Natalie and the Carpet Installer


One evening while sitting in your house watching TV after work, you look down and notice that it’s time to replace your carpet. It’s pretty old and is looking rather dull so you pick up your local yellow pages. You look under “carpet” and see an ad from James’s Carpet and Floor Coverings. In it says, “Free estimates” and “Satisfaction guaranteed”. Although it’s after business hours, you decide to call the number.

“Hello, this is James” you hear on the other end.

“Oh hi…My name is Natalie and I wasn’t really expecting someone to answer so late but I was wondering if you could come out and give me an estimate to replace the carpeting in my house.”

“Sure I can. I can be out there anytime tomorrow” I reply.

“Well, I work tomorrow but I can probably leave the office a little early…How about 4:00 tomorrow afternoon?”

“Great…what’s the address?” I jot down your address and say “See you tomorrow” and hang up the phone.

Immediately, I’m intrigued at the sound of your voice. You sound young and very CUTE. Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll even get a look at your feet as I have an intense foot fetish. I go home that evening thinking about what you and your feet might look like. If you’re as cute as you sound, I may even have to find a way to get my hands on those feet!!!

The following day at 3:30, I get in my van and head to your house. I pull into your driveway and notice no other car present. I ring the doorbell but there’s no answer. Knowing that I’m a tad early, I go back and sit in my van and wait for you. A few minutes later, I see your car pull into the driveway and you park next to my van. I look over at you and you wave at me. It’s one of those cute little “girl” waves with your little fingers that wiggle a bit. I notice that you are extremely attractive and I begin to think of a way to subdue you in order to enjoy your feet but I want to wait and think it out before acting out on it.

We both get out of our vehicles and walk toward the door. “Hello” you say as you lead me to the front door.

“Hi” I reply. “I’m James” and I extend my hand to shake yours.

We shake hands and continue walking to your front door. I’m walking behind you. I notice that you’re dressed in business attire. White blouse, black skirt, black nylons and dress pumps. You take out your keys and unlock the door. We walk inside.

Once inside, you look to me and say, “Well, do your thing…. I have some things to do!”

I respond by saying “Okay, it’ll just take a few minutes. I’ll come find you when I’m done.” I go from room to room measuring with my tape measure. Once I’m finished, I sit down on your couch and begin writing up the estimate. You walk in and sit down across from me. You quickly remove your shoes and start rubbing your nylon feet. I look up at you and notice what you are doing. “Long day, huh?”

You look at me and sigh, “Yes unbelievably. My feet are killing me.”

I go back to writing my estimate but I’m clearly distracted. “You know…. I could rub them for you if you like.” This takes you a back. You find it a little odd that a stranger has offered to rub your feet. You’re a little uncomfortable with the idea but your feet are so tired. You also notice that I have big, strong hands and you start to imagine how good a nice foot rub would feet.

You think and finally say “Sure, why not.”

“Come sit down next me on the couch.” I say. You walk over and sit at the other end of the couch and swing your feet up and place them in my lap. I begin rubbing your little feet with my big hands. They’re so delicate, petite and feminine. I start getting highly aroused.

You close you eyes and exhale. “Mmmmmmmmmm….that feels wonderful.”

I continue rubbing your feet for close to 30 minutes before realizing that if I don’t get out of there, I’m going to literally burst from being so excited.

“I have to go now” as I pick up your feet and remove them from my lap. As I stand up, you notice a bulge in my pants. You say nothing as I hand you my estimate. You look at the estimate and notice it looks VERY reasonable.

“This is a good quote,” you say. “When can you start?”

I look at my calendar. “I have an opening for tomorrow if you want…. I can probably be finished by the time you get home from work”

“Great…tomorrow it is. I’ll leave a key for you under the door mat”

“Okay…. see you tomorrow” I get in my van and drive home. All the way home I think about ways to “have” your feet. Knowing you probably would not consent to having your feet tickled, kissed, licked and finally raped, I know I’ll have to tie you up Tuzla Escort or secure you somehow so I can have my way with them. I decide to just let the whole matter play out and we’ll see what opportunities present themselves. One thing’s for sure, I’ll want you to be able to see what I’m doing to you every step of the way. That may be kind of hard so I’ll bring a large 5′ x 5′ mirror with me. If the opportunity presents itself, I can set up the mirror so you can watch every little thing that I have planned to do with your feet take place!

I arrive at your house the following day in my van. With me are all my tools, the carpet and pad. I’ve also brought along my mirror just in case I get you immobilized and can have my way with your feet. I unlock your door as you’ve already gone to work. I begin laying the carpet. At about 4:30, I’m putting in the finishing touches and tucking in the edges and hiding the seams.

A few minutes later, you walk in. “Hello” I say looking up at you from the floor. I notice you’re dressed more casual than the day before. Today you’re wearing business slacks a button down blouse and strappy slides with no pantyhose.

“What do you think?” I ask. You look around with a pleased look on your face.

“It looks very nice!” as you nod your head in approval.

“Wait until you walk on it barefoot!” I say. “This is the softest carpet on the market”. You immediately kick off your heeled slides and start rubbing your feet and toes on it.

“Oooooohhhhhhh…. It does feel nice” you moan.

I stare at your feet while you rub them on the carpet. You start walking around and the next thing I know, I hear you yell out “James!” “Yes?” I say from the other room. I make my way in the Living Room you’re on the floor sitting on your knees in the corner. Your back is to me and your soles are in plain sight. By the way you’re sitting, your soles are wrinkled up underneath your rear end. I walk in and stand next to you.

“Look at this seam” you, say. “You need to hide this better.”

“Sure…no problem. Let me fix that.” You’ve obviously caught on that I have a foot fetish and you’re going out of your way to show me your feet. I get my tool and begin working on the area. You’re next to me on your hands and knees feeling the soft feel of the carpet. Your feet are pointed in my direction and I stop and stare, totally fixated on your wrinkled soles.

You look back and catch me looking. “Are you attracted to my feet, James?”

I say nothing, as I’m too embarrassed to speak. I look over and see a large carpet remnant right next to you. This could be the opportunity I’ve been waiting for!!! You get the idea that to get another foot massage out of the deal, you’ll pretend to get a cramp in your foot. You sit up and grab your foot pretending to grimis.

“What is it?” I ask.

“I’ve got a bad cramp in my right foot” you respond.

“Here, let me take care of that…. lay down and let me rub it.”

You do as I say and lay down on the edge of the carpet remnant on your stomach. I hold your foot rubbing the sole to get the phantom cramp out. I notice you’re laying there on the edge of the remnant with your arms straight down to your side. Now is the moment of truth. It’s now or never if I’m ever going to get to have your feet totally to myself to do with as I please!

Quickly, I drop your foot and hop over to the middle part of your body. Before you know what’s happening, I begin rolling you up in the carpet. Luckily for me, it’s the perfect sized remnant. Only your head and feet are sticking out at the ends. It’s a rather wide piece so I roll you over about 10 times before all the material is consumed.

“Hey!!!!!!…What the hell are you doing?” you say sternly.

“Natalie, I’m so attracted to you and your feet, I simply must be able to have uninterrupted access to them.” I position you to wear you’re face down. I get up and walk out to my van and return with the large mirror. I lean it up against the wall resting it on the floor just a few feet away from you.

“What’s that for?” you ask with an angry tone in your voice.

“That is so you can watch everything I plan to do with your feet!” I say excitedly.

I then go to your phone and unplug the cord. I lock the deadbolt to your door and draw down the shades so nobody can see in. I bring in a work light on a stand and position it pointed at your feet so that I can see the subjects of my affection in all their glory!!! I look up and see you looking at me through the mirror.

You have a look of panic on your face. “Please…let me out of this carpet” Gebze Escort I just look at you and shake my head telling you no. “What do you plan to do?” you ask.

“Well first, I need to see if you’re ticklish.” I laugh and I run my fingers along both soles.

You shriek out in laughter. “Hahahahahahaha…. please don’t…I’m sooooooo ticklish!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!”

My fingers continue their assault and cover every square inch of your soles. I continue the tickle torture for some time. You’re clearly exhausted so I stop. You’re breathing heavily worn out from your laughter. “Natalie, how do your feet smell?” I ask. You don’t answer because you’re not very happy that I’ve imprisoned you in this carpet. I lie on my stomach and position my face directly above your feet. I look over at the mirror and see you watching with heavy interest. I grin at you and then place my face in your soles.

I immediately rise back up and look at you. “Why Natalie, you’re wearing perfume on your feet!!” “They smell sooo nice!” I lower my face and bury them in your soles once more. This time, I don’t come up for a while. I spend the next hour or so smelling and kissing your soles. I rub my unshaven face against the soft, sensitive skin. Inhaling every ounce of scent on your soles. You hear me making slurping noises and groaning in sheer delight. Although you’re my captive and somewhat scared, you’re relieved that I’m only interested in your feet, you even begin to enjoy it and you become overwhelmed with sexual gratification that I am so turned on by your feet.

You even begin to participate to the extent that you can by rubbing your feet against my face. I rise up and watch your soles. You see me through the mirror. My head is rested on my hands just a few inches from your feet. You begin performing for me, giving me quite the ‘sole show’. You flex your feet and spread your toes. Then you scrunch your toes wrinkling the skin on your soles. You notice that this move in particular always brings a smile to my face so you do that one more and more. I begin playing with your feet, feeling all the wrinkles with my hands. “God, you have sexy feet, Natalie!!!!!” You can tell by the look on my face and the sound in my voice that I’m becoming more and more aroused by the sight, feel and smell of your cute little size 7 1/2’s.

I get up and walk into your kitchen. I come back carrying that can of whipped cream that you used when giving your boyfriend a blow job last week!

“Natalie…Are you a naughty girl? What would you use this for?” I say in a flirtatious voice.

You just grin because you know I’m not naive. I sit at your feet and point the can at them. I cover your soles with the whipped cream. I lean down and start methodically licking it off. The sensation for you is something between tickling and bliss. It tickles so well! I lick until all of the whipped cream is off except for the part that has run down in between your toes. I take your toes into my mouth one at a time. I probe my tongue in and out to clean all the whipped cream out. Once I have licked and sucked your feet clean, I get up and get a bowl of warm water and a washcloth.

I bathe your feet to get all the stickiness off. Once cleaned, I dry them off with a towel and stand up. You see me kick my shoes off and start undoing my jeans. I pull them and my boxers off. It is only then that you notice the full extent of my foot fetish. My full 8.5 inches is standing straight out and up at full attention. I look at you and give you a little wink and you wonder what I’m about to do next. I lay down on my back with your feet at my crotch. I spread my legs out and scoot myself underneath your feet. Seeing this, you raise your feet slightly so that I can fit underneath you. I reach down and take my cock in my hand. I raise it toward your feet. You automatically spread your feet apart so as to accept my large member. Once in between them, you clasp your feet back together, grasping my cock in the process. You definitely seem to be enjoying this introduction into my world of foot fetishism!

You watch my ‘pole’ thrusting up and down between your feet. It feels warm and quite hard, like the handle of a shovel. You try your best to perform your ‘captive foot job’ but it’s difficult given the restraint of the carpet. Seeing you giving the effort to be my little ‘foot slut’ does my heart good.

“Natalie, don’t worry about it. I like having you restrained. That’s part of the turn on for me. Let me do all the work. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!”

With that, you say, “okay” in a soft excited whisper. I prop Aydınlı Escort a pillow underneath the back of my head so I can see your wrinkled soles as I fuck them. I take my hands and place my palms on your soles to feel the skin as I thrust my hips upward. Your soles apply pressure expertly cradling my engorged cock. As my cock glides in and out of the little space created by your arches, it rubs up against your feet. You feel the heat from the friction created by my raping of your feet. I hammer them for what seems to be hours.

I decide to give you a break because I know your feet are probably smoking from the intense workout I’m putting them through. I walk to your bedroom and find a bottle of hand lotion on your nightstand. I come back with it. This time, I straddle your feet with my back to your head. With my left hand I hold the tops of your feet bringing them upward. I place my cock between your heels and through your insteps. I fuck your feet in an inverted position enjoying the sight as you point your toes to create as many wrinkles as you can for me.

I place a dab of lotion along your arches to give a little lubrication. The smacking sound of my cock, your feet and the lotion fills the quiet room. While making love to your feet I hold each one with each of my two hands. I use my thumbs to caress your soles and feel all your wrinkles. I’m now officially in Heaven!

I keep going and going…. much like the Energizer Bunny. You begin to wonder if I’m ever going to cum. While you’re slightly turned on knowing how bad I’m digging your feet, you’re ready to be freed from the carpet roll. I get up and turn around so that your toes are pointed toward me now. I get on my knees so that my cock is right above your soles. “Natalie, are you ready to feel my cum on your feet?” I ask.

“Mmm hmmm” you sigh as you nod.

“I want you to watch me jack off on your feet. But I need you to keep your soles wrinkled up for me no matter how long it takes.” I say.

You immediately point your toes as hard as you can. Your feet remind me of a gymnast or a competition diver as you point your toes. I take a glob of hand lotion into my right hand. I grasp onto my rock hard cock as I begin to pump. My back slumps over as I rest my balls onto your toes. Feeling my sack on your balls, you wiggle your toes so as to tickle me. This sensation sends me over the top as I feel the cum boiling up from deep within. I back away so I can see me targets. I clutch your feet with my left hand. I love the way they feel. I just can’t help myself. You feel me caress your soles as I continue to milk myself. Rapidly working myself over I point my dick head toward your soles. It is so close it is nearly touching them! Your toes still pointing as hard as they can.

Gliding my hand up and down my shaft, you watch me jerking myself through the mirror. Finally, you see a look on my face.

“I’m cumming!” I shout.

I look down at your feet and my cock. Your feet together as if they were coaxing or inviting the cum out of me. Clearly ready to receive my load I hear you breathing hard. The first surge of cum flies out of my cock and splatters your soles. You feel the hot liquid on them. I grunt in ecstasy. The second surge is a little thicker but still hits your feet with significant enough force that you feel its impact. The third and fourth surges fly out in strings landing on the undersides of your toes. I lay my cock on your soles so the rest can just ooze out. I watch my cock lying on your feet and the cum pooling up in all the wrinkles. If I were to drop dead at this point, I’d die a happy man!!!!! I reach over and grab my digital camera and take multiple pictures so I can relive this memory over and over!

Once finished taking pictures, I grab the towel and clean myself up. I leave my your feet swimming in my cum though. I have one more perverted idea to cap off a wonderful evening. I go into your bedroom and grab a pair of your cotton socks and a pair of tennis shoes. I come back and put your socks on your feet with my cum still on them. I put your shoes on next and lace them up. I get dressed and gather all of my things. I load up. I’ll free you but it’ll be the last thing I do before leaving.

I place my invoice next to you on the floor and kneel down. I give you a kiss on the cheek and whisper in your ear

“Natalie, you and your feet are the best! Thank you for an incredible time”

With that, I stand up and take my foot and push the carpet roll the opposite direction. The carpet unravels as you roll with it. I run out the door, jump in my van and speed away. After I’m gone you stand up. You feel my hot cum saturating your socks. Your feet tingling from the experience they just had. You reach down picking up my invoice. You see the words “No charge” on the ticket and just smile. You think to yourself that your ordeal was definitely worth it!!!

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