Living With My Plug: First Week


I slept long and sound that night, exhausted from the physical and emotional effort of the day. In the morning Lauren came to my room and got me up. She commanded me to show her that I was still wearing my panties in bed, and then remove them so she could inspect them. I was relieved to see the plug had prevented and escape from my bowels – the rear was pristine. But the crotch was saturated with vaginal secretions.

“Ah good, I can see and feel that mom had kept her panties on all night. And her butt-plug kept all her nasty waste inside.”

Lauren read Dr. Baxter’s instruction notes with me, which had been told to me verbally but which I had not properly taken in the day before. The cleansing ritual was to be repeated each day, and the procedure was given in detail. For the whole of that week Lauren took charge of the and sat on the toilet seat while I turned my rear toward her and leaned forward.

“Hold your buttocks apart now, Mom. I’m going to ease your butt-plug out from you and I want you to try to close your sphincter as I take it out.”

She slowly extracted the plug from my anus, pausing and holding it with the widest part at my ring and keeping the muscle stretched to the maximum. I tried to tighten my buttocks and close my rear opening. I was able to prevent any messy and embarrassing premature emergence on the first days but with each day my attempts became feebler. I suppose the plug, holding me open all the time, was gradually stretching and weakening the tone of sphincter muscles. By the fourth day I was unable to prevent a medium-size log from slipping out and dropping into Lauren’s white PVC apron. She took it upon herself to wash and rinse my plug.

“Don’t worry about that, Mom. Lauren doesn’t mind if her apron gets dirty.”

Each morning she took a sample of my stool and put it in a container and then wiped me clean and gave me in a fresh, new pair of my panties, putting he worn ones in a ziplock poly bag and labelled with the date. This was also to be repeated every day so I would visit Dr. Baxter the next week with a set of worn panties and specimens to show her.

The notes explained …. “You may suffer some vaginal irritation due to the presence of your plug, and which can lead to infection. The best prevention is a copious flow of your secretion – that has a natural cleansing effect. So I want to wear your panties continuously so I can inspect them next week and check your discharge is normal, without any discoloration or bad odour. In any case I am giving you these pessaries – insert one twice a day. They will promote your flow. I should warn you that you might feel heightened arousal, a desire to masturbate, so do not be concerned about that. In fact that is highly beneficial and you should not hesitate to rub yourself whenever you wish. Also insert one of the suppositories into your rectum after each voiding and before replugging. Both the pessaries and suppositories contain a mild antiseptic to combat any infection that might otherwise develop. They also have a lubricant base to help you feel more comfortable. “

I certainly noticed the effect on my libido. The plug made me feel naughty, as though about to defecate and the naughtiness made me feel wanton, while the pessaries seemed to stimulate my arousal. Each morning my panties were drenched in pussy juice, even though I slept soundly. Lauren was quick to take advantage of my condition, and encouraged me to put on the most lewd displays, grinding my hips and running my hands all over my body while she watched.

“Oh Mom, you’re so wet, your cunt’s pouring with juice … let me see you do your little dance, the one you like to do alone in the bathroom to bring yourself of …. Come on, grind your hips a run your hands over your body, put on a good display the way dirty slutty girls do … yes, like that, oh yes Mom that’s great.”

She would then feel my wetness through the crotch of my cotton panties. With that she would pull them down and tease apart my labia, first the major and then the more delicate inner lips. By then my gash was awash and when she began to tweak my clitty I came uncontrollably. Then she would insert one of the pessaries “to make sure you don’t dry up” she said. She took special delight inserting the both my pessary and suppository, taking her time to ensure each was well embedded before re-inserting the plug inside me.

“Is the suppository secure and comfortable inside you?” she would ask, and then poked a latex clad finger in as far as it would go. “Yes, I think it is well inside you to do its job properly.”

I became very turned on by this attention. Lauren would dress in just her PVC apron or even more scantily, and took every opportunity to excite me with the sight of her slim figure and nicely trained limbs and abdominals. During each of these ministrations she would press against me and, as if carelessly, touch me intimately. Naturally Lauren also became very aroused and I could see the secretions dribble from Bostancı Escort her vagina. Sometimes she would ask me to check her own flow for quantity, clean consistency and odour.

Lauren also saw to it that I was well-fed, providing me with plenty of healthy breakfasts and dinner containing loads of cereals, vegetables and fruit, in fact everything to add bulk and roughage. All the time I wore my plug, but during the last couple of days I noticed a soiling of my panties. There must have been seepage of liquid, perhaps from the suppositories, coloured brown with my stool. It embarrassed me that I would have to show them to the doctor – despite the intimate nature of last week’s examination, I had never had to show my panties in such a state.

By the time of my next appointment with Dr. Baxter I felt decidedly full, thanks to Lauren’s meal preparation. I was afraid the pressure from my bowels would even expel the plug. I showered and shaved myself as close as I could. Lauren took extra pains to help me with my butt-plug and attach the harness, to avert any danger of an accident on the way. Lauren had put out the clothes she wanted me to wear, simple but smart and comfortable on such a warm summer day – a white cotton short-sleeved blouse and a pale blue pleated cotton skirt, white ankle length cotton socks, and pastel coloured street-cum-gym shoes. Underneath my skirt I one of the remaining pairs of white panties that matched a new white bra I had bought. I collected together the samples of my stool in their containers and the worn panties, which I carried in a small rucksac.

I felt particularly vulnerable as I travelled on the bus, or perhaps it was the frisson of anxiety due to the impending appointment. But the familiarity of arriving at a place for the second time relaxed me somewhat. Dr Baxter greeted me as I entered, and was wearing a white lab coat as before.

“So, Mrs. Jenkins, how have you been this last week? No problems with your butt-plug, or discomfort I hope.”

I described as best I could and Dr Baxter seemed quite unconcerned. She explained it is normal for anyone wearing a plug all the time to experience some stretching at first, and often it was necessary to move up to a larger size to maintain a secure fit.

“My nurse is busy just no but she will be here a bit later. I should examine you anyway so please go into the treatment room as before and undress down to your panties, of course keep your plug in. I first want to inspect your panties including the ones you’ve been wearing this week and your stool samples. Then I’ll take some routine measurements and then check you down there.”

I did as she said, but as I was removing my skirt there was a gurgle in my bowels and again some liquid oozed out and into my panties. This, and the fullness inside made me even more self-conscious as I stood to wait, clad in just my white cotton panties, which were completely sodden in the crotch. I was also much more aware of the presence of my plug than at any time during the last few days. When Dr. Baxter entered she immediately went to a cupboard and rummaged around for a few moments, then took out a white bib apron. I expected her to put it on over her lab coat but instead she removed it to reveal herself clad in only a very brief blue string panty. The material was a thin micro-fibre and they stretched tight over her small mound so as to accentuate rather than hide her contours. I could not refrain from staring. She looked at me, remarking, “These plastic lined aprons are a bit uncomfortable so if it’s OK with you I’ll leave it off for now.”

I looked at her tanned body, lean and toned, and I felt the sense of power it conferred on her; she was one who looked more dominant naked than dressed. I felt a wetness inside me as I considered being at Dr. Baxter’s mercy. I was sure I would become completely pliable as soon as she began the exam. I saw to my surprise a dark patch at the crotch of her briefs at first thought she had leaked some pee. But she said, “I can see you looking between my legs, where I’m wet. It’s OK, Ms. Jenkins, I don’t mind.”

Her openness was a shock at first and I felt anxious about what she was going to do, but then I relaxed as I realised I need feel no embarrassment with her.

The firsts test were routine – pulse, temperature, blood pressure – but the last was quite intimate as she took my arm and held it against her naked body. Not surprisingly the reading was elevated. She then asked for the stool samples and the panties I’d worn each day. She inspected them in turn, looking closely into the crotch. As she did she remarked with satisfaction on the copious flow of vaginal fluid. She asked me if I had any fear the plug would slip out or otherwise failed to keep secure my rectum.

“No, it seems to hold all my solid waste, but there is some fluid that oozes out into my panties.” (I was embarrassed to use vulgar words, like ‘shit’.)

“That’s not a problem, KY jelly is the Anadolu Yakası Escort base compound of the suppositories and it will have accumulated some excess liquid. That’s all, nothing to worry about except for staining your panties. If you do not feel any soreness you do not need to insert them, unless you wish to continue. Some people enjoy the insertion of a suppository as well as the feelings they induce. There’s nothing wrong with that, nothing to feel ashamed about. Now I want to look at your panties, the ones you have on now. Take them off and hold them open so I can inspect.”

I removed the last emblem of my modesty and displayed the wet, soiled garment.

“Yes, these are in a lovely state, Ms. Jenkins. Plenty of cunt juice, I’m glad to see that and I am sure you must have masturbated several times to make them like that. You mustn’t feel you are doing anything wrong, I urge you do masturbate as often as you like. And quite a large brown patch. Yes, I’m certain the suppositories are responsible for that. You have to decide if you want to continue with them, at the cost of soiled panties, or to stop, with some risk of soreness. Now I’m going to proceed with the more intimate part of the exam. Please don’t worry or feel embarrassed, however dirty and humiliating it might seem. I’ve performed thousands of anal examinations, both male and female, and many have been much dirtier than yours.”

She then put on the apron and I instructed me to lie on the table, on my elbows and knees, and to keep my legs apart.

“Just relax in that position, Ms. Jenkins. No need to force anything. I’m going to undo your harness and slip the plug out of your anus. Don’t worry about letting any wind, that’s quite normal. Don’t try to hold your stool, but don’t forcibly expel it, just relax and allow everything to happen naturally. It is important I examine closely so I can judge how you have responded to wearing the plug inside your anus.”

She first tested the fit of the harness, feeling me all around my buttocks, pelvic area, my groin and shaven mound. Despite the strong, assertive demeanour, her hands were remarkably gentle, her touch so delicate and sensual to be almost a caress. I leaked more juice from my vagina and had to control myself to conceal my arousal

“I know this is a very intimate matter, but please do not be embarrassed at anything. Again I tell you I am very experienced in these examinations and treatments and it doesn’t bother me at all about the smell and mess.”

She slipped on a pair of surgical gloves, I heard the snap as the latex closed on her wrists. She then positioned the skirt of her apron so it was held by my knees and thus directly under my bum. She was very close behind me as she slowly unfastened the harness and drew the plug out in a smooth movement. I felt the usual stretching as the large knob of the plug passed through my sphincter but nothing like a week earlier. It seemed my ring was now accustomed to having to accommodate the object. I made no attempt to contract the muscle after the passage and almost immediate I felt a wet mass being extruded through my anal opening. I felt it emerge smoothly and easily, and must have been quite soft, as well as bulky. Then I felt a resistance.

“I’m holding my hand against the emergence of your stool, and I want you to close your sphincter and pinch off the piece that has come out. Don’t worry, I’m wearing latex gloves so just let go in my hand. Yes, that’s perfect. I have a good piece and I need to squeeze it to test the consistency. ….. Ah yes, a nice one.”

I felt my stool being pressed against my buttocks and flatten into a patty, coating my cheeks with my soft brown excrement. It felt nasty and dirty, and yet I wanted her to coat my cheeks in that way.

“I’m sorry if this feels a bit strange. You mustn’t mind your bum cheeks getting filthy like this. You will be cleaned up in a while anyway.”

“It’s OK, doctor, I don’t mind you getting me dirty.”

Then there was a squishing sound and then looking back I saw her smear the brown paste on the white cotton of her apron. The smell reached my nostrils but was not as strong as I expected, I had become quite used to it and even relished the rich aroma. There was a wide brown band across her previously spotless apron. It excited me to see the white apron in that despoiled state.

“Don’t worry about my apron getting dirty. I keep a supply of these plastic backed one just for this purpose – I never know when I might have to do a mucky job like this. Now let some more out.”

I heard a soft plop as the second log dropped onto the Doctor’s apron. She perhaps feared for the loss of modesty in performing such a normally private act, and kept reassuring me with her words.

“Yes that’s good, Ms. Jenkins, fine smooth stool, a nice even colour consistency. You’re doing splendidly.”

The defecation proceeded for several seconds, then paused and resumed. Altogether I must Ataşehir Escort have spent a couple of minutes as I released my stool. From time to time Dr. Baxter interrupted and pushed a latex clad finger into my anus and worked it around, and then would wipe it on her apron. By the time I had voided completely there was almost as much brown as white. To the unprepared nostrils the stench would have been sickening, but I had become so used to the aroma of my waste that I did not react at all, and it seemed that Dr. Baxter hardly noticed at all. Anyway the extractor fan would efficiently remove the gases from my body wastes.

“Just stay like that a moment, Nurse Schloppfarth has just come in and will wipe you clean.”

A second pair of hands, larger and whose touch I remembered from last time gently parted buttocks, then placed one hand on my pussy and gently stroked. I felt a soft damp cloth applied to my soiled cleft and anal opening and she wiped me clean.

“You may get off now, perhaps you like to see how much you have produced.”

I was amazed to see such a large volume of steaming brown excrement lying in a pile on the doctors’s apron as well as smeared. I had not realised until then how the diet of natural fibre had made for so much bulk.

The nurse, Ulricke was clad in a regular cotton uniform – blue tunic over which was a white starched cotton apron. As before, the tunic was cut shorter and closer than is normal in a normal clinic or hospital. Her manner was as I remembered and her open, clear expression. Today her hair was shorter and styled, and wore a moderate amount of makeup. She looked most attractive and I wondered what had motivated the change. She unfastened the apron of the doctor who stepped away, leaving the apron and mass of stool on it. Despite the operation of the extractor fan, the aroma was noticeable from the steaming, gleaming pile. Both doctor Baxter and the nurse looked at it, fascinated by its smell and appearance.

“That is a lovely stool, don’t you think nurse.”

“Certainly. Ms. Jenkins obviously follows and excellent diet. Do you want me to carry out the normal tests of consistency?”

“Yes, place a small quantity in one of the S4 containers as usual. But I think provides an opportunity to introduce Nurse Watkins to an important aspect of her training. It takes quite a well-trained professional to deal with quantities of excrement without being repulsed. Ms. Jenkins’ production will provide just the experience she needs. In the meantime, take Ms. Jenkins’ butt-plug and cleanse it, and bring one of the new integral latex ones. Come back, and bring nurse Watkins, in about 20 minutes, both of you in your uniforms.”

As soon as the nurse had left Dr. Baxter led me to another exam table and ordered me to lie on my back, spread my legs so she could fasten into the stirrups.

“I want to check on your libido, Ms. Jenkins, and that you can engage in sexual intercourse while wearing your plug. It means you’ll be reaching orgasm with me, I hope you wont mind, it won’t be too embarrassing.”

I told her I did not mind as it was an important part of the checkup, to make sure the butt-plug was not interfering with my sexual response. She spread me very wide and tilted the table back so to gain easy access again to my anus, quickly inserted another butt-plug. She seemed particularly satisfied with my situation. In a moment she had slipped off her briefs and had attached a large strap on dildo. It was at least twelve inches long and three across, and was covered with lumps and veins.

“I want to check that you can experience normal sex intercourse while wearing your plug. You might need the security of a plugged asshole while enjoying the penetration of a natural male genital organ, or a female artificial one. But I want to make sure you are thoroughly lubricated so I am going to masturbate you to orgasm.”

I was excited the doctor was going to commit this perverted, lesbian. For the next minute she teased my labia and then, having felt the first new secretion, pressed my middle finger hard on my clitoris and then plunged two fingers of her other hand deep inside my slimy, wet love canal.

“Oh, yes doctor, I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Fuck me doctor, fuck me in my sopping wet cunt. I need it. Fuck me now!!”

Her hands were replaces by with the monster and I was filled. I screamed in a mixture of pain and and pleasure as it stretched and tore at my delicate membranes. She became crazed as she ploughed into me brutally and without mercy, slamming the dildo into my front opening while using her hands to work the butt-plug into my rear. Despite the pain I was involuntarily bucking in unison with the thrusts, and I came in a massive climax that went on and on until I could no longer catch my breath. I was covered in perspiration, and so was doctor Baxter. However, the doctor was not finished. She moved up and tore off her strap-on and then straddled my face, forcing her cunt onto me and leaking juice onto my face. Then she pushed with her hands onto my lower bellu, right over my bladder and immediately I experienced a new sensation. I lost control ] and urinated long and hard, my jet arcing and landing on the floor a few feet away. I felt wanton and full of wicked lust.

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