That Night with My Mom

Non Nude

Hi my name is Sandra and I am sharing my seductive night experience with my mom.

It was night and raining outside, I was preparing my bed when my mom knocks the door. I open the door and look at her. She is so beautiful in her forties, her soft juicy lips and seductive eyes always fascinate me. Her big boobs and curvy waist gives me vibration in my all sense. Her soft bouncy Ass gives me Goosebumps. She enters in my room and my eyes are stuck on her big boobs and her cleavage. I always think how she manage to grow them but thanks to her that I got big boobs too. I keep staring her seductive body until she speaks up.

Mom: – Hey honey, what are you doing.

Me: – (suddenly getting all my sense back) Nothing mom, preparing for bed. What’s up do you want something.

Mom: – Um… No I just come here to ask if you don’t mind can I share your bed tonight.

Me: – Yes mom why not I would like to share (yes I got chance to feel her body tonight). What happen did your window stuck again?

Mom: – Yes you are right and this time rain drops coming inside through window making my whole bed wet.

Me: – Hey I have an idea tomorrow we both have holiday so let’s make this night memorable we will stay whole night up and play games. It’s been so long you spend time with me. Come on mom please say yes please…

Mom: – Okay but what games we will play whole night.

Me: – I saw yesterday there is empty beer bottle in gallery let me bring that we will play truth and dare.

Mom: – Okay I would love to play that I didn’t play that games since ages… he he

(I was happy inside and I start planning to make this opportunity to fall on me so I decided to seduce mom and for that I plan the game with new rules. I bring the bottle and put it on the table)

Me: – Here we go. But before that I have to change my clothes so give me 5 min then we will start okay mom.

(she nodded at me as she agrees)

(then I stand before the xnxx mirror so I can catch moms eyes and I started working according my plan. To seduce I start removing my t shirt slowly I hold t shirt from both side start removing it. As I removing t shirt I intentionally stuck it in my boob, then hold my t shirt from front and remove with little force which make my boobs bounce and I peek to my mom eyes. I look at her she was looking at my boobs lustily and as my boobs bounce her jaw drops in shock looking at my size. Then I unbutton my jeans and hold it from both the side and start removing it. I move my curves to remove my jeans and while doing this I saw my mom getting seduced look at my boobs cleavage and my ass biting her own lips with desperation of need. Then I bow down to remove my pants and me as I bow down my panty get tight which makes clear shape of my pussy and my ass was towards my mom side I let her enjoy. After that I stand up bouncing my boobs and change clothes with my regular outfit I wear at home.)

Me: – What happen why your mouth is open and you looking shock and desperate at same time. (she came back in her all senses)

Mom: – Um… I… I was… nothing let’s start the game.

Me: – Okay but there is slight change in rules here we can’t choose truth we can only choose for dare.

Mom: – What but only dare I mean what is in your mind huh?

Me: – Relax mom I will give you simple dare which you can do.

(I turned the bottle and it was mother turn take dare)

Me: – it seems luck is with me I dare you to seduce yourself.

Mom: – Are you out of your mind this is not appropriate in front of my own daughter.

Me: – Come on mom I am 22 now and you don’t have to shy in front of me I know everything I saw you once seducing yourself while showering.

Mom: – You spy on me your naughty girl okay I will do that because rule is rule.

(We both laugh and she start her work)

(She first play with bakire porno her lips with her own fingers and then she put one finger in her mouth and start licking it. She then takes out the finger and make her lips wet with that. She again put her finger in and lick it with soft moan and take out the finger and slide down touching and making wet her chin then neck and bring her wet finger near her boobs, she pushes her finger in between boobs from her cleavage. Then she with other hand start pressing her boobs. I was looking the show my mouth open and I am getting wet and horny. I bite my lips and hold my top tight with every soft moan of her. She takes another hand on pussy and rubbing it on over pants moaning softly taking heavy breath. Her sound of moan and breath give me vibrations in my pussy. She moans my name with desperation and I got goose bump all over my body. The she stops suddenly)

Mom: – I think that enough for you right.

(Her seduction turn me on completely and ask her to stand up)

Me: – Mom I can’t control now (and I jump on her and start kissing her lips deep and fast in desperations)

(She hold my ass and I hold her face kissing her lips hard and deep smooching)

(Then I remove her t shirt off and her pants off then I push her on bed on stomach and I sit on her ass I unhook her bra and hold her waist with hands. Then I bow down and place my tongue on her back and start licking her back. Her warmth body makes me more hot and I start licking her back making her back wet with my saliva. She starts moaning softly.)

Mom: – Ummmmhhh yeaahhh ssshhh (sigh with heavy breath). Your tongue feels so good on my back ummmmm

(I then reach to her shoulder I softly bite her there and make her turn and take off her bra. I start pressing her boobs and kissing her lips.)

Mom: – uuuummmmmm ummmm ummmm

(I then remove her panty and moves down and hold her legs and put my head between her bedava porno legs and stretch her pussy little without wasting any second I take her clit in mouth start sucking it and licking it and she start moaning loudly.)

Mom: – Yeaanhhhh aaahhhhh… aaaaahhhhh… ooonnnhhhh yeaaaaannnhhhh

Mom: – Yeaaaannnnhhhh like that aaaahhhhhhhhh ooooh god you are so good aaaaan yeah yeah yeah aaahhhh

(My tongue moving faster on her clit and I am busy sucking her moaning spread in the room and to hear her loud I insert one finger inside her pussy and start fingering to her.)

Mom: – nooooo aaahhhhh yeaaahhhh push it in aaaahhhhhh yes yes aaaannnhhhh yeaaannnh

(she was pinching and holding hard her pillow while I am sucking her clit and her fingering her pussy)

(I am enjoying her when she asks for more and I out one more finger inside and increase my fingering speed)

Mom: – Ouch… ahhhhhhh… its hurting me… I… I… waannttt… More… aaaahhhhhh… yessss… aaaaahhhhhh… Push deep… Aaaahhhhhhh

(I push my fingers hard and deep and I reach her G-spot and I start scratching and hitting her G-spot harder and faster)

Mom: – AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH… My G-spot aaaahhhhhhh ouch aaaaaahhhhh (bouncing on bed with pain) aaaaaaahhhh I can’t hold it aaaaaaahhhhhhhh oh my god aaaaahhhahhhhhhahhahahhahh

(I increase my speed fast to faster and waiting for her cum and she is bouncing on bed as I enter every time my finger in her pussy hole she screams my name with heavy breath)

Mom: – Harder I… I… I… am going to cum yeaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ah ah ah ahhhhhhhh yeaaaannnnnhhhhh shit

(She with loud moaning and with high bounce she squirts I put my mouth on pussy and cover it and drink all her squirt at once)

Mom: – (With heavy breathing) You make me so happy I never get satisfy like this thank you sweetheart aah ahhh its still hurting but I feeling so good thanks

(I lay next to her and kiss her one again and cuddle her)

Me: – I would love to make you happy if you let me mom.

Mom: – Yes I will let you do whenever you want dear.

(We cuddle each other and sleep naked whole night)

The end.

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