An Unexpected Gift Ch. 01


It was the last day of 2012. Or, more accurately, night… 2 A.M. On December 31st. I was lying in my bed, staring at the ceiling, with trance music playing in the background. Not that I like trance music, but when in doubt, try something random.

It felt like I had been wandering in a desert for years, and was now trying to make sense of civilized life again. Rather than being retrospective, I was stalled: wondering what to do next, and if I could succeed on my on my own… but before I could sink into self-pity again, or perhaps even find the way out of that pit of despair, my doorbell rang.

I found Dorothy at my door… she had a small box, wrapped in red and green paper, with a gold bow, and a smile. Besides that, she wore a low-cut t-shirt that showed off her perky small breasts and a long black pair of jeans.

“Belated Merry Christmas,” she said. I couldn’t help but smile.

“How did you get here?” I asked. Although we lived within walking distance, it still wasn’t exactly next door…

“Invite me in, and I just might tell you,” she said, being mysterious and randomly comedic, the joker that I loved her to be.

“Promise not to suck my blood, ” I said, “but come on in.” I stepped back wards and she quickly stepped inside, taking off her shoes at the threshold. Closing back the door behind her, I let her out of the front patio and into my front room, a modest area which contained a few desks covered in books and equipment, and a small bed… I had envisioned it as an art study, but had yet to ship anything out of it, or do anything more than a few things for the sake of my hobbies.

Right at the moment, though, I allowed myself to be swept up in the moment… direct social contact with someone I was comfortable with was rare, and Dorothy was the rarest of the rare, one of my best friends. It was a genuine pleasure to see her, even moreso because we hadn’t seen each other for at least a couple month.

The detective in me still wondered how she had arrived; I hadn’t seen any vehicle pull up and the bus service stopped at midnight. However, the playful, child-like part of my mind was more concerned with the present that she represented, as well as the present that she had brought. As much as I had been trained to be future oriented… the present moment seemed to be richly calling to me.

“What’s in the box?” I asked as I reached for it.

She pulled back playfully. “Nobody yet, but play your cards right and you will be.” She responded.

I couldn’t help but feel my body becoming more aroused. The black slacks that I wore wouldn’t do anything to stop my erection from developing, but part of me was more excited by the idea of being fully Escort Bayan aroused around her, if it came to that. When it came to my friends, I just went with the flow… they’re my friends because anything goes, even beyond reason.

“What type of cards?” I asked, “Uno or Poker?”

She smiled and put the box down on a nearby desk, making sure to exaggerate as she bent over. “I know you want to poke her with you uno-cepts.” With that pun, which I honored with a chuckle, she sat down on my bed, resting her back against a cushion and opening her legs, staring at me intently.

“How is my mother in law doing?” she asked, referring to my mother. One of her hands lightly touched her own chest, and fingers circled her nipple. She didn’t seem to be conscious fo what she was doing, but I knew that everything she did was part of a game, a comedy drama that she performed on the stage of life.

“Sleeping,” I said. “So, we are free to play…”

“Cum play with me then, big boy.” She said it in a slightly different voice from usual… more sultry, adult, seductive. Her eyes moved to my crotch, where my erection was becoming more prominent.

It was like if I was moving in a dream… or perhaps wading underwater… everything felt slow, heavy. Somehow, my hand undid my fly, and my erection was soon rising to the occasion in plain sight. She responded by grasping her right breast, squeezing it and pulling on her nipple, her tongue passing over her lips.

I stepped forwards towards her, but instead of touching her, I found myself asking a question that betrayed my multiform nature:

“What made you decide to come over, and how long will you stay?”

She smiled, and rolled her eyes.

“Can’t you just go with the flow, and let your love stick guide the way?” She asked.

So saying, her left hand reached out and encircled my magic stick of love. I felt it throb, growing engorged with excitement as she squeezed it firmly, then used her thumb to play with the head of my penis.

It felt so good that I decided to let things take its course. There had always been a lot of flirting between us, even some erotic play that only we could understand, approve of, enjoy within our own personal garden of Eden, but this was the first time that we had gone this far, to really connect physically, directly, intimately.

Time continued to move in its magical way, but I felt overwhelmed by how slow I was moving and focused on my breath, drawing each inhale deep into my stomach, aiming to concentrate my personal energy into the moment. Warmth flooded to my fingertips as I shifted forwards onto the bed, taking time to kneel down in front of her, intending Escort to connect us more directly by touch.

My hand replaced hers on her breasts. Each touch, each motion, was like exploring a new territory… for years I had fantasized, desired, to share my love with her, but now I had finally entered the promised land. One of her hands was still squeezing my cock, the other on my chest, pressing against me lightly, scratching me gently. Her mouth was slightly open, her breathing faster, her eyes half-wild with a combination of lust and triumph. I could tell she was as much excited by the penis, as by the fact that it was hard and throbbing for her, because of her.

The heat of the moment was building rapidly, and I wanted to suck on her breasts, for a start. I wanted to hear her moan in response to what I was doing. I wanted to return the lust that she had built up within me over the years triple-fold. Somehow, whilst I was thinking this, our faces came together, and we kissed.

Barely had out lips met, that I felt her biting my lower lip, raking her teeth over it. That is always a turn-on for me, but I don’t remember ever telling her that, so it came as a pleasant surprise. She was still stroking my cock, in fact, stroking it more vigorously, squeezing it hard, using my foreskin to help simulate the head.

My hands were under her shirt, pushing it up, wanting to disrobe her, set her breasts free, bringing my meal into my mouth… somehow our shirts came off…. her bra was cast unto the floor… and my mouth found, first one nipple, then the other… my tongue and mouth licking, sucking, suckling on her beautiful buns.

“Do you want to sit on my face?” I asked, sucking her breasts more before she had a chance to answer.

“You wanna lick my sweet place?” she teased, squeezing my cock with her hands as she emphasized the word ‘sweet’.

“Let me see how sweet it is,” I said. My analytical mind kicked back into gear, even as I was sucking her, as I thought for a moment about the next steps… taking off pants, changing positions, whether I wanted to maybe get her into 69 or let her sit on top of a desk… and the nagging questions again started: Why is she here? Did something happen at home? Why isn’t she blurting out her problems as she usually does? But, before I could think that out, she was gently pushing me back onto the bed, and stepping off , dropping her pants by wiggling out of it playfully, and before I knew it, she was lowering her wet sex organ onto my face, for me to play a tune on it with my tongue.

It had been years since I had tasted vagina juices, and I had forgotten the magical effect that it could have on me. All sense of my own Bayan Escort body faded as the taste, smell, and texture of her love orifice became my prime focus. My tongue danced over her lips, probed within her canal, mapped out the folds and bud of her clitoris, and finally, my lips and tongue conspired together to stimulate her, swirling and sucking and complimenting the way my hands grabbed her ass, stroked the small of her back…

I lost track of my penis… it felt good but I didn’t really know or care what was going on with it… if it was just flying in the air, gripped by her hands, or being ministered onto by her mouth. Someday I hope to be more present in moments like these, but for now, this moment was once in a lifetime and the passion of it overloaded any analytical forces which I was able to command.

I lost track, not just of my penis, but of time… and presently she started to shudder.

I sucked her harder, faster… grabbing onto “my” butt — for the moment, she was mine, it was a temporary gift for no reason that I could discern but a gift nonetheless, I gladly took possession of it. She is going to cum for me, right on my face, I thought to myself. After all these years, finally that love juice would flow into my mouth, become part of my body. Our souls would become even more closely intertwined. Married, not by the laws of men, but by the laws of deep nature, an erotic relationship beyond convention to define, without obligation.

She tried to pull away, but I held her tight, sucking, licking faster and faster. I heard her gasp, trying to voice what she was afraid of: losing control to me, being made to cum, not on her terms, but on mine.

She didn’t keep on fighting, but remained a bit tense as I kneaded her buttocks, and she soon trembled and shuddered aggressively as her orgasm finally arrived. Her smell changed a little and her cream dripped into my mouth… a taste that felt to me like pure love… a taste I wished I could have ever day.

I felt her go limp, collapsing onto my face a bit. It took a bit of effort to hold her up so that I could breath. Almost suffocated by pussy, I thought to myself, smiling.

Pressing gently, I tried to roll her off of me, but she pushed back. “Keep quiet under there, you!” She said, only half joking. I playfully nipped at her pussy with my lips, and shifted my weight unto my elbows. She complied and rolled onto her side, and when I saw her face, it was a dazed look, full of bliss and quite sated.

“I don’t believe you.” She said. I know what she meant, but I didn’t care. She had planned to seduce me, but I had turned the tables. The dominion within her was frustrated at having failed, but she couldn’t overcome her bio-programming; after an orgasm she was dead to the world for at least an hour.

“Get some rest,” I replied. “We’ll talk more in the morning.”

“Mmmm,” she replied, already half asleep.

…to be continued.

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