Another Home Invasion


**Author’s Note: This is a second part to my other story “Home Invasion”. I wasn’t going to continue this story but a friend of mine asked me to do another one. I don’t think I’m going to go on with this story because I don’t have any more ideas for it. If I do I’ll see if I can write another short.


The moon was on it’s waning cycle, it’s silver beams chasing the shadows of night away. But it was so hot. The air conditioner was broken. Marcella couldn’t bear to even wear her bra and panties. Her caramel skin burned from too much sun. She carefully rubbed aloe lotion into the red areas of her shoulders and chest.

She had been distracted all morning. Her sugar daddy had noticed and asked what was wrong but all Marcella would say was that she tossed and turned in her sleep the past few nights. In truth it was because she was horny for that intruder who attempted to rob her. Her sugar daddy kept asking about why the alarm went off the other night.

Marcella’s dark brown eyes became dark with seduction and passion as she licked her sugar daddy’s thick neck and whispered in a smoky voice, “I told you it was just some raccoon. I forgot to close the glass door because I was so hot…” She nibbled on his ear lobe and stroked his blossoming erection through his cotton khakis as her words carried some double meaning.

“I should really get that air conditioner fixed,” her sugar daddy shuddered with joy at his mistress’s touch. His mind was already flooding with the naughty things that she was going to do to him.

“There’s no rush,” Marcella said as she descended his body leaving sizzling kisses in her wake until she got to the place he wanted her to go to desperately.

Marcella satisfied her sugar daddy 5 times that day. She imagined he was her masked intruder. He said he’d come back next week for his next “business” trip to keep his wife off his trail. Marcella smiled as she kept her doors unlocked, the glass door slightly open and opened a few windows to let in the cool summer breeze.

Marcella couldn’t stop thinking about the stranger that broke into her house the other night. It had been 2 days since his first visit. Marcella was starting to think he wouldn’t come back making her sigh heavily as she sat her plump round ass on her comfortable yet expensive mattress. But just in case she had been leaving the alarm off and doors unlocked.

Marcella yawned, stretching then wincing a little at the pain from her burnt skin. She lay on the cool linen sheets, her black hair loose, draped over the white pillows like a curtain of midnight. She lay on her back feeling the summer breeze from her balcony window kiss her aching skin. Her nipples balled into caramel kisses, goosebumps blooming on her areolae.

Marcella listened to the ocean waves crashing on the beach in the distance and the crickets chirp. She teetered on the edge of sleep, rolling over onto her stomach to let the wind ease the burn of her shoulders. That’s when she felt them…

Marcella felt a stranger’s hands run down her back trailing down her spine, traveling the slope of her lower back to caress her butt cheeks. She stirred slightly as the tingling sensation from being touched rippled through her body giving her goosebumps. She thought she was already asleep and dreaming.

A hum of satisfaction slipped through her lips.

“You came back…,” Marcella groaned in delight as she felt the masculine fingers touch her private flesh. Then she felt a pair of familiar lips nuzzle the nape of her neck. No way this was a dream. It felt too real.

“You invited me,” the familiar voice huskily replied.


“A few minutes ago…”

Dyson waited outside Marcella’s house the whole day. His balls tightened as he remembered her scrumptious lips wrapped around his cock, her tongue tracing along his length. Then her satin heat entrapping him as he pummeled her on that table. He could still taste her cherry cinnamon lips and feel her wetness on his fingers.

“You’re going back?” Rogan cried. “You Alanya Escort Bayan want to go back to prison?!”

“Relax,” Dyson winked his Caribbean green eye at his partner. “I won’t get caught.”

“You never told me what happened in there,” Rogan eyed his partner suspiciously.

“Something you don’t need to worry about,” Dyson said with a bit of warning in his voice. He had waited to go back partly out of cautiousness partly to make Marcella thirsty for him.

Dyson watched from a distance watching Marcella swimming, chatting on the phone with some girlfriends and then entertaining her sugar daddy lover. His eyes darkened as his blood seethed with jealous rage. He knew how she got that house but to actually see her work for it made his eyes a darker shade of greed.

Dyson thought about following that old bastard and beating him bloody but that was a sure fire way to place him back in prison. Instead he planned to fuck Marcella extra hard. The waning moon was high and the whole neighborhood was asleep.

Dyson carefully slipped into the yard and wandered around the house only to find the sliding glass door open. That bad girl, Dyson smiled as he crept into the house putting on his black mask that covered his whole face leaving eyes and mouth open of course.

He silently crept upstairs, his muscles tensing after every other creak. His heart pounded with the thrill of it all. He had studied the house and knew exactly where Marcella’s room was. He found her bedroom door and it was slightly open. He gently pushed it to see if Marcella was in bed yet.

The moon light illuminated part of her bedroom, touching her bed. Marcella lay on her back, her breasts exposed while her sheets covered her lower half. Dyson’s eyes settled on her breasts, so perfect, round and full. He licked his lips as he saw her nipples were hard little nubs.

His cock throbbed as he watched the slow rise and fall of her chest, her long black hair fanned over the pillow. She rolled over in a groan, the sheets coming down to reveal that perfect ass of hers glowing in the silver light like a ripe fruit.

Dyson quietly slipped through the open door, careful not to make a sound. Then he touched her. Her skin was as soft as he remembered. His hands slid around her back in a hungry hello and Marcella stirred, a soft hum of satisfaction escaping her lips.

“You came back…,” she groaned.

There was no hiding the musk of her arousal as he whiffed a spicy aroma coming off of her. Her body was hot and slick with summer heat. Dyson nuzzled his lips against the soft fragrant nape of her neck as he touched her private flesh groaning in pleasure to see that she was damp already.

“You invited me,” he said as he ripped off her sheets to expose her caramel skin then began rubbing her wet heat harder feeling her rosebud perk up at his attentions.

“Oh yeah keep doing that,” Marcella moaned spreading her legs. Her heart raced with the thrill of the moment.

Dyson balled a fist in Marcella’s silken dark hair, pulling her by her roots making her sharply inhale.

“Don’t talk,” Dyson whispered huskily into her ear giving Marcella exciting shivers.

Dyson ran his fingers along her slit, rubbing her, teasing her a little making her wet with lust. He dipped his fingers into Marcella’s hot wetness making her groan with joy.

Her muscles locked around Dyson’s fingers. He laughed whispering, “Still a nasty bad girl.”

“Such a nasty bad girl…,” Marcella pleaded. Her body was alive with expectation. To know those big strong hands were touching her was beyond erotic. Marcella thought she would come just from his touch.

Dyson buried his masked face into Marcella’s dark hair, inhaling her expensive shampoo and conditioner. He kissed then bit into her copper shoulder smelling her perfume and tasting the salt of her sweat making him ache and pulsate with lust.

Marcella winced in pain and Dyson could see that the skin on her shoulders were slightly burnt. He didn’t want Alanya Escort to hurt her (unless she begged him to). He became a bit more gentle when he kissed and licked her shoulders. The scent of aloe mixed with her other scents creating a unique perfume that made Dyson so horny he thought he would burst if he didn’t fuck her now. But he was patient.

“Don’t move,” Dyson ordered as he released her hair. Marcella obeyed keeping her face away from her intruder’s face. Her heart raced with the thrill of the moment. Dyson wandered to behind her seeing her perfect shaven pussy glistening in the moonlight like a ripe peach.

“You’ve been a bad girl,” he said as he bit into her juicy ass then slapped it hard. Marcella cried out then groaned. “I’ve been watching you all day with that wrinkly bastard. Did you enjoy fucking him?” Dyson licked Marcella’s hot slit tasting her peppery juices, his tongue flicking her throbbing clit.

Marcella bit her lower lip to stifle a hungry moan but she smiled nevertheless at his jealousy.

“Maybe a little…,” Marcella shrugged and Dyson pinched her budding clit making her squeal in pleasure. Dyson lifted her hips, pulling her pussy into his face so he could bury his tongue in between her juicy shaven folds.

“I’m going to punish you then,” Dyson sounded feral, brutish in his heat. “Turn over.”

Marcella did as she was told. Her skin stung from the rough play but it only added to her arousal. She wanted him to fuck her hard like he did before. Her intruder wedged himself between Marcella’s legs that she readily opened to receive him.

She began rubbing her throbbing clit slowly as she watched Dyson unbuckle his pants and pull out his swollen thick staff of lust she could see the veins on it pulsing. Marcella was trembling with arousal. Her sexy chocolate eyes lazy with desire.

Dyson began rubbing his cock as he watched her then he grabbed her wrists and pinned her to the bed. His shaft teased her entrance, rubbing without entering. Marcella groaned with impatience as she rubbed herself against his throbbing hard flesh. Dyson made a smug sound of male pleasure as he watched Marcella whimper with desperation.

“Please…,” Marcella begged. “Please fuck me.”

“I want you nice and wet,” Dyson growled as he bent over and sucked her hard nipple into his greedy mouth, flicking his rough tongue against the diamond nub. A small quake of delight flashed through Marcella. She groaned in pleasurable pain when Dyson rolled the nipple between his teeth.

“Oh fuck…,” Marcella gasped.

Marcella came gushing coating Dyson’s cock in her love nectar as her muscles spasmed. A flash of heat gripped her followed by a sense of euphoria and she felt like she was floating. She writhed beneath his grip as Dyson made a wholly sensual sound, a low rumble of pleasure watching her in ecstasy.

“I’m not done with you yet,” Dyson whispered hoarse with desire.

Dyson pushed himself into the heated core of Marcella’s body. The silky heat between her thighs captured him. Her legs wrapped around his waist trapping him inside her. Dyson couldn’t think of a better prison. He was slow at first, torturing her panting ecstatic body with more pleasure. Then he placed his hand around Marcella’s throat. He didn’t squeeze… not yet.

His mask began to itch from the summer heat but he wanted to keep it on for their game. At least it was made from thinner material so his skin could still breathe.

He watched as her breasts thrust invitingly towards his mouth. His thickness seemed to stretch and devour her. Marcella kept her hands away from Dyson instead gripping the sheets as he began thrusting inside her, the tendons on is neck standing out with each thrust.

The bed creaked as he pressed harder into her, deeper, filling her up with his maleness. Dyson watched as Marcella’s breasts bounced with each savage thrust. Marcella’s whimpers grew louder into moans.

“Oh god yes…,” Marcella gasped as waves of heat pulsed through her body as the Escort Alanya tension coiled in her abdomen building towards her climax. “Fuck me hard!” She began to meet him thrust for thrust.

Dyson lightly squeezed Marcella’s neck, eyes locked letting him know if he should tighten his grip or loosen.

“God you’re so tight,” Dyson grunted. “So hot and tight.”

Marcella smiled in ecstasy, tightening her legs around Dyson’s waist to plunge him deeper into her heat. She could feel him penetrating her womb as they shared a body. Her body began to glisten with perspiration from the lust and the heat of the night. Dyson moved hard and fast, jack hammering toward a desperate climax.

Marcella was half way to heaven as she sensed Dyson was ready to come. In a bold act she squeezed his scrotum. His balls were smooth and tight then he burst in bone-deep growl, his body shuddering as Marcella felt his hot seed pour into her womb.

Dyson fell on top of Marcella in a voracious growl. Marcella and Dyson lay there in mutual satisfaction, entangled in flesh, the linen sheets soaked in their sweat. Marcella licked the salt of Dyson’s sweat from his neck then nibbled his ear lobe.

Her intruder nuzzled his nose into her hair, licking her face tasting the delicious sweat and her caramel skin as he softened inside her. Their bodies a firebrand on each other. Dyson felt Marcella reach under his shirt to feel the contours of his hard muscles. She clawed at his back sending tiny trills along his spine.

Dyson pulled out as he rolled over onto his side. They kissed passionately, their tongues languid and lazy rubbing each other in a wet slide as Dyson’s hand traveled to the apex of Marcella’s thighs. Marcella looked into Dyson’s Caribbean green eyes so full of lust that matched the intensity of her own as he inserted his finger into her scalding wetness.

She groaned, her body still so sensitive from before. Her veins pulsed with electricity as he played with her molten core. Marcella moved her hand under her intruder’s shirt feeling his firm marbled muscles. She dug her nails into his chest as new waves of sensuous sensations flooded her body.

Dyson raked his fingers through Marcella’s damp black hair as his other fingers stretched her walls and pumped inside her. Her mouth opened in a silent scream with the occasional whimper and groan.

“You’re my bitch,” he whispered harshly into her ear. “Say it.”

“I’m your bitch. I’m your bitch! Don’t stop please!” she breathed as her body began to wriggle and writhe in ecstasy. Dyson’s thumb played with her love button as he watched Marcella’s face contort into euphoria. He was mesmerized. Her chocolate eyes rolled in the back of her head, her breasts thrust towards the ceiling and he couldn’t help but taste those tiny morsels again. He sucked on her nipple hard making her dig her fingers into his flesh.

“So hot and wet,” Dyson whispered in pleasure. “Fuck… you’re scalding hot it’s so good.”

Dyson stifled Marcella’s cries of passion with a tongue thrusting kiss. Her body grew rigid then relaxed. Marcella’s curvy body was filled with erotic satisfaction. Her skin stung, prickling with the sun burn but the endorphins flooding her body mixed and eased the lovely pain.

Dyson’s fingers were coated in Marcella’s juices. He slipped them out then sucked on them closing his eyes in delight. Marcella took his cum soaked fingers and popped them into her mouth.

“I like the way my bitch tastes,” Dyson growled. Marcella looked up at him with naughty dark eyes making him grow semi-hard again. He wanted to fuck her again but he would be tempted to take the mask off and ruin the game.

Dyson pinned Marcella down then ordered, “Turn over and don’t look.”

Marcella smiled, slowly turning over perhaps expecting him to fuck her again but instead he whispered in her ear, “Next time wear something slutty for me.”

She quivered, licking her lips that were still wet with her sweet cum. Dyson gave her ass a good squeeze and kissed it. Then he slapped it and crept silently away. Marcella thought she’d be too excited to sleep, her body was vibrating from her orgasms and the thrill of the event but she drifted off into a sex induced coma and didn’t wake until the summer sun rudely shone in her face.


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