My Wife’s Sissy Panty-Sniffer Ch. 03

Bit Tit

Pete emailed me a few hours later and asked me how my little cock felt. I told him I had laid there for a while, and eventually lowered my wife’s panties a bit and jerked my little cock. I told him I used his big load as lubrication, and came very quickly. His response back came quickly, and he told me to make sure my wife gave me a blowjob later that day. He told me to clean my cock of his cum, but to not take a shower when I got home. Pete wanted my wife to have his cum in her mouth, and he thought this would be a good way to make her crave his cum.

When I got home, my wife was sitting in the recliner. I started kissing her neck, and rubbing her back. Eventually, I asked her if she wanted to fool around. Her response, when she wasn’t in the mood, was that she would do something for me. In other words, she would suck my little cock. This was easy for her, as it was so small. Plus, it usually didn’t take much effort for her to make me cum. She usually sucked me off with very little emotion. I think she did this mainly to avoid having intercourse, which would require her to pretend she enjoyed having my small cock enter her.

Eventually, we wound up in our bed. I was kissing Bostancı Escort her neck and blowing in her ear. She reached her hand down and felt my small, stiff erection. She slid her body down the bed a bit, and I turned on my side. She was noticeably bored, and acted as if she wanted to get this over with quickly. She pulled at the waistband of my pajamas. I lifted up my ass, and pulled my pajamas off quickly. My wife leaned her head towards my little erect cock. She licked the underside of my shaft, as she had done so many times before. However, this time, she paused, and seemed to sniff my cock, almost as if she noticed an unfamiliar smell. My little cock was as hard as it had been in years.

My wife continued to use her lips and tongue on the shaft of my small cock. I was thrusting my hips towards her, in anticipation of her mouth wrapping around my cock covered with Pete’s real man cum. Finally, my wife took my small cock in her mouth. I think my wife sensed my excitement, as she started sucking me with more care than normal. Again, it seemed as if she paused for a second, as she removed her mouth from my cock and repositioned her body. She went back Ümraniye Escort down on my cock with a vengeance, sucking hard against my shaft, and going down the full length of my four inch cock. She started to hold her mouth against my cock, rubbing her tongue on it – something she had never really done before. Maybe inside her, subconsciously, the taste of cum from a big cock was getting her off.

My wife really seemed to be enjoying sucking my cock. I’m pretty sure I understood why. I was moaning and thrusting as my wife gobbled up my little cock. My wife slid her hand down past my balls and started flicking her fingers against my asshole. I showed my appreciation by spreading my legs and thrusting my ass against her fingers. She reached up and pulled her saliva off my cock and started spreading it against my puckered asshole. I then felt her long middle finger press firmly against my ass. I started moaning with pleasure. She then thrust her finger hard and deep into my asshole, and started working it in and out, pausing for a moment and flicking her finger at the deepest point. Having my beautiful, full-figured, wife sucking the cum of a real man off my cock, Ataşehir Escort at the same time she is fucking my sissy asshole with her finger was too much for me to handle.

A few seconds later I moaned and told my wife I was going to cum. She usually pulls her head away quickly when I tell her this. This time she stayed on my cock for a little bit longer. Finally, she lifted her head up off my small cock. She continued ramming her finger hard into my asshole. She intently watched as spurt after spurt of my cum shot out of my small cock. The force was such that my cum landed high up on my chest, almost hitting my chin. My wife chuckled, slowly pulled her finger from my asshole, and went to the bathroom to wash her hands.

My wife returned a few minutes later from the bathroom. She lay down next to me and I kissed her forehead. I told her that was the best blowjob she had ever given me. She turned to me and blurted out that she thought my cock tasted different. My heart skipped a beat. She thought it tasted nice and sweet. She asked if I had put moisturizing lotion on it. I played along, and agreed that I had. She also asked me why I like having her stick her finger up my ass. I gave her some bullshit response about the prostate and the sensitivity, but really for me it was about feeling like a sissy. I longed for the day when I could convince my wife to fuck my tight ass with an 8″ strap-on dildo. One can only hope. To be continued….

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