Mad Modification



Words merely made the pain in the woman’s temples seem to worsen. It quickly spread making the haunting shadows seem to bend and twisted into horrid silhouettes of beasts of the subconscious as she shivered at them not daring to reach out to touch them.

For the fear they maybe real in her pain hazed state everything seemed so. All sounds amplified, all darkness a monster of childhood fear.

Flashes of light flickered in the mental as the nauseous feeling tightened in her abdomen .

The…. No.. her.. it was her breath like murmurs in the poorly warm ,damp air of the silent room.

The flickers clouding her vision as her ill, pale yellowish pallor and weeping was hidden by the darken tresses.

Her darkening, stressed eyes coupled vilely with sinking looks into disenchanting depression while the voices whispered deeper and deeper into her blackening mind.

Pages blank fluttered over the stained carpet stain with something dark and foreboding to her senses coppery, fleshy in nature.

Ill regular patches of carpet staining slowly from harsh inks as her fingertips played gently over them. The carpet seemed Şerifali Escort to desire nothing from her as the pages sought her fingertips merrily. It was a high even she could deny.

A ghostly shade had taken her reddening eyes earl on in this it was starting fade as the shock set on it her shaking frame. Yet the redden eyes sought the sightless flecks of multi colored flickering. Color dulled the feeling. The sensations were numbing in a disappointing way now. The flashes of metal glinted dully in the dimly lit room. Attempting the clawing at the shadows as the she hung feeling the hooks slide slightly

She swayed struggling vainly in her hallucination filled waking lucid dreaming while feeling the skin detaching from her back.

A whisperingly painful feeling setting in the shock of transcending in her mind. A fainting tugging at her tan exposed back as she was raised higher from the floor.

Making her forget briefly how her ending up in this place as she swam in the scent of her own of the feeling of more rings being forced in her already over pierced flesh. It was awful and divine at the same time it burned, Göztepe Escort it froze. It was hypnotizing. Things drifted as the floor faded from memory pictures of people she thought she knew maybe her what was the word.

“Family” Human voices were a luxury in this place. Her voice nearly too soft, almost metallic as if she rarely spoke met her ears it as was washing way by the sight of the loose hooks that hung around her view. Again she felt the flesh loosening from the muscle of her back.


II Downstairs

Music played faintly danced in the background impishly between clock ticks like the tick tock of the metronome. It was the heavy sound of compulsion. It danced around the candle flames, it hunted among the tapers of wax.

Her wrist bearing raw red indentions. Rope like marks her hands ached from stretched near out of socket. As the white taper’s wax dripped over spotting flesh that lack the sun touch.

The flesh risen and pink . Tainted with blood from the missing the needles.

The couch’s gloomy victim breathing shallow and somehow frightened mingled with a untrusting discomfort.

Skin Ümraniye Escort pinkened and shivering meeting blunt plastic chased the minute sounds of flesh popping under poorly sharpened metal. A wavering voice counted, crying like a wounded lamb or a scarred child. The brightly colored tips and pins come quicker. Leaving little seconds for thought. The neat swiftly done piercings followed by neat pretty green tread making spider web patterns with the pins as the guides.

“Don’t flinch”

The pressure as the thick needles were inserted in the nape of her neck was almost too much. A few drops of blood and sweat met the piercer’s hands as the muscle in her shoulder twitched. The air perfumed with blood and metal. A slight whine drifted through the air.

Damn it the needle was off center the flesh tore a sharp heavy crash echoed though the house.

Flesh was the hardest canvas to use yet they made the most divine for this type of work

Beth and Martin were slowly being perfected yet Sarah was almost more troublesome for her measure. Too much personality ruined his canvas and art work.

Her eyes still a glaze from the having her head smacked against the table. Her skin giving as the colored pin enter in a rapid pace. Her legs from ankles to thigh lined with the same spider web needle tread blend pattern. The silvery needles catching the shine off her eyes as she reached for another pin.

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