Linda Gets Pasted and Fucked


As Linda turned her car into the drive she noticed that instead of one decorator’s van parked outside the house there were three, something that struck her as odd specially as it was 6.00pm and they normally packed up at 5.30. Also David’s car was not there and he usually got home from work an hour before she did.

They were having four rooms redecorated in the house (including the spare bedroom which was the scene of her messy initiation and which had never been finished) and the decorators were on to the third at the moment and well ahead of schedule.

Opening the front door she walked through and then on to the lounge to find Joe and Tom, the two men who had done all the work so far, sitting and talking to four others. Joe owned and ran the small decorating firm and had been recommended to them by DH who had used them before. He was about thirty five along with three of the other men and two looked much younger.

As she entered they all stood up and moved across the room forming a circle around her. Slightly perturbed by this she asked what was going on and whether David was in.

“Well he did come in about half an hour ago” said Joe “and we talked about how things were progressing. I asked him whether, as we are half way through, he could pay us half the money as agreed. He said no as he was a bit short on bonus this month and could we wait for a week or two.”

“Well” Tom joined in, “then we showed him this photo that we found behind the sideboard when we moved it and thought maybe we could negotiate something with him.” and he showed Linda the photo.

It was a copy of the original photo taken by Phyllis upstairs in the back bedroom, of a near naked Linda hands tied above her head, mouth taped over and being groped by several hands, the owners of which could not be seen. Linda remembered that she and David had a copy as a memento but it had disappeared some while ago and must have fallen down behind the sideboard.

“So David told us all about it and everything that has happened to you after your friends threatened to put it on the village website but relented subject to your…er… co-operation and so we thought along similar lines. David said that you would be home soon and that we should speak to you about it. Then he went out again. So you are alone here with us!”

As Tom finished speaking, she felt the back of her skirt being lifted up and a voice said “Yep, as he said, suspenders and stockings!”

She turned around quickly but the culprit, whoever he was, had let go and all she saw were three cherubic faces grinning at her.

“I could pay you now” said Linda.

“That is what we are hoping” said Tom.

“No, in cash” she replied.

“Bit too late for that” he said “now we’ve seen the photo and David has told us what you have been doing.”

After a moments pause, Linda said “There’s no way out of this, is there? I can’t appeal to your better nature, I suppose?”

“Haven’t got one” came the reply.

“O.K.” she sighed ” as there looks like no alternative, what do you want me to do?”

“Well we have two new guys here, Darren and Steve,” said Joe “After David had left I thought that we could treat this as a training session so I phoned everyone to come over. Tom, myself, Tony and Bill could give them a demonstration on how to prepare and carry out a proper sequence of decorating.”

“All you have to do is to be good and do as you are told.” said Joe.

“Right boys, when you are getting ready to decorate a room what is the first thing you need to do? Tom can you show us?”

“Well, I always mix the paste first because then you can let it stand and thicken up.” said Tom and taking a bucket he poured in a generous amount of wallpaper paste powder and then some water.

“Then stir to a good consistency” he continued and taking a short wooden stick he stirred vigorously. Linda looked on wondering what was to happen to the bucket of paste when it was mixed.

“Eventually it gets to what I call knicker dropping thick” (now she knew) “and fortunately, today, I can demonstrate exactly what I mean like this. Now, Linda if you wouldn’t mind just slipping out of your skirt…”

Linda reached round to the zip at the side of her skirt and slowly pulled it down and undone and giving Tom a nervous smile let the skirt fall to the floor stepping out of it.

“Now if you could just hold out the front of your panties for me.” said Tom and he turned to Darren and Steve.

“It must not flow too freely like water.” he added and tipped his bucket towards the inviting target.

“It must be thick enough to flow only slowly.”

As he said this the freshly mixed paste oozed over the lip of the bucket. Linda closed her eyes and grimaced as a large dollop of the cold slimy paste oozed into the inviting receptacle.

“You must always use enough” said Tom and carried on pouring until it reached the waistband of Linda’s panties.

“You must make sure that all surfaces are covered and now I need your help Bill, if you would just pull out the Kadıköy Escort back of her panties as well, please.” he said and Bill moved behind her and the process was repeated into the back of her panties.

Putting down the bucket he went on “Then you must ensure that the paste is worked into every corner” he said and massaged the front of her panties (while Bill similarly worked on her bottom) and easing her thighs apart, worked the paste between her legs.

“Now Darren and Steve would you like to come here and to show you have been watching carefully just demonstrate the spreading process. You will probably get a better feel for it from inside.”

Darren and Steve slipped their hands into Linda’s panties and began to work the paste into every nook and cranny they could find. Meanwhile Linda had to bite her lip and clench her fists to stop trembling too much as fingers poked and prodded around in her underwear.

“OK that looks alright” said Tom “now we can let that stand and get on with other preparation. Can either of you tell me which coat of paint we put on first?”

“Undercoat and primer,” called out Darren. “Good” said Tom “come here and you can help me with that.”

“Linda, could you undo your top two blouse buttons please?” he said and then rolled the collar over.

“Right Darren, open up that 4 litre tin of undercoat and I will watch you apply it. Right above her head now please.”

Darren tipped the tin and 4 litres of grey undercoat poured out over Linda’s head.

“Make sure of complete coverage” said Tom and Darren moved the tin to ad fro above Linda.

The sticky paint flowed over her head plastering her hair to her forehead, covering her face and neck and running over her blouse. Some found it’s way inside her blouse and onto her breasts. As there was so much, it carried on running down her legs and started pooling around her feet.

“Very good” said Tom and Bill. “Now next we need to check the surfaces we are going to paint and select which colour we want to use as a topcoat, so we need to get a good look at the paint areas. As we are papering a feature wall we must not disturb the paste bucket at this time. So I suggest that you get rid of all loose top coverings before you continue.”

Despite everything being covered in undercoat, Linda’s blouse was quickly removed, leaving her in just her underwear, a nicely matched set of bra and panties (which were still full of wallpaper paste). Where the undercoat had run under her blouse, her bra and her midriff were streaked in paint.

“OK” said Bill “what do we need to do next before applying topcoats?”

“Make sure the surface is perfectly smooth.” said Steve.

“Correct and what do we need to do to check that?”

“Take everything off?” asked Steve.

“Yes” came the reply “but as with all this work, don’t rush.”

So over the next few minutes, Linda was slowly completely stripped of bra, suspender belt and stockings then, using her bra,her hands were tied behind her back.

Bill added,”O.K., now we can check the surface for smoothness.”

So six pairs of hands started running over Linda’s body. The still wet undercoat covering her head and shoulders made the inspection a bit messy.

They decided that her upper body and breasts after much deliberation and fondling,( which both the men and Linda quite enjoyed) was fine but that something needed to be done about her pubic regions as the hair would spoil the paint finish.

“I’m afraid that will have to be smoothed out, ” said Bill “any suggestions?”

“We could shave her.” said Steve. “Good idea.” Bill replied.

Although the thought of having her pubic area shaved by complete strangers was quite undignified Linda realised that she could not stop them so she decided not to protest.

“How strong is that pastetable?” asked Bill.

“Strong enough.” came the answer, she was untied and lifted onto the table. They found a roll of cable left around by the electricians doing the re-wiring, cut four lengths and with a man at each wrist and ankle, she was spreadeagled and tied to the table legs.

“Darren, go to the bathroom and find a razor and some shaving cream,” he said “David should have some up there.”

Darren came back empty handed.

“I am sorry but I could not find the shaving things but I did find this” he said and with a big grin on his face he held up a leg waxing kit “it’s the kind with the tape which you rip off” he added.

At this Linda blanched, it was painful enough on her legs but between them?

“No, please don’t” she said but she knew that it was useless to protest.

Soon the first strip was applied then yanked off accompanied by loud squeals from her then the second strip was applied and removed equally as quickly accompanied again by even louder squeals and more protest all six of the men has a turn with the waxing strip and when they were all finished she felt totally humiliated and vulnerable.

When they had finished they all ran their hands over the newly Ataşehir Escort shorn area and voiced their opinion as to the smoothness. Some of the hands then started wandering over her body probing between her legs, fondling her breasts and tweaking her nipples Linda closed her eyes and felt the hands move over her body.

As her tension mounted she started to move in response until she could hold out no longer and the men were treated to seeing her having an orgasm on the table before them. She strained and wriggled against her bonds but to no avail until at last with a gasp she slumped down.

When she had finished Bill suggested applying some aftershave and Darren passed him a bottle of David’s he had found in the bathroom cabinet. Bill upended the bottle and poured it liberally over her. Linda gasped as the after shave stung her newly shaved pubic area.

“That’s the trouble with cheap aftershaves” he said” they do sting a lot,but we may as well finish it all” and with that he emptied the entire bottle onto her groin.

She was then released, roughly hauled upright and her hands retied behind her although she still a bit in shock and was not quite aware for a few minutes of what was going on.

“That’s fine, now we need to choose the colour of the topcoat. I suggest trials of different colours,” said Bill.

“But liberally applied.” added Joe “all the better to make your choice. You go first Steve. I suggest you use the same method as Darren earlier.”

“I rather like this yellow,” Steve said and opening a 2 litre can held it over Linda’s head and upended it.

The paint flowed over her body dripping off the end of her fully erect nipples, over her belly and thighs.

“Make sure that it is brushed out evenly.” said Joe giving Steve a 2 inch paintbrush.

So Steve diligently brushed the paint into her bottom, over her stomach and her newly shaved groin.

Next was Tom who selected a blue gloss and artily painted a spiral pattern round Linda’s left breast ending at her nipple, which he gave a little flick for luck.

Not to be outdone in the arty stakes Bill decorated her other breast in a bright orange sunburst with the centre on her nipple again.

Joe went last. He led Linda over to the pastetable and bent her over it face down.

“Never forget,” he said “just because you cannot see some places they cannot be ignored.”

So saying he took a brushful of white gloss paint and spreading her legs applied it vigorously.

Linda squirmed, she was enjoying this but had an idea that things had not finished yet.

Joe hauled her upright again.

“Almost finished now,” he said “we just need to check for any bits which may need finishing off, you know re-sticking or something like that. I always use this Uni Bond impact adhesive.”

He opened the tin of thick white adhesive and gave it a good stir.

“The best way to use it is to apply generously,” he added and filling a paint brush sploshed a generous coating to Linda’s bare breasts and stomach.

“Now to show how versatile this is……” he said and poured a puddle of it onto the paste table. He then bent Linda over the paste table so that her breasts and stomach , which had adhesive on them, were pressed firmly against the glue covered surface. Realising that this would place her in an extremely vulnerable position, Linda tried to wriggle and struggle but Joe asked two of the others to come and help him and the three of them held her down firmly for about 5 minutes.

“OK that should do it” he said and let go. They had stuck her across the table with her head overhanging one edge and her bottom, the other.

Linda tried to move but found that she was stuck firmly to the table, making it impossible for her.

“Don’t worry,” said Tom “I have a bottle of solvent here.” and he placed it on the mantelpiece on the other side of the room.” David can use it later.”

Linda was now stuck face down on the table, totally naked and with her hands tied. She was completely defenceless.

“Well, it looks like I am at your mercy” she said “not that I expect any! What do you want to do to me now?”

Joe just smiled.

“This is where the filling in bit comes,” he said “as there are two ends to fill perhaps Tom can help me with a demonstration on one of them while I do the other and then we can let the trainees have a go!” The two positioned themselves either side of the table.

“Now be a good girl and open wide!” they said at the same time and as she was a naughty girl she did as she was told!

(I will leave the next half an hour to your imagination!)

Some time later the men heard a car draw up outside.

“That must be David” said Joe, “time for us to go, there’s just one more finishing touch. Tom, how much paste is left in that bucket?”

“About two thirds full” Tom replied “those knickers were so small they couldn’t hold much.”

“OK” said Joe ” where are they?” and after Tom had passed them over he stuffed them in Linda’s mouth.

“OK now Maltepe Escort for the bucket give it here.”

With that and knowing David would be in soon so ho could remove it, he jammed the bucket over Linda’s head and twisted it slowly round. At the same time, Tom picked up a 4 inch paintbrush, which unfortunately for Linda had a long, round handle, tapering off at the end and wiping some wallpaper paste on to the handle to make it slippery, turned it around in his hand and ignoring the muffled squeals of protest coming from the bucket and using a screwing motion, slowly inserted the handle as far as it would go into her bottom so that it stood out like a tail. Following Tom;s lead, Darren took a broom, which was leaning against the wall and parting her legs, inserted the handle into her vagina (so Linda had another indignity of having foreign bodies inserted into both her orifices simultaneously) for about 6 inches 😯 😯 . Joe then took out his phone and took a picture of the much abused Linda for future possible use 😉 .

“That’s filled all three now” he said. As they left, the men each gave her a slap on her bottom.

“Goodbye, hope to see you again sometime soon!”

Just as they went to open the front door, David came in.

“Thanks for that” said Joe “consider THIS HALF of the bill paid. Perhaps we can make a similar arrangement when we finish everything?!” and he gave David a huge grin.

“Don’t see why not”said David “saves us some money!”

David entered the living room.The sight of his naked, helpless wife covered in multi coloured layers of paint, hands tied behind her back, bent face down over a table, with her head inside a bucket of wallpaper paste and a paintbrush and a broom inserted into her had an instant effect on his groin. She had obviously just been used totally as a sex object.

“Come in here,guys” he called and IO JW JP and DH followed him in.

“Very erotic” said IO “but hadn’t you better pull that bucket off?”

David had been so transfixed that he hadn’t thought of that, but quickly went over to Linda, removed the bucket wiped the paste from her face and removed her panties from her mouth.

Linda coughed and spluttered a bit, then raised her head and looked at him with a grin on her face.

“You naughty boy, you set me up again, didn’t you and whatever they have inserted up my arse and inside me, they are jolly uncomfortable! Could you PLEASE remove them!” she said.

“I don’t know what you mean.” he replied (pointedly ignoring her remark about the paintbrush and the broomhandle )

“By the way,I just happened to bump into the guys in Sainsburys while I was out doing a bit of shopping” he added “and I hope you don’t mind but I invited them back for a nightcap and then we met Graham outside and said he could pop in later”

Linda looked behind David and saw the gang JP, DH, JW and IOR.

“So what did you buy?” she asked warily.

“Oh you know, this and that.” said David “a couple of pies, some rice pudding, custard and the guys bought a few things as well.”

The helpless and unlucky Linda realised then that she was in for even more messy treatment and this was confirmed as David, after emptying his carrier bag out, took hold of a deep Bannoffee Cream pie and pushed it into her face, rubbing it round and round. This was followed by a carton of custard poured over her head and rubbed into her hair. Not to be left out the rest joined in and soon Linda was having pies smacked on her bottom, between her legs, eggs broken on her and was finally covered in a liberal coating of syrup and jam.

The doorbell rang, Graham had Rory with him, who looked to have grown bigger and heavier in the last three months, along with another Wolfhound.

“Hi,” he said grinning “I’m looking after Rory’s brother Bryn as well for the week and he would pine if I left him on his own indoors so I hope you don’t mind me bringing him along.”

“Well the more the merrier” said David looking at Linda “as she is I think the two would make a lovely pair of bookends don’t you? Although I will have to remove these first.”

The broom slid out quite easily but the brush was more stubborn he pulled on the handle but it did not move.

“I am afraid I may to push it in a bit more first before it can be pulled out” he said “as it appears to be stuck.”

So to accompanying squeals from Linda he pushed and twisted but to no avail.

“Here, let me have a go “said Ian but his tugs and twists only elicited more squeals and he had no more luck.

“Maybe we could try to dislodge it by smacking her bum” said David “all of you come over here and help me. ”

So all six men crowded around Linda’s bottom and proceeded to slap it as hard as they could until her cheeks glowed but again this only elicited more squeals from the unfortunate Linda and no actual loosening of the brush.(In fact the smacking went on when this had become obvious but they were all, except Linda, enjoying it too much to stop!).

I think you will need a drop of lubricant” Ian said to David.

“OK there is some oil in the garage that I recently drained off” came the reply. “It’s on the workbench if you would like to go and get” IO left the room but soon returned carefully carrying a tin tray full of engine oil.

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