A Pair of Very Hot Dreams


April and Alex wake up at about the same time in the middle of the night and they tell each other what they were dreaming.


April’s Dream

In my dream, I was napping in our bed when you peeked your head in the door which startled me awake. As I opened my eyes, I could see the sweat on your brow and your reddish tan from being in the sun. A soft smile broke out on my face as I asked how your fishing went that day and let you know that I had made you lunch but put it in the oven to keep warm. You smiled back widely and said that you were going to take a shower first.

You walked past our bed and started to strip of your shirt and shorts, just tossing them aside as I stole glances at you before you slipped into the bathroom. I just lay there listening to the sound of the shower and drifted in and out of sleep. When you opened up the door and stepped into the room with just a towel around your waist, I patted the spot beside me on the bed and you came and sat beside me for a moment. I caressed your hand as you told me about your day.

As you stood up you lifted the edge of the blanket and your eyes rose to meet mine the minute you saw I was completely naked. “Oh April,” you muttered then you sat back down on the bed throwing the cover back completely just looking at me. “Honey, will you touch yourself? I want to watch you. Right now.” I bit my lip a little self-consciously but I nodded. My fingers slid down my neck to my breast encircling my nipple to make it turn instantly into a hard peak. Then to the other one causing the same reaction before moving down my stomach to brush over my bare mound and then my inner thighs as my legs parted.

You watched my hand move as I watched your eyes. I parted my lips and my finger swirled around my clit and over my labia lightly enough to make my legs straighten a bit before crooking my knees. I trailed my fingers up and down my slit making myself completely wet. Touching just inside my opening to feel my juices on my fingertips. Slowly I slid one finger inside of me sighing softly. Your eyes never left my pussy but your fingers started to trace the curve of my breast as you leaned down closer to me. Your fingers teased my nipples as I moaned softly. I slid a second finger inside of me and my back arched to get a deeper angle.

You leaned over to lick and kiss my breasts starting at the side then working your way to tease my nipple. Little flicks of your tongue made goose bumps rise over my skin. You worked your way up to my collarbone and neck, just making a gentle trail to tickle my skin. I tilted my head to find your lips. My lips moved slowly against them, my tongue found yours as you turned your body to rest on half of me, pinning me down. You rested your knee just inside mine and whispered to me to keep touching myself.

We laid like that – you kissing me gently – me pleasing myself. I could feel your hand flatten and move down my stomach as you lifted your head to meet my eyes. Mine were calm and dreamy until I saw the shift of desire in yours. Suddenly your mouth came crashing down on mine. Hard kisses that bruised both of our lips. Your hand moved down to cover mine as your leg hooked mine pulling my thighs even more apart. You jammed two fingers inside of me with mine causing me to cry out against your lips from being stretched so quickly. You murmured, “If you want me to stop, just tell me.”

“No, never stop,” was my breathless reply.

You roughly pinned my fingers inside of me as yours moved even deeper. The weight of your body held me down as your mouth continued to assault mine. The only sounds in the room were the slick sounds coming from my cunt and the moans from our lips. Your other hand went into my hair and you grabbed a handful, pulling my head back as your lips moved into my neck, nibbling softly to not leave any marks. Then you moved and started kissing my collarbone where your lips and bites got stronger. Then finally to the top of my breast where you sucked hard letting me feel your teeth nibbling. You continued this way Escort Bayan over both of my breasts over and under. Pausing only to take my nipples into your mouth, tugging on them with both suction and your teeth.

Our fingers were still buried in me as my other hand moved to anchor my fingers in your hair. Moaning from the painful yet alluring way your mouth was torturing me sweetly, your mouth moved to my stomach, burying your mouth into my flesh. Suddenly you slid a third finger in me and my head tossed back in the pillow biting my lip. Your hand moved from my hair to grab my nipple pinching it hard as I cried out.

You moved your body down between my legs as your teeth sunk into my inner thigh and you sucked there greedily. Your fingers were jamming in and out of my pussy before you finally pulled out to let mine slip out too.

“April, I want you to grab the headboard with your hands. Hold on tightly.” I did so and you watched as my body splayed out in front of you. You glanced around the room and reached to grab a pair of nylons and quickly tied my ankles to the bottom of the bed. You looked up at me. “If you need me to stop at any time, just tell me, okay?” I nodded.

You crawled up to kiss my lips softly when your hand came down between my legs in a semi-hard smack on my mound. I yelped against your lips and then purred giving you the encouragement you needed.

Your buried three of your fingers quickly inside of me again without warning and I grasped the headboard. Then your lips dove into my stomach again. Nibbling a trail down to my mound.

When you reached that spot, you withdrew your fingers and pulled my thighs apart. Sucking so hard on each one that I whimpered. You looked up to see the flames in my eyes burning for you and then you dove in to cover my cunt with your lips. There was no light flicking or slow licks. You sucked hard on my clit. You dove your tongue into my hole. You sucked so hard on me that I could feel myself bruising. Your hands hooked around my hips so that I couldn’t move. I could feel the stubble on your chin rubbing against my sensitive flesh. I could feel sensations shooting through me as you devoured my body like it was the last meal you would ever get.

My stomach clenched as you moved my bound legs over your shoulders to push your face even more tightly against me. Your fingers started to tease my ass as I clenched my eyes shut. I thought my body was going to combust from all the sensations swirling through it.

Then suddenly you stopped and stood up. Leaning over the edge of the bed you pressed one hand down on my stomach to hold me still and slid two fingers inside of me. I watched as you penetrated me with them fast and deep. You kept pulling them out quickly and shoving them in until you could feel me welling up and finally exploding everywhere.

You looked up at my body completely spent, aching, taken. Small marks in differently places like souvenirs you left as you traveled my body. The space between my legs was so wet. But when you met my eyes, you saw all that you needed to see. You softly untied my legs and I let go of the headboard as you slid down beside me. Covering me with loving kisses as you pulled me close into your arms holding me warmly against you and whispered in my ear, “Are you okay baby?”

“In some ways yes, but in others no.” You looked at me quizzically as I nipped at your lips, “But those ways will be amazing as soon as you cum too.” I grinned against your lips and climbed up on your body to anchor myself over your hard cock. Straddling you, I pressed your shoulders down and just rode you hard.


Alex’ Dream

Waking in the middle of the night, I stir slowly, not at startled into a sudden awakening, but a slow rousing. I must have been thrashing a bit and that’s what woke me up. My body is certainly awake. I’m warm, with a little sweat on my forehead, and with a raging erection. It doesn’t feel like a “morning wood” erection – it feels purely sexual. And there’s a vague notion Escort of a dream in my head, and you are in it of course, the cause of the erection I’m sure.

I look at the clock and it’s just after 3 AM. I was hoping to get up early today as there are many things that need attention on a day that I know will be busy. As I settle back in, on my back, I notice you stirring next to me and can tell my movements have woken you up. You reach over and put your arm around me, your hand on my chest, sleepily muttering, “you okay baby?”

I whisper in reply, “Yes April, I just woke up from a dream, that’s all.”

I hear you murmur “okay,” and feel your hand sliding off me, but it brushes the tip of my hard cock as you were about to roll over. Your arm stops and your hand goes over the front of my erect penis, and I hear you murmur a little more, “must have been a good dream.”

“Yes it was, if you must know, it was a sexy dream… and I was dreaming of you.”

“Really,” you reply, “what was it about?”

“I really can’t remember the details, you know how the dreams kinda slip away as when you wake up,” is my response.

You perk up and snuggle up next to me, your nose in my neck, little kisses on my neck, your hand now grasping my cock, and I can almost feel you smiling as you whisper, “we can make a new dream and I’ll bet you will remember this one.”

Knowing how much you like to have sex in the middle of the night, and how horny I am right now, I nod and whisper my reply, “Yes, and that’s a good start baby. ” My cock was pretty hard upon awakening and it’s responding well to your touches. A bead of precum forms on the tip and spreads out over the head. More oozes out and you use the tip of your finger to spread it over the head. I feel you sliding your head down my chest and I know where you are going. “No baby, just your hand now. That’s what I want to feel.” You seem a little surprised and so am I a bit, because we both know how much I like your mouth there. “I think that’s what I was dreaming about, your hand on me.” I feel your head nod against me in the dark. And I feel your hand on me, stroking my erection more vigorously now, making my body squirm under you.

You continue with all the wonderful things you do to my cock, sometimes firm strokes, sometimes light tickles with your fingernails, sometimes just rubbing your finger on the inside of the shaft, all kinds of variations. I smile and realize how good you make me feel, even in the dark in the middle of the night. Then you take your hand from my cock and go lower, caressing my balls, teasing my scrotum, then lifting my knee up so you can touch between my cheeks and tease my ass. You turn your face back to me and whisper, “I want you touch yourself now baby. Stroke yourself while I play with your balls and your ass.” I’m a little surprise and start to mutter some response to encourage you to continue, then I change my mind and think that it might be really hot to do what you have requested.

So I slide my hand down and grab my cock and feel how hot and hard it is in my hand. And slowly I start to stroke it. Now I’m pretty good at stroking my cock when I’m by myself, but I’m not used to having an audience, even in the dark while you are touching me lower. Sometimes I go slowly, sometimes I jerk it vigorously , sometimes I just lightly run my hand up and down without pulling it at all. All kinds of variations. But today the fun part that you are touching me too. With one hand you are cupping my ball sack while your finger is diddling my anus lightly, just how I like it.

With your head laying on my tummy, my cock is pointed right at your face. And I’m very turned on and could cum at any time. “Baby, I’m going to cum soon. Is this how you want it?” You move your head a little lower so your lips are just touching the tip of my cock, and you just nod. I can’t see you nod but I can feel it. “Okay, but I want you to do it, I want you to jerk me off into your mouth.” I release my cock and feel your hand replace mine. It feels different Bayan Escort than my own of course, and better. You stroke it slowly at first, but you sense my urgency, and your lips on the head of my cock add to the sensations.

“Yes baby, yes, that’s so good, you make me feel so good. In the middle of the night and all. That dream, now seems so vivid, except it seems to be really happening.” You quicken the pace on stroking my cock and I’m right on the edge, and I grab your hair and give it a little pull so you know I’m going to cum. That makes you stroke it even faster and that in turn triggers my orgasm. I start to shoot with your hand jerking me into your waiting mouth, my head jerking forward too as I start to cum, screaming out over and over again as my pleasure grabs me and shakes me and then lets me feel its satisfaction.

My cock starts to soften in your hands, drained and happy. You turn you head to look up at me, and even though it’s hard to see, I can make out that you are licking your lips.

You slide up and I rather unexpectedly pull you on top of me. And I just keep guiding you, in the dark, until you are sitting up and straddling my face. I look up and in the darkness and can just make out that you are looking down at me and I can see the shape of your nipples above me. Your pussy is above me and I just grab your hips and pull you closer to me. I want to taste your pussy so badly, but even more, I want to give you pleasure.

With you pussy just above me I reach my tongue upwards and start, first with just the tip of my tongue, flicking it out to you. In the darkness I don’t really know where I’m licking. But all of you is good, so I don’t care. I know I got some of your wetness on my tongue, and I feel your little nub too. Then I pull you down further, finding your labia with my mouth. I lick your pussy lips wide open then begin to lap at your slit, feeling it getting wetter and wetter as I keep licking. I roll my tongue up and stab it inside you, fucking you with it like a little cock. I move my mouth to your clitoris, flicking it with the tip of my tongue. I whisper up to you, “Reach down and pull the hood back so I can lick your clit better.” And of course you do. And of course it’s good for us both.

Now you are getting more and more turned on as I can tell by the flow of your nectar onto my mouth, chin, lips. Your start to grind your clit into me, hitting wherever it can, my lips, my tongue, my chin – anywhere that will give you pleasure. Since you can’t really see, you just press into me in the darkness. With my mouth on your clit, there’s enough room for me to add to your sensations, so I slip my hand between your thigh and my chest until my fingers are pressed up against your open pussy. I tease you a little with my fingertips as you continue to rub your clit to my mouth, and then just jam 2 fingers into your opening. I would probably say something like “Baby you are so fucking wet,” but my mouth is otherwise occupied. I start to finger you, first just rotating my finger inside you, then I start with the in-out motions that I know you love. I know just how you like it, and I do it just like that.

I feel your excitement building; your breathing is faster but a little raspy, your movements against my mouth and fingers are more enthusiastic, and your moans are deeper and louder. After I have you going crazy for a while, I hear your instructions. I already know what you are going to tell me, but I love hearing it. “When I say ‘now’, jerk your fingers out of my cunt and I’ll cum.”

I smile even with my mouth consumed with eating your pussy. So I intensify my licking, clit sucking and finger fucking in the dark, knowing you are close. Then in a strong but strained voice, I hear “NOW!” and I do yank my fingers out quickly. And that is quickly followed by a flood of your juices in and on my mouth, running down my chin and neck, onto the sheets below. I keep lapping at your cunt as your orgasm takes you, shakes you, then slowly lets you go. When it subsides, you slip off of me to lay back beside me. You are satisfied and I’m saturated, just as you had done with me earlier.

I pull you close and lick my lips, whispering, “You’re delicious baby.”

With my arms wrapped around you and your head on my chest, we start to fall back to sleep.

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