Operation Tiny Pt. 01



My name is Fiona Thomas, and this will be my first year at the University of Bordeaux. Let’s start by saying I never thought university would have been such a wild adventure of little drama. University was always beyond my reach because I come from a rural area. I don’t know anyone, and I’m honestly scared of how the university would play out.

No one from my family has ever attended before, so I am entirely alone in figuring out how things work. Luckily, I had life-changing mentors who guided me to have this chance. I owe it to them. On my first day, after the waterworks from my dramatic parents, I arrived at my dorm. It was what you probably would expect from a university dorm room-plain decor, two beds, and an old-feeling aura.

I noticed my roommate was a slightly attractive girl who was a little chubby wearing a floral dress. I really liked her style.

I walked up to her and said, “Hello, it is nice to meet you. My name is Fiona Thomas. I am new here. I guess I will be your roommate.”

I extended my hand, and she shook it, eyeing me judgmentally. She didn’t seem too pleased with me. I hope my breath didn’t smell because I needed to create an excellent first impression. I was going to live with this person for a whole year.

She responded saying, “it is nice to meet you too. My name is Kate Artis.”

We had a general and, to be honest, awkward conversation. She was a second-year literature student, and I enthusiastically declared I was a film study major. This was exciting because they both held unique similarities. I jumped up at the idea of us writing our own screenplay together one day about two girls discovering themselves in a university setting.

She sarcastically commented, “geez, are you always this giddy? Tone your energy a bit down, please. We just met.”

I nervously replied with shame, “yes, sorry, I know I can be a bit much. I forget that people have boundaries and need to respect that. I just get really excited to meet new people, and this is so new to me.”

She laughed and told me, “Don’t worry about it. That bubbly shine will disappear by the end of your first year.”

I asked her what she meant because that didn’t seem promising. I was worried university wouldn’t be a great experience like my mentors promised me. What if I couldn’t handle it?

“Girl, relax; everything will be fine. I am just telling you to be cautious about who you associate with. You can really only trust yourself.”

I replied with a simple, “OK, that makes sense. What has your experience been like so far in university?

“It has been pretty uneventful and boring. University is not really special.”

“Well, I will try to make it the best time for myself.”

She looked at me with sympathetic eyes, “good luck to you. You let me know if you ever need anything.”

Going to bed that night, I thought about the conversation we had. Kate seemed to wear this type of armor over her heart. How she talked about university was disheartening, like she didn’t want to be here. She started to open up more but still felt necessarily guarded. I thanked her for her help and told her I would.

The first couple of weeks of university life were exciting and eventful. I had a chance to meet many different people and experience the exoticness of my professors. I definitely had some compelling instructors from all walks of life. What interesting characters.

Something I failed to mention before was my infatuation with the rugby team. It wasn’t the main reason I came to this specific university, but it was a heavy consideration. I attended a couple of games. I had a massive crush on the senior star, Stephen Blaire, a buff, tall, and sexy man who led the team with confidence and cocky charisma. His ego really called to me. I wasn’t super optimistic about myself and admired that in guys. I just wanted to know about him. He was pretty undesirable. I needed to get invited to a rugby party, but it was virtually impossible for fresh meat like myself.

I asked Kate what she knew of the rugby team. Kate seemed like she had intel on every inch of the university. She was undeniably quick to shut down my request.

I was surprised by how quick she snapped at me, “Kate, what is wrong? I am just curious about the rugby team.”

She lashed out at me, “You don’t want to be around them. They are bad news.”

After what felt like hours of begging, she told me she knew of a party at Stephen’s house that night. I was ready to move into this crowd, especially since it was my chance to finally flirt with Stephen. I was suspicious, though.

I curiously asked, “how do you know the address to Stephen’s place?”

“Just be happy I am giving you this information. You seem like you wouldn’t give up getting involved in this crowd, so I hope you are being careful. They can be pretty rough.”

It felt like she wasn’t telling me something, but I wasn’t about to intervene. She seemed pretty sensitive about the rugby team. I thanked her for everything Tuzla Escort and got ready for the big night. I wore a short black dress with heels.

I caught an Uber to his place, and it was a huge mansion. I entered the house and was greeted by several university students. Stephen walked up to me. It felt like a slow-motion moment in a film where the sexy man walks in your direction with some cheesy music playing in the background.

He asked me, “hey, I’ve seen you at the games before. You are a freshman. How did you find out about this party?”

“I have connections,” and winked at him.

He smiled and gave me a small tour of the place. It was a massive mansion, and this was completely different from my lifestyle. I was mesmerized by how beautiful the place was.

He looked into my dark eyes and said, “What do you think of the place?”

I was lost in his voice and said with a suggestive smirk, “I hope I am the only girl getting a private tour today.”

He looked surprised and said, “probably not. I am pretty much desired around here, like panning for gold,” with a cocky smile.

What was with this guy? He was mysterious. I was attracted to how he professionally flirts in a cheeky and cocky way that is really different. I’ve never met a man like that before.

“Sounds like an enduring challenge.”

He came close to me, and I could literally feel his sweet breath on my face.

He seductively asked me, “Are you up for it?”

I was taken aback and said, “what do you think?”

I walked away because I wanted to be a tease while I knew he stared at my back view. I didn’t look back. I grabbed a drink and tried to join the crowd. I definitely felt out of place. I saw a couple of girls chilling and sitting at the dinner table with snacks. They were giggling while watching something on their phones.

“Hey, everyone, room for one more? What are you watching?”

One of the blonde girls looked up at me and said, “we are re-watching this hilarious video of Kate exposing herself to the camera.”

“Wait, are you talking about Kate Artis?”

“Yes, she used to be cool around here but became a desperate girl who likes to expose herself.”

She showed me the video of Kate exposing herself to the camera and hearing Stephen laughing in the background, claiming she was such a crazy girl. I was shocked because Kate felt like a very reserved person. There was probably more to the story.

I walked up to Stephen and asked him about the video of Kate Artis. He said they dated briefly and was jealous when he would flirt with other girls.

He looked cocky and said, “she became jealous and needy. One day, she came to my room and completely stripped herself. She wanted to be seen by everyone across campus because she begged me to share the video and photos with everyone. Afterward, I didn’t want to be with her anymore because she had tried to ruin my life. She claimed I took advantage of her and sent the images myself, which is completely untrue.”

I didn’t have any words but silently said, “she is my roommate.”

“Wow. Look out for yourself because that girl is crazy.”

I told him I needed to go. He looked worried and saddened to see me leave. I wanted to be with Stephen but needed to talk to Kate.

I caught another uber back home and stormed to our dorm room like a mad woman.

I swung the door open and yelled, “Kate, I need to ask you a few things right now!”

Unbeknownst to me, Kate had someone over. She introduced herself as Jenny Whittle, a good friend of Kate’s. I was pleased to meet her. I apologized because I interrupted their evening.

I said to them, “I see you are busy. I can ask later.”

Kate looked at me with worried eyes and said, “You saw the video, didn’t you?” I told her I did and really wanted to know the whole story. She sighed and told me she would.


This happened last year towards the end of my freshman year. Stephen and I had gone on a couple of dates, and I liked him. He had a college scholarship and academy contract with the big provincial team. He was going to be the country’s next best athlete for rugby and had just led his team to win the big cup for the school.

He was really weird, though, about being intimate. He would constantly flirt with other girls and lead them on. He had done this before but was told I was special. We got close, but he never wanted to do anything other than kiss. He became really distant. One day, I had enough and told him he needed to choose me and quit flirting with other girls. He was angry and said no one told him what to do.

He forced me to leave his house. The following week, he texted me he was sorry for how he treated me. He invited me to his place for drinks. We both kept drinking, and he got me really loose. He convinced me to take my clothes off and recorded me. I was so drunk I didn’t even really know what I was doing.

The next day, I learned the video was spread across the university. He sent it Gebze Escort with my phone, so it looked like I distributed them. I was incredibly embarrassed, and everyone made fun of me and my body. They told me this is why nobody wants chubby girls. I was heartbroken and utterly ashamed of myself.

I confronted him, and he told me that is what I get for challenging him. He told me to get over it and get the hell out of his face.

I remember what he told me, “if you know what is good for you, you better stay away from me. You never know what else I have on you.”

He winked at me, laughed, and walked away.


I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. Stephen was an awful person.

With tears in her eyes, she said, “now you understand why I didn’t want you near them.”

“I am so sorry, Kate. I had no idea. I was actually falling for him.”

Jenny gently held Kate’s hand and said, “that’s what he does. He manipulates and emotionally abuses girls.”

I replied, “girls, like plural? You mean he has done this to other girls?”

“Oh yeah, Sophie, Rachel, Emily, and Rona used to be popular girls on this campus until he ruined their lives. He has a way with words; you can easily be sucked in.”

“That almost happened to me. We need to do something about this. Report this monster or go to the authorities.”

Kate looked up and said sternly, “Many have already tried. He knows what he is doing and ensures no evidence will lead back to him. He is a master manipulator, like a villain in a James Bond movie or something.”

I said, “I will make sure I don’t ever talk to him again. He has to have some weakness. I mean, you said he never wanted to get intimate. Is there something there with that?”

Kate said, “yeah, but I wouldn’t look into it. He had power over me, and I just let it happen. He made me feel undesirable, which is why he never slept with me. I don’t know why I stuck around for so long. It was all my fault.”

Jenny said, “you know that is entirely not true. It is hard to leave that mindset when people are abused, especially when they gaslight you into thinking it is your fault.

I was in deep thought and exclaimed, “this may be a stretch, you know, but he probably has a little, tiny dick.”

We all shared a squawking laugh.

Jenny giggled, “I don’t think that would be a stretch at all.”

We laughed at her adorable pun.

We changed the subject, and Jenny mentioned she was traveling to the United States for a music festival in Maine. It was Thursday, and she was leaving for the weekend. I was so jealous because I loved music festivals. Kate and I wished her safe travels.


I am excited to travel to Maine for the weekend to experience my first-ever music festival. It’s only a day, but so worth it. Trying to be there for Kate has been challenging because of what Stephen did to her. She has been groped and called many hurtful names for what he did.

Traveling was exhausting, but I was here to have fun on my own. I help other people all the time. It was time for me to take care of myself. What an experience to walk around outside listening to different bands and engaging with other people with my shared interests.

I was checking out this up-and-coming indie rock band when I passed someone who looked eerily familiar. It was Stephen! He walked right past me. He and I had never met before, so he didn’t even acknowledge me. I couldn’t believe he was here. What were the odds? I texted Fiona and Kate that Stephen was actually at the music festival.

Kate texted back right away, “girl, no way, do not engage with him. Leave wherever he is.”

Fiona agreed with Kate. That was the plan. I didn’t want to be anywhere around him. It was later in the evening, and a beautiful sunset was in our view. I was listening to a unique band with a really ethereal sound. I looked up in the crowd and was greeted by Stephen’s presence again. The group wasn’t huge, so I could see him. I was a little closer to him. It was blatantly obvious he was drunk because he was yelling and slurring his words.

A golden moment caught my eyes. He started stripping. He took his shirt off, where his chiseled abs reflected the beautiful sunset. It pissed me off how amazing he looked, but they say the devil is ravishing. I would say they are right. He took off his pants and was wearing a thong. I held my hand over my mouth. This couldn’t be left to the imagination of Kate and Fiona. I needed to film this. I took out my phone and excitedly began to record this drunken bastard. People were shouting and cat-calling him while some ladies smacked his thick, juicy ass. He took off his shoes and socks.

Looking at his crotch area, I didn’t see much. It was completely flat. It looked like he had a vagina because there was literally no bulge. The crowd was chanting for him to strip completely, but he was initially hesitant. Maybe Fiona was right after all.

He finally pulled down his thong and threw it Aydınlı Escort to the group of screaming girls. Everyone started hollering and laughing at Stephen. I couldn’t see at first, which wouldn’t have made a difference. Finally, I got closer to him and got a precise angle of what people were laughing at.

This cocky son of a bitch had the tiniest little dick I’d ever seen in my life. It was a bit like a ring pop, but way smaller. It was a tiny, little gherkin just nestled between his thick legs. I started laughing as loud as possible because it was the most hilarious thing in the world.

It rarely moved because it was so shamefully small. He had this cocky smirk, oblivious to everything around him. So many girls were taking selfies with Stephen and giving him the universal small penis sign or sticking their pinkies out. He thought he was the hottest thing to grace the earth when everyone was clearly laughing at his shortcomings at the little thimble that could hardly be seen from an inch away.

It was less than an inch. It could have been around 0.2 inches because it kept going inside him several times. It was hiding from embarrassment. It was clearly scared of the people chuckling at it. He frequently pulled it out and pretended he was this hung bull when he was a micro-dicked baby boy.

Many girls walked up to him and constantly flicked his little, mini-sized grape. They were shocked because his physique didn’t match the delicate little baby carrot between his legs. His big, manly body contradicted his puny penis. He was a beautiful man, so it was a shame he didn’t have a dick, just some little ding-a-ling bouncing around between his big legs.

What a stark contrast. Many audience members yelled they had seen bigger pee-pees on newborn babies, they couldn’t even see it, he needed to go through puberty, and they’ve never been a fan of Vienna Sausages.

The band saw what was going on and even shouted to the baby-dicked man in the audience, who was brave enough to show how tiny he was.

The singer shouted in his mic, “rock on, little dude. No shame in having a cock tinier than a baby. Spotlight him.”

The spotlight landed on Stephen, where everyone had an even clearer view of his underdeveloped boy parts. He grabbed his little guy with two fingers and stroked it, highlighting how small it really was. The video was broadcasted on the band’s screen and zoomed closely in to see the little thing bouncing around like crazy as he danced like a fool. Everyone had their phones out, capturing his little essence.

The security showed up and handcuffed him with his hands behind his back. The security guards knowingly looked at each other and nodded. It was like a… “yep, another cocky streaker who wants the world to see how tiny his one-inch penis is.”

They laughed at him as they dragged him across the festival with his little penis exposed to all the participants. Wow! Poor guy because his baby penis was the laughing stock of the whole festival. Since this was at a relatively new music festival in a pretty unknown state in the United States, it probably wouldn’t leak anywhere in France. I didn’t know what to do.

I sent the video to Kate and Fiona, and they were clearly surprised by Brian’s little, tiny secret.

Kate replied, “wow, no wonder he didn’t want to sleep with me. I would have laughed at his stupid face if I had faced the tiniest little cock of all time. What would I even do with that? I wouldn’t sleep with a guy bareback, so I wonder where he gets his little condoms. I take it they don’t even make his size anywhere. He must get them specially ordered by some little dick expert. I feel so elated like I can take on the world, and I am happy I am not some dude with a vagina-like dicklette. He must be so sad his little incher is so tiny. 🤣🤣”

Fiona said, “Oh my goodness, lmao, I am genuinely curious what the hell happened to him while he was in his mommy’s womb for him to be born like that. He probably wasn’t even born with a dick because if he did, it hardly grew. Maybe his mommy fed him too much formula, stunting his growth. Or maybe his daddy also has a little puny dinkie between his legs. Why do guys with micropenises even have children? What woman wants to be with them, and why would they want their boys to always be single and rejected? It is a matter of nature, no one wants a little boy dick, except for the Greeks, but they were just weird. The pleasure wasn’t necessary to them because I am sure women were faking during that time. He must disappoint so many women in bed. I would have laughed in his face. I don’t even know what I am talking about. He is still a little virgin. How is he walking around without a care in the world while everyone just laughed at his teeny weenie?”

“Too many beers, I am guessing. LMAO. What do we do with this unforeseen footage? We have the power to ruin this loser’s life and make sure he never gets any action again with his girly pussy. Women have the right to know when they are trapped by a miniature cocklette like Stephen’s. It is our human right.”

Kate responded, “Oh my goodness, we will probably screw it up. We need reinforcements who are just as invested in getting revenge as we are. I am thinking of Jordan O’hara and Connor Matlin.

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