A Night In Toronto


We had finally decided to take a trip together. It was going to be a long weekend in Toronto, and I had found the exact hotel. It was everything I had ever dreamed of for a romantic getaway. Large bed, downtown, close to shopping and sites, a bar in the room, and a Jacuzzi in the pool area. We left on a Friday morning thinking that we would return on Monday night, and we felt that we should drive, to give us the freedom of our own car. After numerous delays, and a tiring four and a half hour drive, we finally arrived at the hotel, after 7 PM. You were exhausted, and when we were through checking in, you decided to take a nap, and that we would catch a late dinner.

After seeing you to bed, I decided to take a trip down to the pool area to relax by swimming a bit, and hitting the sauna. After building a nice sweat, I swam a while, and, noticing a few people in the hot tub, I decided to join them, and soak my aching muscles, which were sore from being in the car for so long. I stepped into the steaming water, and sat down, the jets relaxing me immediately. I struck up a conversation with a couple, talking about relationships and sex. After a little while, three of the other people left the area, leaving me alone with this couple. They were obviously in love, and my thoughts turned to how much I was missing you, even though you were only a little ways away.

Then, all of the sudden, as if you read my mind, I saw the door open, and you came in, dressed in a stunning red bikini, showing off the hot, sexy woman I was lucky enough Escort Bayan to be there with. You moved with such grace, your long legs flowing with every step, your beautiful breasts moving in unison with your steps. You came over to where I was seated, leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the mouth. You then began to rub my exposed shoulders and neck, asking who I was talking to. I introduced you to the couple, and you stepped into the water, taking a seat next to me, across from them.

I filled you in on the conversation, and as we talked more and more, we found out that they were newlyweds on their honeymoon. As we talked, the discussion began to take an erotic turn, centering more on sex, and different ideas we all had. It was kind of ironic, because we tended to describe the past situations that we had shared, and they were thinking the same way, but to them, the thoughts were still fantasies. The spicier the talk got, the more the young couple began to move around, sliding against each other, and sharing the kisses of their new found love. I asked if they wanted us to leave them alone, saying it was no trouble, but they told us that they felt it was time to head up to their room, and they departed, leaving us alone.

We talked a little bit about the ride, the room, and other light talk, but when I looked into your eyes, I saw a little jealousy there. I asked you what was the matter, and you wondered aloud if I still felt that way about you. I turned to face you, looking deep into your eyes. I Escort told you that the stories I described to them, were the greatest times in my life, and how I was so glad to have you. I started to give you a reassuring kiss, but you kissed me with a passion that only you could show to me. Your lips caressed mine, your tongue slithering its way in between my lips, to suck on my own. I returned the kiss, and began to slide my hands over your delicious body.

Our lips never broke the scorching kiss, as my hands found their way around your breasts. I caressed the firm flesh I found there over the material of you bikini top. Squeezing lightly, my fingers searched out you nipple, feeling it harden underneath my touch. I removed one side of you bikini top, revealing the beauty of your breast, and began to slowly lick it, tasting your sweat, and the chlorine of the tub. I let my tongue swirl along your nipple, relishing its hard texture, letting my teeth nip at it, bringing forth a moan of pleasure from you. I looked into your eyes, and asked you if that answered your questions. You then sat on my lap facing me, attacking my face and neck with passionate kisses, sucking on my ears, and driving me wild.

I stopped you for a moment, asking if you wanted to feel something spectacular. You reached your hand between my legs, feeling the stiffness there, and replied that you thought you had. I told you to turn around, facing away from me. I then slid your bikini panties to the side, and let my hard cock enter your pussy. Bayan Escort You started to move up in down trying to find a rhythm, until I told you to stop. With my throbbing cock deep inside your sweet pussy, I moved over a little bit, until I felt a jet bubbling right on my thighs. I told you to stay still for a moment as I repositioned you, and I moved your suit down your thighs.

I then began to pump my cock deep inside of you, using my fingers to spread your swollen lips. All of the sudden, a soft scream escaped your mouth as you realized what I had done. The jet of water was hitting you directly on your hard clit, causing you to begin to go over the edge. Holding you with one arm, I lifted the other to fondle your breast, as I kept plunging inside of you, opening you with my thick cock. The moans and groans were now coming from you faster, and I knew you were going to cum soon. I sped up my rhythm, feeling your pussy grab at my cock, and trying to send you to the point of no return.

With the continuous pressure from the jet on your throbbing clit, and the feeling of my hard cock so deep inside you, it proved to be too much, and your orgasm ripped through your body, like an electrical shock. This, in turn, caused your pussy to begin convulsing, the spasms drawing the hot cum right out of my cock. I then felt the agonizingly delicious spurts of my cum shooting inside of your still cumming pussy, coating the inside of you with my love juices. As the intensity of our climaxes passed, we began to relax again, and you turned around, again covering my face with soft, wet kisses.

By this time, we were becoming wrinkled from being in the water for so long, so we decided to finish this part of the trip upstairs in our room, but that is a story for another time.

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