A Wood in the Cabin


The snowy gravel crunches beneath my feet as I step from my car. I slam my door and wince at the loudness. Out here in the woods, every sense is heightened, especially in the middle of the night. The overhead light turns off, catapulting me into momentary darkness and silence. It takes a minute for my senses to adjust, but when they do, I see the crackling light from the fireplace shining out from the window, and can faintly hear your radio playing deep inside the cabin.

The walk to the front door is hasty, as always. My pink and white lace panties are already soaked through with the juice that’s leaking out of my slit in anticipation. Coming through the door, I can tell that you know exactly what I need. You can sense how wet I am, even from across the room.

You’re sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace in nothing but a pair of jeans, and your lips spread into a sly smile as your eyes meet mine. I walk over to you and straddle your lap, grinding myself into your already hard cock and running my fingers over the back of your neck while our tongues intertwine. It’s been months since I’ve seen you, and it’s not long before things begin to heat up.

Grabbing the bottom hem of my t-shirt and arching my back, I lift it off over my head in one smooth, sensuous motion. I toss it to the floor, and in a matter of seconds, with your help, my pink lace bra is lying next to it. My hard pink nipples are staring you in the face, and I giggle at the gleam in your eye as I play with them, taunting you. Your mouth finds its way to my left nipple, and your fingers pinch and twist my right, and I let out a soft moan. I can feel your dick throbbing against the seam of my jeans. As my lips find their way back to yours, I unbutton my fly and slip a hand in to tease my clit through my Manavgat Escort Bayan panties. When I pull it back out, my fingers are shining with my juices. I know you see it, because you let out a groan. I let you suck the juice off of my fingers, and your hands find their way around my smooth, naked torso.

As your touch begins to get rougher, I climb off of your lap, turn around, and wiggle out of my jeans. When I twirl back around to face you, my eyes are immediately drawn to the thick, pulsing cock that’s standing at attention between your thighs. You took the opportunity to slide your jeans off, and your big, throbbing dick is finally free. Your eyes move slowly from my round little tits, down my smooth body to my pedicured feet, and back up to rest on my panties. I know what you want to see, and I slowly slide them down as I watch you stroke your shaft.

When my little pink pussy is revealed, you immediately reach a hand out to touch it. The hot, smooth wetness between my legs causes you to let out another groan, this time a little louder. Your hand lingers near my clit for a moment, and your fingers tap it a few times. You enjoy watching me squirm with delight at your touch, and I let out a deep moan as your fingers find their way inside my pussy.

As much as I’m enjoying the feeling of your fingers playing deep inside me, my mouth is watering at the sight of your throbbing cock. I love the feeling of a giant dick filling up my mouth and throat, and I find myself jealous that you get to play with it and I don’t. I reach down and slowly slide your fingers out of my pussy, bringing them up to my mouth so that I can taste my pussy juice. When I’m satisfied that I’ve cleaned them off well enough, I kneel down between your knees and focus my attention Manavgat Escort on the precum that’s glistening all over the head of your cock. As my hands find their way around your shaft, I take my time licking up your salty juice. My tongue trails its way around your head as I gaze up at you innocently, and then licks its way down to your balls. With my hands sliding up and down your shaft, I sigh as I bring your big, delicious balls into my mouth one at a time. When they’re dripping with my saliva, I return my attention to your cock, which quickly disappears inside my mouth. Swallowing your dick brings me so much pleasure that I let out a moan as it slides back out. As much as I love having you in my mouth, though, my pussy is throbbing and aching for attention.

I move from the floor to the couch next to you, spreading my legs wide and draping one behind your neck. Not more than a few seconds after my fingers make their way to my clit, my back arches, my hips jut forward, and my legs spasm uncontrollably with my first orgasm of the evening. Watching me play with my pussy always gets you going, and seeing me make myself cum sends your cock throbbing.

You get up, and standing at the end of the couch you grab a hold of my feet and drag me toward you until only my head and shoulders are left on the cushion. My back is resting on the arm of the couch, my feet are on your shoulders, and my hot, dripping pussy is right in line with your cock. You know exactly what I need, but you want to hear it from me.

“Tell me what you want, baby.”

“I want you to pound my little pussy raw with that big fucking dick, daddy.”

You put the head of your cock at the opening of my shining wet hole. I moan and try to push my hips into you, but with the angle I’m Escort Manavgat at it isn’t possible, and you laugh softly at my attempt. Teasingly, you slowly push yourself in about an inch, and rest there for a moment. I’m frustrated, and there’s nothing I want more than to feel your entire length filling me up; but instead you pull out, kneel down, and bury your face in my pussy. You lick up all of my pussy juice, and with your tongue buried inside me and your nose rubbing my clit, I’m sent into another ecstatic orgasm. While I’m still spasming, you quickly stand up and jam the entire length of your cock into me. I’m taken by surprise, and my moan is so loud, it’s almost a scream. You grab my hips and begin to fuck me. With every plunge, the head of your cock bounces off the back wall of my pussy and my moans become progressively louder.

All of a sudden, without any warning, you pull out and tell me to stand up. I oblige, and wiggle off the arm of the couch until I’m standing in front of you. You grab me around the waist, pull me close, and slide your tongue inside my mouth as your hand reaches down to play with my pussy. But just as I’m getting into it, you twirl me around and bend me over the arm of the couch. You run your hands down the curve of my back, and smack my ass. I let out a little whine, and you smack it again on the other side, before sliding your dick back into my pussy.

As you fuck me from behind my moans are muffled by the couch cushion, and when I beg you to fuck me harder, you reach down and grab my hair, pulling my head backwards and making my moans louder as you slam your entire length inside me. I’m starting to get sore, but it feels so good to be full of your hot, throbbing cock, I don’t want you to stop. We continue like this for what seems like hot, endless hours, until finally you’re ready to give me what I’ve been longing for all day. You pull out, turn me around, and push me down so that I have a full-frontal view of your big, shining hard-on. And when you start to cum, my mouth opens instinctively, ready to catch every drop.

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