Ann’s Release Ch. 2


When Tim’s orgasm had ended, he gently pulled me to my feet and whispered that it was my turn. He pulled back the covers from the bed and laid me back on top of the cool sheets, then crawled in beside me. Tim began giving me slow kisses starting at my ears, something that has always driven me crazy, and then down to my neck. His hands were busy fingering the length of my slit and massaging my swelling breasts. He lowered his face down to my cleavage and licked from one stiff nipple to the other. I moaned loudly when he sucked one tight into his lips. This was more foreplay than I had seen since Jack and I were first married.

Slowly Tim kissed and sucked his way from my breasts down my stomach and to my crotch. I was getting wet with the anticipation of what I knew was next, feeling my legs being pressed apart and Tim’s tongue licking a wet trail through my pussy. His fingers spread the moist folds as his lips kissed the warm flesh surrounding the entrance. I inhaled sharply when I sensed his tongue pushing inside. Quickly Tim started flicking his tongue back and forth across my opening, coaxing my juices up to his sucking mouth. I reached down and held his head against my mound, grinding my hips unconsciously as his tongue bored deeper and deeper.

I was approaching my orgasm and it was going to be a big one. I could feel it starting in my chest and moving gradually down through my breasts, across my stomach and then centering over my pussy. It came crashing down just as Tim pushed his tongue as deep as he could and sucked hard enough to cause me to gasp and catch my breath. I bucked up against him, clamping my thighs around his head. My breasts Escort Bayan seemed to be on fire and I began to tug at the nipples to release the pleasure that wanted to escape. Tim continued to suck and lick at my juices that flowed freely from inside me. As the orgasm ended and I slowly came down from the emotional high I was on, the only sounds I could hear were Tim’s sucking and my own labored breathing.

When I could take no more, when it seemed like I was going to pass out if he continued his oral ministrations, I reluctantly pushed Tim’s head away. When I could focus on his face once again, he was smiling; his face wet and shiny from my juices. He leaned down and gave my pussy one last kiss before crawling up the bed and pressing his body against mine. We kissed long and deep and I could taste my cream on his lips. Tim rolled up on top of me and I allowed his growing erection to push between my legs. It felt so sexual, so erotic to be able to sense a man’s penis growing, stiffening, and lengthening as it pressed against the damp folds of my vagina. I wanted to feel him inside of me more than I had ever wanted any man before him.

I reached down and grabbed his tight ass, pulling the weight of his crotch against my own. His cock ground against my pussy and I wrapped my legs around his back to hold him there, captive for a moment. But we both knew that we had to have each other, that our urges would only be sated with the primal intimacy of copulation. Tim whispered in my ear that he wanted to make love to me and, lifting his body up, he took my legs in his hands and guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy. I hooked my ankles at Escort his waist and watched with excitement while he rubbed the head up and down my swollen, slippery labia.

Tim slowly began to feed his cock into me an inch at a time. I took a deep breath as the large head pressed between the lips and through into the hot inner reaches. I could feel my pussy grabbing onto his cock, wrapping around it while he eased it deeper and deeper inside me. This was more cock than I had ever had in me and I was astonished at how wonderfully my body worked to accommodate it. My juices seeped down around the shaft and coated it with their slickness, a self-defense mechanism to keep his size from tearing me apart.

More and more of hard, hot flesh pushed into my pussy until at last, I felt it bottom out against my cervix, and his warm balls resting against my crotch. Slowly he began to withdraw the length, pulling my pussy inside out until only the swollen head remained between the lips. He held it there for just a second before pushing it back inside me. We began to get into a steady rhythm of fucking with his cock bringing me to the verge of orgasm again and again. At times he would be slow and gentle, and then at others he would be fast and animalistic. I could only lie there and take it all in, marveling at the sensations my body was experiencing.

When my orgasm came it was like a roller coaster rushing down through my body, gathering momentum and heat, taking my breath away and causing my vision to blur. I tried holding onto the stiff cock inside me, to squeeze it within the throbbing walls of my pussy. But it only increased its tempo, each Bayan Escort thrust pushing me over the edge until I at last I screamed out in uncontrollable passion. I lifted my hips up until my ass was off of the bed, wanting to keep his cock inside me. His sweat was dripping onto my chest and trickling between my heavy breasts. All I wanted was to feel him explode inside me, to complete this coupling and satisfy my lust.

Then he grabbed my legs and lifted them up until my ankles rested atop his shoulders. Leaning into me, he began to pound his cock as deep as my body would allow. I could hear him grunting, panting in short breaths with every thrust of his cock, and I could hear the sound of my wet pussy being fucked by his long, hard piece of meat. Suddenly he paused, arching his back with his cock buried in to the hilt. And then I could feel it grow, feel it swell up inside me, expanding my pussy to its maximum. He let out a low, guttural growl and then my whole insides were being scalded with his thick semen. His cum shot deep into my pussy and I gasped when I first felt it. His cock continued to pulse and unload his balls inside my convulsing pussy, his hips rocking back and forth to work every drop from them.

This was more than I had ever felt. Sometimes I couldn’t even tell when Jack had reached orgasm; there was almost no sensation. But now I could sense every spurt, every shot of Tim’s orgasm. I could feel it as he began to withdraw his cock with my pussy wrapped around it, and yet another contraction of his balls sent more of his heavy cream inside me, I could feel it seeping down the crack of my ass, my pussy overflowing with the delicious juice. I tried to hold him there, to keep his cock prisoner in my sated pussy, but he slid it free and unleashed more of the cum that was dammed up inside me and allowed it to flow over my swollen lips and land in a puddle on the tangled sheet.

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