My First Bi Experience


That first night with my wife, Sue, and her best friend, Clare, had been totally unexpected but incredibly hot. Clare started staying over on a regular basis and each time the girls were both so turned on by my feminisation that the sex was incredible. I had discovered Sue’s bisexuality and it was so sexy watching her make love to her friend.


It may help if you read my previous work to understand the background of this account. If not, I hope you enjoy it anyway.


Sue seemed to have forgotten about our desire for me to have sex with a man and, although this new situation was fantastic, I was developing an even bigger urge to play with a guy.

Another turn of events was just around the corner. One of my colleagues at work was leaving and a group of us had arranged to meet for a few drinks after work. There were a couple of dozen or so people from the building, some I didn’t really know, but everyone was in high spirits and the drinks were flowing nicely. I had noticed a guy looking at me a few times, I had smiled back. He was probably in his early 40’s, about 6 feet tall with dark hair and dressed in a smart dark suit. I had seen him around the office but didn’t know his name.

Shortly after I had noticed him, he had come over to me.

“Hi,” he said, “I have seen you about at work, my name’s Ben.”

“Hi, I’m John,” I reached out and we shook hands, “I work in sales.”

“OK, I’m in the engineering office.”

We carried on talking. He was very friendly and for some reason, I felt extremely comfortable with him and we chatted like long lost pals. He told me he was married and it turned out that he lived just 5 minutes from me.

“Hope you don’t mind if I ask you something?” he said. Then before continuing he looked around and with no one within earshot he went on, “I hope you don’t get offended but,” he looked around again, “You wear women’s panties don’t you!”

I was unprepared for that.

“Don’t worry, I won’t say anything. It’s true isn’t it?” He went on “you were wearing a dark red thong on Monday. I walked through your office and you were bending down at the photocopier. I saw it through your white shirt.”

Now I was the one looking around to make sure no one could hear. I’d been caught out and there was no point in lying.

“I feel so stupid, yes I do wear them.”

The thing is I didn’t feel silly. I looked at him and he was serious too. If I was expecting him to laugh and tell my friends and Pendik Escort colleagues I was wrong. I told him a little bit of my life outside of work, just enough to satisfy him but missing out large chunks of facts.

“Don’t panic John, I won’t tell anyone. I quite liked what I saw to be honest.”

Before I could reply, a couple of the secretaries had moved closer and started to talk to us about the present that had been purchased for Shaun, the guy who was leaving. I didn’t really take a lot of notice. I was shocked at the revelation that had just been made and was finding it difficult to keep my eyes off Ben. There was something about him.”

An hour or so later, some people had gone and the remainder were moving to a club in the City.

“John, do you want to move on or are you going home?” Ben asked.

“No, I fancy another drink.”

“I know a nice place we could go to if you fancy going somewhere different from the rest?”

“Yeah, that sounds good to me.”

We made our excuses and headed out of the pub.

10 minutes later, we walked through a door, up some stairs and ended up in a rather dimly lit large bar.

“Beer?” asked Ben,

“Yes please.”

I looked around and soon realised that this was a gay bar. There were guys and girls, mainly guys, chatting, some were holding hands and I noticed one couple kissing.

Ben handed me the bottle. We moved over to a corner and carried on the conversation we had started at the leaving do.

The longer we chatted the more relaxed I became. Ben was an extremely nice guy who was clearly comfortable with any topic of conversation. I noticed that he had started to be touchy. His hands lightly touching my shoulders and arms and he was standing closer to me.

I started to tell him more about me, but still holding back the main parts. Ben told me that he also wore panties but only very occasionally. His wife wasn’t as supportive as mine. Ben also told me that he is bisexual and we started to talk about his past with guys. At one point, and I don’t know why or when, as I leant over to speak into his ear, I felt his arm around my waist. I looked at him and, without even thinking about what I was doing, I slid my hand up across his chest and slowly flicked at his nipple. I felt him jolt.

“That was unexpected.” he said, “But very nice too.”

I had shocked myself too.

“I want to see you again,” he said, “can we get together soon?”

“I’d like that too.”

The Kurtköy Escort end of the evening came and, as we walked towards the exit, Ben stopped and kissed me on the lips. A lovely, short, soft kiss. This brought my cock to life and I felt it go hard.

We chatted in the taxi on the way home.

I arrived home, excited by the evenings events.

“Had a good time sweetie?” asked Jill,

“Yes, great thanks.” I said as I sat on the sofa, thinking about Ben.


I met Ben for lunch on Monday and we decided to see each other again and take things further. He told me that his wife was away on business on Thursday evening and suggested that I went to his house. I was really excited by the thought of being alone with him. I wanted him and wanted him to want me. This was new to me but it was going to be special.


I stood at his front door, reached up, rang the bell and waited. Ben soon appeared.

“Come in” he said. He was dressed very similar to me, jeans and a shirt. I followed him into the lounge. It was dimly lit and there was music playing in the background. “Sit down, make yourself at home John. Drink?” he asked.

We sat there chatting away talking about anything but the conversation we really wanted to have, sex. Then Ben asked if I’d been with a guy. I told him my experiences with the sex toys and my wife using the strap on on me and how much I enjoyed anal play. Ben had moved closer to me and it was only a matter of time until we kissed. Gently at first, then full lustful kissing. I felt his tongue in my mouth. I probed his mouth too. This was what I wanted and this was the guy I wanted it to be with. He pulled away from me and said

“Do you want to go upstairs, are you ok with that?” he asked. I stood up, answering his question.

We walked into a bedroom, the guest room I later discovered, still standing, we carried on kissing, holding each other tight. I could feel his cock pushing against me. I felt for the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up and over his head. His chest had a few hairs on it. I flicked one of his nipples with my fingers. We carried on undressing each other. I pushed him on the bed and undid his belt and zipper before pulling his jeans off. I reached for his boxers and they came off too revealing a nice hard cock, slightly longer than mine. My first cock and I was ready to enjoy it. I took off my jeans and stood in front of Ben in black and pink panties. My hard cock was trying to Ümraniye Escort burst out of the front.

“Leave them on,,…please,” He asked.

I got on the bed with him. We carried on kissing. I moved down to his cock and without loosing any time, licked his balls and then along his hard shaft to the tip. I licked at the precum and ran my tongue around the head of his beautiful cock. I wanted to please Ben and was certain I was doing that by the sounds he was making. He pulled me up to him and we kissed again.

“Your turn.” He said as his head went to my crotch. He licked over my panties then, after moving them to one side, he licked and sucked my cock as I had done to him. I felt him pull my panties down and his tongue licked at my asshole. He rimmed me for several minutes, finger fucking my love hole with one then two fingers.

“Fuck me Ben, please.” I said. He reached over to the cabinet and got a condom and a tube of KY. I was so excited, my first real anal fucking was seconds away. He passed me the condom and I rolled it onto his rock hard dick. I lay on my back with my legs in the air. He lubed us both then I felt his cockhead at my ass.

“OK?” he asked,

“Yes, please push it in.” I felt the head enter me then the shaft as his cock filled my ass. Within a few seconds he was buried balls deep in my tight hole. I looked at his face, the look of pleasure and wanted him to shag me.

“Alright?” he asked me,

“Yes, please, fuck me.” And he did. He pulled out then pushed into me. Fast and furiously he fucked me. He kept fucking me. I was moaning with sheer delight. I’d been waiting for this for a long time. Here I was, being anally fucked by a guy, a fantastic guy who was enjoying me as much as I was enjoying him. He carried on fucking me. I played with his nipples and mine too. The sensation was just unbelievable. I’m not sure how long he pounded away at me but as his moans got louder I knew he was almost there.

“I’m cumming, oh fuck, I’m …ahhhhh.” I felt his cock harden and then a few seconds later he stopped and collapsed on top of me.

We kissed again, a lot more gentle though than before. He rolled off me and as he removed the condom, I wanted to taste him. I sucked at his cock, tasting the spunk as I did so.

“Your turn,” he said as he moved to my dick “I’m going to taste you now.” He sucked my cock, beautifully. Better than any women had ever done. He was so gentle and it wasn’t long before I shot my load in his mouth. He looked at me with his mouth open, showing me the sperm he had sucked from me, then he swallowed.

He kissed me and we lay on the bed, neither of us saying anything. My first sexual experience with a guy had been absolutely fantastic.

To be continued…

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