Jane’s Exquisite Tattoo Skills Ch. 01

Big Tits

“Is this going to hurt?’ asked Joel a bit playfully as he stood in the middle of the room.

“Yes, it will hurt,” Jane replied very matter-of-factly.

Joel got nervous, “I mean, in that case, is there anything you can or will do to lessen the hurt?”

Jane swiveled her stool and picked up his chart. “Let me see if it says anything about anesthetics.” Her big blue eyes studied his file carefully. “No, it does not say anything about anesthetics. It does not mention icing it either, so I guess that settles it. Now please sit up on the table.”

Joel got up on the table. He had just spent a good part of the hour outside answering countless questions Jane had posed, filling out forms, signing all sorts of forms, all under the unblinking gaze of a video camera. And then she had asked him to step into the dressing room, remove his clothes (“All your clothes”), and to don an examination gown. Now he was totally naked, covered by a light cotton gown with a flowery pattern, sitting on the table.

Jane motioned him to lie back and placed his legs in the stirrups. She fastened the straps securely and slowly began to move the stirrups so that his legs were wide apart and raised high up.

Joel had never been on a gynecological table and really did not quite know what to expect. “What will you be doing?”

Jane, still very professional and serious, “Don’t worry: you will get to see everything.”

And with that, she fastened a wide strap across his hips. Once it was secure, she fastened his arms to the side of the table.

The bitter sweetness of his position was at the same time delightful and terrifying to Joel. On the one hand, he was totally strapped down, immobilized, and completely vulnerable. On the other, Jane, with her soft, brown hair, huge blue eyes, large body, and firm demeanor was extremely sensuous.

Jane finally got around to lifting his gown. “Mr. Walker, you have an amazingly beautiful penis!” she exclaimed when revealing his throbbing erection. “It is very large, very wide, nicely shaped, finely sculpted, and what makes it so very special is that you are uncut!”

Joel blushed, his erection now throbbing at full force. “You may call me Joel.”

Jane regained her seriousness. “Please, this is a professional office. Formality dictates I call you Mr. Walker. You, on the other hand, may of course call me Jane, if you so wish.”

“Yes, Jane,” Joel timidly replied.

“Good. Now let’s get you started. You said you wanted to see everything, Mr. Walker. Let me set you up.”

Jane swiveled a video camera into position and turned it on. Joel noticed that overhead, against the ceiling of the examination room, right over his head, a large plasma screen had been attached. Jane turned it on and Joel remarked that this was no ordinary set up. The video camera and the screen were both of extremely high clarity and resolution, better than any high-definition set he had ever seen.

And when Jane turned on the procedural lights, Joel was amazed how bright the Bayan Eskort lights were, how brilliantly they illuminated his erection, and how sharp every detail appeared! Joel could see every vein, every blood vessel, every single pore along the entire length and girth of his penis! It was like seeing himself under a huge microscope!

“Jane, you really can see everything!”

“Mr. Walker, for what I am about to do, I need extra sharp lighting, perfect visibility, and of course highest clarity.”

Joel all of a sudden remembered where he was. He was strapped to a gynecological examination table, legs parted and raised, his throbbing erection clearly visible and totally exposed, and the most beautiful woman he had seen in years could and was staring at it, having it completely at her mercy.

Jane made some last minute checks and pronounced herself ready to start. From the overhead rail she lowered a gold mechanism that could at best be described as an exquisitely refined device of clockwork delicateness. A large number of finely toothed gears interlocked. Protruding from its face there were six tiny tweezers placed evenly around its circumference at the twelve, two, four, six, eight, and ten o’clock positions. Each of the tiny tweezers had two equally fine rubber tips.

Jane lowered the device so that it was just barely at the tip of Joel’s foreskin. Expertly, she approached the first set of tweezers, gripped the corresponding part of his foreskin just by the edge, and with a very fine gear, very slowly tightened its grip. Joel winced a bit as the rubber tips gripped his foreskin, that precise point hurting just a bit. On the overhead screen, he could see exactly how perfectly Jane had matched that set of tweezers to that precise area of his foreskin.

Jane was extremely intent in what she was doing. One by one, each set of tweezers gripped the corresponding part of his foreskin, each set of tweezers gripping that single tiny area in turn of his foreskin. When all six were in place, Joel could see in the overhead screen that Jane had completely gripped his foreskin in six equidistant parts.

Jane smiled when her work was done. She walked over to him, pressing her very large thigh against his face. She caressed his face tenderly, “Mr. Walker, now I want you to relax as best you can. We are about to start. Are you ready?”

The beauty of her face, the expression on her huge blue eyes, the softness of her brown hair, the faint scent of her perfume drove him wild with desire to succumb to her fetish. As her body hovered over his face, he could look up and under her gown. He could see her huge breasts, firm and engorged. Her stretch marks showed how her breasts had struggled to grow hard against her still tight skin.

Joel smiled, “Yes, Jane, ready when you are.”

“Mr. Walker, this is going to start hurting. Once I start, there is no turning back. Do you understand?’

Joel really had no choice. After all, he was strapped down, totally naked and completely vulnerable Anadolu Yakası Escort to her. Just to hear her velvet voice again, he asked, “Do I really have a choice?”

“Not really, Mr. Walker. After all, you did sign all the consent and release documents. And not only do we have your signatures on all of them: we also have you videotaped that you did understand them all, and that you agreed to everything and anything. Now try to relax as best you can. Do you want me to put on your headphones and pipe some music for you?”

“No, Jane, I would rather hear your voice.”

Jane turned away and went back to her stool. She moved it so that she sat right between his parted and raised legs. Taking the clockwork device in her hand, she started to turn another fine gear extremely slowly.

Joel could not believe what he was feeling!

Joel could not believe what he was seeing on the overhead high-resolution screen!

As Jane turned this particular gear very slowly, Joel saw that the six set of tightly gripped tweezers were opening very slowly apart and moving away just as slowly!

Joel watched in absolute fascination how the device was very slowly pulling out his foreskin. At the same time, it was opening it up, like a flower blossoming, opening it up wide!

Very slowly Jane kept turning that fine gear. Joel could see what he was feeling. Jane had peeled his foreskin open and very wide apart and pulled way out, as far out as it would go and then just some. It looked like a huge circular tent flaring out from his erection!

Jane made one more tiny turn. She looked very closely. It seemed to be just right.

She walked over to the phone and rang the intercom. “Samantha? I think Mr. Walker is ready now.”

Joel could hear a gently laugh at the other end, “OK, Jane, thanks, we will be right over.”

A minute or so later, the door opened and Samantha came in followed by Joel’s lovely wife, Amy. Both were laughing. They had obviously shared a very good time while Jane was preparing Joel.

Amy was amazed! In all her married years, she had never seen her husband’s penis so exposed and so vulnerable. It seemed much larger than she had ever seen him before, much harder and much wider. She exclaimed, “That is not the cock that has given me so much pleasure! What did you do?!!!”

Samantha laughed with Amy. Jane seemed proud of her work. Amy walked over to take a closer look. “I never imagined you could pull his foreskin so far apart and so far up!”

Samantha and Jane stepped back to let the wife see her husband up close. Joel seemed to be getting nervous. Jane, ever so thoughtful, walked over to him to caress his face, to assuage him, her massive thighs pressed against his face. She knew that Joel was staring up her blouse and she seemed to either let him or to pretend she did not know he was staring.

“After all,” Jane thought to herself, “Amy is totally flat-chested. At least, let him look at a really healthy pair of tits.”

By Pendik Escort the way, those were Joel’s very same thoughts!

Jane asked Samantha, “Are you ready?”

Samantha smiled, “Yes, Amy picked out a very nice design. We can start.”

Amy interrupted, “Can you stretch it some more?”

Samantha and Jane looked at each other and smiled back, “Amy, this is as tight as we want to make it. Any tighter and we may run the risk of ripping his skin. The last thing we want to deal with during the next step is a sudden tear of the skin!”

Amy blushed. That was a silly question she had asked. It just looked so pretty, so pulled out and apart. “I was just asking!”

The three women laughed.

Joel had a very clever idea of how to free himself. “Jane, excuse me but I need to pee urgently!”

Jane wasted no time. Reaching over into a drawer, she took out a sterile catheter, opened its packing, and in one swift movement slipped it deep down all the way into his throbbing penis, into his bladder, draining the urine into a sterile bag. “Don’t worry, Mr. Walker, you can pee all you need into the bag. You won’t need to move at all. You can lie back just as comfortable as you are now for hours.”

The three women laughed again. Amy was thrilled that she had picked just the right women for this job. And to think that all had been inspired when she had seen the lovely tattoos both Jane and Samantha had on the most interesting parts of their very feminine bodies! They were real artists! And so erotically adept, as well! Amy kissed them both lightly. Both smiled in return.

Samantha brought them back to reality. “OK, let’s start on the design. Amy, you are the wife. Would you like me to start on the outside first? Or would you prefer I do the underside first?

Amy pondered the question and took her time in answering. “Samantha, it might be more fun if you started tattooing the design on the inside of his foreskin and then you can do the outside. Is that OK?”

Samantha nodded.

Joel struggled mightily to free himself from his straps. “You cannot do this to me!”

Jane caressed his face gently and softly reminded him of his consent and releases. “Mr. Walker, we can do anything we want with and to you. You know that. And besides, it is your wife who contracted our services and it is she and she alone who can decide otherwise. Understood?”

Joel nodded.

Jane kissed him very lightly on his forehead, “That is much better, Mr. Walker. I will be next to you, right here. Quickly, she slipped her hand under her waistband, and just as quickly touched her very wet fingertip to his mouth. “Mr. Walker, now relax as best you can. I will be here, next to you.”

But Joel scarcely heard her velvet voice; he barely tasted her musky wetness. All he heard was Samantha telling Amy, “Now that we have his foreskin as a large, very taut canvass, we can start tattooing it first inside and then outside with this very intricate and colorful design you selected.”

And then Joel heard the muted buzzing of the tattooing needle’s machine. Overhead on large high-resolution screen he saw Samantha bringing the tip of the needle to the exposed inside of his foreskin.

His lengthy, brightly colored, intricately patterned ordeal was just about to start.

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