Brown’s Shoe Store Ch. 04

Big Tits

Just a heads up this chapter has a hot tingle of incest. Please read Chapters 1 -3 first. Copies of this story may not be made for distribution, be publishing or copied to another webpage without explicit permission from the author.

May and Jim Brown sat waiting after dinner for Mike’s big announcement. He had told them when he came home that he had some big news.

“Well tell us!” his mom said.

“Super Shoe Mart offered to purchase the store today,” he said smiling. “She didn’t say how much but I think it will be quite a lot of money.”

“WOW!” Fred said smiling. “Let’s take it.”

“Part of the deal is that the staff stays on to work and I manage the store. I told her that the Brown name must stay on the store. Grandpa would want it that way.”

“What did she say?” Fred asked.

“She wants the family and staff to visit her mountain retreat for a long weekend to discuss the specifics. I told her I had to talk to the family first. Would you like to go?”

“Who will run the store?” Mike’s mother asked.

“I hired two new employees. Abby Bradshaw and Luke Andrews. I’ll have them trained before we leave in three weeks. Amy will be here to manage the operation.”

“Sounds great Mike,” his mother said smiling. “I’m so proud of you.”

“Me too,” his dad Jim said. Mike didn’t respond to him because he was still pissed that Meagan and Tara were his sisters.

***** “What will I wear?” Meagan asked Tara and Amy as they walked through the mall.

“Something sexy because that is the reason why Super Shoe Mart is buying us,” the other girl said.

They moved swiftly through the various stores picking out the sexiest underwear and clothing they could find. It was nice of Mike to give them his credit card.


Mike had both Luke and Abby in the large stockroom showing them the inventory system. Amy was busy in school and was unable to make it. Abby was more interested in Mike as he stood on the small step-stool looking down at them. It was no secret how well-endowed he was and the rumor about him and Mrs. Sullivan doing it had raised her interest to a very high level.

“Did you hear that Abby?” Mike asked as he realized she was not paying attention.

‘No I’m sorry,” Abby grinned. “My mind was somewhere else.”

“This is important so please pay attention,” he said upset because they were going away this coming weekend and he wanted to make sure Luke and Abby knew what to do.

“Sorry,” she said looking down like a small kid being punished.

It was an hour later when he was closing up Mike had thought Luke and Abby had gone until he heard someone knock on his office door.

“Come in,” he said. He looked up to see Abby standing there.

“Mike, I’m sorry about before,” she said looking as sad as she could.

“Me too, I’m just nervous about leaving the store.”

“I was having a hard time concentrating because…,” she stopped.

Mike glanced down at her short skirt that had become the required uniform and the tight halter blouse. He knew he was lucky to get the cutest and most popular girl in the high school to work there.

“Because…I think I’m in love with you,” she said blushing.

Mike tried not to laugh but couldn’t hold it back. “I’m sorry,” he said for laughing because he knew she was serious. “Abby you really don’t even know me.”

“I do, I really do,” she said smiling as she walked to the soft chair next to his desk. She sat down not caring about how much of her bare thighs she was showing.

“I thought you had a boyfriend,” he said trying not to stare down at the edge of her exposed light green panties.

“I do but I’ll give him up if I can have you.”

Mike thought about what she was offering him. He didn’t know if she was a virgin or not but she was as cute as a button. He had also made a pact with his two sisters and Amy to only sleep with them and except for the one night stand with Mrs. Sullivan and Tara’s mother he had kept to his word. “Let’s think about this before we do anything.”

“OK,” she smiled realizing that he was at least considering it. She stood and grabbed the bottom of her halter blouse and pulled.

“What are you doing?” Mike asked when her near perfect white breasts appeared with hard gumdrop pink nipples looking back at him. She didn’t answer as she quickly pushed down her skirt and green panties at the same time. She smiled as she stood back up completely naked before him.

Mike couldn’t speak as he looked down her smooth flat stomach at the golden mane of trimmed pubic hair resting about the thin line of her pussy. “I thought we were going to think about this?” he asked.

“We are but I just wanted to give you something to picture in your mind when you make your decision,” she giggled as she did a very slow turn showing him her magnificent buttocks. “I want you to be the first.”

“That’s not playing fair,” he laughed as she pulled her panties back up her muscular legs and her halter top back Etiler escort over her firm mounds.

“All’s fair in love and war,” she grinned as she walked out of his office. “But don’t wait too long to make up your mind.”

“My mind is already made up,” Mike said after she closed the door. “I just want to make sure you are not my sister.”


“Abby Bradshaw,” his father repeated later. “Nope not a chance,” he said answering Mike’s question.

“Good,” Mike said grinning.

It was later than evening when Meagan came over and they were downstairs playing video games again.

“Remember all the times we did this together,” Meagan said as she finished the car race just ahead of Mike’s car.

“Yeah, I remember all the times I beat you,” he laughed.

“No way!” she cried out as she tossed down the hand controller and jumped on top of his back. Mike grabbed her wrist and pulled her body over and quickly moved his body on top of hers. Meagan was surprised when his lips moved down to hers and their tongues meshed together.

“God I wish you were not my sister,” Mike said when he pulled his lips away. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too Mike,” Meagan said fighting back the tears that were starting to form. “Let me up,” she said as she pushed him off of her and walked into the small bathroom to wipe her eyes. She opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out his hair brush. “Maybe you are not really my brother,” she whispered as she pulled some hairs out of the brush and put them in a small envelope she had in her pocket. Last week she had found a lab that would tell her if they were brother and sister. She needed a sample of his genes and now had it. It would cost her two months salary but she didn’t care.


Jim, May, Tara, Meagan, and Brad sat in the large mini-van as it sped up the steep mountain road. The weather report called for a huge snow storm which they hoped would hit after they had arrived at Mrs. Johnson’s house. About half-way up the hill the snow was falling pretty hard and the roads were getting pretty bad.

“Slow Jim,” May said for about the tenth time in the past five minutes. Her hands were white from clutching the door grip.

“I am driving slow dear,” Jim said trying to act calm. He knew that they were almost a mile up and if they flew off the road it would be a long way down.

Mike and Meagan were in the far back snuggling up under a large blanket. Her fingers were wrapped around his huge sausage and were pumping it nice and slow. Right then they didn’t care about the snow storm or the icy road. Mike groaned when she dipped her head under the blanket and sucked in the hard knob. And this was just the start of the wide weekend.

Brad too had his eyes closed as Tara’s fingers stroked his rod. The four of them had made a pact that none of them would be jealous if they switched off. Brad’s had broke up with his girlfriend when he had heard about the trip to the mountain with Meagan and Tara.

“Are you all right back there?” May yelled realizing they were too quiet. She did back because she was too nervous to take her eyes off the road.

“YES!” Mike cried out loudly. Meagan’s tongue was now licking his sac of jewels.

The snow was getting so thick Jim was having trouble seeing the edge of the road. It had covered the previous car tracks so it was just a guess as to where the paved area of the road really was.

Suddenly the right front wheel moved off the roadway and Jim jerked the steering wheel back to the left. He saw the guard rail as the van slid sideways towards it. “OH SHIT!” he screamed just before the van dashed sideways across the road and dove into the side ditch.

Meagan felt the car spinning and grabbed onto Mike’s thighs to keep her balance. She didn’t have time to get scared as she felt the car suddenly turn onto its side. Luckily she managed to pull her mouth from Mike’s penis before she bit down on it.

“What happened?” She asked as she tossed off the blanket and looked around.

“Is everyone OK back there?” Jim yelled. He had hit his head on the side window but not hard enough to break the glass or to knock him unconscious.

“Yes,” Mike yelled. “Yes sir,” Meagan replied.

“I’m OK,” Brad answered as he pushed Tara’s body upright next to him. “I don’t think Tara is.”

The van was on its side on a 45 degree angle when May climbed over the front seat to check on Tara. Being a nurse she quickly discovered a pulse but the girl looked to be unconscious.

“Tara can you hear me?” May said as she held the girl’s head steady in her hands. Suddenly a groan came from her mouth and she opened her eyes. “What happened?”

“I think we are in a ditch off the road,” Jim said as he tried to push open the door but it wouldn’t budge.

“I think she will be OK,” May said, “She has a small bump on her head.”

“I should get out and try to flag down another car,” Jim said nervously. The snow had turned into a blizzard. Beşiktaş escort

“Only crazy people like us are driving around in this,” May said. She pulled on the side door and it opened. “We can see anyone coming so for now stay in the van. You’ll freeze to death out there.”

Jim tried to restart the engine but it was dead. “I think we all need to get the blankets out and huddle together to keep warm.”

May pushed the middle seat back as far as it would go and then folded them back. It left an open area between the seats.

“OK everyone under the blankets,” she said as she held up the edge.

Brad, and Tara were already under the blankets and moved back as Meagan, Mike, May and Jim joined them. The six bodies were pressed so tightly together and since it was so dark they did not know whose body was pressed up against them.

“Anybody know a song to sing?” May asked as she felt a male body pressed up against her backside. Her front was smashed up against the front of Meagan.

“We shouldn’t use up our energy,” Jim said across the mounds of young flesh between them. His hand was pressed down between one of the girls buttocks and he couldn’t, even if he wanted to, get it out. And arm was curled around his hip and was touching the front of his slacks which were starting to push outward.

Tara knew Mike’s father was in front of her when he spoke and knew it was his hard-on that was pressing against her wrist. She moved her arm a little to see if he would react but he remained quite and didn’t pull away. She smiled as her arm pulled back allowing her hand to glide over his hip and land on his bulge. Her fingers curled around it and she found out where Mike got his manhood from.

The frigid air was beating on the outside of the van and the temperature quickly dropped. May was shocked when she felt the hard penis pushing against her ass but didn’t say anything. It had been so long since she had sex that she didn’t want to spoil things. Besides it gave them something else to think about besides freezing to death in the van.

Meagan was sandwiched between Mike’s parents. His father’s hand was pressed down between her ass cheeks and her front was flat up against his mother. As she raised her hand to brush the hair from her face she touched May’s breast. Instead of pulling it away she left it there until she felt the hard nipple form under her palm. Her heart raced as she moved the tips of her fingers around the hard bumps and gently played with them.

Brad was pushed up against Tara’s ass as he tried to get closer and closer to the pile of bodies. He could hear the breathing getting louder and louder and knew he was missing out on the action. Besides his ass was sticking out from under the blanket and it was getting really cold back there.

May was lost in lust as a hard-on pressed forward and back against her ass while someone played with her nipple. Her fingers moved up the girl’s body in front of her until it stopped at the junction of her thighs. She smiled when she felt the girl’s legs open to let her fingers in. She pressed forward until she felt the indentation of the young pussy and moved her fingers up to where she imagined the girl’s clitoris to be.

The soft moans had turned into louder ones and the hands and fingers explored the pretzel shaped mound of flesh. They all were worried about what they were doing until May spoke up. “It’s OK. We have to keep warm.”

Suddenly all fear had gone and fingers were getting braver. Tara pulled down Jim’s zipper and reached in to pull out his long pulsating shaft.

Meagan unbuttoned May’s blouse and pushed her bra cup down until the long hard nipple appeared. May moaned when Meagan’s lips engulfed the tip and her tongue danced on the hard button.

Jim brought his hand up under Meagan’s ass and cupped her nice young cheeks. He strained more to move his hand up to the waistband in her jeans and then down underneath. He dove under her panties and down over her bare ass. He tried to go lower but the waistband was too tight. Suddenly the jeans opened and his fingers moved down to the hot junction below her crack.

May released Meagan’s jeans and pushed her fingers down under the girl’s panties. She had never touched another female’s vagina before and realized this might be her only chance. Her fingers moved through the small puff of fine hair and down into her slit. She quickly found out she was not a virgin as her finger moved deep inside.

Jim’s curled his wrist and waited for Meagan to open her thighs to allow him to her pussy. As her legs opened his fingers moved under to the bottom of her slit and then up. He froze when he discovered someone had already beaten him to it. He moved his fingers over the hand and touched some rings. They were his wife’s wedding rings and her fingers and she was finger-fucking his daughter. He pushed a finger in the tight channel and joined her.

“OH GOD!” Meagan moaned as the two hands probe and rubbed against her pussy. Taksim escort She knew the front fingers belong to May but was unsure about the back fingers until she heard Jim’s cry.

“Oh please don’t stop!” Jim moaned as Tara’s fingers stroked him harder and tighter in her small hand.

Mike was the only one still upset with what was going on. He knew it was his mother’s body in front of him as he dry humped her ass. The moans and cries from Meagan and his father made him jealous. He moved his hand around his mother’s hip and slowly down her leg to the bottom of her skirt. He waited to see if she would object but she didn’t. He smiled while his fingers made the slow journey up her hot thighs to the silky crotch between her tender thighs. He touched the dampness before pulling the elastic out enough to slide underneath and into her hot pussy folds. He quickly found her hard clit and rubbed.

Jim was the first one to climax from Tara’s touches. He grabbed her hand and pulled it away just as he shot his load onto the back of Meagan’s jeans. Meagan didn’t mind because she was the next one to cum.

“OH YES!” she screamed. Her teeth gently bit into May’s nipple.

Tara was next to climax and May close behind. Only Mike and Brad were left still panting. May tried to help her son by pushing her hips back against him but it was just not working. She knew she had to do it as her hand moved back behind her and unzipped his jeans. She fished for and caught his huge swordfish and marveled at its size as she jerked him off.

“Now!” Mike groaned as he filled her fist with his pleasure juices.

Tara’s hand was stroking Brad who was almost there when they heard someone tapping on the window. “No don’t stop,” Brad begged as Tara’s fingers froze.

Jim peeked out and saw two large beams of light shining through the side window. He pushed the blanket away as the door slid open and a pile of snow fell down onto his head. He brushed it away and smiled as a man’s face looked in the van.

“Are you all alive?” the man asked.

“Yes,” they all said at the same time as the blanket fell to the floor. Brad hid behind Tara as he tried to cram his hard-on back into his pants.

“Mike, is that you?” a woman’s voice asked from behind the man in the door.

“Yes,” he answered as he recognized her face. It was Mrs. Johnson. “Thank God you found us.”

“We were lucky because the van was almost covered. My husband saw the blue edge and stopped,” she said. “Come on, let’s get you all into the Jeep,” she said as she held out her hand to May. As May climbed out of the van Irene saw the white sticky substance on the back of her dark skirt.

“How in the world did you manage to keep warm?” she asked already knowing the answer.

“It was the blankets,” May lied as she walked through the high drift of snow.

The Jeep was big enough to cram all of the people in as well as their small overnight bags. “Lock it up and I’ll come back for the rest,” the man said.

As the Jeep four-wheeled up the snowy road they all introduced themselves to Irene and Tim Johnson. The vehicle pulled off the highway onto a narrow road that led up to a huge building.

“Is this a hotel?” Meagan asked as she looked out the window at the massive structure.

Irene laughed, “No this is our mountain home.”

“You must sell a whole lot of shoes,” Mike commented as they made their way up the large steps.

“Yes we do and with your help we will be selling a lot more,” Irene added.


The group was introduced to Irene’s son Jason who was 22 years old and Beth who had just turned 18 years old. They all huddled around the large fire in the den to get warm.

“Another hour and you guys would be popsicles.” Irene said as she stared at Mike’s crotch. Surely he couldn’t be that big she thought.

“Let’s go to your rooms and you can get a hot shower,” Tim said.

They followed the handsome man up the long staircase and into their rooms.

After they showed the last one to his room Irene and Tim moved downstairs.

“Do you think they will go for it?” Tim asked as he sat next to his wife on the huge sofa.

“I’m not sure,” she said. “Mike might be young but my first impression is that he is pretty smart.”

“If we can get him to sign the contract this weekend they probably won’t notice the clause.”

“Let’s play it by ear,” Irene said smiling. “We are going to be snowed in for a few days so let’s enjoy it.” Her mind was thinking how she could get Mike alone.


Beth had thought this was going to be another of those boring weekends where her parents entertained clients and that Jason and she would be the perfect kids. She had planned on being home alone with her boyfriend but her father would not allow her to stay alone. She thought that she would finally lose her cherry and had given up hope that it would be this weekend until she saw both Mark and Brad. If things worked out correctly she would get her wish.

Brad was standing in his bikini briefs when his bedroom door opened and the young Johnson daughter stood there smiling at him. “Oh I’m sorry,” she said, “I thought this was Meagan’s room.” Her eyes never left the hotdog shape under his tight underwear.

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