Teammates Pt. 02


A week later, Mia quietly opened the front door, having parked just down the street. Kalan still took security seriously. She’d been late at a meeting, and Kalan had put the children to bed.

Up the stairs she opened the door to her bedroom and began laugh. Kalan had put himself to bed, pajamas, covers pulled up to his chin, looking for all the world just like little Tay, ready for a bedtime story. In the seven days that had passed since Mia had confessed her relationship with Melissa they had not had a night to themselves.

Mia moved towards the bed, still laughing as she bent her head and kissed Kalan.

“You look like your expecting me to pull out a bedtime story,”

“I’ve been so patient,” Kalan replied, pressing her forehead against his, “but my darling it is all I can think about.”

Mia laughed and felt her toes curl with anticipation. The sex after her last story had been… inspired. Kalan had sucked her clit like a man possessed before fucking her so thoroughly she hadn’t been able to move for several minutes after her sixth and final orgasm.

“Alright,” Mia smiled, “Let me just slip out of this.”

Mia hung her bag on the back of the chair at her vanity. She placed her coat on top, sliding her feet out of her mules neatly beside the table. She spun towards Kalan, a mischievous grin pulling one corner of her mouth up higher than the other. She reached up, long lean arms finding the long pin in her curls. She pulled it out quickly, shaking her curls down her shoulders in a way she knew made Kalan crazy.

Looking up at him through long lashes, she bit her lip. Kalan was fixing her with a smoldering stare that made her nipples harden the moment they locked eyes. Without breaking eye contact, Mia reached behind her back, pulling the zipper of her dress down. She quickly shrugged out of the cap sleeves before slowly pulling the fabric down to reveal that, even after two kids, she still refused to wear a bra.

Kalan broke eye contact to take in her small breasts, fuller with age, nipples pointing straight towards him. Mia continued to peel her dress off her body, slowly revealing her athletic torso, soft stomach, and then, with a flourish, the dress fell to the ground, revealing a black lace thong and thigh-high black stockings, circling her thighs with a band of lace.

Kalan broke into a grin. “Someone remembered we had a night to ourselves.”

Mia returned his smile and strode over to the bed, straddled Kalan and kissed him long and deep. Sparks seemed to ignite between them as Kalan slid his tongue into Mia’s mouth. He reached his freckled arms up to hold her, when Mia suddenly grabbed his wrists, pinning them to the bed.

“Not so fast,” she whispered, “I have a story to tell you.”

Kalan groaned, arching his chest slightly in protest as Mia lay on the bed next to him.

“I thought you were excited!” Mia teased.

“I am!” Kalan responded, shifting his erection as he settled in next to her. “For several reasons…”

The next several months were a blur. Nothing happened between the three of them again, but there was no awkwardness, it had only solidified their closeness.

With time, the possibilities Mia had felt as she ran through the grounds of their old school returned.

Four months after the funeral, Melissa accepted a position tutoring for the young children of a wealthy family in the south of France. Mia and Nicole helped Melissa pack, tucking notes and packets of Mars’ Bars (Melissa’s favorite) in with sweaters and long floral dresses before kissing porno izle her on both cheeks as she stepped into the cab that would take her to the train.

When Melissa disappeared from sight, Mia snuck a glance over at Melissa. It was the first time they had been alone, properly alone, since that night. Nicole was looking back at Mia, a fierce look in her eyes that Mia had not seen before.

Nicole closed the space between them in three fast steps, grabbed the back of Mia’s neck, and pulled her in for a kiss that made fireworks explode behind Mia’s closed eyes.

Melissa moved back to Britain when she met a Scottish bartender, Calum, at Mia’s 22nd birthday party and fell head over heels. A whirlwind romance later, at Mia’s 23rd birthday, Melissa was big with twin girls on the way, and Calum with his silly happy grin at her side.

Also at Mia’s 23rd birthday, was Nicole.

“You weren’t joking!” Kalan exclaimed, “You really were together for years.”

Mia smiled wryly, “Four, almost five years.”

“Blimey,” Kalan sighed. “Five years of the two of you tangled together. You’re going to have enough stories to get me going for the rest of our lives.”

Mia giggled and then turned serious, “You aren’t mad I never told you?”

Kalan shook his head, “I never thought to ask. When we met it was all about building us, and making a future.”

“And we have.” Mia said, taking his hand.

“And we have made a brilliant life for ourselves.” Kalan brought her hand to his mouth and kissed her palm. “You know I love surprises, of course I am not upset.”

Mia smiled, relieved.

“Now back to my story!” Kalan, leaned back against the pillows.

It was a fun birthday. Nicole had rented the grounds of a mansion. In the heat of summer, everyone wore their lightest robes and drank fizzing wine as the sun went down. Tables were scattered across the lawn, laden with sweets, more wine, and chicken cooked using Mia’s family recipe.

A band comprised mainly of Mia’s friends played popular songs at one end of the lawn, while guests played Jenga, Connect Four, other games at the other. Nicole had spent hours decorating and small lights hung over the lawn, twinkling gently.

It was a perfect night.

Mia danced until her feet were aching, beat Nicole at Jenga much to her delight, and eaten so much she felt she might burst.

“Your sister was there!” Mia sat up suddenly, “Did she really never mention it?”

Kalan shook his head, laughing, “Not a word.”

“She knows more secrets than the rest of your enormous family combined,” Mia shook her had and resumed.

Kalan’s sister had long since disappeared into the dark with a French friend of Melissa’s. Melissa had headed back to the apartment she and Calum shared, her ankles swollen. Nicole found Mia thanking the band that was packing up their large instruments and payment of leftover food and wine.

“Come with me, my love,” Nicole took her hand, “We can clean up in the morning.”

Nicole led her just outside the circle of light to a small grassy hill. Mia spun in a circle, her orange dress floating up around her, before collapsing onto her back, giggling. Nicole laughed, laying down next to Mia, covering them both with her light blue suit jacket.

Mia turned suddenly to Nicole, cupping her face in her hands, “Thank you,” she whispered, “This was… perfect.”

She brought Nicole’s face to her own, kissing her deeply. Nicole’s lips moved against her own, tongue flicking between her lips in a way that made Mia’s brazzers toes curl and stomach do a backflip.

Nicole pulled away. Mia protested, but Nicole quieted her with a smile, drawing her into her arms.

“One more surprise, my love,” as she turned Mia’s face towards the inky black sky.

Mia stared at the dark cloudless sky, confused, before suddenly the sky lit up gold as fireworks burst through the air. Mia gasped with delight.

“Happy Birthday baby,” Nicole said softly into her ear.

For ten minutes they lay wrapped in each other as brilliant gold sparks lit up the sky, twisting and whirling into shapes, seeming to dance across the sky. Mia felt breathless as she watched, delighted by the stark beauty of the gold on the night sky.

In rapid succession, a series of bursts lit up the sky drawing out the shape of a heart. Mia later remembered thinking this must be what it is like to float among the stars.

Mia couldn’t bare it any longer. Quickly she moved out from Nicole’s embrace, straddling her suddenly. Nicole smiled up at her before Mia covered her mouth with her own.

Breaking the kiss, Mia looked Nicole in the eyes, “I fucking love you,” she whispered, kissing Nicole again before she had the chance to respond.

Nicole kissed her back, and moved her arms up to pull Mia closer to her. Mia grabbed Nicole’s hands, pinning her wrists over her head onto the grass below.

“It’s my birthday,” Mia growled, “Let me enjoy you.”

Nicole laughed gently against Mia’s lips, which turned into a gasp of pleasure as Mia grabbed one of her breasts at the same time she moved a hand between her legs.

Mia’s mouth moved down Nicole’s neck as her hands fumbled with the small buttons on Nicole’s shirt. She bit gently on Nicole’s neck and pulled, buttons popping free. Nicole gasped, both from the bite and the feeling of the night air against her bare nipples, quickly hardening at the sudden cold.

“I thought you weren’t wearing a bra,” Mia remarked with a grin.

She quickly lowered her mouth to Nicole’s hard nipple, flicking it gently with her tongue, as she rolled the other between her fingers. Nicole arched her back with pleasure. Mia smiled as she pulled Nicole’s nipple into her mouth, sucking deeply. Nicole sighed and pressed her hips up against where Mia straddled her.

Mia took the hint, moving her legs between Nicole’s and reaching up to unbutton the blue pants, still sucking Nicole’s nipple. She switched to the other nipple and slid her hand down Nicole’s pants as she moaned with pleasure.

Mia gasped gently at how wet Nicole was, her panties were soaked through and Mia’s fingers were immediately drenched. She looked at Nicole, smiling.

“What did you expect?” Nicole laughed, “Have you seen yourself in that dress? It’s been torture all night.”

Mia laughed, throwing her head back to expose her long neck, leading into ample cleavage, pushed up by the orange fabric of her dress, “Well Happy Birthday to me,”

She slid two fingers into Nicole, turning her laugh into an exhalation of pleasure. Nicole felt unbelievably warm and wet and Mia groaned. Nicole quickly moved her hands to her own hips, pulling her pants and panties down to give Mia better access. Mia pushed further into Nicole, feeling her open in response.

Mia shifted again, pinning one of Nicole’s legs between her own and sitting up to focus on pleasuring Nicole. She pumped her fingers slowly, but firmly in and out of Nicole, rewarded by the thrilling sound of squelching fake taxi porno pussy. With her other hand, she found Nicole’s clit and began rubbing circles just above the exposed head, just how Nicole liked.

Nicole moaned long and low. She tried to buck her hips again, but Mia’s leg kept her firmly pinned in place, helpless to escape the pleasure building through her body. Mia felt herself get wet as Nicole’s hands grasped her own breasts, tweaking her nipples as Mia relentlessly pounded into her.

Nicole came quickly, surprising both her and Mia. Mia felt fresh, sticky wetness flow down her fingers, dripping off her wrists and onto the dampening ground beneath them. She laughed gently, pulling her fingers out, and taking a long lick of Nicole’s glistening, swollen, sensitive pussy.

Nicole, usually lethargic after an orgasm, sprang up kissing Mia full on the mouth, and rolling them so Mia was on her back on the grass. Mia hummed with delight as Nicole flipped her skirt above her waist, and quickly pulled her lacy thong down her thigh.

Surprising Mia, Nicole flipped her over between her legs so Mia’s ample ass pressed Nicole’s already drenched pussy. Nicole leaned down Mia’s back, arching her up for a kiss.

“My turn to eat cake,” Nicole whispered in her ear.

The line usually would have made Mia laugh and tease Nicole, but Nicole already had a cheek in each hand and was pulling them apart for better access to her dripping pussy and Mia couldn’t find the brain space for a snide remark.

Nicole dipped her head between Mia’s spread thighs, lapping gently at the wetness spilling from inside her. Mia moaned, pressing her cheek into the grass and lifting her ass higher in the air so Nicole could reach her clit.

Responding to Mia’s wordless plea, Nicole extended her tongue to Mia’s swelling clit, licking gently, and then more firmly as her clit emerged from the folds of her pussy.

Mia gasped as Nicole shifted, hand rubbing Mia’s clit as her tongue licked up her labia. Nicole’s tongue found Mia’s opening and sucked the overflowing wetness. Mia began to pant as Nicole’s tongue pushed through her folds, pulling her open to taste the wetness at its source.

To the sound of Mia’s moans, Nicole began to fuck Mia’s pussy with her tongue as Mia’s gorgeous ass bounced in the night air. Mia’s fingers dug into the grass, as she felt herself begin to cum. She rolled through the first orgasm, straight into the second, Nicole’s tongue relentlessly fucking her as she drew circles roughly on Mia’s swollen clit.

With a sudden move, Nicole removed her tongue from Mia, replacing it with a finger. Mia screamed with pleasure as Nicole adjusted her stance to continue rubbing her clit while she fucked her hard with the other hand.

Mia pushed her ass back against Nicole as hard as she could, pushing herself up onto her hands for better grip. She came again, and felt herself squirt all over Nicole. Pleasure rolled from her toes to her swollen nipples and back down. She stopped moving, expecting Nicole to give her a rest after three orgasms.

Nicole had other ideas. She pushed another finger into Mia’s sopping pussy and removed her other hand from Mia’s clit, placing it on the small of Mia’s back to give hold her still. Nicole pumped into Mia who practically howled as she came again.

Mia collapsed onto the grass, rolling onto her back to stare bewildered with afterglow at Nicole. Nicole curled into her, holding her tight.

“Happy Birthday, I love you too.”

“Fuck,” Kalan said, blinking as if in a daze, moving a hand through his rumpled haired, “That is the hottest story I’ve ever heard.”

Recounting the story to Kalan had made Mia hot too. Smiling, she leaned in to kiss him deeply, hands moving down to his already hardening bulge.

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