My Long Lost Forgotten Family


Everyone is over the age of Twenty-One, if naturism offends please don’t read any further.

My day’s work is done, and I am waiting on the platform for my train to take me home. The platform is beginning to fill up with tired, weary people, who want to get home and relax, just like me. I see the train pull to a stop, and as the doors slide open I hop on. I look around for a seat and manage to find one, flopping down heavily, I put my bags on my lap, thinking I would be glad when I got home, for I had had a very busy day and would welcome the rest, peace, and tranquillity.

The journey home wasn’t too long, and all the seats had been occupied. I saw an elderly lady struggling to stay standing with the constant movements and jostling of the train. I stood up offering her my seat and she gracefully accepted. I smiled down at her, as she smiled back at me. Taking my hand, she opens and brushes her fingers along my open palm, which made me wonder what she was doing as it sent a shudder through my whole body.

She scans my palm, and then looks up at me, excitement filling her twinkling eyes. She flexes her fingers for me to bend down, I bend nearer to her, and she whispers to me, ‘something special is going to happen to you very soon my love, please don’t dismiss what or who you may see or hear, as it will change your life for the better.’ She then touches my open hand as she licks and kisses my palm, doing this made me dribble in my panties. ‘A kiss from the lords and angels, as they are always watching over you my love and you will always be protected, no matter what happens or where you may travel.’

I look at her smiling as I whisper a ‘thank you,’ to her. As we feel the train slowing down, I nod my head as the train came to a stop saying, ‘this is where I have to get off but thank you for what you have said,’ I couldn’t help but lower my head and kiss her cheek, looking up to me she says, ‘it’s also my stop to my love.’

I helped her off the train, and she had a very pleasant, calming air about her, I liked her immediately even though this was the first time I had ever seen her. I asked if she needed any more help, and she said, ‘no thank you my love and bless you for the help you have given me.’

I looked in my purse for a tissue, but she had vanished when I looked up again. She couldn’t have gotten too far, and not so quickly either, as she looked to be quite frail; it puzzled me, ‘how did she manage to disappear so quickly.’ I shook my head, thinking I must keep a lookout just in case I saw her again. Then my stomach started to grumble, making me think about what to have for my tea.

Five minutes later, I walked in my front door. I kick my shoes off, drop my bag on a chair, and threw my coat over it, glancing over to where I had put my laundry, ready to be taken upstairs and put away. But first things first, I had to put the kettle on, I was desperate for a coffee and a shower. As the kettle was boiling, I got my meal out and placed it in the oven, hunters Chicken, a jacket potato with melted cheese and veg.

Taking my coffee upstairs I showered, washing all the grime of the day down the drain, making sure I paid particular attention to my nether regions. The sharp spray of the water sent tingles running through my clit, ‘mmm’ I loved the feeling it gave me. Then I remembered my tea, I hurried to get dried but stayed naked; grabbing my coffee I went downstairs just as the bell was ringing, telling me my tea was ready.

I sat at the table, munching through my hunter’s chicken, mushrooms, carrots, green beans, onion rings, jacket potato and sauce. As I was taking a forkful of food to my mouth a large blob of sauce fell off the fork onto my naked teat, ‘oh fffff, shoot’ I squeaked, trying to get it off. I jumped up and ran to the sink, leaning over I turned the tap on, splashing cold water over them, the cold water hardening my teats; ‘flip, that’s hot,’ I squealed as I bounced up and down with the jolts of pain that were searing through my nipple and flesh.’ I saw redness appearing and it was getting sore with a burning sensation, I was definitely going to blister. When my teat had eased a little and I had stopped jumping around with the burning pain I felt, I finished my tea and then tidied the kitchen.

Relaxing, I sank into my sofa, supporting my head on a cushion at the back, now it’s me time I thought to myself. Absentmindedly, I spread my legs and caressed one of my teats, while wafting the other, trying to cool it down more. Closing my eyes, I took in all the feelings that were running through my body, ‘mmmmmm I wondered, what would it feel like to have a real man fuck me hard, for him to take my virginities and make me his!’

I flicked through the TV channels while I continued playing, but nothing caught my eye, then I remembered talking to Adam at work, he told me he often watched porn films, which helped get him off. ‘I wonder,’ I thought to myself. I found the channel Adam had spoken of and settled down to watch. My fingers played between my open thighs.

I couldn’t believe what I was watching. A naked woman, in the centre of a room, had a collar placed around her neck with a leash Maltepe Escort attached to it, she was then led crawling around the room like a bitch on heat, letting all the men fondle and inspect her.

After the men had fondled her teats, pulling, and squeezing them hard, while others pushed their fingers and some of them, their fists into her cunt and ass, she was again kneeling in front of her master, he said in a very stern controlling voice, ‘lay on your back my bitch with your knees up by your chest and spread yourself open, I am going to insert this butt plug this tail, then you will truly be my bitch. I may even bring some of the dogs in, and let my friends see how they distort your cunt and ass when they knott you, making you scream with pleasure, and when they have finished fucking you, my friends just may want to inspect you again. Believe me, my bitch, you are going to be well used tonight.’ Her only words were ‘yes please master, use me for your pleasure,’ smiling up at him.

As she lay obeying her master, she was leaking juices profusely, her ass high and wide for her master to prepare and use her, she saw and heard the men laughing and wanking as one of them said, ‘is she always this obedient and do as she is told?’

‘Oh yes, she is one of the best bitch slaves I have had, and I don’t intend on losing her.’

I was furiously wanking my clit, feeling how it was getting bigger and harder, my teats were hardening and beginning to ache, although one was throbbing with the blister that had now appeared, and my pulse rate rapidly increasing. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was cumming; when suddenly, my doorbell rang, making me jump. ‘Who on earth could that be,’ I muttered. Ignoring the doorbell, I continued masturbating, ‘yes, yes, fuckkk Yesssss,’ I shouted, feeling my cunt pulsate and juices oozing out of me. My fingers were full of my juices. I wrapped them around my teat coating it, and then sucked my fingers dry.

The doorbell rang again, huffing, I got myself up and headed towards the door. I knew I was naked, my juices making my cunt lips swollen and glisten, but I could hide behind the front door as it was solid wood and whoever it was wouldn’t know or see.

I opened the door making sure I couldn’t be seen, to see a youngish man, a full head of dark hair with strips of Silver running through it, and mystical mauve eyes with flecks of Silver that seemed to sparkle and shine when he saw me, he seemed to be quite tall too, his physique looked to be very strong and very muscular, oomph, I thought to myself.

‘Good evening are you, Miss Katrina Taylor, by any chance?’ he noticed my bare shoulder as he looked me in the eyes, then down the length of the door, smiling a knowing smile. He looked into my eyes again then back at the door, then back to my eyes, taking a deep breath.

‘Umm, who are you and what do you want?’ Thinking to myself I know this man from somewhere, but I didn’t know where or when. Just looking at him was making my pussy more than leak; while my hand was pulling and squeezing my teat, then going down to my clit and squeezing hard, as I heard in my mind, ‘you will continue to masturbate for me.’

‘Are you Miss Katrina Taylor, or not? I have a message for you from ‘Grace.’

‘Grace, who on earth is Grace, I know no one by that name, sorry I think you must have the wrong address.’ I continued masturbating; my legs were beginning to tremble as I went to close the door when he said something that startled me.

‘Yes, you do, you met her on the train on your way home today,’ he was still smiling.

‘Oh, that sweet lady, she was ever so nice, no one would give her their seat, so I gave her mine, she was ever so thankful, she even got off at the same station as me but then suddenly disappeared, just like a puff of smoke, there one second, gone the next;’ I answered returning his smile, remembering her lovely gentle smile.

‘Yes, she can be quite evasive when she wants to be,’ he replied chuckling. ‘I hope you don’t mind me saying something but, you have a lovely body I wouldn’t want you catching a chill, and don’t you think you should have that blister seen too that is spreading over your teat?’

My mouth dropped open, ‘what the… how,’ I fumbled, trying to hide behind the door even more. ‘Oh, I get it, your someone who can see through wood then are you?’ I said, giggling sarcastically.

‘Well, I can do many things, but you do have a lovely body, just like I remember, and you are turning me on with how you are masturbating. But that blister does need seeing too,’ his mauve eyes penetrating mine, the silver flecks sparkling. ‘You are going to ask me to come in and offer me a coffee? you will also let me tend to your blister and show me your open cunt as you make yourself cum for me,’ I heard in my mind.

Turning my head, I saw the bundle of clothes on the chair in the hall near the stairs waiting to be taken upstairs. Stretching my arm, I grabbed the first thing I touched; it was a lightweight short robe; throwing it over my shoulders I quickly tied the sash loosely around my waist, not that it covered much, it didn’t, and was very see-through Cevizli Escort but it was better than nothing.

‘I would invite you in but, I don’t even know you or what your name is,’ as I glanced at him again from around the door.

‘Yes, you do know me Katrina, but you have forgotten. My name is Adonis, your Adonis! You don’t know how pleased I am to have found you.’ His fingers caressed mine that was holding the door open, sending shivers coursing through my body which made my teats more than harden, and ache, I had never felt anything like it before.

Clearing my throat and flushing at the same time, I could feel the pulse in my throat, and if I could feel it, I am sure he could see it. ‘Nice to meet you, Adonis, please come in, I can at least offer you a coffee while you can give me the message you have for me from Grace.’

I stepped to the side, opening the door wider for him to enter. Not caring if he could see my tits and glistening wet cunt, my hand cupping my teat trying to soothe away the growing pain; my juices leaking down my inner thighs, my robe was very short and very see-through. Don’t ask me why, but somehow, I just knew I could trust him and that he would never harm me.

‘Thank you, Katrina, I would appreciate it very much,’ he followed me through to the lounge, noticing what I had been watching on the TV, not seeing the smirk that appeared on his face. With a flick of his fingers, he turned the tele off. I looked round to see the tv suddenly go quiet, ‘Oh shoot, don’t tell me my TV has gone!’ tutting, I went through to the kitchen, with Adonis following closely behind me.

‘Would you like tea or coffee?’ continuing to caress my teat, which was now beginning to throb and really burn.

‘Coffee would be lovely thank you, my Katrina, may I take my coat off and sit?’ he asked while he watched what I was doing.

‘Sorry, yes of course you can, do you take milk and sugar?’

As he watched me, he had taken his coat off and was rolling his shirt sleeves up to his elbows, he simply asked, ‘do you know what the name Katrina means?’ Then said, ‘milk, no sugar thank you.’

‘Huh, no I don’t what my name means, why, do you?’

‘Yes, I do, would you like me to tell you, again?’ I nodded my head, as I turned to face him. He was swiping his tongue slowly over his lips, ‘Katrina means, A name that dances off the tongue. Katrina stems from the Greek name Aikaterina and is a feminine name meaning loved by many, and I must say you are loved.’ The iris of his eyes changed to purple, as they continue to penetrate mine. It was as though I was transfixed, not realizing my tits were on show as I sat down at the table with him, passing him his coffee.

‘Ok, and I suppose you also know what the name Adonis means?’ I asked sarcastically.

‘Considering it’s my name, yes I do,’ smiling as he tilted his head as if waiting for me to ask him, but he instead asked me, would you like me to see to your blister? It does look to be getting rather sore and painful.’ My hand automatically squeezed it, only to realize they were on full show to him, flushing furiously I went to cover them flushing bright red, but winced instead, as the side of my robe scraped over the blister, ‘oomph’ was all that came out of my mouth.

‘I shall deal with it for you, don’t be alarmed; I have no intentions of harming you in any way for you are my queen. You already know I would never hurt you my angel, but it was you who ran from me, and I don’t know why. I have been searching for you ever since; although that blister does need attending too.’

Trying to cut the awkward silence I asked him, ‘are you going to tell me what your name means?’ He stood by my side looking deep into my eyes as he said, ‘you already know what it means, but yes, I shall tell you again, although not now, your breast needs to be healed.’ The way he looked at me sent shivers rippling through my entire body, making both my teats harden, I didn’t know where to look but I was enjoying the sensations he was now filling me with.

‘First, take your robe off, I need to get to both of your teats, lean back and think of something nice, something you would like to do. I promise I will do no more than heal them, well, not unless you want me to that is, now close your eyes, and relax,’ as he brushed the side of my face. He softly blew over my face as I was looking at him, there was so much gentleness and love coming from him, that I could no more than close my eyes.

I let my robe fall from my shoulders, landing at my waist, and falling to the sides of the chair. I leaned back relaxing the best I could, I felt his fingers on my brow as I heard, ‘relax my Katrina you are perfectly safe with me, you always have been and always will be. I shall be touching and suckling your teats to do what needs to be done to heal you.’

I felt his fingers gently circling my teats, his fingers wrapping around them causing me to shudder. I heard his voice in my head again, ‘Katrina, you will let me guide you to the sofa, where you will be more comfortable, and I know you can hear me, as I can feel it, don’t let it alarm you; you will only feel pleasure Atalar Escort in everything I am about to do to heal you, let happen, whatever happens, happen.’

I stood and felt him guide me to the sofa, sitting me down. I could feel his fingers working on my breast and teats. I could feel his warm breath blowing around the blister, and then I could feel liquid from his tongue swirling around my teat. I could feel his tongue lapping and suckling first one and then the other. I couldn’t help but let out a sensuous moan, my thighs parting. I could feel my teats hardening under his tender touch as he continued to suckle, pulling hard on them.

‘Tell me with your thoughts what you want me to do to you and for you, Katrina, now I have found you again.’

I couldn’t help but think, ‘there is no way you can hear what my thoughts are, but hey ho, here goes. ‘I want you to be my master and make me bleed as you take my virginities, I want to feel your hard throbbing cock deep inside my cunt and ass as you fuck me hard, filling me full of your seed, making me yours, as you suckle hard on my teats, making me milk for you, so I can feed you, my master.’ These were my thoughts, then thought no more of it. I was experiencing strange feelings, sensations I had never felt before.

‘Mmmmmm,’ I was enjoying his tender touch so much that I let my legs fall apart, showing him my muff and tiny unused pussy, my clit extending from behind its hiding place, my eyes still closed.

‘Oh Katrina, I heard every word you thought, I’m already your lord and master, and you are my mine and have been for many years, but you have forgotten. It’s good you are unknown to man’s touch. I will be honoured to make you bleed, proving your virginity to me, after all this time of searching for you. When I tell you, you will open your eyes and remember all our thoughts, with a smile on your face, you will see me naked, kneeling between your thighs as I suckle on your growing clit.’

I felt him start to pump hard on my teats again with his fingertips, pulling and stretching them, ‘ahhhhhhh fuckkkkkk, yes, yes,’ my hips bucking up with an oncoming orgasm. His mouth sucking and biting hard on my clit, flicking the end continuously with his tongue ‘you are going to make me cum if you keep sucking my clit like that,’ I heard myself say in desperation.

‘Yes, yes, I know you are, I can see your cunt pulsate for me as it opens, now open your eyes, and tell me what you want. Not what you think I want you to tell me.’

I opened my eyes, my open hands on each side of his head, pulling him further onto my clit which was swelling the more he pulled and suckled on it. He pulled off and sat back on his heels, naked, looking at me as he continued to wank my clit. I could see his cock lengthening and getting harder, it was huge as it pointed straight toward me. Hearing a groan emanating from my throat, he smiled.

‘I heard your every thought Katrina, but are you sure you want to start milking, as you will have to be suckled many times a day and suckling you will make your clit tingle and swell, your cunt will pulse, your ass too, you will want to be fucked all the time, unless you are asleep. You won’t be happy unless you are continually wanking or fucking.’

I could see my nipples elongating as they swelled and thickened, they were searching, needing to be used more. ‘Yes, yes I do, just look how wet you have made me,’ my fingers opened my virginal channel for him to see how big my clit was now getting and how much he was making my pussy juice.

He placed his open hands around my waist, pulling me further to the edge of the sofa. I could feel the tip of his cock brushing up and down my virgin holes. His eyes turned a deeper mauve like purple with hidden meanings. As he looked at my teats, I saw a flash of purply/silver penetrate them, leaving a warm burning sensation covering my breasts and I could feel my pussy opening for him. My breathing was getting deeper and heavier, ‘ahhhhhhh fuckkk, what have you done?’

‘Oh, my angel you don’t know how long I have waited for this moment.’ My hands left her waist and found her teats, squeezing and pulling them hard. ‘Are you ready for me to take you deeper than you have ever been taken before and to make you mine, this time it will be for always?’

‘Yes, Adonis make me yours, fill my cunt full of your seed’ my fingers found the base of his shaft and ball sack, he was so big, I thought he would rip me apart, as I caressed them, trying to get him to take me. I leant over taking his cock in my mouth, sucking on the head, tasting his precum. I swirled my tongue round and round his helmet, then took him as deep as I could; finding that I could take him deeper in my throat than I thought. I looked up at him as he placed his hand on the back of my head pushing deeper, telling me to relax my throat more. I tried to do as he asked but knew I needed him. His eyes glowed with passion and lust, as colours of purple and silver flowed into my breasts and through my whole body, ‘patience my angel patience, nothing can stop us from coming together now and becoming one.’ Holding himself, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and began to stroke it up and down, from my ass to my clit. ‘This will hurt at first and yes you will bleed, but the pleasure that follows is indescribable. Fuck Katrina, I’ve waited so long, and want you so badly, are you ready? I am going to teach you so much!’

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