College Summer Break


“Thank God I’m home for summer break,” Lisa muttered. “I have now officially survived my first year at college.” She grimaced, thinking, “It sure wasn’t as much fun as I’d hoped it would be though.” She continued unpacking the few things she’d brought home. Her parents were happy to have her home again, and her room was just as she’d left it — although cleaner, since her mom had dusted and vacuumed. She hung a few dresses in her closet, and put her underwear, T-shirts, shorts and bikini in her dresser drawers, leaving out one set to change into. Undressing to change, she started trembling the moment that she was naked.

She tried to ignore or block the thing that was truly bothering her. But that didn’t work. She couldn’t do it. It was as bad as telling someone to sit facing a room corner and not think about a white bear! OK, things weren’t so bad in high school, as far as this issue went. A lot of her female classmates had flat chests back then… they’d not begun to develop yet. So Lisa didn’t stick out like a sore thumb in that group, since she didn’t ‘stick out’ upstairs.

Her parents had decided to let her delay college for one year, taking her on a extended trip through Europe, to expose her to other languages, cultures, and ways of life. Of course, they were with her the whole time, worried she might get lost or something. It was a magical experience, but still Lisa’d had such high hopes when heading off to college — the chance to increase her knowledge, and the freedom of being away from home… especially the freedom. She loved learning, and soaked up new concepts like a sponge. She’d always been an ‘A’ student. Visualizing college as a fount of higher learning, and also a chance to socialize in a… well… unsupervised manner… sounded like heaven to her.

However, when she saw her female classmates, she became very self-conscious about her chest. All she saw were young women with well developed breasts. She quickly bought a padded bra to try to ‘fit in’ with this new group of people. Still, when she attended classes, she’d carry her books to hide her chest. In the lectures, she’d huddle over her desk, taking notes.

But physical education classes were a requirement, and they involved sports. And performing sports made a person sweaty. And that led to showering… with a bunch of other young women… women with tits, mostly B cups and C cups.

Recalling those showering ordeals, she turned and looked at her nude body in her full length mirror. Her tears flowed as they always did when she looked at her chest. Her breasts were barely A cups on a good day. At college, in the shower room, the others had noticed immediately. Her cheeks flamed when she remembered the taunts they’d made.

“Did they let a boy in here?”

“She says her name’s Lisa, but she looks more like a Lee, doesn’t she?”

“Definitely no need for a sports bra, is there?”

And so on. Other co-eds wore tight sweaters to emphasize their figures. In her case, if she put on a sweater, all of the slight curve of her chest vanished, unless she stuffed her padded bra with extra tissues. She imagined that if she tried that, the co-eds that showered with her might blurt out, “Who are you trying to kid, Lisa?” and laugh and point. Her cheeks flared with embarrassment, just imagining that scenario.

She was friendly by nature, as well as smart and pretty. So her male classmates chatted her up, flirted, and made passes. But Lisa discouraged any physical intimacy, as much as she craved it, because she didn’t want to risk the guy seeing or even feeling her chest. Therefore, she was getting the education she craved, but not the socializing that she’d hoped to experience. She wasn’t sure she could take another year of such humiliation.

Something had to be done.

Fortunately, she was old enough to opt for breast augmentation surgery without the need for parental consent. She’d even located a female surgeon that performed such enhancement surgeries, and had sought a consultation during one of the midterm breaks. Hearing her story, the doctor was sympathetic, since she understood the importance of this aspect of Lisa’s appearance to her self-esteem and hopes.

During the examination, the doctor had stated, “Yes. You have enough tissue here for an excellent enhancement. Since you’re a young woman, the best would be saline implants, and I’m certain we could achieve a B-cup or even a C-cup, if you wish.” She explained how the incisions would be made, and how the surgical scar would be practically invisible.

Lisa’s heart raced, hearing that possibility. “Does the surgery take long? And would I have to be hospitalized?”

“No, this is an outpatient procedure. It usually only takes one to two hours to complete. Most patients are back to their normal activities by the next day.”

“That sounds wonderful, Doctor. And how much does it cost?”

“For saline implants, it costs $12,000. Unfortunately, it’s not covered by most medical insurance, since it’s an elective procedure. Perhaps you can Şirinevler escort have family or friends help you with the cost.”

Lisa did some quick mental math. “I have $2,500 in savings, so I need $9,500. Given the length of summer vacation, I’d need to average around $790 per week, or about $115 per day. That should be doable, especially if I save a little more money before summer.” She didn’t want to ask her parents to help financially, because she was of the ‘it is easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission’ school of thought. She didn’t want her parents trying to stop her. “That sounds feasible, Doctor. I’ll keep in touch, and if I have the funds, I’d like to do this during my summer break, probably in late August.”

Back at college, Lisa resolved to gain whatever cash she could toward her goal. She discovered that tutoring other students paid well. Also, there was a job board that offered various jobs for nearby families, especially babysitting during evenings when the parents wanted a chance to go out to dinner, or see a movie together. She liked babysitting, since she could study while doing those jobs, and they paid fairly well.

Beverly, a classmate that she was tutoring, told her about earning money by being a figure model for the Art School’s life drawing classes. She cajoled Lisa to at least come and observe during the next time she was scheduled to model, just to see what the classes were like. It was fine with the art professor — he was used to co-eds observing, virtually ‘dipping their toe in the water’ to see if modeling was something they’d like to do. Many of his steady models had begun that way. He just asked Lisa to stay near the back of the room, so she wouldn’t block anyone’s line of sight.

Waiting nervously, Lisa smiled with relief when Beverly finally appeared from a side room and climbed up onto a small raised stage near the center of the room. She’d been looking at the reassuring smile that Beverly was directing toward her, so it hadn’t registered that the coed was wearing a robe. But seconds later, the robe was tossed aside and Beverly stood there completely naked! Lisa blushed at the unanticipated nudity, and the heat of that blush seemed to race from her cheeks to her toes. The students in the class made no comments — they just started sketching. These were warm-up quick sketches to limber up their arms, so Beverly changed poses about every 10-20 seconds.

Lisa stood rooted to the spot, her jaw slack, as she watched Beverly unabashedly stretch her body into various positions. From time to time, the model rotated a little, changing the view she was giving to the different parts of the room. And what a display it was! Lisa found herself looking at Beverly’s well-defined muscles in her arms, legs and even her abdomen. She never covered herself coyly… her large breasts with their perky nipples were fully on display. And once, when Beverly was facing away from her, the model leaned well over, and Lisa found herself gaping at the young woman’s pussy lips and asshole! No one even murmured… they kept sketching.

Finally, Beverly was seated on a large chair for a long pose. She displayed herself with her legs spread wide apart, and one arm draped over the back of the chair. The pose seemed so lewd to Lisa that she felt she had to leave before she said or did something that might draw unwanted attention to her. Briefly catching Beverly’s eye, she pointed at her watch, then the door, and gave a small wave. Beverly winked and barely moved her head in a nod of acknowledgment. As Lisa exited the art building, the cool air on her face emphasized how hot and flushed her cheeks were from that eye-opening experience.

But as she walked across the campus, she realized that she envied two things about Beverly… her aplomb at displaying her body to people, and her well-developed breasts. “I could never take my clothes off in front of people like that,” she thought. Her hand strayed subconsciously to her chest, with its padded bra. “Especially if it meant displaying my practically non-existent tits. Maybe I’ll feel differently if I manage to get them enhanced, as I plan. But I’m certainly not going to be modeling for art classes to earn the money I need for the operation.”

Lisa’s hard work paid off. As summer break approached, she found she’d added $1,900 to her savings. She calculated she’d need to earn about $630 per week, or about $90 per day, during summer vacation to have enough money. “Surely I can do that!” she said to herself. And she was already laying the groundwork. Using various social media postings targeted to the area around her home town, she’d posted an advertisement. It read: ‘A Helping Hand — Need a babysitter? Need your dog walked? Your house cleaned? Your lawn mowed? Your laundry done? You name it, and I’ll get it done! I’m taking bookings for this summer, so call now and I’ll get you scheduled.’

The responses were already coming in. She had a day planner, and already her first few weeks were filling up with Ataköy escort jobs.

So when her vacation started, Lisa ‘hit the ground running’ as they say. She was busy babysitting, mowing lawns, and washing cars, with an occasional dog walking in her schedule. More jobs were booking, as well, keeping her quite busy. All this exercise was toning her arm and leg muscles. Even her back and abdominal muscles were strengthening. With a prudent application of sun screen, she was acquiring a healthy-looking tan. The sun was starting to bleach her hair, before she got in the habit of wearing a sun hat while working outdoors.

At the end of the first month, she tallied up the total her jobs had accrued. She was pleased to see that she’d made almost $1,200… but dismayed to compute that she’d now have to earn an average of around $800 a week, or $115 a day, to reach her goal. On the good side, she felt stronger than when the month had begun, and had more endurance. On the bad side, there were only so many hours in the day, and any time she spent transitioning between jobs was lost income. So she smiled about her next booking. This would be her first housecleaning job, booked for 4 hours and paying $100. That alone practically covered her daily goal, and the woman even fed her lunch!

Each day now, Lisa tallied her earnings, comparing them to that magical daily goal. Some days she came out ahead, others she fell behind. She was mulling this over as she rang the doorbell of her next job — doing laundry for some guy named Tom. Tom was wearing a T-shirt and shorts, and beamed a nice smile at her as he answered the door. “Hi, are you Lisa?”

“Yes. And you must be Tom. I’m glad to meet you,” she replied as he ushered her in. She got right down to business. “So where is this laundry of yours?”

“Right in here,” he answered as he led her to the laundry alcove. “You’re a lifesaver, Lisa. I let my dirty laundry get out of hand, and now it seems to be too daunting to tackle. See? I piled it all up in here. I couldn’t wait another day, because this is all I have.”

“Wow! You weren’t kidding, Tom. I’ve never seen such a pile of laundry. But your washer and dryer are built for heavy duty, so that’s a plus. It also looks like you’re well stocked with detergent and softener. OK, now that I’ve seen the task, I’d estimate that this is about $75 worth of work. Is that price OK with you?”

“If you can get all my clothes clean again, I’ll even pay you $100 for the job,” he stated.

“That’s really nice of you, Tom. OK, I’ll start by separating the clothes into groups — those I’ll wash in hot, the ones that take warm water, and those that need cold water.” She set to work.

Once she had her clothes piles established, she was gratified to see that the three piles were fairly even. It looked like she could do one load of each in those large machines. She decided to start with the cold water wash, and began loading those into the washer.

“You might as well do these, as well,” Tom told her. “We’ll make a clean sweep of it all.” He handed her a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. Nodding, she tossed each into its appropriate pile. Pouring in detergent, and placing softener in the dispenser, she started the first wash.

Hands on hips, watching that the machine was behaving properly, Lisa smiled, saying, “One down and two to go.” When she turned to Tom, she found him leaning against the door frame, stark naked! “You… you’re… you don’t… where are…” she babbled. Finally, she took a breath and asked, “Why are you naked?”

“You’re washing every stitch of clothing that I own,” he replied in a matter-of-fact manner. His tone of voice was very calm. “I’m used to walking around in my house in the nude. It’s great to feel the air on all my skin. Don’t you ever walk naked, either indoors or even outdoors?”

Lisa blushed, “Errr… no, Tom. I never have.” She couldn’t keep her eyes from darting from his muscular chest to his toned abdomen to his limp cock, draped over his ball sack… and then back up his body… over and over.

“Oh, well if my nudity offends you, I suppose I can go find a towel or a sheet to wrap around me,” he told her.

Her blush deepened, hearing his offer. “Stop acting like a prude,” she mentally chastised herself. “It’s not like you’ve never seen a cock before — or did things to one. Act like a grownup!” She swallowed and said, “No, Tom. It doesn’t offend me at all. You just caught me by surprise. This is your home, so you should feel comfortable in it.”

“That’s a very mature attitude, Lisa. I’m glad you took this job,” he stated. “Can I get you anything to eat or drink while you wait for that first load to finish?”

She happened to be looking at his cock when the words ‘first load’ fell from his lips. She flashed back to the earlier midterm break, when her sort of boyfriend, Bill, had wheedled her into giving him a hand job in the back seat of his car. When he’d spurted, he’d called it his load, too. Pairing those words while she Bakırköy escort was looking at Tom’s cock made her turn scarlet with embarrassment.

Tom was amused to see her turn red like that, and guessed what was going through her mind. He quickly got her some cool water. “Here, drink this,” he said solicitously. “You look like you’re overheating… turning red and sweating. I wouldn’t want you fainting. Come and sit down.”

They sat on either end of his sofa. Lisa was sitting facing forward, sipping the cool water. But Tom was sitting turned toward her, with his legs crossed and one of his arms draped casually along the sofa’s back rest. They chatted about inconsequential things, but Lisa kept stealing glances at his dick, so fully on display between his spread thighs. She was remembering how Bill’s penis felt in her hand as she’d pumped him. “How warm and firm it was and the feel of its smooth skin gliding under my hand movements. Oh, and the sounds Bill made when he got close to cumming! The smell of his oozing precum that I could barely see in that dark back seat! The way his cock throbbed and jerked in my hand when he finally released his semen! I felt so powerful then — so in control of his pleasure — mine to grant or withhold! Maybe I should have done that to some guys on the campus… but I was afraid they’d want me to strip.”

She didn’t realize that during this reverie she was no longer just glancing at Tom’s dick… she was staring at it, like she was transfixed. Tom couldn’t fail to observe her focus. “Ummm, Lisa,” he voiced, “I can’t help but notice that you’re looking hard at my cock. Is there something wrong with it? Something malformed or hideous?” he grinned, signaling that he was joking.

Snapping out of it, Lisa felt mortified. “I’m so sorry Tom! That was rude of me! No. No. Nothing is wrong with your… your cock.” Reflexively, her tongue moistened her suddenly dry lips. After all, this was the first time that she was seeing a real cock in broad daylight!

“Well, that’s a relief,” Tom said, chuckling. “Then maybe you were staring at it because you want to touch it?” As he asked this, his cock stirred visibly, starting to stiffen and gradually lifting itself up off his ball sack.

As she saw that occurring, Lisa’s eyes looked like they were bulging in their sockets. Mesmerized by that growing rod, she gasped softly. “Oh! I couldn’t… could I?”

Tom was pleased by the wistful sound of those last two words. “Tell you what, Lisa. Your ad said: ‘You name it, and I’ll get it done!’ didn’t it? You’re doing my laundry, so while we wait, would you like to help me clean out my pipes?”

“What? Clean out your pipes?” she asked, confused, but still staring at his crotch. “Is your sink blocked up or something?”

He laughed softly. “No, sweetie.” His finger pointed at the base of his shaft and then glided up to the top of his glans. “This pipe needs cleaning out badly. I bet your hand could clean it out in under 5 minutes.”

Lisa subconsciously licked her lips again. Her hand itched to reach out and grasp his offered flesh. She was actually shocked at her impulse to do just that. “Ummm if it’s really a job… what will you pay?” She couldn’t believe that she’d said those words out loud. Her stomach churned itself into knots, and she was about to tell him that she was joking.

“Tell you what,” he began. “We’re between the first and second loads of laundry, and this pipe cleaning should be quick and easy. So how about an extra $20 for that? And, between the second and third laundry loads, if you can clean my pipes again, I’ll add $50 more.” He looked at this delectable woman and was moved to make a third and final offer. “And, as the third load goes into the washer, you can try cleaning my pipes a third time. I know that’ll be the most difficult job, so, if you just try at all, I’ll add $50 more — but, if you succeed, I’ll add $100 instead.”

Lisa’s mind wasn’t so far gone that the math failed her. “Doing the laundry, $100. Pumping him off one time, $20. A second time, $50 more. And a third time, either $50 or even another $100? I could make $270 from Tom! I’d immediately make up the deficit in my ‘new boobs’ fund! Not only that, I’d be in control of that lovely cock of his,” she thought. The cock in question seemed to now be fully erect, poking up from his crotch. “You’ve got a deal,” she whispered quietly.

He was elated. It’d been months since he’d had any sort of sex with a woman, and his cock ached for a feminine touch. “Then come closer, Lisa. It’s all yours to play with.”

She scooted over with barely any hesitation now. Almost gleefully, she reached out and grasped his firm, warm flesh. She gave his cock a little squeeze, and clear droplets appeared at his slit, his precum plainly visible this time in the bright light of this room, unlike the dark back seat of a car. She leaned closer, getting a good look at this fluid, and inhaling the scent of Tom’s intimate area. Curious, the index finger of her other hand reached out and tapped at the slit opening. Tom hissed, reacting to that sudden pleasurable sensation. Lisa lifted her finger, smiling as the fluid stretched up, clinging to her fingertip as well as his slit. She might’ve played like that for a longer time, but she remembered the ‘job’ she was supposed to do.

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