A Tailgate Night


It was spring and it was a good night to be out and about. The weather was behaving it was only reaching the mid-eighties and the occasional light breeze just cool enough to keep things comfortable. The last few hours could have been any other classic date night in history. A romantic dinner at some mom and pop Italian restaurant led to a movie the same timeless formula that has kept young lovers out in the night since classic rock and drive-in movies. It was a night to be care free and let everything fade away, an evening where our hands couldn’t stay off each other, playfully teasing ourselves as the nights events pushed forward. What exactly was being pushed forward was pretty easy to imagine, but remained to be seen.

The road lights speed by as we head out of town, the dinner settled well in our stomachs and the movie was good enough to keep us laughing. The soft features of your face conveyed your curiosity as to our destination but you decided to let it go and see where we are heading. A few minutes outside town I turn onto a bypass and a mile down or so from there I turn on to a dirt road. The little road quickly becomes empty as the large trees on each side start to block out the rest of the world. Not long down the little road it opens up to a secluded lake. I swing the truck into a turn and proceed to back the truck up on a small side path that led near the edge of the lake making sure to put it at a slight slant so anyone in the back could see the water over the side of the truck bed.

The lake was no bigger than maybe half a football field, it was an old watering hole used to cool down wayward kids in the summer. Over all it wasn’t a very big one and it was sheltered by a forest grove that blocked out the ambient light that came from the world, which would serve their purpose just fine.

I opened my door and moved around the front of the truck to the passenger side. I quickly opened your door and offered my hand to help you down and in that moment if you so chose to look, you could see a small mischievous gleam from my eyes. I watch as you jump down from the vehicle, always surprised on how lucky I am to have a beautiful woman like you. Your own mind begins to work how the rest of the night might turn out as I grab a thick blanket and guide us to the rear of the truck. I drop the tailgate and spread out the blanket on the truck bed and with a slight bow and a flourished wave of my hand, I present a nice little tailgate nest. The smile on your face shows that you’re amused and interested as I move behind you and with a firm grasp at your hips, offer to help you up. I jump up right behind you and lay against the tire well. Spreading my legs and offering open arms I present a perfect human pillow. You lie down between my legs and relax against my body, with my arms wrapping Escort Bayan themselves around you to keep any chill at bay. We lay there for a little while and let our eyes adjust to the night, watching the water move with the breeze as the night’s sky starts to open up above us. We start to see more and more of the stars come out as the winds keep the sky clear on high.

The minutes quickly pass into an hour, but it’s not too soon after, that you start to feel a slight pressure in the small of your back. You wiggle back into me knowing fully well what that little gesture means and the reaction it will cause. I chuckle, knowing my thoughts are getting the best of my body. You feel a gentler, softer feeling against the back of your neck, as a series of small kisses play along the soft angle where your neck and shoulder meet. I slowly move one of my hands that are wrapped around you over your chest. My finger tips start brushing across your shirt and above your bra line, streaking left to right and playing circles to where your nipples laid beneath. It wasn’t to long before you starting to feel your nipples harden in the response to the attention, at least not to long before I felt them react to my stimulation. Knowing your body well, I move my hand down your stomach and slide underneath the belt line of your jeans and over your panties to between your legs. My brash play fully in the open doesn’t surprise you at the least, especially in this place surrounded by trees. Your strong thighs open slightly more, offering no resistance as my fingers moves across you panties. Your arousal and acceptance to what is occurring is very evident. I begin to feel a dampness start to push through the silky fabric in response to my labors. I exhale deeply breathing in your scent. I press a little harder with my mouth on your collar bone, knowing that your neck area is a turn-on. My index finger feels for the subtle indentation just above your nether lips and applies a soft pressure while moving in a small circle. The way your back arches gently into me showing me that this is good thing as it sends a small shock of pleasure through your lower body.

You tilt your head more to the side to allow my mouth easier access to your collar bone as I start teasing more with my lips and tongue. Wanting to get closer I gently slip my fingers under the line of your underwear to slip my finger slowly between your nether lips, slow enough for it to feel like they are breaking into a velvety vacuum. The feeling gets warmer as my fingers delve into you, the sensation exquisite to my mind as I go deeper. I press a second finger into your silky sheath, spreading open a heated void. The two fingers try and ravish your inner walls as they find a small rough spot. My index finger titillates your g spot enough for Escort me to start feeling your leg muscles tense at the intrusion it only takes a moment for you to un-stress your legs again. Your head finally falls against my shoulder, not caring to exert the effort to keep it up as you let me bring you pleasure, letting my mouth and fingers seduce your body with their efforts.

This goes on for a few minutes before you decide to break the teasing, wanting more contact between us as you turn around; propping yourself up on your knee’s between my legs. The frown on my face obvious at being interrupted, but it quickly disappears as you reach down and pull your shirt over your head. Your bra follows right after revealing your perky breasts to the night air, your nipples at attention from my earlier efforts. Your hand follows down my chest and reaches for my own shirt to help me remove it over my head. Your own smile brightens at the fair play as each of us lose our clothes swiftly, you trail your own line of kisses down my chest, stopping at each nipple and giving each their own small bite. My skin starts to prickle with its own goose flesh as you use your mouth to tease it. My hands streaks down your back with my nails trailing small pleasant sensations down to the small of your back before dropping to your waist. I firmly grasp your waist and lift you up forward. The suddenness of how it happens forces your hands to shoot forward to keep yourself from falling all the way into me, but it all works out as my goal is achieved and our lips meet firmly and passionately. With your weight supported by your arms, I slide my hands deftly down and unfasten your pants moving them down your lovely legs. You quickly step out of them, pushing them down to your feet before throwing them to the side. Your eyes look into mine before you see my gaze slide down your figure taking in the lovely body that seems to be aglow in the moonlight, skin flushed; my blue meet your brown and we can see that deep desire burning mirrored in each others.

You slide your chest along mine, your breasts pressed against my body as you go down. This all closely followed by your face. Your auburn hair cascades down my chest as your mouth traces a single line down to an increasing bulge in my pants. You press your mouth against the ridge, teeth scraping through the jeans material. The sharp sensation from your teeth against the crest causes it to jump slightly in anticipation of what is to come. You hands undo my zipper and pull down my jeans, my boxers coming with them; my member springs out from where it has been hiding. I feel your hot breath at my tip before I feel the wetness of your tongue toy with my smaller head, moving downward to stroke the shaft before heading back up to the tip. A small groan escapes my lips. Bayan Escort You’re only down there for a moment before I pull you back up to meet your mouth with mine, before I lead you around to face the lake.

Your hand reaches down and firmly grasps my cock directing it. Your lust pushing you into wanting more, you lower yourself down onto my unyielding member. I take a sharp intake of breath as the carnal tension is finally broken, the tightness, the crushing sensation welcome as your nether lips consume me. You lean back into my chest your head against my strong shoulder; I inhale your scent as I start working a strong tempo between our bodies. You let my hands support your body on your way down and you use your gorgeous legs on the upswing. I lower you all the way down as I bottom out, your ass sitting in my lap as I lift your body up. You’re lovely bodies basking in the night skies as you look out and see the reflection of the moon in water. The crescendo of the small waves hitting the closest shore in pace with a new rhythm that echoes in the evening, a new beat made by the sounds of our two bodies The pace increases neither wanting to take this slow. Your hands reach down to support yourself against the truck bed, enabling you to better manage the increasing temp. This frees my hands so I slide them forward along your waist. Splitting directions, one moves upward to cover your breast in a firm grasp, two fingers on each side of your nipple. Applying twinge like pressure on each stroke, this all happens at the same time as the other deviant hand moves between your legs. Finally my hand lays to rest above your mons as it begins to apply firm but titillating circles to your clit.

Our bodies are flush together and the small layer of sweat that covers us makes the cool breeze all that much cooler. I start to feel your body pulse around me at the approaching release. You contract your inner muscles around me, squeezing around my throbbing length. With the combination of all powerful sensations, the penetration, the stimulation against your clit, your release hits you hard as your body slams back down for the last time before it becomes too much as your body starts to fall back into my own. My cock deep inside your depths, spasms as your own body starts to shudder, and as your orgasm hits, so does mine. My arms wrap around your body lying in my lap as the small shivers of your orgasm echo through your body. It all hits hard and fast as you feel the discharge of cum inside your inner walls. Your legs play forward between mine as you sit in my lap enjoying the shared warmth of our bodies, our bodies stay joined deep inside.

We lay there on the tailgate of the truck our bodies along each others, our breathing heavy in the night air. We settle in to the side of the truck as I pull up the sides of the blanket that I placed there earlier. I cover us both in a attempt to keep the chill away as we lay there watching the lake move with the wind, the stars mere pinpricks above, push through the darkness as we sit there and enjoy a tailgate night.

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