Content Advisory: Body Worship/Facesitting/ Assjob/ Edging/Non-Penetrative/MFF/Blindfolds

There was nothing but the still darkness all around. He felt his limbs bound by what felt like a silken fabric. They were snug and held firm when he moved against them. His eyes were covered by a similarly firm, but delicate blindfold. At first, panic welled up inside him, his panicked words muffled under a similarly soft, silken gag. Heart racing, he began to fidget and writhe under his bonds on instinct.

“Be still,” a soft voice instructed.

He felt them position themselves above him, the warmth of their body lowering over his face. His heart raced as the gentle caress of a buttocks brushed his nose, quickly withdrawing as his neck craned naturally toward it. He could feel the roundness of her backside as she toyed with him. There was a soft laugh from above as his captor playfully brushed their cheeks along his nose, rubbing the sheer fabric of her panties along his face. With each meticulous motion, she lowered herself, gingerly straining the thin barrier between them.

He took in deep breaths of her aroma, earthy and bittersweet. He felt his tongue poking and prodding against the silk along his mouth, eager to taste her. Once more, she drew away, leaving his nostrils filled with traces of her lovely aroma. He was unsure how long it was before the warmth of her lowering herself over him returned. Her teasing motions continued. Gingerly lowering her weight over him just enough for him to get enticing lungfuls of her scent and for his tongue to curiously prod against its barrier for Pendik Escort the slightest taste. It was then he noticed how hard his was, his cock stiff in the cool air of the area. Bucking and throbbing wildly as she ran her derriere across his face.

The cycle repeated over and over. Every time he managed to calm himself, she returned. His heart raced, blood rushing back down to his cock. His loins started to ache for relief. He was trying to rip through his silken gag with is tongue. Anything to taste her. Desperately lapping at the fabric as worked the warm valley of her rear along his face.

Later, rather than sooner, she granted his wish to an extent. Her weight fully lowered across his face, her soft derriere smothering him. He craned his neck to bury himself deeper in her welcoming valley. Deep groans of relief escaping him as he filled his lungs with her sweet aroma with every breath. Her hips started to move, her round bottom shaking side to side, gently smacking his face as he squirmed beneath her. His hips bucked on their own accord, hungrily humping away at the air while she playfully bounced on and rode his face. Thick beads of precum trickled down his shaft with each desperate thrust. His moans fell muffled into the warm valley of his mistress’ backside.

He lost himself in her, his head engulfed by her globular, pillowy cheeks. With each breath, he filled his lungs to bursting with her aroma. With each passing moment, his member throbbed stiffly, leaking warm rivulets of precum as she rode him. His body screamed for relief, his hips humping at the air Kurtköy Escort to no avail as her cycle of teasing him to the brink and reigning him back continued.

Then, he felt the weight of another. She focused on his lower body; her attention focused on his needy cock. He almost irrupted under her tender finger while she guided him into the valley of her ample, welcome backside. She enveloped him fully in her warm embrace, leaving him to throb and buck desperately. He shuddered with delight, his own hips starting to move in time with hers, fucking the valley of her ass.

“I said be still.”

His first mistress had begun a new cycle of teasing on her part, and he obeyed She lowered herself across his face once more, but this time, he noted that the sheer barrier of her panties was gone. She lowered her weight gradually as before, burying his nose in her cheeks as her companion kept a steady pace grinding her hips against him. He forced himself to stay as still as possible, hot strings of precum running down his cock. His tongue continued to poke and prod at his gag as silently prayed to be smothered once more.

His mind swam as his body drank in the sensations. His balls were heavy and ready to explode, but his new mistress kept him right under the threshold of release with every gyration of her hips. He imagined her tastes while she shook to and fro, gently slapping him with her pillowy cheeks. He moaned into her cheeks as his cock trembled closer to climax. His second mistress slowed her movements, as if she knew. Long, slow motions of her hips, working every Ümraniye Escort inch of him methodically.

He let the loudest moan of the timeless teasing duo’ efforts, his body teetering on much needed, sweet release. He searched for the words to announce his climax, but his mouth refused to form any words. His lips only searched for ways to remove their silken barrier to steal a taste from his mistress’s flesh. Her well-endowed companion continued at her painfully slow and methodic pace. She glided along his member, smothering and coating him in a warm, sticky layer of his seed as he teetered on the edge. He felt her touch run up his stomach, circling around his nipple for a moment for before pinching down.

His pleasure finally mounted, letting out a wild groan of relief as he finally exploded. His first mistress bore down fully, her bare backside almost enough to fully envelop his face. He welcomed her. Her partner suddenly sped up, riding him faster and harder as his cock spurted thick pearls of cum into her valley. He trembled head to toe as what felt like buck shots of spunk irrupted along her backside. He stifled his groans of relief into the lovely derriere using his face as a throne as his cock continued to irrupt, wave after wave of hot cum splattering his mistress’s backside. As his climax faded, his body became aware of his predicament. He squirmed and wiggled for air as the need arose.

The duo relented, leaving him in silence as the rush of his consecutive climaxes subsided. Their combined weight left him, leaving him alone in the still darkness as he recovered from the experience, his cock still dribbling spunk as it rested against him. He felt himself slipping into the sweet embrace of sleep, awakening to himself unbound when he came to. He could leave, but perhaps if he were patient, maybe his mistresses would return.

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