My New Boss Pt. 03


As the weeks progressed, Suky became more controlling. First up she told me she wanted me at my full potential every Saturday morning. I didn’t understand her drift so she clarified things for me.

“From now on, I don’t want you to masturbate in between our sessions,” she told me emphatically. “I should be enough sexual stimulation for you. I don’t need you beating off to porn in the week. Save your load for me every Saturday morning. Be a good boy,” she said as I left the massage parlor.

I agreed to it without question, but it was very hard at first. Giving up control of your orgasms to another person is very difficult, especially when that person is a twenty year old goddess, who makes you want to jerk off constantly. However, I was obedient to her demand and only had an orgasm when I was with her. Needless to say, I had some intense orgasms on Saturday morning, and I looked forward to my 10am appointment, all week.

A few months into our relationship Suky changed things up again. I showed up at my Saturday morning appointment exactly at 10am. Joy greeted me and told me Sucky was waiting in room four. I hated when Joy called Suky, “Sucky” but didn’t say anything. It just seemed intentionally demeaning, especially when Joy knew I liked her niece very much.

When I entered the room I got the surprise of my life. Suky was laying naked on her stomach, with a small towel covering her cute little butt. Her hair was in a ponytail and was draped over her left shoulder. She looked very relaxed and it was clear that she was expecting to be pampered today. I was very aroused as this was just about the last thing I was expecting.

“It is your turn to take care of your girlfriend today,” Suky said, applying the girlfriend label for the first time.

I wasn’t really sure what she wanted from me, and Suky must have sensed my hesitancy, because she elaborated on her expectations.

“I want a tender, loving massage, soft touch, no rush,” she said, firmly, as if to let me know she was in charge today.

I stepped forward to the side of the massage table and laid my hands on her shoulders. Suky jumped as my fingertips made contact with her and let out a quiet moan.

I began to gently massage her shoulders, and she exhaled deeply as if she was really enjoying my touch. After a few moments attention to her shoulders, I slowly traced my fingertips to the nape of her neck, barely making contact with her silky smooth skin. Suky responded favorably to this new stimulation and I leaned over and kissed the back of her neck.

Once again, she exhaled deeply, and I wondered how long it had been since someone had treated her so tenderly. Even though her job title was masseuse, she was basically a prostitute. I know Suky referred to herself as a courtesan but, in truth, she wasn’t a mistress or girlfriend to any of these men. She was paid in exchange for sex acts, and I doubt many of the guys put much effort into her pleasure.

Now, as I licked and nibbled the back of her neck, she was encouraging me to attend to her. I ran my tongue lightly across her shoulders, alternating between this and very light kisses. She was definitely responding to this, so I slowly ran my tongue down her spine.

She was very toned, her skin was super soft, and she smelled amazing. I continued to kiss, lick and nibble her lower back, all the way to the edge of the towel that she had draped over herself. I enjoyed teasing her and was reminded of all the times she had driven me crazy in the past.

Suky lifted her butt up from the table, causing the towel to move further down her back. This enabled me to get my tongue closer to her butt-cheeks, yet at the same time respect the boundaries that she had established with the towel.

She was breathing a little harder now, and was clearly getting aroused. She let out a little moan, and I lifted my lips from her lower back, and walked to the end of the table. I was really enjoying her anticipation, and I waited several seconds before touching her again. This time I focused my attention on the back of her left knee. I softly kissed and licked this area, knowing it to be one of the erogenous zones.

I moved my tongue up the back of her thigh, moving in a deliberately Maltepe Escort slow motion until I reached the edge of the towel. Then I moved to the back of her right knee and repeated this motion. For the next few minutes, I alternated between her left and right leg, taking my time to heighten her arousal.

Her excitement was more obvious now, and I noticed her ragged breathing and heightened senses. My tongue was lapping at the edge of the towel, and I kept pushing the boundaries, and probing further up her inner thighs, without disturbing the towel.

I knew she wanted me to remove the towel, but I was enjoying teasing her too much to rush things. Finally Suky’s frustration got the better of her, and she reached back and tossed the towel on to the floor.

Taking this as an invitation to take things to the next level, I started licking and kissing her butt-cheeks, occasionally giving her a very light bite. She was tensing her ass with excitement, and was breathing hard. Suddenly, I removed my lips from her butt, and moved up to the end of the table. I stood over her again, enjoying her anticipation. Then I gently lowered my lips to the back of her neck, and nibbled it. Very slowly, I ran my tongue down her spine until I passed the middle of her back, then her lower back, then the top of her butt-cheeks, until I finally reached her little ass.

I knew she had a great ass. I had often admired it when she walked in front of me in her silky babydoll. Now she was naked in front of me, her ass was perfect. Once my tongue moved across her lower back, I gently placed my hands on her butt-cheeks and spread them slightly apart. I heard her sharp intake of breath, as my tongue slipped between her buttocks, and licked her ass. I knew how sensitive this area was, and how much pleasure I could give her, if she would allow it.

Over the last few weeks she had slipped her finger between my butt-cheeks many times, and I had writhed in ecstasy as she toyed with me. Now it was my turn! I wanted to worship her beautiful ass, and drive her crazy, and it was working. My eager tongue slipped in and out of her ass, and I was driving her wild. I licked her ass gently for a few moments, and when I stopped she lifted her butt higher, to let me know she approved. There are a lot of sensitive nerve endings in that area and I was very tender with my affection.

After several moments of ass-worship, Suky let out another audible moan, and spoke.

“I am ready to turn over,” she informed me.

I had been in that situation many times before. Enjoying the teasing touches of a skilled masseuse, and finally being so aroused that I wanted to turn over and get some relief. I was happy that Suky was now in that situation.

“I will give you a couple of minutes privacy to get comfortable,” I offered.

I turned and left the room to go and wash my face and hands, as she got into her new position.

On my return, I placed a pillow under her neck. and noticed that she had draped a very small towel over her private area. She was clearly aroused. Her nipples were erect and her face was flushed. I leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead, slightly brushing her lips with mine, as I moved down to kiss her neck. I was in no rush, and kissed her neck and shoulders for a few moments. Then, moving ever so slowly, I traced my tongue down her body, until I reached her breasts.

Suky gasped as my tongue flicked across her erect nipple. Using soft kisses and the tip of my tongue, I lavished attention on her for quite some time. I wanted her to really get aroused, and was in no hurry. She was arching her back slightly, so I moved my lips slowly down her chest, and onto her tight little stomach. She had a fantastic toned tummy, and I paid attention to every inch of it.

I continued my slow move south, until I reached the towel. I slipped my tongue under the towel just to tease her, but I had no intention of removing it from her private area.

I was willing to tease her until our time was up, or until she gave in, and removed it herself. Her stomach was tighter now, and her breathing was ragged. I continued to kiss and lick her tummy, before removing my lips and walking back to the end of the Cevizli Escort table by her feet. Next, I turned my attention to her ankles.

Slowly I traced my tongue up her right leg, across her shin and knee, and then to her inner thigh. Her head was propped up on the pillow I had given her, and she was watching me intently. I occasionally looked up and we made eye contact, but for the most part, I was focused on her pleasure. When I got to the top of her inner thigh, I was nibbling her lightly, and she moaned very softly.

I continued my affections, until I reached the towel again. I looked directly at her, and she nodded her consent to remove the towel. I smiled at her, and walked back to her feet, to begin teasing her other leg. Again, I slowly moved up her body until my lips reached the towel.

She had moved it further up her body, so she was more exposed. I took advantage of this, and was licking right at the top of her inner thigh, while gently tracing my nails across her stomach at the same time.

I knew I was driving her crazy, but I was in no hurry to remove her towel. She inched the towel up a little further, and I could see that she was wet. I ran my tongue along the side of her sex, without making direct contact, and she arched her back again. Then finally she gave in to her desire. She placed one hand on the back of my head, and forcefully pushed my face between her legs, as she used her other hand to toss the towel on the floor.

Suky responded immediately to my soft tongue between her thighs, and her hand remained securely on the back of my head, so that she could guide and control my movements. My hand was still tracing circles on her stomach, as I went down on her. I could feel her stomach muscles tensing, and I knew she was close. Before long, she tensed her thighs around my head, and came on my face. It was a very powerful orgasm, brought about by the slow and teasing way in which I had worshipped her body.

She shuddered a couple of times, and then exhaled deeply. I slowed my tongue a little in case she was sensitive, but continued to softly lick her. I had shaved my face that morning, and it felt very soft between her legs. I could feel her stomach tensing again, and she had another very powerful orgasm. This time I reached out and held one of her hands, and then I looked her in the eyes, as she came on my face. Over the next few minutes, I alternated between soft gentle licks, and firmer stimulation, as she got close to orgasm.

We maintained eye contact, as she came repeatedly on my face, until she was completely satisfied. She squeezed my hand, as if to acknowledge that she was done, and I left the room quietly, to go and wash my face. When I returned a few minutes later, she was resting on the bed with her head propped on the pillow. She was wearing her bra and panties, and a huge smile.

I closed the door and she beckoned me over with one finger. Other than a few moaning sounds she had barely spoken since I had entered the room over an hour ago.

Now she looked me in the eye and said two words, “get naked!”

She smiled as she watched me get undressed and when I was naked she put her hand on my ass and pulled me close to the bed. I was standing there with a fully erect cock that was leaking pre-cum with excitement. She cupped my balls gently and felt them tighten with anticipation.

“I want to watch you jerk off for me,” Suky said softly. “Pass me one of the hand towels on the side table.”

I obeyed without question and handed her a towel. She used it to cover her panties and her stomach.

“Don’t you dare make a mess on me,” she warned. “John is my next client and he is quite territorial. He will beat your ass if he thinks you ejaculated anywhere near me. Make sure you come on the towel,” she whispered. “Your reward for my lovely massage has to be our little secret.”

Suky reached under her pillow, grabbed a bottle of my favorite lube, and as I held my hand out expectantly, she squeezed a small dollop of lotion onto the palm of my hand. I left my hand upturned to indicate that I needed more lubrication, but Suky put the bottle on the side table, and signaled for me to continue, using the universal hand motion Atalar Escort for jerking off.

I applied the meager dose of KY jelly to my erection, instantly wishing that I had more of the silky lotion. As I enveloped the head of my cock, and started to jerk myself off, we both knew that this was not going to take long. Suky had elevated my sense of arousal, and I could feel my breathing quicken.

Suky was looking directly into my eyes as I stroked my cock for her. One hand was behind her head as she raised herself slightly up from the pillow to get a better look. Her other hand rested possessively on my naked ass.

I felt my nuts twitch involuntarily as I approached my orgasm, but I didn’t have enough lubricant to take me over the edge.

“You had better hurry up,” Suky taunted. “Fat John is due here any minute and he won’t be happy if you are still hanging around. What can I do to help you finish up and get the fuck out of here?”

“May I get a little more lube?” I asked timidly, suddenly cognizant of the fact that if I didn’t come very soon, I was leaving with blue balls.

“Take my panties off,” she instructed me. “Use them to jerk off, they are well lubricated.”

My hands trembled as I reached under the hand towel and grabbed the tiny silk panties that Suky was wearing. She lifted her hips up to facilitate their removal, and I slid them down her clean shaved, perfectly toned legs. Once I held the underwear in my hand, the evidence of her arousal was immediately noticeable. The lining of the feminine intimate wear was soaked with her vaginal secretions, and at first it appeared that a man had ejaculated inside them.

“You got me wet when you teased me,” she explained with a giggle. “Now it’s your turn.”

I wrapped the wet panties around my cock-head, the slick fluids coating my skin, and acting as a perfect makeshift lubrication. It felt heavenly as I started to jerk off, just as pleasurable as using lube, but with the added stimulation of her scent permeating the room. I was so aroused that I was ready to come within a couple of minutes and I pleaded with my eyes to be able to have some release.

Suky smiled to give her consent, moved her hand from my ass and softly squeezed my nuts, as I jerked off for her.

“Come for me baby,” she taunted. “Blow your load in my silky panties.”

As soon as she gave me permission to come, I adjusted the position of her intimates so that the lining was over the tip of my cock. Then, as she taunted me to release, I erupted inside the silky garment.

As usual, I had not come since our last time together, so I deposited quite a load inside her panties. She gently massaged my nuts as I unloaded them, and I was moaning as I came. She was looking right into my eyes and smiling which only increased my pleasure. Once I was completely spent, I placed the soiled panties on the massage table. Suky gently tickled my stomach and raked her nails under my balls, as I composed myself.

A smile of amusement crept across her face as my cock started to stiffen again. She had never done this before, and it seemed like it was a fun game for her. We only had a few minutes left in our session, so she talked dirty to me until I was hard again. It seemed like she really enjoyed the power she had over me. She motioned for me to get dressed, and laughed as she watched me struggle to put my hardening cock back into my shorts.

Once I was dressed, she motioned me back over to where she laying in just her bra, with the small hand towel providing her some modesty.

“Fold the towel,” she instructed, as I removed it from her visibly wet pussy.

Suky toyed with me for a few minutes, raking her nails across my stiffening cock, until it was straining against the fabric of my shorts.

“Get lost before John arrives,” she said dismissively, her contempt for me rearing its head for the first time.

I reached into my rear pocket and pulled out two crisp one hundred dollar bills. After placing them on the massage table, I turned to leave the room.

“Take your mess with you,” Suky ordered me, staring at the soiled panties. “Bring them with you next week, hand-wash, cold water,” she added, outlining her expectation that I laundered them.

I picked up the dirty panties, wet from our combined secretions, and stuck them in my pocket. Suky, gave me a smile and as I opened the door, her words rang in my ears.

“You are the boss, but I am in charge. See you next week. Be a good boy!”

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