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Halfway through the first semester of her junior year, Patty regretted turning down the shy sophomore with the high grade-point average. He had been on a full scholarship for engineering and seemed serious, but she saw how he had looked at her, and when he told her he had never shared an apartment with a woman before, she quickly eliminated him.

She was used to the look. She weighed a hundred sixty pounds, but it was distributed on her six-foot-two frame in a way that made most men stare.

Her teammate, Gia, had seemed a more sensible choice at the time. They were on the same page when they talked about cleaning, groceries and other apartment matters. When Gia asked Patty if she had a problem with her entertaining her lesbian girlfriends, Patty told her she had just broken up with a boyfriend but had another prospect in sight. Both girls promised to give each other plenty of notice when they were expecting special guests.

Although Patty was a fierce competitor in the heavyweight category, her unusual stature made her reticent and self-effacing when she wasn’t on the mat. On the other hand, Gia, who weighed only a hundred and five, was always feisty and aggressive. She came from a wealthy family and was spoiled by parents and servants, so she was used to getting her way. That didn’t bother Patty, who usually gave in when they had disagreements.

The reason Patty wished she hadn’t turned down the sophomore boy were two things Gia had neglected to mention to her: She liked variety in her sex life and what excited her most was seducing straight women. By the time it became clear that Gia wanted her, it would have been a major distraction from classes and training to make other living arrangements, so Patty decided to suck it up and endure the unpleasantness until the school year was over.

It began with them sitting around one night and talking about love-life challenges. When Patty shared some of her unfortunate experiences with boys who were either intimidated by her or who used her to show off, Gia asked if she had ever dated women. Patty said no and admitted even her worst experiences with men hadn’t made her consider women as an option.

Gia told her she should be more open-minded and proclaimed that there were only two kinds of women: lesbians and bisexuals. Lesbians, like herself, would never have sex with a man. But every other woman could, and often did, switch back and forth from men to women. Her proof was a list of celebrities who had done that.

The conversation was just a difference of opinion, until Gia bragged that she could satisfy Patty better than any man ever had and she should at least try it once. When Patty said that the idea was repugnant to her, Gia got angry and ended the conversation abruptly.

Patty avoided the subject from then on, but Gia did the opposite. As the weeks went by, she found ways to praise Patty’s body in imaginative and graphic ways and explained what she would do to various organs and glands that would drive her wild.

Patty had heard similar stuff from drunken male jerks, but Gia was more blatant and crude than any boy had ever been. Patty knew Gia was using the strategy of alternately wooing her and verbally raping her by putting sexual imagery in her mind. She was trying to wear her down.

It didn’t work because Patty had no bi-curiosity. She’d always had close girlfriends, and they often kissed, embraced and comforted each other. She loved many of them fiercely, but they never attracted her in the way men did.

She became angry when she noticed Gia’s campaign was making her self-conscious. When she and her girlfriends hugged and kissed, she began thinking of Gia and wondering what her friends were thinking. She hated herself when she had such thoughts and wondered if her friends noticed.

What angered her more was Gia’s claim that only someone who was sexually attracted to women could be a good female wrestler. Gia told her it was just like men who became priests so they could get to young boys.

Sometimes Gia’s words came to Patty in practice, and she would get so aggressive that her teammates and coach would try to calm her down and tell her to save it for the match. She was upset with herself because such overly aggressive behavior was typical of Gia. The coach and her teammates expected Gia to be like that and never called her when she went too far.

Gia continued messing with Patty’s head. She told her that her blow-ups proved she wanted woman sex and could no longer control her denial. She said Patty had first fooled her by acting calm and placid when she wasn’t competing, while all the while, she was like her, meaning she gerçek porno liked rough, butch sex.

Gia said that she enjoyed dominating submissive girlfriends, but best of all was the thrill of locking horns with another bull, especially a woman who was bigger and stronger than her, like Patty. Humiliating and demeaning them sexually gave her tremendous orgasms. She said in many ways, it was like wrestling for a championship, at least until she subjugated her fierce opponent. After she had been conquered, the girl would enjoy becoming Gia’s sexual toy and relish each new degradation introduced into to their relationship.

One night, Gia promised Patty, “You will be my biggest sexual conquest ever, and just thinking about dominating and mortifying you is making me come right now. Once I do, you’re going to love being my girly submissive and beg me to fuck you all the time.”

After hearing that, Patty stormed out of the apartment and had to walk back and forth in front of the library a few times before she was calm enough to go in. Even then, it was hard to concentrate on studying. She realized that something had to be done because her grades were suffering and she was in danger of losing her athletic scholarship.

She managed to avoid being alone with Gia in the apartment for a few days, but the next time they were together, Gia picked up where she had left off. She told Patty about a website for lesbian humiliation wrestling. The girls wore skimpy bathing suits and in addition to getting points for the usual takedowns, reversals and other moves, they would also score if they were able to take advantage of their opponent sexually.

“The contests are pretty wild,” said Gia. “Fondling and fingering are allowed, and sometimes big girls like you, lose to small ones like me, because they get too distracted.

“The only thing I don’t like is the stupid thing at the end of the match, where the winner puts on a strap-on dildo and gets to fuck the loser. I’m sure they do that for the men watching. Who needs an artificial dick? I can do just as much damage without one, and the humiliation is much more devastating.”

“I’m sure you would love a match like that with me,” Patty said in disgust. “You’ve got it all figured out, except for one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Motivation. There’s nothing you can say or do that would interest me in taking you on.”

“How about if I lose, I promise I’ll never bring this subject up again?”

“You think I’m stupid enough to believe that? When we were talking about being roommates, you never mentioned part of the deal would be sexual harassment.”

“I prefer to call it seduction,” said Gia, “but I didn’t lie to you. It never came up. I would have been happy to tell you that I found you attractive if you had asked. I checked you out thoroughly before I decided to share the rent with you, and I figured you did the same with me. Everyone on the wrestling team knows what I’m like. How come you didn’t?”

“That’s beside the point,” said Patty. “Once I told you I wasn’t interested, you should have backed off. How could I ever trust someone who thinks it’s right to do what you’re doing to me?

“When I was walking back and forth in front of the library the other night, I was thinking that I’ve let you manipulate me into not being myself, and I need to take back control. I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do, but at least I know there’s nothing more you can do to me.”

“That’s what you think,” Gia said softly.

“What was that?”



Patty was surprised when Gia stopped coming on to her after that. One day, Gia told her that she had gone onto Patty’s computer and set up the lesbian sex wrestling website for automatic logon with her membership password so that Patty could look at it whenever she wanted without paying. Patty told her that would be never. After that, Gia didn’t mention it again except for occasionally asking whether Patty had looked at the site.

For a month, things were quiet, and Patty was able to study, practice and relax with friends. There were even a couple of boys who came into the picture who didn’t seem to be either intimidated or obsessed by Patty. Then all hell broke loose.

Patty had noticed one of her friends had dropped out of the group of eight that always did things together. Then another friend stopped showing up. Patty made a mental note to get in touch with both of them when she had some time. She had been close with them since freshman year and loved both of them, so she hoped nothing was wrong.

She found out there was something wrong when Trixie called her and said that she was thinking about buying a knife and coming over and cutting Gia into little pieces. When she stopped being hysterical, Trixie told Patty that Gia had seduced both the friends she had been concerned about and then discarded them.

“I can’t understand it,” mumbled Trixie. “We all knew gay porno from you what a witch Gia was. How could they have fallen for her? And the worst part is, when I called the others before you, two of them were much too quiet after I told them. I’m worried that they might be her next victims, if they haven’t fallen for her already. How is she doing this? Why is she doing this?”

“I don’t know how, but I do know why,” Patty said. “It’s going to stop today. Trixie, please get the whole group together somehow — everyone. We need to help each other, especially Gia’s victims. She’s the devil in human form.”

While she was waiting for Gia to come home, Patty went to the humiliation lesbian wresting website and began watching videos.


Once Patty agreed to wrestle her, Gia changed from a seducer and tormenter into a friendly partner. She worked hard to smooth the way and make the match happen. As far as she was concerned, they were teammates on the project. There would be no fighting until the night of the match.

Gia wanted a good name for the event. One of her friends came up with Unconditional Humiliation and she liked it at once. She explained to Patty the importance of a brand for marketing. That’s when Patty found out that there would be an audience.

Gia said that the winner would get twenty-one thousand dollars and the loser nine thousand. She figured out how to get a hundred chairs around the mat in the practice room, and she was charging three hundred dollars admission. Only women could attend.

The tickets sold out almost as soon as they were printed.

When Gia told Patty to get a makeover and a glamorous new hair style, at her expense, she found out that Patty had promised those who bought tickets a good show. She hired makeup artists for both of them for the night of the match.

Patty told her the only people who weren’t paying were the referee and the two videographers who would be following the wrestlers around the mat. The three women were so excited to be a part of the event that they were working for free.

Gia told her that in addition to the two videographers, there would be other cameras on tripods shooting from above and at mat level. The footage would later be edited professionally. Patty objected strenuously to both the audience and the video, but Gia insisted. The audience wouldn’t be able to see much except bodies moving, so the cameras would project video onto screens behind the seats surrounding them.

As for the videos, they were for Gia’s personal use and she was paying for everything. Patty could have a copy if she wanted. Patty finally agreed when Gia gave in and allowed Patty’s friends to take possession of all the cameras after the match. They would load the videos onto Patty’s computer and then destroy the memory cards. Gia would be allowed to watch the videos afterward in their presence but not touch Patty’s computer.

To make sure of no phone videos, Patty and Gia agreed that everyone in the audience, the referee and the videographers included, would be body scanned. If there was the slightest doubt, they would have to submit to a cavity search. Gia said she was paying for the security, renting the chairs and other logistics.

Speaking of body cavities, Gia informed Patty that both of them would get two full cleansing enemas, administered by a nurse, in the dressing room, and then just before they entered the area of the match, they would get an enema of lubricant.

“That serves two purposes,” Gia explained. “Firstly, when I put my hand up your ass, it will prevent tearing. Secondly, the lubricant will start leaking once we start, and it’ll turn the wrestling mat into an oily pit. We’ll be sliding and falling all over the place, and that’s going to rev up the excitement.”

The rules were simple. No kicking, biting, punching, gouging or anything that could break bones or tear tissue, such as bending fingers or toes or pulling jaws apart. Violations would result in forfeiting the match and any money. All other moves were permitted, including slapping and spanking.

Neither was allowed to change her body in any way before the match. They couldn’t cut their hair or shave their bush. They had to wear loose running shorts with an elastic waistband, no panties and loose T-shirts with no bra. They would be barefoot.

Patty objected to the braless provision, and Gia pulled up her sweatshirt and said, “Look, they’re not watermelons like yours, but they’re bigger than grapefruits. If we’re talking about advantages, should we compare weight?”

Patty finally gave in.

The winner would be the first woman to get a complete hand, up to the wrist, inside either the vagina or ass of the opponent. To make it safer, the match would proceed in steps. The first round would end when one competitor got one finger into either location. The next round would be two fingers and so on, through four fingers.

Each of them evli porno would have to go from one to four before they could start trying to get the whole hand in, but the rounds would only end with the first person to get to the next number of fingers. The one behind would have to try to catch up without getting a break in the action. Once someone got to four, that person was free to do anything, and if she got her fist into either the vagina or ass, she won.

If both of them were tied at four fingers, the winner would have to be two fingers ahead. That meant if someone had a fist in the ass and the other had a fist in the vagina, one of them would have to have at least two fingers in the second hole to win. If it was four fingers to four fingers, there would be no more rounds. The fight wouldn’t stop until there was a winner.

“If that happens, it’s down to conditioning,” said Gia. “Which one of us will wear out first?”

The last thing Gia insisted on was the strangest.

“Once one of us has four fingers inside her opponent,” she said, “each of us will have four friends come to the edge of the mat and get ready. As soon as the referee sees that one of us has won, our friends will make sure the loser doesn’t do anything to the winner.”

“What’s that all about?” asked Patty.

“Well, say you win and you get your fist into my vagina,” said Gia, “I might be so angry that I’d forget the rules and, if I had a chance, I’d shove my fist into your ass. You know how I hate to lose.”

“You’re lying,” Patty said. “That’s not the real reason. But I can’t see anything wrong with that rule.”


Patty felt humiliated as she walked from the dressing room wearing a shiny gold robe next to Gia, who was wearing a silver one. She had just expelled two full enemas, and now she was bloated from all the lube that had been pumped into her ass.

As they entered the gym, the audience whistled and cheered. She didn’t look around, because she told her friends she didn’t want to know which ones would be so foolish as to spend three hundred dollars on a temporary lapse of her sanity. But she had a feeling all of them were there.

The audience seemed disappointed when the robes were removed to reveal the girls wearing jogging shorts and T-shirts. Gia leaned over to her and whispered, “Damn. I had a feeling that was a mistake. Next time, it’s going to be sexy swimsuits.”

Next time? Patty looked at her in astonishment. What was she talking about? This was probably the biggest mistake of her life, and it was never going to be repeated.

The female referee made the introductions. Gia had shown Patty the script for her approval. It was full of hyperbole and double entendres, and Patty was happy that she had been mortified by it more than a week ago rather than hearing it for the first time today.

It was designed to stir up the audience, and they were certainly making a lot of noise. She heard some familiar voices shouting encouragement to her and shuddered.

She thought about her strategy. She was confident because she was strong, flexible, fast and experienced. She was runner-up in the regional heavyweight division last year, and this year she expected to win.

She knew that although Gia was strong, her muscles were no match for hers, and her experience was about the same. Gia’s advantage was that she was faster and more agile because she had a lot less weight to move.

Once Gia had shown what she was capable of with her girlfriends, Patty found it easier to deal with her. In her mind, Gia was a sociopath similar to a low order of animal species, closer to hyena and buzzard than human. You don’t try to relate to a buzzard. You just protect yourself by any means necessary. That’s why her revenge motive was gone.

She knew that once they started, her match adrenaline would kick in like when she was competing. But for now, her attitude was that she had a job to finish. Her satisfaction would be in getting the dirty work done.

The announcer finished talking, and the girls stepped to the center of the mat and faced each other. The whistle blew, and they circled each other for a minute warily. Gia made the first move. She jumped at Patty, but not at her legs.

She flew through the air, and although Patty put her arms out and ducked away, Gia managed to deflect off her shoulder.

Patty screamed, not because of the slight shoulder bump, but because on the way down, Gia had grabbed handfuls of her hair with both hands and was ripping her head to the mat. When Patty’s head hit, Gia let go of her hair with one hand and began slapping her face hard as she continued pulling her hair with the other hand.

Slap, pull, slap, pull. Patty stopped screaming, but she was in agony. Slap, pull, slap, pull. Finally, she lifted her hands to Gia’s face and pushed as hard as she could. As Gia went flying, some of Patty’s hair went with her.

She shook her head and tried to catch her breath, but Gia was right back at her. This time she aimed at her right hip. She flew right past her onto the mat, but as she went by, her hands grabbed the elastic band holding up Patty’s shorts. It stretched the shorts open as Gia flew by, and then it pulled Gia back to her.

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