A Second Drive

The muscle car rumbled along the road at night, crisp autumn air filling it up. The smell of burning leaves as well as the days of the season made her tilt her head back just the slightest bit, pointed noise aching for a deeper breath. Although she was wrapped up in the night air, she still spoke eagerly to me about what she would be starting soon enough, something large and expansive, something to finally reduce her deep distaste for painting. This autumn was her prime source of inspiration and she expressed how she needed to work quickly to make it before winter killed the last of everything. Then she would turn to me, an excited look on her face, and ramble quickly about how great it was going to be, dark eyes focused on me, plump lips curving as she spoke and tongue flicking out to lick her lip, her teeth biting every now and again.

And yet each time she did it wound me up more than the last, causing shivers of delight when I thought of what that tongue could do. Every kiss we shared was sweet, with her lips fitting nicely against mine, her gentle tongue tracing the line of my own lips before begging entrance and making my body light with fire as she kissed me. I wanted so desperately to stop the car and pull her to me before taking her mouth with my own. I knew she would cry out in protest for a moment before giving in to me, and even that cry would be shy and breathy, making me want more from her. I wanted her to suck me between those lips and give me the attention I so desired, to have her moaning around me while I played with her tits, my hands gripping and teasing the globes eagerly.

And even just kissing her or receiving head would not be enough, I wanted to fuck her, wanted to cum while inside of her, make her body curve and then stiffen against mine even there in the car on the road. But then everyone would see, perhaps even the cops. And if not that severe, then people would possibly slow down for a better view of me making love to her on the hood of the rumbling muscle car like the last time we had done something so adventurous.

“Hey!” she shouted, snapping me out of my ideas. Her eyebrows were forced down, eyes narrowed in contempt, and pouted lips arranged in displeasure. “Are you even listening to me?”

“Yes, of course, dear,” I said, focusing on the road ahead of me. She gave an unsatisfied grumble in response, settling back into her seat, legs drawn up to her chest. She Escort Bayan yanked the sage green hood of her sweater onto her head, holding her short hair in place, leaving her bangs to be whipped around by the wind. “Oh, come on, doll. I was listening to everything you said.” Her legs tightened as she recoiled further, and my eyes were drawn to the faint exposure of caramel flesh beneath her almost sheer black skirt. I squirmed in my seat as I watched her muscles move and relax, even as she finally moved one leg down and not the other, causing the skirt to change shape and expose a bit more skin. Her hawk-like eyes were glued to me as I looked between her and the road, and her other leg slipped down, but the skirt stayed up.

Flashes of “good god” ran through my mind as she shifted once again, turning her body to face mine. The sage sweater dipped low, revealing the tiniest hint of cleavage and lace from her bra, seeming like she was presenting herself to me, which she probably was. A slim hand slid over to clutch at my thigh as I drove, and her chest pressed against my arm as she leaned in to tickle my ear with her breath. Her tongue lathed my ear briefly before she spoke and I caught a glimpse of her eye in the rearview mirror.

“I know you,” she said, hand creeping up further. “I know that when you look at me, you think of every little thing I can do to you.” Her hand finally reached my crotch and then grazed over it lightly, making my hips squirm in spite of myself. Instead her hand continued until she reached the top of my pants and she played with my belt buckle, fingers flicking at the brass, making it click. “So, what were you thinking of this time?” I couldn’t answer, finding focusing on the road and her to be too large a task. She slid my shirt up my belly just the slightest bit and her gaze drifted down, seeing the head of my cock poking out just enough for her to see. Her hand deftly unclasped the buckle and the ticking of the zipper of my jeans caught my ears before she had undone the button as well.

She slid down away from my ear and bent over my lap after maneuvering around the seatbelt. Her hot breath ran over me and my own legs stiffened in anticipation of her next move. Her fingers pulled at my boxers tentatively before yanking them down below my balls. Her pink tongue came out again and flicked over the head, making me tremble and reduce my speed a bit so that I could enjoy what Escort she was doing. Precum weeped from the slit in the top and she moaned at the taste, lapping it up, running her velvety flesh over me again and again before engulfing me in warmth. My knuckles bleached to white on the hand that held the gear shift as her body was so expertly bent over it. The curve of her chest was so close to me and I could feel the heat radiating from her body as she kept up her ministrations, tongue and lips working together perfectly and making my eyes roll back into my skull. My hand trembled with excitement as I shifted gears again and pulled to a stop on the shoulder of the highway, not trusting myself to drive another mile. At this rate, she was going to cause an accident.

My hand left the stick and ran across her back until I reached the curve of her ass, running my hand over the light fabric of her skirt before following the lines of her legs until I reached the end of the fabric. I slipped inside and traced up her legs until I found the curve of her ass, that was bare to my surprise. My teeth dug into my lip to stifle a sigh of appreciation as she continued, tongue and lips making a beautiful duo as she sucked and slurped eagerly, milking me almost. I groped the flesh of her ass, sliding my finger into the crack and dragging it back up, hearing her yelp in surprise. My finger drifted lower, down to her open and upturned pussy, running over the hairless lips and then sliding deep inside, making her lift her head from my cock to moan in appreciation of her own.

She turned to face me and look at me through half-lidded eyes as she leaned in to kiss me. She braced her hands on either side of me against the seat and left her lips a breath away from mine, teasing. Her lips quirked up in a smirk as my hand that had been on the wheel went downstairs and grazed against my own skin before she kissed me. She pried my lips open and slid her tongue in, letting me taste myself against her, and I could smell the odor from her visit down there lingering on her lips. When she let go, she gave me a few pecks as if she was going to stop completely.

“Is that what you were thinking?” she asked, still not moving back, but rolling her hips as I fingered her.

“Please, don’t stop,” I gasped. She smirked again, pink lips curving just at the corners and arranged herself above me. I hadn’t even registered the click of the seatbelt Bayan Escort coming undone. My hands moved to her hips and pushed the gauzy material up, bunching it around her waist and I saw the wet lips of her center, saw the effect I had on her. Her hand reached down and shifted my cock from lying against my belly so that it stood straight up, pointing to her. She gave me a few good jerks, making sure I was completely at attention, but with a body like hers, there was no way that I was going to be soft. Her muscles tensed and quivered again as she moved to hover above me, looking me straight in the eye.

“Are you paying attention now?” I nodded, swallowing hard and then tilting my head back when she slid over me, swallowing me inside of liquid heat once again. She gasped and worked her hips down, grinding and moving against me as she slid onto me. Her body flowed over me again and again, hips crashing into mine as she worked herself up. My hands left her hips and slid her top up, showing off the aqua bra with dark blue lace that held her breasts out to me. I searched frantically for the clasp in the front and unhooked it, showing off her dark skin even more. One hand stayed at one of the globes while I sat up and latched my mouth onto the other, sucking and rolling my tongue over her nipple again and again. I felt her gaze lock on my head and looked up at her, grinning devilishly as I rolled and played with the flesh.

Her hands dragged up my back and she used me for leverage as she fucked me eagerly, digging into her lip with her front teeth. I felt the familiar flutter of her around me and twisted my hips while driving as deep as I could from my position. I watched her mouth fall open and saw her breath come out in the autumn air and finally she stiffened, back arching and fingers tightening against my back. One soft cry after another came from her throat and I kept working into her, wanting to reach my own end as she continued to be affected by her own. She tightened around me lusciously, making me wrap an arm around her for control of myself, but I could feel it slipping. My own mouth stayed open and I hissed with an intake of breath as I started to cum before moaning loudly against her.

Both of our bodies shuddered as we relaxed, each breath becoming less ragged than the last. I leaned back against my seat and she rested against me, still quivering about me. She muttered something akin to amazement against my chest before righting herself and pulling off of me while giving me a look that spoke volumes.

“Let’s get home,” she said, pressing her chest against mine for a moment. “I want you again already.”

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