Male Order Ch. 02


Don’t you hate it when your phone wakes you up before your alarm even goes off? Well, that’s exactly what happened on this Tuesday morning. I got a text through at 6:30, it was still dark outside. The test was from Kate, the online panty seller who’s used knickers I had been sent in exchange for some photos of me wearing them.

It seemed my payment for the little white thong she sent wasn’t yet complete, her text message read “Good morning, here’s your next set of instructions. I want you to take a photo of your self with you phone, getting ready for work and send it to me. The catch is that I want to see you putting on my panties and you must wear them all day”.

I text back telling Kate that I was working and that I would rather not wear them to work but this is where it got serious, her reply said “I know you are working and I know where you work and on your company’s website there is a whole list of contact details for everyone you work with. So, if you don’t want me to email the photos of you in a little white thong to all of your work mates then you will follow my instructions”.

It didn’t look like I had much choice so after a shower I pulled Kate’s thong up around my legs, it fitted snugly, clingy nicely to my balls. Although I wasn’t happy, Kate’s instructions had excited me and I had to stuff my already hard cock in to the little panties.

My cock twitched all the way to work and I put my bag on my lap to hide the bulge from others on the train. At 9:10 my phone beeped again, another text from Kate… “Now, as you questioned me earlier you must be punished. Between Ataşehir Escort now and the end of the day I want to see you wank in my panties once an hour starting at 10 o’clock. I want you to cum in your hand and show me each time and I want to see the time on your watch so I know you’re not cheating”.

I sat nervously at my desk waiting for 10 0’clock know that I would have to sneak off to the toilets for an extended length of time, with three minutes to go my car was hard and the thought of crossing the office with a tent in my trousers was a worry but I had no choice.

I managed to make it out of the office, I don’t think anyone noticed, if they did, they didn’t say anything. I was very hard and had been all morning so my forced 10 o’clock wank was easy. Once secure in a cubical I dropped my trousers and lowered the waist band of the thong, hooking it under my balls and I started stroking.

Although alone in a toilet cubical, knowing that it was Kate making me masturbate in such a humiliating way was incredibly exciting and it didn’t take long for me to cum. I shot several wads of thick white cum in to my cupped hand as Kate had ordered. I twisted the watch around on my wrist, proving that it was in fact 10 o’clock and with my phone I took a picture, cleaned up and returned to my desk.

Seconds after sitting came Kate’s reaction, “good little sissy panty, only 57 minutes to go until the next one…” I wasn’t sure if I could keep this up all day, I have a huge sex drive but this was asking a lot, especially in work time. But I knew that Kate really did have Kadıköy Escort my colleagues email address so I had no choice.

11 o’clock came and so did I, again sending a photo to Kate as proof, the same happened at 12 o’clock and then at 1, while on lunch for a bit of variation I had jerked off in a cafe’s toilet around the corner from work.

By 2 o’clock, the fifth wank of the day, I was still getting hard without a problem knowing that Kate was waiting to see my panty covered cock but I was finding it harder to cum. I pulled my trousers down, again in the confines of a work toilet cubicle and I slipped of Kate sexy panties. I lay them out on the toilet seat so I could fully admire them as I wank. I took in the little details in the lace and imagined how they must have looked while clinging to Kate’s pussy, which I knew smelt so good. After five minutes or so I felt the end coming on, I stroked my cock faster, squeezing my last drops of cum out on to the front of the thong.

I sent my photo, hoping that Kate wouldn’t mind me cumming on the panties rather then in my hand. I then had no choice but to put the wet sticky thong back on under my trousers and head back to my desk. I sat down feeling tiered and uncomfortable and probably a little red in the face, once again I got Kate’s approval.

There were too more to go before I left work at 5, I was dreading 3 o’clock and it didn’t feel like long enough before again, I was sliding the lock on the toilet door closed. This time, my sixth time masturbating in one day, I was really struggling and could barely get Bostancı Escort hard, the best I could manage was a semi. I stroked and tugged and pulled, I pictured Kate in the thong I was wearing, I imagined what she might be doing with the photos of my cock but nothing.

I was obviously a little worried that Kate was going to go through with her threat and send my sissy photo to my work mates, so in desperation I took a photo of my limp dick and sent it to Kate apologising and explaining that I can’t come again. All I got in response was “OK…”

4 o’clock ticked closer, I hadn’t heard any more from Kate and was hoping that I might be able to get away with my final wank of the day but at 10 to 5 an email popped up in my inbox, I opened the mail, it was from Kate and attached was a close up of my rock hard cock in her panties! I quickly looked around to check no one had seen and closed the email. The email was only sent to me but I wasn’t happy that she had sent it to my work email address. The subject of the email was “Don’t disappoint me at 4”, I knew I had to do it one last time.

This time, I was surprised to find that my cock had sprung back to life, may be it was the extra time to recover or may be it was the increasing threat of my humiliation at the hands of Kate. Again, it didn’t take me long, I stoked until I shot my load in to my, splashing on to the face of my watch. Feeling quite pleased with my self, and also a little bit sour, I sent my final photo to Kate.

It didn’t take her long to reply, she said “Good boy, six out of seven. As a reward I will be sending you a pair of my worn knickers once a week for the next six weeks. I have plenty more games I want to play with you to give you a chance to earn more.” The thought of winning more panties was appealing, but something told me I was going to have to play whether I liked it or not.

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