I Love Women in Panties Ch. 07


It was nearly midday as I drifted into consciousness. Sally was still asleep lying on her front next to me. One of us must have gotten too warm in the night, as the covers were more off than on us. I lay there contemplating the previous 24 hrs admiring the white satin mound that was my sister’s panty covered ass realising what a monumental list of firsts I had encountered.

I had thought Hilary’s orgasm in the disco was a watershed moment but that paled into insignificance compared to the rest of the night! I had made love to two gorgeous young women both of which had seemingly enjoyed my inexperienced ministrations. I had slept all night with a woman for the first time all be it that woman was my sister! This was something I was still wrestling with. If I wasn’t before, I was definitely now a dyed in the wool panty freak, I absolutely adored the look and feel of a pussy or an ass in panties and my favourites were always going to be bikini briefs, cotton, silk, satin or nylon I was hooked!

The sight of Sally’s lovely ass encased in white satin did nothing to disavow me of that opinion either. I did have concerns about the line Sally and I had crossed though and hoped that we would both be able to deal with it sensibly. I knew or thought I knew, that I felt incredibly close to Sally probably closer than ever before but also knew it would go no further than it had done and would remain a one off. These thoughts however did not stop me from moving closer to Sally and gently stroking her satin covered ass, the firm roundness of her cheeks under the softness of the satin were wonderful.

“Mmmm that’s nice, what are you after eh Mike?” Sally sighed half asleep. “You seem to have a thing for my ass little Bro.”

“I’m not after anything Sis,” I replied. “But I will admit, you now have a lifelong admirer of your ass.”

Sally laughed “Well you’ll have to keep that to yourself Brother dear because last night and today are our secret I don’t want anybody spoiling what we’ve experienced between us!”

I had heard the shower going earlier and could now hear movements around the flat and a lot of giggling.

“I wonder what those two are up to,” I asked.

“I don’t know, but I guess we should think about getting up and having a shower ourselves,” Sally replied. “First though how are you feeling after last night Mike?”

“A little self-conscious I guess, being in bed with my half naked sister!” I replied. “But then again, she is an absolute babe! So, I guess pretty much okay, if a little concerned or confused I’m not sure which or both. What about you, how are you feeling? I asked.

“You know what Mike, I feel good, I feel like I’ve got something out of my system, scratched an itch or something like that. I am comfortable I can deal with what happened and I don’t regret any part of it.” She replied.

“I think I can too, although I guess I will always be a little bothered that we let it happen, on the other hand it seemed fate dealt us a hand that we had little choice but to play out?”

“It’s going to be a special memory Mike, we will be closer than ever now, last night will bind us together like never before.” Sally said with a catch in her voice and taking me in her arms and holding me tight.

“I love you Sis, I love you so much.” I said “Oh yeah and I love your panty covered ass as well!” I chuckled.

“Well enjoy it now Bro because it’s all mine after today! Time for a shower methinks and let’s see those other two tarts are up to?” Sally said Laughing and moving to get off the bed.

Sally slipped in to a short silk robe that did little to cover much but did look very sexy, her panties visible through the thin material, her nipples pushing against the silky robe.

“Come here Sis,” I said. “I need a hug!”

Sally sauntered over to me looking sexy as hell, her robe a little loose at the front showing plenty of cleavage and the front of her panties clearly on view. I took her in my arms, one hand going straight to her ass, the silkiness of her robe sliding over her satin panties, a sensation I will never tire of, panties felt through the softness of a slip or robe or silk dress is one of the joys of being a panty lover.

“A Hug! More like a grope!” Sally laughed. “You just wanted to get hold of my ass again!”

“Not just your ass.” I chuckled as I also took her satin covered breast in my hand. “You are beautiful and I want to remember this moment forever.”

My cock had been twitching for a while now, however the feel of Sally’s breasts through the satin of her robe tipped the old fella over the edge causing him to stand smartly to attention.

“Jesus Mike what are you going to do with that?” Sally asked, “I need a shower right now not to be skewered by your dick!” She was laughing as she said this, but this did not stop her taking hold of it giving a quick stroke.

“I need a shower too Sal, maybe I could join you to save time? I said this with no real expectation of her agreeing to this.

“And how will showering with me get İstanbul Escort rid of that?” She asked pointing at my cock.

“I don’t know Sis, but I do know you and I both need a shower, the girls are already up and about so let’s just get on with it huh?”

“Alright then, come on let’s go clean up.” She said opening the bedroom door and stepping across the landing to the bathroom.

I followed Sally into the bathroom closing the door behind me, Sally was turning the taps of the shower on adjusting the temperature. She untied her robe and slipping it off her shoulders, put her fingers in the waistband of her panties sliding them down over her thighs and on down her legs. As she stepped out of them, her breasts hung provocatively as she bent forward, seeing Sally naked was nothing new, however since last night there were things I noticed that I simply hadn’t before.

She turned and stepping into the bath moved under the stream of hot water, wetting her hair and taking the soap in her hand she started to lather herself. I stood watching for a moment before taking my pyjama bottoms off and joining her. My erection had subsided a little, my cock now only semi hard, I took the soap from Sally and began to lather myself.

“Let me do your back,” I said and not waiting for a reply I started soaping her back all the way down over her ass and down her the back of her legs. On the way back up I paid some more attention to her ass enjoying the feel of the slippery soap moving over those glorious firm mounds of flesh.

It seemed instinctively Sally parted her legs, so I moved my hand between them soaping her warm pussy as the water flowed between her legs. After a minute or so I stood up putting my arms around her, soaping and massaging her tits, with my cock no longer at half-mast it was pressing hard between her ass cheeks.

“Mike,” Sally moaned, “We came here to shower not screw!”

“I’m not trying to screw you Sis, honest!” I replied.

Truth was, I had not intended to do anything other than have a shower, however, the one thing a guy my age has no control over is his cock or when it might rise to the occasion! Sally turned round and taking the soap away from me started to wash me…

“We’ve had our moment Mike,” Sally said looking me in the eyes and taking my cock in her hand started soaping it. “Now what on earth are we going to do with this, have you got no control over it all?”

“It appears not Sis, and if you keep that up, there’s going to be an accident,” I chuckled.

“Mike, right now there is nothing more I would like than a hard cock inside me, I’m just not sure that it’s what we both want at this moment?” Saying this didn’t stop her working my cock or moving her pussy toward the head of it.

The water was still pouring over us, putting my hand down I cupped Sally’s pussy, two fingers sliding easily inside her. The warmth and dampness I was feeling had nothing to do with the shower, it was obvious she was very aroused.

“Mmmm Oh my god Mike what are we doing?” She moaned.

“Nothing at the moment Sal, nothing we can’t stop anyway.”

“Shit Mike, I don’t think I want it to stop, I want you inside me. Is that wrong? I don’t believe I ever thought this would actually happen.”

Sally had lifted herself up on her toes and was now rubbing her pussy on the head of my cock, which was teasing the entrance of her passage partially slipping in only as far as our standing position would allow.

With water still cascading down on us Sally seemed to have made her decision as she turned and leaning forward took my cock between her legs and guided its head to the entrance of her pussy. She moved back a little, and that was it, I was sliding into my Sister as she let out a long throaty moan.

Sally pushed hard against me meeting every thrust of mine the feeling very intense and in no time both of us were gripped by our impending climaxes. With a final frenzy of thrusts I came, my legs almost buckling under me as I held Sally’s hips pulling her hard onto my erupting cock. Sally was moaning and shuddering as she experienced her own orgasm, As my climax subsided I leaned forward lying my head on her back and taking her hanging breasts in my hand allowing the water to flow over us and maybe wash away our sins?

“Oh my god Mike that was beautiful! Probably wrong but beautiful none the less,” She said with a tremble. “Now where’s the soap got to, I think maybe it’s time to finish what we came here to do!”

I slid out of Sally’s wet pussy as she slowly stood and turning round held me tight kissing me as the water continued to flow over us. Bending down Sally picked up the soap and started to wash my rapidly diminishing cock…

“Ah Mike don’t you love me anymore?” She teased.

“Obviously more than I should Sis,” I replied “How wrong is what we’ve just done Sal?” I asked.

“Last night and just now stays between us Mike and leaves any judgement calls right here with us, you and I both know it’s wrong but as we’ve already Anadolu Yakası Escort said it felt right and natural to us and that’s fine by me!” she said. “Now if we don’t get out of this shower soon I’m going to turn into a prune, so come on bro hurry up!”

Turning the taps off Sally stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel starting to dry her hair, I followed her out and taking another towel went over and started to dry her…

“Right or wrong Sal, I don’t care I love you and will remember all of this with no regrets.” I said softly drying her all over.

Both dry now and with towels wrapped around us we hopped across to the bedroom to get dressed, although dressed was a bit of a misnomer as we intended to slop around for the rest of the day. I put a t-shirt and trackie bottoms on while Sally pulled on a pretty pair of white cotton panties and a longish t-shirt although not so long as to hide her ass cheeks as she walked in front of me as we went out to find Diane and Julie.

We walked into the lounge to find Sally’s small dining table had been set for breakfast even though it was well past midday.

“Hey sleepy heads you ready for something to eat?” Diane called from the kitchen.

“Absolutely starving!” I called back “You want a hand?”

“No, everything’s under control here hand here, just sit yourself down, we’ll be out in a minute.”

Julie was the first one out of the kitchen a jug of coffee and orange juice, however it was a while before I noticed what was in her hands. She was wearing a white chiffon babydoll nightdress, I say wearing, as this is an overstatement, the minute piece of material she was almost wearing, was completely see through and impossibly short. The edges and hem of the babydoll being trimmed with white satin, with a white satin tie at the front just under her boobs and was open beyond that. Underneath she was wearing what I assumed to be matching white satin panties, and was looking an absolute vision of sexiness. Certainly, she had to be up there with the very horniest breakfast waitress on the face of the earth! That was until the next vision of loveliness walked in with a couple of plates of food!

Diane was attired very differently and swept into the room like a Greek goddess, she was wearing a stunning soft yellow full-length nightdress and matching peignoir, (I have since learned that is what they are called!) I am unsure of the material, however it was both delicate and semi-transparent, enough for me to see that she was wearing panties of some sort. The only way to describe Diane’s entrance into the room was that she floated in on a wave of elegance that completely took my breath away, you couldn’t choose two more contrasting outfits one overtly sexy and the other elegant and classy but still incredibly sexy!

“My god you both look stunning,” I stammered. “This is a hotel I’ll be recommending to my friends if these are the staff uniforms!”

“Put your tongue a way and close your mouth,” Laughed Diane. “Anyone would think you’d never seen a woman in her nightdress before!”

“Yeah well, nothing like you two that’s for sure!” I said. “You’ve never worn anything like that when you’ve stayed with us in the past and I don’t think I’ve ever seen my Mum or Sally in anything similar, have I Sis?”

“I do have one or two nice things I guess you’ve just not noticed them before. I must say I’m feeling just a little under dressed right now! Maybe I’ll change after we’ve had breakfast, what do you think girls?” Sally said grinning.

“I think you definitely should!” I said

“I wasn’t asking you bro, I wanted the ladies here views not yours.” Sally replied.

“Oh I think the occasion maybe calls for a little more effort on your part, so yes I think you should change after brekkie.” Julie sniggered.

“Yep I’m with Julie, definitely something more than a t-shirt is necessary.” Diane said.

“You’ll have to do better as well Mike.” Julie said.

“Well pardon me for not bringing my silk pyjamas and smoking jacket!” I huffed, “So I’m afraid what you see, is what you get ladies!”

“Silk pyjamas! Why didn’t I think of that?” Giggled Diane. “I just happen to have a satin pair with me you can borrow.”

“Just one minor point Diane! The last time I looked I was a man and therefore women’s pyjamas are of no use to me!” I said firmly.

“Let’s eat breakfast before it gets cold, then we’ll decide what you are, or are not, going to be wearing young man!” Diane said with a mischievous grin.

Diane floated back out to the kitchen returning with Julie and the rest of our breakfast. Despite my hunger, I struggled to concentrate on my food with Diane and Julie sitting at the table like a pair of Sirens drawing me to them, my eyes drawn like magnets to their breasts as they both sat nonchalantly eating their breakfast.

We finished eating and started to clear the table, I followed Diane & Julie out to the kitchen like a lapdog completely entranced by their respective outfits Kartal Escort fascinated by the differing appeal of each. Julie’s babydoll screamed, “Hey! I’m one sexy honey come and get me!” Whereas Diane’s said, “Hello darling, come up and see me some time.” I loved them both.

Once everything was cleared away, we went back into the lounge where Sally had put some music on but was still wearing her t-shirt.

“Sally, why don’t you go and find something a little more alluring to wear, then we can see what we are going to sort out for Mike.” Diane said as Sally disappeared down the corridor to her bedroom.

“Whoa! Stop right there ladies, I have already said I don’t have anything else to wear and I am not wearing any of your clothes! I’m not a poof for heaven’s sake!” I protested.

“Mike, come and sit next to me here,” Diane said softly but firmly. “Now tell me, did you enjoy your birthday yesterday?”

“Silly question Di, it was mind blowing, I have never had an experience like it, utterly amazing! I can’t thank you enough!” I said.

At that moment, Sally came back into the room wearing an ivory coloured satin nightdress, very short and delicate with string straps revealing a serious amount of cleavage. Whilst not quite as short as her t-shirt had been, it would still have the ability to show off her panties if she were not careful.

She sat down next to me on the sofa and immediately the hem rode up her legs exposing the front of her white panties. Julie had pulled one of the floor cushions over and lounged in front of us.

“Looking good Sal, very sexy!” Julie purred.

“So tell us Mike, what you learnt, from all your new experiences yesterday?” Asked Diane.

“I’m not sure what you mean or what you are really asking.” I replied.

“Well to start with, do you think we three are lesbians?”

“No, of course not why would I?”

“Because we’ve all had sex with each other in the past, last night you saw us together, so surely we must be?”

“Well… ah…no, you were just enjoying the moment I thought it was very natural.”

“So, what makes you think that wearing my satin pyjamas makes you a poof?”

“It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? I’m a bloke and they are YOUR satin pyjamas, why would I wear girl’s clothes?” I said.

“Men have silk pyjamas, what’s the difference?” Giggled Julie.

“Because they are men’s silk pyjamas, NOT women’s!”

“Touch Sally’s boob and tell me what it feels like.” Diane asked.


“Please Mike, do as I ask, caress Sally’s breasts.”

“But she’s my sister!” I stuttered.

Oh Please Mike,” Diane sighed. “Julie and I are your sister’s closest friends, and if you think we are unaware of what happened between you two last night then think again!”

I was horrified and speechless, and looking between Julie and Diane I slowly turned to Sally who nodded with a wry grin.

“Sally,” I groaned. “Why didn’t you tell me they knew?”

“Mike, what happened between us last night was not planned, but I’m also not surprised that it did, and neither I am surprised that these two guessed. Particularly as Diane has had her own experience with her brother.” Said Sally.

“It’s true Mike, Diane replied, her hand stroking my leg. Live and let live is my motto and we are so close you are like a second brother to me!”

“Yeah its cool Mike, really it is,” Julie said smiling sweetly.

“Right, now that’s all sorted? Mike please caress Sally’s boob!” Diane said with some authority.

“If you insist,” I said. “But I still don’t get what you are up to?”

“I want to try and prove a point Mike, just humour me please.”

Giving in I turned and gently caressed Sally’s breasts and as earlier the feel of the soft satin and her firm breasts underneath was glorious, especially as her nipples reacted to my touch.

“How does that feel Mike? Do you like the feel of satin covered boobs, hmm?”

“Yes, it’s a lovely sensation.”

“You just carry on, I’ll be back in a minute.” Diane said.

The next thing I knew was Diane standing behind the sofa with a pair of silky type panties in her hand which she started to rub over my face and neck.

“Does that feel nice Mike?” She asked.

“Yeah sure it does, but what’s your point?”

“Why should you have all the fun? Why shouldn’t we enjoy feeling you through soft and silky material hmm? I want to feel your hard cock in my pyjama bottoms, in fact I think you should put my panties on first!” She sniggered.

“No chance!” I said. “Maybe! Just maybe! I might have indulged you with your pyjama bottoms and that’s still very unlikely, but your panties? No chance lady! No chance at all!”

“Mmmm, I think I’d like to play with you wearing Diane’s panties.” Chuckled Julie.

“Well you can just keep thinking about it because it’s not going to happen OK!” I blustered.

I was starting to get more and more nervous about where this was going and whether I actually had any real control over these women! Worryingly I was starting to be aware of the fact that for all my protestations, I was also just a little curious as well.

Diane was leaning over me now her hand down the front of my t-shirt rubbing her panties over my chest, I could feel her breasts on the back of my neck.

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