn’t screw anything up baby,” I said, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “No matter what my feelings were this morning, I told you I would not be angry with you if you tried it. We agreed on that as a way to protect our life together.”

“Yes, I know we agreed on that,” she interrupted me, “but what happens in talk compared to real life doesn’t always match up.”

“Well let me tell you about the reality of it,” I said smiling. “Knowing that you went out dressed like that had me climbing the walls in anticipation. Watching you walk up the driveway looking like a mess had me drooling like a dog. Listening to your detailed account of how he used your body and how many times he made you cum made my cock fight to gain an erection. Seeing the pictures and finding out that you chose a black man to cuckold me with made me so hard that I almost split this plastic cage in two.”

“That was last night in the heat of the moment. How do you feel about it this morning?” she asked me.

“This morning I woke up in extreme pain because my dick was still trying to get hard,” I confessed to her. “It has been months since that happened but apparently my body was too aroused to realize the no-win situation it was in. It took forever to bring it under control. Right now, I wish I could tear this damned chastity belt off and slam myself into you to feel what my tongue felt this morning. My desire to cum has never been stronger.”

“Well cucky, I know your balls must be getting full by now, but there is no way I am going to let you cum until your release day,” she told me sternly. “What sense would it make if I released you today after I spent yesterday letting another man do it for you because you were in your belt?”

I got off the couch and onto my knees, “Mistress, I did not mean to imply that you would release me. I was merely telling you how turned on I was. Please forgive me.”

“I love this so much,” she said laughing, “I am the one that went out last night and got the shit fucked out of me by a black guy who really knew how to use his big cock and you are the one on your knees begging for forgiveness. You are such a good cuckold slave. I can get used to you being this submissive. Kiss my boots and work your way up to my pussy. You can lick me to another orgasm as penance.”

“Gladly,” I said as started at the pointy toe of her right boot and slowly glided my tongue up the shiny smooth material, leaving a trail of my saliva in its wake. When leather gave way to her tender pale flesh, I took my time kissing her inner thigh causing goose bumps to develop on her skin. I reached the soft folds of her damp pussy made short work of bringing her to the second mind splitting orgasm in under three hours.

With the weekend behind me, the next week thundered by quickly with little more than the blink of an eye. When I arrived at home on Friday, my wife and her sister met me at the door, their curvy bodies encased in matching powder blue leather corsets and tiny little G-strings. I quickly stripped off my clothes and put them into a tiny pile at my feet while wife held up the key to my cock tube and Kelley held up the long points of intrigue for my CB-6000.

“Your wife was telling me about this precious little device for your chastity belt and I am just dripping at the thought of seeing them in action,” Kelley deviously explained to me.

“You see slave, you are going to wear the spikes for the entire weekend,” Angie said with an demanding tone, “and since none of us have anything to do this weekend, we are going to put your dick through hell and make you earn that long awaited release next Friday. Now let’s go upstairs so we can get rid of the stubble and clean you up.”

Kelley grabbed me firmly by the balls and tugged me forward roughly, practically Avrupa Yakası Escort dragging me forward. In the bedroom, the restraints were already out and waiting for me and they made quick work of strapping me down securely. My wife then unlocked the tiny padlock and freed me from my prison. Realizing the uncommon chance for freedom, my cock quickly snapped to attention and prayed for attention. Kelley had disappeared for a moment but now I followed her sensual strut when she reentered the room and noticed what she carried with her. In her left hand was a can of shaving cream and in her right hand was a straight razor, sometimes called a hitchhiker’s helper. I instantly began to sweat in panic. Even when I shaved my own pubic hair, I would never have dared to use a straight razor, but my wife’s sister, who never missed a chance to cause me discomfort, was about to have the sharp blade on my most delicate flesh where the consequences of a mistake were unfathomable. Noticing my fear, my wife quickly came to my side and tried to set me at ease.

“Don’t worry baby,” she whispered into my ear, “she knows how to use it. She actually uses it to shave her legs and I made her shave my legs to ensure she wasn’t lying. However, if I was you, I would lie completely still and don’t flinch if you desire to keep all of your parts attached.”

I did exactly as I was told as the shaving cream was spread around my groin and I felt the first smooth flick of the blade. I could feel her breath on my dick as she expertly removed the pubic hair from my groin and then continued on my scrotum, pulling sections of the wrinkly skin as tight as a bat wing giving me my closest shave ever. With the task complete, they released my bonds and escorted me to the shower where I endured a freezing cold shower that made my cock shrivel up to almost nothing.

“Wow Angie,” Kelley said bursting with laughter, “look how small his dick is. I am not even sure we can call it a dick when it looks like this. It’s more like a tiny nub. That is pretty pathetic Sis.”

“I know,” my wife conceded, “right now you could probably use two fingers to jerk it off.”

If it weren’t for the cold water still cascading over my groin, my cock would once again have been hard as a rock. They wasted no time placing the ring behind my shriveled balls, securing the points of intrigue and clear plastic sheath and finally snapping the pad lock closed. They finished drying off my body and then produced a thick black collar and a second small brass padlock.

“We want you to spend the entire weekend in servitude,” Kelley said to me as she placed the collar around my neck and closed the hasp on the lock.

“Most of the time, we are going to keep you in some bondage to keep you in control like a good little slave,” my wife stated as she drew my hands behind my back and clasped linked leather cuffs around my wrist.

I immediately dropped to my knees and planted a kiss on each smooth triangular patch of leather covering there sodden cunts before accepting my fate and bowing my head before the two sexy seductresses.

“Angie, it never ceases to amaze me,” her sister admitted. “You keep finding ways to surprise me with the things you can get him to do. I wonder how far you can make him go.”

“As long as I control when he gets spurt his filthy load, I think the sky is the limit. If I ask and he doesn’t obey, I simply add time to the clock. I guess time will tell if he hits a breaking point,” Angie said as they left the room.

My two devious key holders truly intended to torment me all weekend long. For the most part, I was kept in some sort of bonds, always exposed and vulnerable to their frustrating touch. To ensure that I remained in a state of constant arousal, they constantly changed into different sexy and revealing outfits and kept interracial porn videos playing on the television 24/7. I struggled as images of beautiful white women being pounded by huge black cocks were displayed before me, bringing my thoughts back to my own wife’s pussy being invaded by another man. In no time at all, the skin at the base of my cock was tender from the constant prodding of the three dull points reminding me of my predicament. The scantily clad sisters used my tongue relentlessly to enjoy countless orgasms, all the while teasing me about my inability to enjoy spilling my seed.

By Sunday evening, I was swimming in a different world, immersed into a completely new dimension. I have never been this deep into my own submission. Even being forced to lick up my own ejaculate failed to humble me as much as this weekend of torment had accomplished. Even with my current state of mind, I was ill prepared to endure the grand finale.

It started when I was called into the bedroom and I noticed the large eye bolts screwed into the ceiling. My devious wife, wearing nothing but her smile and a thin strip of blonde pubic hair above her swollen clit, roughly attached two leather cuffs to my ankles and secured them to a long İstanbul Escort spreader bar that kept my legs spread apart. My hands were released from behind my back, rope threaded through the rings of the thick leather shackles, and raised above my head until my muscles were strained tightly. As Angie knelt before me and began to remove my cock cage, I watched Kelley, gorgeously adorned in red latex garter and stockings with a matching swath of material stretched tightly over her huge tits, spit on a large black latex butt plug. About the same time I felt the rush of fresh air around my hardening penis, a sharp pain rocked my tender hole as it continued to stretch before finally slamming shut around the base of the plug. As I adjusted to the stretching of my anus, I looked down and noticed three small bruises from the points of intrigue. Thank god they were dull because any type of point on that devilish device would have surely broken the skin. Angie suddenly grabbed my balls in her fist and began to squeeze tightly. I moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure as my legs grew week, adding strain on my extended arms.

“Since you have wanted to play like a submissive cuckold husband,” my wife began still holding tightly onto my jewels, “we thought we would show you just how celibate, little dicked slaves get punished. If you want to be our little toy, you need to understand that you don’t even have to do anything wrong to be punished, you just simply have to submit to whatever we desire. Do you understand?” she said roughly, as she gripped down and throttled the pressure on my nuts with a quick squeeze.

“AHHHH….YES MISTRESS. I understand,” I screamed as the knot in my stomach hit and began to dissipate.

Kelley whispered in my ear from behind, “You see, we stopped by and saw Mistress Sara on Friday for some new tools and a little bit of advice. Your loving wife was paying particular attention to the hands on portion and judging by the grip she has, I think she enjoyed the lesson.”

I flinched as I felt the first of many lashes from the thick suede flogger land across my buttocks. My cock was staring straight into my wife’s face, a drip of thick precum glistening at the tip as Kelley continued to let the lash lick at my reddened skin. Angie continued to squeeze my scrotum and I moaned as she dug her fingernails into the sensitive area just behind the head.

“You should feel how swollen his balls are Sis,” my wife said giggling like a mischievous pixie.

Kelley came up from behind and rolled my testicles between her fingers, “I guess that is what happens when you don’t allow your husband to get off for six months. I wonder how much cum these will produce next week.”

When my wife had her fill of making diamonds out of my fleshy orbs, she stood up and bent over, allowing my stiff rod to join the strip of her G-string between her ample ass cheeks. When she stood up, I saw she was swinging another flogger in her hand. This one was smaller than the one Kelley was using but it had many thin strips of leather flowing off the beautifully crafted handle. She raised her hand and quickly brought the whip down, each strip announcing contact with a crack as they bit into my erection. After a few skillfully placed strikes, my still engorged penis was covered in tiny red welts causing me to feel like it was on fire. I was breathing heavily as my mind-processed sensations I have never experienced before as the vixens alternated blows for a few minutes. After they stopped, I saw Angie nod to Kelley and I was not prepared for what came next. Without warning, something solid came up between my legs and slammed into my exposed nads. My legs went limp and I struggled to catch my breath with my stomach as tight as a guitar string.

Angie lifted my head and looked me in the eye, “That is what it feels like to take a four inch high heel shoe in the balls…. And this is what it’s like barefoot.”

She reared back and brought her naked foot between my legs, the top of her foot finding the target and almost making the world go black. I listened to the click of Kelley’s heels as she followed Angie out of the room, leaving me alone to recover for the next two hours.

When Angie returned wearing a long red silk robe, she was no longer the demanding Mistress but my sweet loving wife. She gently placed the CB6000 back on my flaccid penis and the echoing click of the lock once again reminded me of my position in the household. As she undid my leather cuffs, I rubbed my wrists to restore feeling into my hands.

“Did you enjoy yourself tonight baby?” I asked her with an amused tone.

“God, I loved the power of having your nuts in the palm of my hand,” she said as she removed the spreader bar from between my legs. “Feeling you wince, feeling them compress as I squeezed had me in a euphoric state. You had better be careful hubby. I am becoming a power greedy bitch and your balls are my favorite target. I hope we didn’t hurt you too bad.”

“No, It wasn’t too bad,” I said as she laid me down in bed. “The squeezing and whipping had me kind of floating in sub space and kept me aroused, wanting more. The kicks really brought me back to reality. I don’t think I could have handled anymore of those. You really wound up for that and I am guessing Kelley didn’t hold back either.”

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