It All Starts With A Box…


As you got into work, you noticed a wrapped box with a card on your chair. Since it was not your birthday or any other special day, it seemed weird. The card only had the name of a hotel, a room number and time, and said bring your present. You smile knowing it is from your lover. Your smile gets very big when you open the box and see some nylon cord, handcuffs, and a leather strap. You close the box quickly so that none of your co-workers can see inside. The rest of your work day just seems to drag on and on, until finally you can leave and go see your lover.

You knock on the door and are told to come in. You find him sitting in the chair across the room. He instructs you to put your present on the bed and strip for him. You start to get undressed, and says to stop. He gets up and comes over, giving you a decent swat on your ass. “I told you to strip for me, not just get undressed”. You resist a smile, liking the tone he is setting. You start to dance for him, slowly striping and giving him sensual glances. As you finish up, you intentionally bend over with your ass towards him as you remove your panties. “That was very nice, such a good girl” He comes over and takes you in his arms and runs his hands over your back and butt, pulling you to him, pressing your breasts against his chest.

He reaches down to run his hand up your thigh, and then brushes over your pussy, gently spreading the lips and is able to feel how incredibly wet you are. Having thoughts all day about tonight and then stripping for him have made it really hard to contain. “Looks like someone is happy to be here” you smile back and say yes, very much. You see his smile get bigger and then feel the first cuff tighten around your wrist, then the other. “Well then, lets not let all that excitement go to waste”

He İstanbul Escort then ties one end of the nylon rope the the handcuffs and leads you into the bathroom, instructing you to get on your knees. He then raises your hands over your head and keeps them there by having the rope tied over the shower bar. He then starts to get undressed, you can see he is also excited. He comes back over and brings his cock in front of your face, almost teasing you with it. You keep focusing on it, wanting to take it in your mouth. He notices your focus and takes you by the back of the head and guides it into your mouth. Your tongue starts moving over it as he begins to slowly work it in and out of your mouth, going a little further to your throat each time. You let out a moan of enjoyment, tasting some of his precum. His grip tightens in your hair as he starts to push further, making it go in your throat, filling up your mouth and throat. He starts to fuck your mouth, moving faster while still holding onto your head. “Oh yes, you are such a good cocksucker aren’t you” You moan and mumble, not able to get words out as his cock is being worked over by your tongue.

He continues fucking your mouth until you can tell he is almost ready to cum. You are so ready to taste his cum, you are wanting it, you are moaning louder as you are ready to receive your treat. At the last moment, he pulls his cock from your mouth, starts stroking it with his free hand and pulls your head back with the other. As his cum starts to squirt out, he sprays it on your breasts first and then moves to squirt it on your face. You open your mouth to take it inside, it squirts in your mouth, with some getting on your chin and around your mouth. His grip tightens in your hair as he wipes the end of his cock Escort Bayan across your cheek “I didn’t tell you to open your mouth, that was a bad girl”. He unties the rope from the shower and leads you back into the other room, cum still covering your breasts.

He takes his hand and wipes up some of the cum from your breasts and begins to feed it to you. “Since you are so keen to swallow my cum, he you go” He continues to feed you his cum from your breasts, a little more forceful than you expected, but you slurp it all down from his fingers. Once it is almost all gone, he wipes your chest off with a towel and instructs you to get on the floor on your hands and knees. He then takes the rope that is still tied to you handcuffs and ties it to the desk legs. He makes it where you are having to stretch your arms, so your face is against the floor, keeping your ass up in the air. You know what is to come next, and just hope it stings so good. “Bad girls need to be punished, so its time for you to take what is coming to you”

You feel the slap of his bare hand first. Oh yes, you think to yourself. Another slap, and another. He reaches down and slips his fingers into your soaked pussy. “I think you like that too much you bad girl”. You hear him get the strap from your box and brace for the first time it connects with your bare ass. Smack! The waves of pain and pleasure floor through your body. Smack. That sting is so good. Smack. You feel tears start to develop in your eyes. Smack, smack. Your ass is feeling the sting, you know it is red now. You let out a thank you, I will be a good girl and get one final SMACK! before you feel his hand between your legs again. “Good, I am glad you will be a good girl and will take what I give you”

You feel his hand being replaced Eskort by his cock. He starts to push it in, and it goes deep. Oh it feels soooo good. It only takes a few strokes and you feel a wave rush over you. Your orgasm makes your pussy tighten up around his cock. That doesn’t slow him down, it makes him more determined. He starts fucking you harder. You feel your next orgasm building real quick. Then you feel him push his thumb into your ass, your eyes get big as the feeling of his hard cock pushed deep in your pussy and his thumb in your ass push you over the limit and your orgasm rushes over you, your legs quiver as you feel yourself squirt. You feel his hands spreading your ass as he continues to fuck you, his cock in your pussy and his thumb in your ass. Your head is spinning from your last orgasm mixed with the pleasure you feel from his cock and thumb and the stinging that your ass is still feeling. You are a little sad at first when you feel him pull his thumb from your ass, as you were enjoying it so much. That changed as quickly as you feel him quickly move from your pussy to feeling his cock pressing in at your ass. You try to let out a no, I’m not ready, but with your ass spread open and having been worked on with his thumb, his cock pushes its way in easily. You end up getting out “no, I’m not OH MY, shit that feels so fucking good” as he starts to fuck your ass, all the while keeping your ass spread and your face and breasts are rubbing on the floor as another orgasm washes over your body.

Your ass is nice and tight around his cock, and it does not take long before he is ready to cum again. You are also ready to cum again and can feel yours start as you feel his cock tense up in your ass. You scream out OH YESSSSS!!! as you orgasm while you feel his warm spunk shooting up inside your ass. After he pulls out, you collapse flat on the floor, your pussy and ass both feeling nicely fucked. He goes over and unties the rope, then takes off the cuffs. You lay there with a smile on your face as you hear him say “Such a good girl”.

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