A Trip To Remember Ch. 06


Matt met me at the airport. I was surprised to see him standing with a bag slung over his shoulder.

“Hi how are you?” I reached up and gave him a kiss.

“Good, ready to go?”

“Sure I can’t wait to get home.”

“Oh yea about that. We aren’t going home. I booked us a week on a little island called Aros. I rented a villa on the water with our own private beach.” He was waiting for me to answer.

“Really!? Oh my god Matt we need a vacation so badly. So when do we leave, shouldn’t we be back at the house so I can pack?” A million questions ran through my mind.

“Yes we do and no we shouldn’t. I packed for you so we could leave when you got off the plane. So lets get going!” He grabbed my hand and we raced threw the airport. Breathless and laughing we gave our tickets to the women behind the counter and boarded the plane.

“Wow first class huh?” I was impressed. The plane was large which surprised me because I knew the island Aros was small. And I asked about it “Matt there are too many people here to be going to the same place as us.”

“Most of them are getting off at a stop before ours. But our flight will still be a long one.”

We settled into our first class sets and the stewardess came by to give me a pillow and blanket. I thanked her and once we were in the air I got comfortable and took a nap. I was woken up though by movement coming from Matt’s seat. Some time after I had fallen asleep he had requested a blanket also and he was covered on the left side. I could tell that his left leg was propped up on something and made it look like he made a tent with his leg. Then I heard a moan. I looked up and on the movie screen was a man and a women having sex. She was tied down to the bed and he was pumping his cock into her, then I noticed the man at the top of the screen by the women’s face. He was jerking off and slapping his cock on the women’s face. She appeared to be loving it. I looked back Alanya Escort Bayan over at Matt. Not really moving, I didn’t want him to know that I was awake and I had figured out what he was up to. He had a headset on and his eyes were closed and his left arm was moving. He was jerking off on a air plane. I sat up and leaned on him and slipped my hand under the blanket and grabbed his balls. He stopped. The look on his face was comical. He had been caught.

“Baby why didn’t you wake me. We could have figured something out.?”

“Because I wasn’t intending to do this and you needed your sleep. Go back to sleep I am gonna go finish this off in the bath room.” He readjusted and climbed over me and walked down the isle.

I took his seat by the window and put the head phones on and curled up under the blanket. The movie was hot but the lines that the actors were saying is what really turned me on. I listened to about ten or fifteen minutes of it and decided that Matt and I could help each other out. So I got up and walked towards the bath room. As I got closer I heard a moan. It sounded like Matt, but I wasn’t sure. I came up to a corner and peaked around it and saw Matt and one of the stewardesses. Apparently he didn’t need my help because the ebony hair women was working his cock in and out of her mouth. And he was grabbing her hair and forcing her to move faster. He was fucking her mouth. It got me so hot. I came around the corner and they both saw me. Matt looked shocked then scared. She just went back to what she was doing.

“Well I came back here to see if you needed any help. I guess not huh?”

“I umm don’t know what to say. I am …..uhhhnnmm….sorry.”

“Sorry for what? Oh you mean because you are fucking another women? Oh in that case Ok. I am not mad Matt but if you are going to get off at least fuck her right.”

She pulled her mouth off of his cock and looked at me. I nodded at Alanya Escort her. She knew what I meant. She turned around lifted her skirt and bent over. Matt took one look at her dripping pussy and plunged into her. They both came after about three or four strokes.

“Oh god I am going to come.” She just whispered it.

“Oh yea baby. Come on my cock. I am about to shoot. Uhhnnn yea …..oh fuck me!” He began to plaster the inside of her pussy with his come.

“Oh god no pull out!” She pushed him off of her and he shot the rest on her ass. “I’m not on the pill. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant.” She smiled shyly. Then explained the they had been trying for four years. And still nothing.

I felt horrible for the women. She obviously wanted a baby and wasn’t getting what she need sexually at home. At that moment any hurt or angry feelings I had about what they had done were gone. Embarrassed she walked away.

“Well what do you have to say for yourself?”

“Um am I in trouble?”

“Matt how could you? That is the same as cheating! God I can’t believe this!”

He walked towards me and looked at my face. I was crying. I never cry, he knew this was bad. He got down on his knees and put his arms around my waist. “Oh god Angelina, I am so sorry! Baby I wasn’t thinking. Please can we just talk about this? Don’t walk away and leave me.” He was honestly up set and felt horrible about what he had done. At least I had succeed in that part. I wasn’t really mad, at least I didn’t think so.

“Well at least when we get home you can say that you had sex on the airplane. What is it they say about a mile high club…..” I couldn’t finish because I found myself on the floor with Matt laying on top of me.

“So you aren’t really mad?”

“No I am not. I just wish that you would tell me when you are going to do these things! Not that I want this to happen often.”

“I have never wanted Escort Alanya to do something like that the entire time we have been together. I don’t think that I ever will again.” I could tell that he meant it.

“So this is what I propose we do now. I think that you should make love with me right here on the floor of the airplane!”

“If you insist.”

“Oh but I do.”

We undressed each other taking our time. Not really rushing. Placing soft kisses all over my body he worked his way down to my knees and kissed the back of them, right where he knew that I was ticklish. Then he began to kiss his way back up my thighs. Breathing warm breath on my skin. It left me hot and needy. He finally reached that spot that I wanted him at the most and he passed right over it. Blowing softly on it and moving to the other leg and working his way down and then up again. I said his name. Actually I think I pleaded him to stop. He lifted his head and looked at me and smiled. He moved up so his entire length was covering mine. He kissed me. It was a soul searching kiss, I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him there. He lifted him self supporting his weight in his arms and used his knee to spread my legs. He knew that I was ready for him. He entered slowly. Taking his time. I grabbed at him locking my legs around him trying to force him in me all the way. It didn’t work.

He moved his body back and forth and up and down as he enter me fully and when he did that he hit every nerve that I had down there. It sent me spiraling into a orgasms that made me cry. Leaning down he put his hands on the side of my face. “Shhh, baby don’t cry. Please don’t cry.” He kissed me and began the slow torture of moving in and out of me. I had my legs still wrapped around his waist and my arms were around his neck. His body was almost laying fully on me and his weight was still supported by his arms. And right there on the floor of the airplane we made love. And it was beautiful.

Back at our seats cuddled together under a blanket we were silent. Both lost in our own thoughts.

“Hey Matt? We were supposed to talk when I got home. Wanna talk now?”

“Not really. It should wait until we are alone.”


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