Sticky Ch. 02


Following their heated cyber-reunion, Steve and Anna’s Messenger sessions became regular, though they couldn’t be called frequent as both had other commitments and distractions. Even at this reduced level, Anna looked forward to his contacts, which though at a distance were more stimulating than her sometimes boyfriend’s rather boring approach.

In particular, she looked forward to his lascivious suggestions for exploring the internet, from pornographic photos and films, through advice and how-to sites, culture, tourism and erotic stories. She particularly liked the latter, enjoying the opportunity to imagine the stories in her own fantasy world and to picture indulging in her favourite sexual pastimes and branching out into areas she had only ever dreamt of.

Steve was an avid reader and sent her recommendations that took her back to their days together. They had thought themselves adventurous in those days when she stripped and masturbated for and with him, sometimes for him to photograph, though the prints from the film they processed together rarely came out well — they were too busy having sex in the darkroom!

But nowadays there was a whole new world of adventure to read about. Just remembering their light bondage sessions made her all wet and flustered. To read about stronger sessions with ropes and not just ribbons, forced orgasms and multiple participants ticked her curiosity, though not enough to do anything about it. Then there was the exhibitionist streak in her that she had never let surface except in those very private photo sessions. The idea of going without her panties in a public place or going out in public with a toy inside her was exciting to the point of distraction.

But the scenarios that caused the most distraction were, somewhat to her surprise, the romantic lesbian encounters and first time stories. Anna had always liked the curves and softness of the female body and was intrigued by the idea that another girl would have an instinctive understanding of how to give her sexual pleasure, something that many men did not even aspire to. She found herself appraising girls at work, while shopping and at the health club that she frequented after work to use the indoor pool. She found that she loved the diversity of builds, breast sizes and shapes, nipple contours and colours, waxing styles, tattoos and body jewellery on display, especially the girls from the fitness class that ended at about the time she usually left the pool.

She had noticed that some of the girls in that group in particular, from 18 to perhaps 32 years old, were very playful in an openly sexual way, though never directed at her. With her slim, well preserved body and still-perky breasts, she could easily pass for one of their age group, but they were a very tight circle, showing no interest in her at all. They always hung around chatting, in particular half-a-dozen who were never dressed by the time she left for home.

That was until one evening Anna felt like doing a few more lengths of the pool and wandered into the changing room a full twenty minutes later than usual. As sex izle she entered the wet half of the room, she peeled off her swimsuit and wrapped herself in her towel. Before she got to her locker to retrieve her bag, sounds from the other side of the room caught her attention and, unless she was mistaken, the low moaning she was hearing could only be sexual!

Stealthily approaching the corner between the wet and dry areas, she stopped in her tracks when an angle opened up for a couple of mirrors to give her a line to view what was going on. Lying on her back on the central benches, with her feet towards Anna’s mirror, was a naked blonde girl that Anna couldn’t identify because another, a petite brunette she knew was called Jill, was standing astride her face. In fact she wasn’t just astride. Anna could see her hips moving slowly back and forth, rubbing her pussy against the blonde’s face in time with the moans of enjoyment. Judging by the crescendo of Jill’s moaning, they seemed to have been doing this for some time. The groans kept building steadily, provoking a rush of Anna’s own juices. Before long, she couldn’t resist and slipped her right hand under her towel to enjoy the sensation of spreading her own juices around her aroused pussy lips. Gradually, Anna and Jill were getting more and more excited together, Anna rubbing her swollen, tender clitoris with two fingers as Jill continued to increase her rhythm and groans until, shaking from head to toe, she came all over the blonde girl’s face. Anna was mesmerised by the spectacle: the contraction of Jill’s stomach muscles, loss of control in her legs, the erect nipples on her apple-sized breasts shaking as her whole body moved in ecstasy.

From her vantage point, Anna had only been able to see Jill from the shoulders down most of the time, allowing her to concentrate on the movements of the two girls’ bodies together and not to worry that she could be seen by them. Until, suddenly, Jill leant forward, running her hands over the blonde’s belly and down between her legs. Anna froze, realising that she could now be seen by Jill, but fascinated by the sight of the blonde girl opening her legs to give Jill unrestricted access to her bald pussy, and Anna a clear view of everything. Jill was looking down, concentrating on returning her lover’s attentions and, while Anna held her breath, slowly opened the girl’s pussy lips, running her fingertips over them, teasing and getting an appreciative groan in response. Anna mimicked these caresses, imagining that it was her pussy under Jill’s fingers, making her juices stream from her pussy and trickle down the inside of the thighs.

Then, suddenly, Jill looked up, straight into Anna’s eyes, and smiling said. “I saw you there some time ago. Why don’t you come and join us?”

Anna froze, unsure whether to take up the offer or to run away. Seeing her hesitate, Jill got up and came round the corner to face her. “Come on, don’t be shy.” She took Anna’s hands in hers and pulled her a step closer. Anna could feel the heat of the little girl’s naked body and offered no resistance as Jill leaned alt yazılı porno against her to kiss her exposed shoulder and upwards to her neck and jaw. Tingles of excitement ran though her at this touch and it wasn’t long before she lowered her face for her first lesbian kiss: so soft, warm, wet, even better than she had imagined.

Backing away, Jill led her round the corner, where the blond, who Anna now recognised as Tina, the club’s dogsbody, was still lying, legs apart, on the bench, though she had lifted herself up on her elbows to see what was going on in the mirror. “What’s your name?” asked the blond.

“Anna”, she replied, suddenly self-conscious again. “I’ve never done this before”, she admitted in a tiny, lost voice.

“Well it’s never too late!” said Jill, leading her over to Tina. She perched on the edge of the bench, next to Tina’s left knee and indicated for Anna to do the same on the opposite side. Jill ran her left hand slowly up the inside of Tina’s left thigh, round under her bottom and then even slower, palm upwards, up to stop with her bunched fingertips at the opening to Tina’s pussy. “Tina’s wonderful, she’s always wet”, she confided as she eased her middle finger into the blonde’s bald pussy. After a couple of strokes in and out she added a second finger, later a third, provoking a groan of appreciation from Tina. Anna was mesmerised. Just inches from her unbelieving eyes, the petite girl’s fingers slid deep into the blonde’s pussy, emerging covered in juices.

Anna was unaware that Jill was watching her reaction more than Tina’s until Jill asked, “Wouldn’t you like a taste?” Removing her fingers from Tina’s pussy, she offered them for Anna to taste. There was no backing out now. Anna licked the offered fingertips and leaned forward to suck them into her mouth. The taste and smell were like her own, that she knew from the fingers and faces of her boyfriends, but the reaction was different: she wanted to taste these juices at their source. “You like that, don’t you?” asked Jill, smiling at Anna’s obvious enjoyment. “There’s plenty more you know. Come here!”

At Jill’s bidding, Anna moved round to Tina’s feet. Jill pulled Tina’s knees upwards and apart, giving Anna complete access to the girl’s swollen, sticky pussy. Anna didn’t waste time and, sitting astride the end of the bench at Tina’s feet, leaned forward with her hands on Tina’s thighs, stroking upwards with her fingertips towards her mound. Once there, she curled her fingers, easing the lips apart for her inspection, revealing the inner lips, glistening with juices. Remembering how easy it had been for Jill, she positioned two fingertips at the entrance to Tina’s pussy and slowly moved her hand forward, mesmerised by the easiness of her fingers entering the hot, wet hole. When her fingers reached the second knuckle, she pulled back to add another finger. “That’s right. Fuck me with your fingers!” was Tina’s reaction. With that encouragement, Anna gave rein to her imagination — how would she like to be fingered; how had Steve done it? From Tina’s groans, she could altyazılı sex izle assume she was getting it right!

After a while, she felt Jill’s hand on the back of her neck, encouraging her to lean forward — it was time to take the plunge!

Putting her weight on her elbows, on the bench between the blonde’s knees, Anna leaned forward and planted a kiss on Tina’s shaven mound, just above her crevice. She followed that with a lick, then another and another, moving slowly downwards into the crack, savouring the taste and smell. Lower and lower she went, progressing very slowly, to Tina’s obvious enjoyment, until the tip of her tongue started to feel the inner lips and found Tina’s swollen clitoris, provoking a huge jerk of her hips and a loud groan. She found that each time she touched the clitoris, she could feel Tina’s pussy contract around her fingers, which she herself found very exciting.

She had almost forgotten about Jill, until the hand on the back of her neck started moving downwards, fingernails tracing down between her shoulder blades, tingling down her spine and between her buttocks. The nails eased off as Jill turned her hand and continued downward, running fingertips down the outside Anna’s wet pussy lips to rest on her neatly trimmed mound. Anna almost groaned with excitement, anticipating what was coming next. Finally the fingers started moving upwards again — she wasn’t sure how many but at least two — spreading her pussy lips, sliding easily towards the dripping hole of her pussy, but stopping before entering her and moving down once more. When they brushed down past her clitoris, Anna couldn’t help a loud groan as her body bucked with pleasure, followed by another as they moved back up.

At that point, Tina decided Anna had been neglecting her for too long. Holding Anna’s head in both hands, she pulled Anna’s mouth hard against her own clitoris. She reacted by sucking vigorously, getting an appreciative squeeze from the muscles still enclosing her fingers. The blonde wasn’t letting go of Anna’s head, so she kept on sucking, trying to maintain contact while the girl beneath her started to rock back and forth, making the fingers in her pussy rock in and out, her muscles getting tighter and tighter.

Suddenly another wave of pleasure surged through Anna. Finally, Jill’s fingers had found her pussy, filling her nicely in one plunge! Tina’s rocking meant that those fingers were always moving in Anna’s pussy. Anna started to lose track of the new sensations overwhelming her mind and body. She had never imagined such pleasure!

Rocking, groaning, but never letting go of Anna’s head, Tina neared, and finally reached a huge orgasm, juices streaming from her pussy over Anna’s fingers. Jill’s fingering didn’t stop with this though, thrusting harder and deeper, in and out, until Anna reached her own climax, with her head on the blonde’s belly, sticky and out of breath.

Jill took the initiative to lead both the exhausted girls to the shower, to wash them down with hugs and tickles but nothing to excite any further. There wasn’t much conversation, Anna trying to understand her emotions, the others respectful of her obvious confusion. But they all kissed goodbye before leaving the dressing rooms, knowing that they would be together again the week after, and all looking forward to what might come of that reencounter.

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