Mother’s Milk


Eric rode home on the bus wishing he could do something about his horniness. He couldn’t masturbate on the bus, of course, and even after he got back to his apartment, it wouldn’t do him much good. Even if his cock could have gotten stiff enough, any climax he might have coaxed out of it would have been unsatisfying in the extreme. If he had a woman, that wouldn’t help either, unless she was a very unusual woman, able and willing to provide what he needed before the fucking could begin.

What he needed was milk, and not the kind in the supermarket dairy case either. It had to come directly from a breast, so he could taste the warm, delicious fluid as it trickled into his mouth, and smell the sweet, motherly aroma of the woman, and feel the rough texture of her nipple and areola on his lips and tongue, along with the soft skin of her breasts. It wouldn’t really take much more than a mouthful, but he had no woman available to provide him with even that much. There was nobody likely to become available in the foreseeable future either. The woman who had occasionally catered to his particular fetish had moved away almost three months ago and Eric’s sex life had been completely non-existent since then.

As he stared morosely straight ahead, a woman with long brown hair and a pretty face climbed aboard and started walking toward him, her thick body swaying with the movement of the bus. Eric recognized her. Although he didn’t know her name, he knew she lived in the same building as he did, just down the hall from his apartment. Once or twice, he had even chatted briefly with her while riding on the elevator, but he hadn’t seen her in a couple of weeks. At the most recent time, the woman had been in an advanced state of pregnancy, but apparently, she had delivered the baby since then. He looked at the swollen breasts bulging her light jacket, and thought of how he would love to get one of them into his mouth and taste the delights it could provide him, although he would never consider making such a suggestion.

The bus had only a few empty seats, and one of them was next to Eric. The brown-haired woman saw it, recognized him, and smiled nicely. “Is this seat taken?” she asked.

“No, it’s not. Help yourself.”


The young woman settled into the seat and they rode in silence for a few more blocks. The bus would stop right in front of their apartment building, but the trip was still almost two miles. Although they didn’t know each other very well, they were also not total strangers, and Eric finally broke the silence.

“Hi. I’ve seen you around the apartment building and even talked to you, but I don’t know your name. My name is Eric.”

“Yeah, I kind of know you. My name is Tricia.”

“How’s the baby?”

“Oh, he’s fine. I guess.”

“Er….You guess?”

“Uh, Yeah. Look, it’s like this. I was a surrogate mother. A few hours after the baby was born, the father and his wife thanked me and paid me, and took him from the hospital. I left right behind them, and I haven’t seen any of them since. She had something wrong with her female organs and couldn’t get preggers.”

“I see. That must have been very heartwarming, helping a couple have a baby they otherwise couldn’t have had.”

“Yeah, it was. The money was nice too. It did have a downside, of course, and there’s one thing that I hadn’t really thought about until yesterday. The baby was born two days ago and now I’m producing milk. By the gallon, it seems like, and nobody to nurse. My boobies feel like they’re sloshing when I move.”

Eric had a sudden, wildly optimistic thought. This might be his chance. “So, what will you do about it? The milk, I mean.”

“Oh, I bought a breast pump today, and I’ll use it to pump my boobies out and let it drain down the sink. It does seem like a waste, though.” Noticing the eager look on his face, she asked “Why? Do you have a better idea?”

“Well, yeah. Yeah, I do.” Hesitating, and carefully choosing his words, Eric described his situation. It was the most embarrassing thing he had ever done, describing his needs to this woman who was almost a stranger, and presenting his proposition without putting it into words. He probably wouldn’t have been able to continue, but she seemed to be encouraging him, smiling and nodding her head, instead of slapping his face, calling him a pervert and striding angrily away.

“Well, there you have it,” he concluded. “I hope you don’t think I’m some kind of weirdo, but I wouldn’t blame you if you do.”

“Unusual, yes, but a weirdo? No. You know, you’re not the only one who hasn’t been getting any. I’ve had to be celibate for the last three months to protect the baby. So, to answer the question you didn’t ask: Yes, but it’ll have to be at my place.”

Outwardly, he was calm, but Eric was exulting inside. “Of course. Anything you say.”

Tricia smiled and patted her seatmate’s leg. During their few brief encounters in their apartment building, Anadolu Yakası Escort she had observed him to be a handsome and personable young man, and had even thought of him as a possible cure for her increasing horniness, once she had given birth. Furthermore, she had vivid memories of suckling the newborn, but only the one time, just before her clients appeared to claim him. Not only had the pressure in her breasts been relieved, Tricia had experienced a certain erotic feeling during the process, and she could now feel her pussy stirring at the memory. She smiled at Eric and moved closer, pressing her leg against his and squeezing his thigh with her hand, until the bus reached their stop.

Their building is a secure one, and Eric unlocked the front door, held it open, and followed Tricia inside. The elevator they shared was equipped with a surveillance camera and they tacitly agreed that, to avoid giving anybody the right idea, they would behave like friendly strangers until they were inside Tricia’s apartment. They were both eager to begin what promised to be an extremely enjoyable experience, but they could wait a few more minutes.

Once they were away from any possible snooping eyes, their waiting ended. As soon as Tricia locked the door of her apartment, threw the heavy slide bolt and turned to face Eric, they were hugging closely, their open mouths pressed tightly together and their tongues exploring. Tricia hesitated slightly while she kicked off her shoes, but immediately resumed kissing Eric, even more passionately, her tongue even more aggressive. They broke off the kiss just long enough to breathe deeply before embracing and kissing again. Finally, Tricia leaned away from him, eager to proceed to where they would be able to do what they both wanted.

“My bedroom is down this hallway,” she whispered, and hooked her hand into the waistband of Eric’s pants as she led him to their destination.

He was no less avid than she, and removed his jacket during the short walk. As they stood beside her bed, their mouths sharing another long kiss, Tricia’s hands were busy unzipping her jacket and unbuttoning her blouse. After completing those necessary tasks, she ended the kiss, shucked off both garments, and turned her back to let Eric unfasten her bra, which he did quickly and with great alacrity. When she turned back around, she was naked above the waist, except for the bra that her hands still held in place. Seconds later, that was gone too, and she presented her full, luscious breasts to the man who was lusting so much for what they could provide to him.

Almost reverently, he held one of the lovely twins in either hand. They felt heavy and full, and he even saw some drops of milk oozing out of one nipple. Quickly, he bent over and licked off the ambrosia, relishing the erotic sensation that flooded his body as the warmth of even those few drops of milk filled his mouth. He could even feel his cock starting to stiffen, for the first time in months. Although she wanted very much to continue, and wanted no more delays, Tricia pushed him away, in order to get more comfortable.

“I love the way that feels, but let me lie down on the bed first.”

Replacing his hands with her own, Tricia sat on the edge of the unmade bed. Still holding her breasts to prevent any more leaking, she lay on her back and scooted over to the middle, positioning her head on one of the pillows. After removing his shoes and socks, Eric joined her, once again gently filling his hands with the lovely globes that were about to give him what he craved.

He had waited a long time for this moment, and he couldn’t wait any longer. Although eager, Eric used extreme delicacy in taking Tricia’s nearest breast into his mouth, and began running his tongue over the pebbly areola and feeling the hard ridges of her nipple as it quickly became erect. Gently, he sucked and, after a few seconds, he was rewarded by a slow trickle of her deliciously warm milk onto his tongue. While he savored and swallowed the special treat he had been without for so long, he could feel his cock was growing and hardening, and soon would be fully erect. Wanting all he could get, he continued sucking and swallowing. Tricia’s milk was the most delicious thing he could remember ever tasting.

The first breast was still firm and almost full, but he switched his attentions to its lovely twin. This one seemed to produce milk faster than the first one had, and it was every bit as warm and delicious and satisfying. As wonderful as the milk from her breast was in his mouth, it felt even better and more comforting in his stomach. Her breast was still firm with the magic potion that had restored his virility, but he took it out of his mouth. His cock was hard, as hard as it had ever been, and he was ready to fuck.

Of course, his body was not the only one that was reacting. The gentle suction on her extremely sensitive breast, combined with the tip of Eric’s tongue Kadıköy Escort caressing her nipple, caused a stirring that Tricia had been forced to avoid for a long time. She could feel a connection being established between the nipple and her clit, and she reveled in the feel of fresh moistness collecting in her pussy.

“Mmmmm, that feels good,” she murmured to Eric, whose mouth was too pleasurably busy to respond.

It felt even better when Eric’s mouth moved to her other breast. The connection with her clit became a three-sided one and Tricia could feel currents of pleasure flowing through her body, and the moisture inside her pussy formed drops, which trickled onto her crotch. As wonderful as the man’s hands, sucking lips and caressing tongue felt on her breasts, what she really wanted was to get his stiff cock driving in and out of her pussy. To make sure they would both be ready at the same time, she started unbuttoning his shirt. When she was through with the buttons, he moved his hands and arms to allow her to remove the garment one sleeve at a time. With Eric as bare above the waist as she was, Tricia started on his pants.

He had no objection. Even the relatively small amount of milk he had sucked from Tricia’s breasts had been enough to give him a raging erection and an urgent need to use it. After she loosened his pants and pushed them down around his hips, he moved far enough away from her to pull them down the rest of the way and let them fall to the floor. Before kicking them aside, he bent down and took a condom from a pocket, followed by peeling off his socks. Wearing only his jockey shorts, which were severely stretched in front by his stiff cock, he got back onto the bed.

While Eric was removing his pants, Tricia had been busy with her clothing too, stripping off her skirt and stockings. When he rejoined her on the bed, she smiled delightedly at the distended condition of his shorts. She could see his cock was long and thick, more than enough to give her the fucking she needed.

Gently, she slipped her fingers into the waistband and pulled the garment down, easing it around his stiff cock, pulling it the rest of the way off, and tossing it onto the floor. With Eric naked and almost ready to fuck, Tricia rolled onto her back and spread her legs to welcome him. He knelt between her knees and gazed raptly at her white cotton panties, which were so wet as to be translucent, and he could see her pale, clean-shaven pussy, with its lovely pink lips. Tricia raised her ass from the bed and Eric pulled her last garment down and off, dropping it to the floor, leaving them equally naked.

The horny man and the equally horny woman wanted nothing more right then than to fuck, but Eric first unwrapped the condom and rolled it onto his cock. He wasn’t really worried about impregnating Tricia, nor was he afraid of STD’s or AIDS. He loves eating pussy and wanted to bury his face in her crotch after fucking, but he had no wish to ingest any of his semen in the process. When his cock was ready, he guided it into the dripping pink hole that Tricia was holding open for him.

Although this was their first time together, they were both experienced enough to begin their coupling easily. With his left hand splayed on the mattress beside Tricia, he leaned forward and pressed the tip of his cock against the opening that she was creating for him. Before making the initial penetration, he rubbed it against her dripping juices, spreading the lubrication. With a short, firm push, the head wedged its way into the tight and very welcoming pussy.

Tricia watched and felt the head of Eric’s cock squeeze into her, sending pleasure rippling through her body. She breathed in sharply between her teeth and continued to hold her pussy open, wanting everything he had to give her. Eric shifted his weight and thrust forward again, driving two more inches into where it was most wanted.

“Oh, God! Oh, my God, that’s good,” she murmured. “Give it to me!”

Wanting more than anything else to do exactly that, Eric leaned over her and slid his hands forward until they were under Tricia’s arms. With one more thrust, almost all his cock was imbedded in her tight pussy, sending waves of bliss flooding her body. Her wet channel clamped onto his shaft, one of the most wonderful places his cock had ever been. She spread her legs wider, letting another fraction of an inch of his stiff cock squeeze into her pussy, and hooked her legs around his. Eric was still above her, supporting his weight on his hands because he was reluctant to put any pressure on her sensitive breasts, especially because he knew they still contained his magical treat. Tricia reached up, wrapped her hands around his upper arms and smiled at him.

Slowly, Eric drew his cock most of the way out of her pussy, paused, and drove it back in. She flexed her arms and legs and fucked back to meet him, their bodies coming together with a soft “smack”, and tiny droplets İstanbul Escort of her pussy juices spattering on both of them. They moaned in unison from the exquisite pleasure, both of them happy to finally be doing what they had done without for so long. The second stroke was even better than the first, and the third and fourth and the many that followed would have better yet, if they had been bothering to count.

“Oh, my God, Eric, your cock feels so good, and I’m so horny! I’m almost ready to cum.”

Eric felt the same way after his long period of involuntary abstinence, but he hoped that this would be no more than the first of several couplings between them that day. “Me too,” he said.

He moved forward on her body, so his face was directly above Tricia’s, and started driving his cock into her faster. With the slight change in position, his thick shaft was plunging almost straight in and out of her pussy, massaging her clit with every stroke.

“Yes! Yes!” she encouraged him. “Fuck my clit! Fuck my clit! Make me cum!”

That was Eric’s intention, both her and himself, and he started fucking Tricia even harder and faster. Her body thrashed on the bed and her head rolled from side to side on her pillow as she thrust her pussy up to meet him. They both knew they were seconds from cumming and that it would be a memorable one.

“OH!” she cried. “Yes!” Tricia pulled her upper body against Eric’s, and wrapped her arms around his neck, while her legs squeezed him tightly around the hips. “I’m cumming!” she shouted into his ear, quite unnecessarily.

Eric pounded his cock into Tricia, slamming her against the mattress at every stroke, while she clung tightly with her arms and legs, imploring him to keep fucking her. Abruptly, her back arched, driving her pussy against him even harder, and her whole body spasmed as she climaxed. After her orgasm, Tricia relaxed under Eric, but he kept ramming his cock into her until he felt his own pleasure well up like a fountain and burst out. He climaxed, ejaculating a three-month buildup of semen into his condom in a series of gushers, before he also relaxed, sprawling on top of Tricia, but keeping his weight off her breasts, the source of his virility.

“That was wonderful,” Tricia murmured, looking up at the man who had just brought her to such a great orgasm.

“Was? I hope it still is. I mean, I hope you don’t want to stop yet.”

“Not if you don’t want to. Do you want to keep going?”

In answer to her question, Eric eased his cock from her pussy and, not even pausing to remove his condom, backed down the bed until his face was between her knees. Realizing what he wanted to do, and very much wanting him to do it, Tricia raised her legs. He slid under them, letting them rest across his shoulders, and wrapped his arms around her thighs, placing his hands on her mons. From a distance of a few inches, Eric gazed, enraptured, at the pussy he had just fucked and was about to start eating.

“Tricia, you sure have a beautiful pussy. And it smells great, too,” he added as he breathed in her musky fragrance. “I bet it tastes even better.” Eric leaned forward and began winning that bet.

First he licked the drops of nectar from the insides of her thighs and off her crotch. There was a great deal more, spattered all the way up to her mons, and he licked and sucked all of it into his mouth and swallowed it. Had anybody taken him up on the wager he had offered, Eric would have won, because the juices that had flowed from Tricia’s pussy were truly delectable.

But, neither the beauty, nor the heavenly aroma nor the incredible flavor was the best thing about eating Tricia’s pussy. Eric started his tongue on the exquisitely soft, smooth place between her inner and outer lips and licked the whole area to where the labia are close together. Once he reached that point, he probed his tongue into the seam between the two lips, and licked them both with gentle strokes. The inner lip was so swollen with her lust that he was able to hold it between his lips and suck on it while caressing the same place with his tongue. Moving his mouth slowly, and sucking and licking everything along the way, he finally reached the place where that inner lip ends by combining with her other inner lip to form her clit hood.

He was really enjoying himself, and Eric could tell Tricia was too, by her cooing and by the way her pussy was already squirming under his face. Although they were far from satiated, their fucking and cumming earlier had taken the edge off their horniness and he would take his time bringing her to an even better climax. After sluicing up all the nectar that Tricia had just produced, his tongue started pleasuring her other pair of lips.

Once again, Eric started at the small satiny place between her labia and licked slowly to the point where he could insert his tongue between them. By the time he had probed and licked his way to the end of her inner lip, Tricia was moaning in pleasure while her body writhed on the bed. He stroked his tongue across her clit hood, delighting in the way the movements of her body became more pronounced, and curled his tongue underneath to gently fondle the precious love button that was sheltering there.

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