Juliet’s Hideaway


“Let’s take your car, Jack,” Vanessa said as she smoothed her skirt. “Carla, sit in the back with me. Jack can be our chauffeur!” Jack grabbed his keys and slipped his hand across Carla’s back. She smiled and Jack caught the fleeing wink she exchanged with Vanessa. Vanessa turned to him. “You ready for this, buddy? Two hot women on your arm all night?” Jack looked her up and down. She was right: two hot women.

Vanessa’s legs were tanned and toned, striding confidently and highlighting her short, khaki skirt and her blocky heels. Carla was nearly as leggy, sporting a flower-print, swingy skirt and black stilettos. She gave a twirl on the way out the garage door and Jack stared happily as her skirt swung up to reveal a little peek of upper thigh.

Jack drove while the two girls tittered in the back seat. Vanessa left the dome light on and made a show of putting on makeup; every so often Jack checked the rear-view hoping for a look up a skirt. It was obvious Vanessa knew: every time Jack’s eyes drifted across the mirror, there was Vanessa with a raised brow. At one point she even elbowed Carla to say, “see? I told you. Absolutely obsessed. Have you noticed? You have, haven’t you?” Carla giggled in reply, “yes, he always does want to see me in my undies. It’s cute.”

“Jack! Jack, turn left! Turn in here,” yelped Vanessa. Jack saw the sign: “Juliet’s Hideaway, your fun little secret.” He pulled into the lot, the only car. A single bulb shone through the door but otherwise, the place looked dark.

“Pretty sure it’s closed, V,” he said as Vanessa scrambled from the car. Jack’s eyes hit the rear view too late; he saw a flash of light blue under her skirt but no more. She giggled and shrugged at him. Carla rolled her eyes and slid slower out of the car, deliberately giving Jack a look. He pulled up short: white, full-back, plain, slightly shiny panties. They clung to her every delicate fold. Carla smiled. “For you,” she said.

The door swung open and Vanessa strode in, grabbing Carla’s hand along the way. Jack came behind and saw the shop owner, Juliet. She was five-nine easy, lithe and fit, clearly strong. Her chestnut hair waved not-quite-straight to the middle of her back and her green eyes lit into Jack’s. He knew she took his measure in a single glance. “What can I do for you ladies tonight?” Juliet asked, turning to Carla.

Vanessa spoke first, of course. “Carla’s looking for something special,” she said and Carla pulled away. “I’m not, really… not really looking for anything,” Carla said as she turned away from the racks of sex toys. It was all here: dildos, vibrators, dolls, creams, lotions, games, costumes, feathers, restraints… and it was all top-quality stuff.

“Oh, just came to browse?” asked Juliet, but almost before she finished Vanessa was by her side. “No. Carla’s definitely looking. She needs something a little bit more… shall we say, fulfilling than what she’s getting regularly.” Carla blushed. Jack looked at his shoes. Juliet lifted his gaze to hers with a long stare. As he looked up, she cracked a broad grin. “Oh, I understand. I understand completely. I definitely have what you need.”

Jack withered a little but felt himself stiffen in his pants as Juliet stared him down. “Don’t worry,” she said, “we all come up a little short in our own way, big boy. Girls,” she barked, “over here!”

Juliet led them down a wall full of dildos. Vanessa grabbed one as thick as her arm and nearly two feet long, waving it around. “Here Carla, how about this?” Carla cracked up. “That’s not a dick, V, that’s a fucking traffic cone. Put that back. Oh, here’s one,” she said, turning toward Jack. “This isn’t making you… you know, uncomfortable, is it?” Jack stammered unintelligibly. Carla and Vanessa shared a look and a giggle.

“That’s a very special piece you’re holding, Carla,” said Juliet. “The model for that is local. Very local, in fact.” Jack looked up and felt even weaker. Carla held an impossibly realistic-looking cock. It utterly filled her hand. She wrapped her fingers around it the way Jack loved to have her fingers wrapped around his own… and he knew she was appraising him. She looked almost hungrily at the fake dick.

“Jack, come here for a second,” Vanessa called, and Jack shuffled over. V took the dildo from Carla and held it up to Jack’s crotch. “Wouldn’t you love to be packing that, Jack? Carla, what do you think? Think it looks good on him?”

“Well,” said Carla, “it’s certainly a bit of a change, that’s for sure. I mean, you gotta admit, Jack, Ataşehir Escort that is a beautiful cock.”

Vanessa laughed and shook her head. “Hey, Juliet? What do you have to help us get control of Jack’s constant masturbation? Seriously, it seems like he can’t ever stop. Can you help?” Jack crumbled, going beet red but again Juliet was somehow able to pull his gaze to hers.

“Well, Jack, is that so? Constant beating-off? Is this a daily thing for you, or what? Is this the real reason why these girls are in here needing… accoutrements, because you’re selfishly pleasuring your own, rather than selflessly pleasing others as you should be?” Juliet turned to Carla. “Carla, you seem to know him, ah, biblically. Is this a case of too-frequent self-abuse?”

Carla blushed. “I don’t know, I don’t really think about it to be honest with you. We’re really just friends who’ve fooled around a few times; he can do what he wants.” Vanessa, of course, chimed in immediately. “Oh, believe me Juliet, I know. He’s my roommate. I’ve seen plenty of, um, evidence. Hell, I’ve even caught him in the act — with my picture, no less! If they gave out masturbation awards, Jack would walk the red carpet constantly. He’d be a winner of multiple jerkies!”

“Well,” said Juliet over a chuckle, “I do have some tools. Come on over here.” They followed, with Jack shuffling behind. Despite his embarrassment, Jack was now rock hard under his pants, desperately wishing for his erection to subside. Vanessa slipped in front of him and ran her hand up the front of his trousers, letting loose an excited giggle. “I fucking knew it,” she whispered, squeezing his cock. “You can’t get enough of this, can you?” Vanessa turned to Carla and whispered in her ear. Her eyes got huge and she turned to Jack, but said nothing.

“What we have here, ladies, is the male chastity device,” Juliet said as she held up a clear plastic contraption with a ring, a pin, a tube, and a lock. She looked directly at Jack as she said, “You simply slip the offending balls through the ring, slide the jerker’s jerk-stick into the tube, connect the ring and tube with the pin, secure the lock, and voila, there will be no more jerking without permission.”

“Do you think that thing will fit him,” asked Carla, “I mean, to be honest it looks a little… big.” All three women dissolved into laughter as Jack gritted his teeth. He was dying of embarrassment but at the same time it was all he could do not to blast a load of cum in his pants right that minute. The look in Carla’s eyes… Vanessa’s laughter… Juliet’s strange power in the whole thing, the entire heady mix had Jack in a terrible state.

“Let’s go find out,” said Juliet, grabbing Jack and pulling him to a back room as Carla and Vanessa followed, cheering Juliet on with giggling ridicule. “Time to lock up the nasty, drippy little nub, isn’t it?”

Juliet pushed Jack into a small room with two chairs and a dark window. She and Vanessa held Jack’s shoulders while Carla undid his belt and loosened his pants. In one swift motion she had Jack’s trembling manhood revealed, and all three girls cackled and guffawed at his erection.

“Oh, my god,” said Juliet, “it really is quite the little jerk-stick, isn’t it? Jack, how do you satisfy a woman with that? Carla, hand me the magic wand!” Juliet grabbed for Carla’s dildo and held it up next to Jack’s cock. “Do you see, Jack? This one isn’t just a good bit longer than yours, it’s quite a bit thicker too. That’s what we’re really after, isn’t it, girls? The girth. So… richly fulfilling. Yours looks like it’s good for masturbating though, I can see why you stroke it a lot. Are you a humper, Jack? Pillow fucker? Stainer of sheets? The floor-humping type? I bet you are, aren’t you, big boy. Let’s get you fitted, shall we?”

A bump and crash came from the room next door. Jack jumped, startled. The light went on and Jack realized he was behind a two-way mirror, looking into a studio with a couch, tables, and a wedge the size of an armchair. A shirtless man cursed, reaching for his toe. He was fiercely muscled; ripped even.

“Who’s that,” asked Carla and Vanessa at the same moment. “Funny you should ask,” said Juliet, pointing to Carla’s dildo. “That’s the model.”

“Okay, ladies,” so here’s what you do.” Juliet grabbed Jack’s balls and pulled them, one at a time, through the ring of the chastity device. “One nut at a time, through the ring. Then you have to center the ring so the pin will fit through. Lube up the dick… or should Kadıköy Escort I say, the jerk-stick, and slide the tube over it. There’s an opening so he can pee, make sure you line that up right. Then, pin-to-post-to-ring and click! And you’re all set. Here’s a key. I have another.” Juliet put the key on a chain around Carla’s neck.

“Can we meet that guy?” Asked Vanessa. Juliet smiled a wicked smile. “Oh yes. Oh, yes, you definitely can. Just go right in, there’s a door just to your left. He’ll be quite happy to meet you.”

Vanessa grabbed Carla and pulled her through the door. “I’ll stay right here with you, Jack. Don’t worry… he’ll treat them both exceptionally well. You’ll see.” Jack didn’t know what to say, and so said nothing. His cock twitched, feeling heavy in its new confines.

The model took to Vanessa first, lifting her shirt and propping her up on the arm of the couch as he kissed her deeply. Jack saw Vanessa’s back arch and watched as she slipped down into the sofa, her legs coming up to reveal her light blue panties. The model took her legs and pulled her to him as he slipped a hand between her legs. He motioned to Carla, and put her between himself and Vanessa. Carla began rubbing Vanessa’s thighs and crotch, swaying rhythmically as the model hiked her skirt up and slipped his hands between her thighs, opening her legs.

Jack let out a little moan as he saw Carla’s panties clinging to the outline of her delicate mons. He could see she was already wet. Juliet leaned closer to him, whispering in his ear, “Oh, Jack, don’t worry. This is your place, isn’t it? This is where you belong, on the other side of this glass with me. You’ll have your chance, Jack, I know you will. Don’t worry, I’ll let you out of the cage so you can do what you do best. Just wait a moment.” Jack shuddered as he felt Juliet’s heavy tits press into his back.

The model pushed Carla’s head toward Vanessa’s crotch. She brushed her face across the fabric of Vanessa’s underwear and came up short, but the model pushed her down again, reaching up to slide Vanessa’s panties off. Carla buried her face in Vanessa’s crotch, and Vanessa opened wide, letting Carla’s tongue open her dewy gate. She bucked a little as Carla’s tongue slid past, and the model pulled Carla’s hips.

He smacked Carla’s ass and she jolted. So did Jack, beyond the glass, helpless. He strained against the plastic encasing his pitiful cock as the model slipped Carla’s panties off and unfurled his own erection. Jack couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Carla turned around and Jack heard her moan, “oh, god, yes.” She knelt down and pulled the model’s cock into her mouth, barely containing both his member and her glee.

Jack could hear the slurping sounds and felt Juliet squeezing his balls. “Look, Jack. You need to watch this. You are about to see these two women get pleasure that you would never imagine, let alone be able to provide them. You need to watch.” By now the model had picked Carla up and was depositing her across the wedge. He entered her from behind and she let out a scream of pleasure so deep that Jack could feel in his gut how true Juliet’s words really were.

Vanessa walked over and lay down in front of Carla. While the model pounded slowly into her pussy, Vanessa opened her legs to Carla’s lips again and Jack watched as Carla’s tongue worked its way toward Vanessa’s clit. The model quickened his pace and Carla began to grunt with each heavy thrust, “uh, uh, uh, unnngh, uh, uh, uh, unnngh.” Jack realized that Juliet had disappeared. He reached down, pulling at the lock that pinned his stiffening cock in its restraining tube.

The model pulled out of Carla and Jack stared at her gaping, pink hole. The size of it amazed him; Carla lay dizzy across the wedge and Jack could hardly take his eyes off her dripping, open cunt. The model picked her up and planted her beside him as he pulled for Vanessa. He lay Vanessa backward across the wedge and climbed atop her. She shrieked with ecstasy as he drilled his rod inside her.

Carla came around to hover over Vanessa, who arched up to lick her friend. It didn’t last, though, as Carla leaned forward to grab the model’s cock. Quickly, she pulled his cock from Vanessa’s hungry hole and slipped her mouth around it. The model fucked her face as Carla slobbered; a few strokes and he went back to Vanessa’s pussy, then Carla’s mouth, and so on back and forth for what seemed like minutes. Carla’s legs gave out and it was all she could do not to fall right onto Vanessa. The Ümraniye Escort three all laughed.

Juliet had returned, and quickly unlocked Jack’s restraint. She slipped the tube off him and he popped up, rock hard. Juliet chuckled and squirted a drop of cold lube onto the tip of Jack’s cock. “Go ahead, beat-off boy, beat it off. You’ve known it all along, haven’t you? Yours is a cock for jerking, the bigger boys get the pussy because they know what to do with it. Stroke it, I want to see what kind of load you can produce. Can you produce, Jack? You can, can’t you? Well, let’s see. One catch, though: you need to last as long as he does, okay? So… get started, but be prepared not to finish for a while. Come on, jack-off Jack. Let’s go.”

Back in the room the model had Carla’s legs over his shoulders, holding her up with her back on the sofa. He pounded her viciously as Vanessa licked at her clit. While the model fingered Vanessa and Vanessa worked on Carla, Jack stroked himself slowly, watching the entire scene as if he were outside his own body. Carla began to moan, louder and louder, finally breaking into a scream. “Don’t you fucking stop goddammit, don’t you stop, give it to me harder, harder, harder, harder, I’m going to cum right now!” She screamed as her eyes rolled back in her head.

“Oh god yes,” said Vanessa as the model pulled his still-rigid cock out of Carla, “I need that now myself.” The model flipped Vanessa over the wedge and drove himself into her, fingering her clit as he pounded her ferociously. Carla lolled on the couch, catching her breath.

Back in the room Juliet handed Jack a small, black plastic bowl. “Here, Jack. Cum in it. It won’t be long now, and I don’t want any semen on my floor. Get it all in the bowl for me.” Jack stared at Juliet a long beat. “What? Don’t worry, Jack, I’m not going to make you… do anything with it. Just… get ready.”

Vanessa was screaming, begging for more on the other side of the glass as she reached her peak. She arched herself up and screamed out for Carla, “I’m cumming, Carla, I’m cumming so fucking hard I can’t fucking believe it!” Carla wobbled over to her and licked at her clit as the model’s cock rammed past her, deep into Vanessa.

Finally, the model motioned one more time for Carla, mumbling something in her ear. She nodded, and knelt on the arm of the couch, her ass in the air. Once again the model slammed his cock deep in her and she moaned with pleasure. He picked up his pace, pulling at her hips as he began to lift. “Cum in me, ” Carla shouted as Jack watched, mesmerized.

“Now, Jack,” said Juliet as she grabbed again at Jack’s balls, squeezing tight. “Cum in that bowl while my model pumps his load deep in your girl’s pussy. Do it. Spill that nasty jizz, you masturbator. Do it! Cum, you little whore! Look — he’s filling her cunt right now, Jack… I know you want to cum, you little slut… do it!” Jack felt the tension building from his feet to the tip of his cock, and he pulled the bowl in front of him and pumped one, two, three thick streams of cum into it. He stared at his semen in the bowl, hearing Juliet’s laughter, and looked up to see Carla, back arched, the model shuddering and holding her tight to him.

Juliet set the bowl of sperm down on the mirror’s ledge in front of Jack. “Nice going, beat-off boy. That’s a very good load for someone who masturbates as much as I bet you do. Now, give me the dick, it’s time to lock you up again.” Jack felt the tube slide over him and felt the heavy, final click of the lock. Carla and Vanessa stumbled through the door.

“Holy shit,” said Vanessa, “that man can fuck.” Carla could hardly speak, but managed to mumble, “let’s go.” Juliet handed her the bowl. “What’s this?” asked Carla.

“It’s Jack’s gift to you,” said Juliet. “The last one he’ll release without your permission, honey.” Vanessa and Carla looked at each other and smiled, letting one last giggle fly. “Let’s get in the car,” Carla said.

Jack drove uncomfortably home as Carla and Vanessa replayed their adventure for him from the back seat. At a stop light Jack’s eyes caught Carla’s in the rear view and she wriggled out of her panties and flipped them over the seat into Jack’s lap. “A souvenir, honey. I’m going away for two weeks, and I’m taking a key. Meanwhile, you can do what you want with these. I’ll leave a key with Vanessa, just in case…”

Vanessa laughed and Carla joined in, burning her eyes into Jack’s as they met in the rear-view mirror. “That is one epic pair of panties, isn’t it Jack?” chimed Vanessa with a raised brow. She turned to Carla with a wicked smile. “He’ll have a lot of fun with those. And I’ll let him out of the cage once in a while… maybe,” said Vanessa. “But we’re going to have to figure out a way for him to earn it.”

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