A Night to Remember

Asian Porn

I’m sitting here in my hotel room waiting on my new lover-to-be to arrive. I have taken a nice long hot bath and put on my sexy little nightie I purchased just for the occasion. I’ve been waiting on this night for months now and wanted everything to be perfect.

It’s around 10 p.m. when I hear a knock on the door. I walk over to the door, glance through the peep hole to be sure it’s him, and answer the door. He steps inside and I close the door. As I turn around he surprises me by pushing me up against the door to give me a scorching kiss. He continues to kiss me, thrusting his tongue in my mouth, entwining his it with mine. His hands start to roam over my body, caressing down my side and back up. His hand slides under the front of my nightie cupping and squeezing my breast. He breaks the kiss to start kissing his way down my neck. He frees one breast from the bra of the nightie and starts kiss and lick the nipple until it is rock hard. He sucks my nipple into his mouth, sucking and licking the hard nub with his tongue. I moan and bury my hand in his hair, pleasure sliding over me with each lick. He moves to the other breast licking and sucking the nipple again to a hard nub.

He kisses down my stomach and kneels on the floor in front of me. He reaches up and pulls my panties slowly down my legs, lifting my foot to step out of each side. He runs his hands up my legs before leaning in to kiss each leg, running his tongue in little circles. He pushes my legs father apart and kisses the inside of each thigh before lifting my leg over his shoulder. He leans forward and runs his tongue over my now very wet pussy. One long stroke, then another, sending chills all over my body. He continues to lick and suck on my clit as he slides first one finger then another inside me. I start to Escort Bayan moan and my legs start to tremble as he licks and sucks, while sliding his finger in and out of my body. He starts to move his fingers faster, licking and sucking harder. I feel the orgasm building quick. I moan and ground my pussy in to his face as I explode. I can feel my juices running down my leg as he continues to lick, desperately trying to catch every drop.

He stands back up, pulling me in for another scorching kiss as he moves me back toward the bed. I reach down and unbutton his pants as we move, reaching in side to pull his rock hard cock out of his pants. I slide my hand up and down his erection. As we reach the bed he pushes me back and he quickly removes his pants. He pushes my legs back and pulls me to the edge of the bed and he buries his cock deep inside. He slides back almost completely out then thrust back deep again. He continues to move, long hard thrust as he reaches between our bodies and starts to rub my clit. I start to moan and push against his hand as he continues to rub and pounds his cock in and out of my very hot and wet pussy. I cum hard and fast, clamping down around his cock as pleasure rolls over me. He starts to move faster, pushing my legs up so he can get as deep as possible before he erupts, filling me full of his hot cum.

We both collapse on the bed, trying to catch our breath. We finally untangle our bodies to lay down on the bed. We lay there for a while talking and recouping from our first encounter. I keep thinking how sexy his chest is as rub my hand up and down. I move to my side and lean over to kiss him again, my hands still rubbing over his chest. I start to move down his neck lick and sucking at his skin as I move lower to that sexy chest. I Escort run my tongue over one hard flat nipple as I run my thumb over the other one. I hear him moan which only turns me on more as I continue licking and kissing his chest.

I start to move down lower, licking and kissing my way down over his stomach. I slide down between his legs, running my tongue down his hip and down between the crease of his leg. He is already hard for me as I take his cock in my hand, sliding my hand up and down his shaft. I can see the pre-cum, as I bend over and lick the head of his cock. I run my tongue over and down the side and back up before I take him slowly into my mouth. I slide my lips over him, swirling my tongue as I take him all the way into my mouth and back up, sucking gently. I continue to take him in and out of my mouth, sucking and licking my way up and down.

I reach over on to the bedside table to grab some flavored warming oil I brought along just for the occasions. I want to keep him hot and wet as i move lower to do more licking. I pour some of the oil in my hand and start to stroke his cock until he is slick. I continue to stroke his cock as I start to lick my way down over his balls. I lick and suck gently on his sac, running my tongue over the tender flesh. I move lower licking the skin under his balls as move down lower to lick his asshole. He moans as continue to stroke his cock and run my tongue over his asshole and back up over his balls then back down again. I can feel his balls start to tighten before I move back to his cock and take him back in my mouth.

I start sliding him in and out of my mouth faster, sucking and using my tongue with each slide of my mouth. I run my nails gently over his balls as I suck harder and faster. He starts moaning harder Bayan Escort telling me he is about to come. I want him to cum, I want to taste him as he fills my mouth. I suck him into my mouth again as he grabs my head and pushes his cock farther into my mouth as he explodes. He fills my mouth full of his cum. He releases my head and I pull back enough to swallow his offering, then gently taking him back in my mouth to catch every drop before I pull back. I lay back down on the bed beside him and we both drift off to sleep totally spent for the moment.

I wake up around dawn to his hot mouth licking and sucking on one nipple as he rolls the other between his fingers. I moan as he moves to the other nipple. He slides down between my legs kissing over my stomach as he moves down my body. He spreads my legs wider and runs his tongue over my center. He looks up at me and tells me he wants to slide his cock into my tight ass. He says he is going to help get my ready. I’ve only done anal once and I’m a little nervous at the thought but I did bring some lube just in case. He starts to lick me again, running his tongue down over my ass then back up over my clit. He takes the lube and starts to slide his finger into my ass as he licks and sucks on my clit. He continues slide one finger in and out, and then adds a second finger. He continues lick and suck as he fucks my ass with his fingers. I start to moan and push my pussy into his mouth as I cum. He gives me one more lick before he slides up between my legs and slides his cock into my ass. He works it slowly in until he is all the way, stopping long enough to give me time to adjust. He starts moving then, sliding his cock in and out of my ass. He pulled my legs over his arms as he buried his cock deep inside. He starts to move faster, I start to moan, damn I’m cumming again. He fucks my ass harder and faster as I start to scream as I cum. He thrust his cock deep one more time before fill my ass with his load.

We both collapse again on the bed. Happy and completely satisfied!

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