Mona Gets Busted


Officer Steve Thompson was pissed off to say the least. The 6’3″, 225 lb ex-football player turned cop could not believe his luck lately. He was a good guy, he thought to himself, he tried to live right, was willing to risk his life in the line of duty for people he didn’t know and tried really hard not to hurt anyone. So why, he questioned was his life so shitty lately?

Two days ago, Steve walked into his nice little house where his nice little girlfriend was supposed to be waiting with her nice little arms (and legs) open for him, with a nice little meal on the nice little table. Yea, that was what was supposed to happen. Instead, he walked into a huge shit storm. Sherry wasn’t getting any younger and her bio-clock’s bio-alarm had apparently started ringing. She wanted Steve to finally make that commitment, settle down have kids etc. The problem was that Steve had lost everything in his first divorce and was really happy with his life. He went to work, got laid, didn’t have to worry about diapers or formula anymore and his kids got to stay every other weekend. Life was good.

Sherry lost it when Steve tried to explain that he had a bad day, two young teens had played Romeo and Juliet because their parents forbid them to see one another and he had been the first officer on the scene. Then there was the spousal abuse case were the wife was in a coma because the husband’s steak was medium instead of rare and finally he tore his good pants and got a huge gash in his right leg that needed seven stitches when he misjudged the fence he was hurdling chasing the peeping tom / weenie wager who was masturbating outside the girls locker room at the local high school. In short, Steve’s day hadn’t been what you would term as stellar.

To top it off, Sherry now wanted him to set a date, choose table settings and invitations and remodel the den into the nursery – “Or Else”.

That was two days ago and things weren’t improving at all. Steve wondered if he had committed some heinous act in a past life to deserve all of this. Yesterday, he found out that he was passed over for his long expected promotion to detective because the Mayor had instituted another new affirmative action plan that required all promotions held until the new study could determine if the past seven years worth of promotions on the force had been race and gender equal. If that wasn’t enough, he found out Sherry had stopped taking the pill a couple of months ago and now she was late AND his buddy in vice told him he thought he had seen Steve’s sister hooking again and that she looked really strung out this time.

Steve had been on his way to check that out when he got the call about the disturbance at the local rub and squirt where all of the nasty losers in town watched third rate porn and whacked off into the disgusting trash cans in those little booths. Steve of course had been the first to arrive and some over bloated whore was in a tizzy because some slut was giving it away inside and she couldn’t get a john to pay for her next fix. Unfortunately she was right and the law was the law – sex in public was still a crime so Steve, called in the cavalry expecting a lot of angry pissed of losers when their plaything got cuffed and stuffed.

As soon as the back-up arrived, the cops swarmed the place in mass, sending half dressed old men scattering like hookers from church. Steve couldn’t have been prepared for what he saw as the crowd parted like the Dead Sea for Moses. There, on her knees was what would have been a gorgeous “female Hispanic”. She had the biggest nipples Steve Ataşehir Escort had ever seen, if it weren’t that she was covered from head to toe in what could only be gallons of cum, Steve would have considered fucking her himself. She had perfectly pert breasts, a little on the small side, but absolutely perfect none the less, she had a flat tummy, well toned abs and ass but what threw Steve the most was the size of the monster and his tool working this slut. Steve is a big guy, but this stud put his 10 incher to shame. Steve couldn’t believe how stretched this girls pussy was and she just kept riding the wash board abed stud harder and harder as she fervently fingered her clit.

Damn, Steve thought, this should utterly disgust him, but instead, he found the two day lack of nookie and the sight of this slut getting stuffed somehow erotic. He actually hated to break up the fun, but he knew the Patrol Supervisor would be there soon, so as one of the other guys grabbed the well-hung patron and pulled him from the girls cunt, Steve bent down to start to hand-cuff her. His luck was true to form as late and just as he bent in, the stud shot his wad hitting Steve’s freshly cleaned and starched shirt.

Reflexively, Steve jumped back and watched this guy cream all over the tramp in front of him. He watched as she pushed back, trying to re-impale herself on the missing meat. Steve couldn’t believe how much cum this guy had and wondered if he would ever empty his balls as wad after wad continued to land on the sluts back and ass. When the guy finished, Steve shrugged and put on his surgical gloves – there was no way he was touching all that cum – and finished cuffing the Hispanic beauty. He pulled her to her feet and among the applause and jeers, escorted her to his freshly detailed police cruiser.

As Steve opened the back door to place the woman inside it dawned on him that all of that cum was about to get smeared into his nearly new back seat. Steve was pissed. He knew that the department wasn’t going to pay to have the cruiser detailed again until next week – so his options were to clean it himself tonight or wait until Monday. As Steve got into the drivers seat the smell of leaking pussy and cum filled his nostrils and sent him over the edge. He and Sherry were having problems and all he needed was for her to get in the car in the morning to go to the OB/GYN appointment they scheduled and smell the backseat and she would surely go through the roof.

As Steve drove to the station, he got more and more incensed about his situation and at some point, he just surrendered to the tragedy that was his life. Steve entered the station through the back doors that led directly to the holding cells and found them to be filled with the normal drunks and bloodied would be bar room heroes. It was then that Steve realized three things –

He hadn’t read this bitch her rights There was no female officer on duty – and even though it was obvious this cunt didn’t have a weapon on her – departmental policy demanded a body cavity search. No-one had kept a holding cell open for the possible female perpetrator.

As soon as the drunks and assholes saw the hand cuffed and naked cum smothered harlot enter, the catcalls started and Steve was just about at his wits end. He looked at the cause of his frustration and as politely as he could manage, asked her her name.

“Mona” – she replied. “I’m sorry, officer” she continued.

Steve had expected her to sound like some drugged out street urchin and was shocked at not only how well spoken she Anadolu Yakası Escort was but the fact that she was genuinely sorry. Steve took her into the delousing room and told Mona that he was going to have to hose her down before he could put her in the cell and that he would try to find something to cover her in afterwards. Mona smiled and tried to ease Steve’s anxiety by saying “It’s a little late for me to be shy now – don’t you think?” They both laughed a little and Steve told Mona that the force of the hose was a bit strong – but that it only had one setting,

Steve told she might want to “assume the position” by bracing herself against the wall. With the push of the button, Steve felt the hose surge into life and watched it propel Mona flat against the cold tile wall. Mona shrieked as she felt her tits pressed hard to the smooth tiled surface and then struggled to keep her head up as the water pounded her. Steve began to follow the well trained routine and watched the cum disappear from her body and swirl down the floor drain. Steve sprayed her head and moved the hose down her shoulders and back, down the crack of her ass and thought that he heard Mona let out a slight gasp as the water struck her there. He sprayed her legs and then told her to turn around.

Steve told Mona that she should stand with her back flat against the wall and spread her legs slightly and cover her face with her hands. Mona complied instantly and felt the sting of the force of the water on her hands. Mona then felt the biting thrust of the hose on her still hard nipples and couldn’t help but groan at the sensation she was feeling. Mona had such sensitive nipples and it was no secret that she could cum hard just by having them pinched correctly but this, this was new. She was instantly creaming and she tried to squirm, causing the stream to shift about and increase her enjoyment.

Steve couldn’t believe it – he watched this slut getting hot from the pressure of the hosing she was getting and he felt his cock straining at his fly. It was so hard it hurt, Steve was not used to going even one day without sex and the lack thereof coupled with the wild wanton sight unfolding before him had him horny as hell. Steve shifted his weight a bit trying to ease the pressure on his throbbing member as he lowered the flow of the water to Mona’s firm abs. Mona actually tried to thrust her tits back into the stream but the force kept shoving her back against the wall.

Suddenly, Mona felt the spray on her mound and clit and she came. She moved just enough so that the spray actually entered her vaginal walls and massaged her both inside and out. Steve had heard about women who used the shower head to masturbate but had never imagined how erotic or apparently effective it could be. Steve watched Mona’s face contort her breathing change and saw her trying to gyrate her hips against the flow and knew she was cumming hard. He had seen similar looks in his life but none so absolutely all consuming as this one. Steve had imagined the perfect orgasm, the one that it is so intense you could die from it and knew that this was the closest he would ever come to actually witnessing such a thing.

Steve slowly moved the spray helping his detainee masturbate to the flow when he noted that her eyes were actually fluttering. Steve pushed the button again and watched as Mona literally melted to the floor. After coiling the hose back up, Steve went over to check on his criminal and found her breathing erratic and raspy at best. “Great” he thought, “Now she is gonna Kadıköy Escort die and I have that shit to add to my day too.” Slowly, Mona smiled up at him, but her eyes were still twitching. Steve noticed that she was still secreting her juices from her dripping vagina and could not pull his eyes from her magnificent nipples.

Mona looked up and knew she had a near death experience. Never in her life had she cum so hard or for so long. She tried to focus her eyes but couldn’t. Her entire body was twitching both inside and out. Mona was a physical mess. She lay on the floor for what must have been half an hour before she got enough strength to even slide herself into a sitting position against the wall. Every time she moved, her body was wracked with another gut wrenching orgasm and she knew that Office Steve was watching her vagina flow freely. She tried to stop it but the sensations wouldn’t subside. As she began to focus at last, Mona realized that the room she was in had no windows or cameras and that the door seemed to be bolted from the inside. Steve had been patiently waiting for her to regain her senses enough to advise her of her Miranda Rights and give her the blanket he had commandeered from the supply room, when she looked at him and said “Thank You”.

“What the hell was that for?” Steve meant to think, but inadvertently allowed to slip out.

Mona giggled and said “That was fantastic!” Her voice was still dry and raspy, and Steve could tell how drained she must be, but here she was thanking him for abusing her with the fire hose. Steve knew that he could have turned down the pressure, or simply taken her into the normal showers at the station, but he let his anger rule his decision to punish her for stinking up his car. Steve felt guilty.

He walked over towards Mona and was about to apologize when she locked her doe like brown eyes onto his and said, “Don’t you have to do a body cavity search, Officer Steve?” Mona had used her best impish little girl voice because the truth was; she wanted to repay Steve for what she considered to be his kindness.

Steve was getting pretty worked up by this time and was trying to muster the professionalism he needed to continue when Mona smiled coyly up at him, saw him watching her and slid three fingers into her sill convulsing cunt. She saw him gulp hard and withdrew her fingers, pulled them to her lips and slowly licked then sucked each one clean. She never let their eyes unlock until she led his eyes slowly down the length of her frame with her own. As if hypnotized, he followed hers as she traced her frame with her fingers again, entering herself. She worked her fingers slowly in and out and both of them saw how they glistened with her sex and then, she slowly removed them and brought them again to her waiting lips.

Steve was breathing hot and heavy now watching this stranger masturbate for him and then lick herself clean, but nothing he learned at the police academy could have possibly prepared him for what Mona did next. Gathering the little strength she had remaining, Mona raised herself to her knees and slithered before Officer Steve, Just as her fingers touched her lips, she slid up his leg and offered them to him instead. His brain was on auto pilot now and he couldn’t have stopped himself if he wanted to. His lips parted and he hungrily sucked her fingers clean one at a time. As he did, he felt Mona unzip his fly and remove his throbbing member. As he cleaned her fingers, he cleaned the pre-cum from his massive tool.

The voice of reason was trying desperately to reach through to Steve, but he was way to far gone. He looked down at his prize and asked her with his eyes, “Why?”

Mona let his cock slide from her lips with an audible pop and said “I have always had another fantasy Officer Steve. Do you want to help me make it come true?”

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