Cruising the Bahamas Ch. 2

Aidra Fox

We had just sailed south from Norman’s Cay in the Exumas, anchoring off Thunderball Cave near Staniel Cay. The name comes from the 1965 James Bond movie in which several scenes were filmed with Sean Connery air lifted through holes in the domed roof of the grotto. My brother and his family caught an 8 passenger charter plane from the landing strip a mere 2 miles from the anchorage, which left only my wife and daughter aboard.

It had been two weeks since I last got any and that was by accident more than intent. I was getting very horny and with the departure of the gaggle of kids I was hoping my wife would be a bit more amenable to my predicament. Unfortunately, she showed little interest in taking care of my problem and I began to pursue a more voyageristic bent to satisfy my longings. My daughters’ friend, Cleo, was landing this afternoon and we were busy cleaning up the boat, readying for her arrival.

Cleo was a very cute and petite little thing, standing no more than 4 feet 10 inches and couldn’t weigh more than 100 pounds soaking wet. Very toned, she was on the equestrian team at college and had worked with horses for all her high school years, which is where my daughter and Cleo met. We walked leisurely from the airstrip later that day, stopping at a few of the little shops with curios and straw baskets and other touristy things we didn’t want to buy. Although the girls weren’t old enough to drink in the states, age was not an issue in the islands and I bought a round at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club overlooking the harbor and our boat at anchor. The girls downed a quick Bahama Mamma followed by a Goombay Smash, both on empty stomachs. I was getting a little worried about alcohol tolerance levels since these drinks are known for containing more rum than mixer. The cost of rum in the islands is far less than the cost of Coke or orange juice so strong drinks are the rule.

I dragged them both off their bar stools and towards the waiting dinghy for a quick trip back to the boat. It was decided that we should all go visit the cave while my wife finished cleaning up the boat. We planned to eat at the yacht club that night and had made reservations along with our meal selections while we were at the bar. This way we didn’t have to worry about fixing dinner on top of all the other confusion we were dealing with. The two girls and I quickly donned our bathing suits and anchored the dinghy at the entrance of the cave. The tide was nearly high so the opening was deep enough in the water that you had to dive down a few feet and swim through the hole. Because of this there were no other visitors to the cave while we were there.

I instructed each of the girls in methods to avoid hitting their heads on the sharp coral and rock, then waited as they entered the cave in turn. This afforded me a perfect view of them from behind as them bent over and kicked their way inside. I closely followed Cleo, not watching where I was going but inspecting every fold of skin across her beautifully shaped buttocks. The two piece bathing suit was slightly high cut and a bit narrow at the cleft which exposed a lot of ass to my wandering eyes. As she kicked, frog leg style, her legs opened wide each time, slamming shut with the thrust of propulsion, forcing the material of the suit further and further into the crack of her ass, providing a view of more skin with each kick. After the fifth leg kick, I clearly saw the protrusions of little hairs around the stretch bands of her bottoms. The suit folding itself inside, not only her ass crack, but insinuating its way into her center slit as well. I was getting horny as hell watching this nearly perfect butt a mere inches from my face.

I should have been watching where I was going because a shark swam leisurely through the grotto, not normally a big deal, but it scared Cleo enough that she pulled up suddenly. Her legs were dangling down towards the bottom, her face stayed underwater watching the shark swim by, as I literally rear ended her. I swam right up her ass, bouncing my mask off her thigh and running my snorkel right up against her swim suit covered pussy lips, knocking the other end out of my mouth. The loss of the snorkel forced me to try to surface for more air and in doing so I became entangled within her legs, my shoulder pushing firmly against her crotch.

We finally found a way to disentangle, breaking the surface when I sputtered all sorts of nonsensical apologies. Her gaze was firm, a slight smile across her lips when she cut me off saying, “Thank you, perhaps I can return the favor sometime”.

With that she turned back to the long gone shark and continued her swim through the grotto. My daughter had been far enough in the lead that she never noticed that anything untoward had happen. An hour passed and I stayed my distance from Cleo, catching a glimpse now and then of her beautiful ass through the clean Bahamian waters. I decided to relax a bit and swam over to a partially submerged ledge, just long enough Şirinevler escort for me to comfortably lay upon, my shoulders and head out of the water, everything from my rib cage down was immersed. The girls were off swimming around within the cave and I occasionally glimpsed their snorkels protruding through the surface as I laid back enjoying the heat, contrasting coolness of the water and daydreamed about my little encounter with Cleo.

I must have closed my eyes because I never saw her approach. Tiffany was on the other side of the cave looking at some parrot fish when Cleo swam silently to where I was relaxing. Her arms reaching straight ahead, legs kicking, quietly, she came to me without a sound. Her left hand brushed against me knee, startling me slightly, thinking it was some kind of fish my eyes jerked open and I quickly realized who it was and smiled believing the touch accidental. But her hand persisted in its contact, continuing its course up along my thigh, insinuating itself under the long leg of my swim shorts until it cupped my mesh cover balls. She squeezed gently a few times, my package suddenly straining to emerge, I was in total shock. Her face was still under the surface, apparently watching what she was doing, not looking up at me as she held her position and my sac for several more seconds in her gentle massage before sliding up and joining me on the ledge.

I couldn’t speak. She raised her mask, dropped her snorkel out of her mouth, the smile spread from ear to ear and whispered, “Now we’re even”.

We reclined side by side for nearly fifteen minutes while Tiffany swam around in circles watching all the fish and coral. Her thigh touching mine so barely as to be coincidental, her arm brushing against mine every time she moved even the slightest bit. I was thankful that I was wearing some oversized, very baggy swim suit and was able to conceal my growing erection. I glanced from time to time at her, whenever I thought she was looking away. She possessed great abs, rock hard. Her suit bottom sat several inches below her navel, just above the pubic hair line.

Her tits were totally covered by her top but that was because her didn’t have any. She was not even an A cup. I’m quite sure she wore training bras frequently. Although twenty she had never developed any breasts, the outline of her nipples were just visible beneath the loose fitting bathing suit top, standing at attention. Between the blond pony tail, her short stature and appearance of thirteen year old, just developing nubs, she a pediphiles’ dream. Legal but some porno king could make big money with this girl.

She caught me staring and looked me in the eyes, glanced away to be sure Tiffany was out of ear shot then turned back to face me.

“You know, you look pretty good for someone as old as my father”, her voice husky and slightly deep. She clearly enunciated, many years of debate and public speaking and her brilliant mind hiding behind that adolescent looking body.

“But your father is quite a bit older than I am, you know”, my age defenses raising instantly.

She just smiled, reaching across her body, forcing our arms and legs to touch solidly, her left hand resting on my stomach, just over the navel. She made a slight swirling motion with her fingers, circling my navel before inserting her middle finger into my depression and making slight diddling motions. It was almost as if she were jerking herself off, her finger playing my navel like it were her vagina. A very delicate and erotic thing. My erection was beginning to show, caught in the mesh of the under fabric of my suit and I could see she noticed. Her smile broadened.

Across the grotto we heard the splashing of my daughter heading this way but there was no rush in her touch nor was she quick to remove her hand. Slowly she lingered for another few seconds, pulling away just as Tiffany raised her head from the crystalline waters, inches from my feet. Cleo made it look all so casual that nothing would have been noticed except for the raging hardon I was sporting. In attempting to conceal this jutting flesh I sat up, bending slightly forward hoping the bulkiness of those shorts would do the job.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Two days had passed since the cave and it was as though nothing had happened. I continued to furtively glance at Cleo whenever the opportunity presented itself, the skimpy bathing suits and casual attire helping reveal large amounts of fresh skin, however she made no motions, no other touches. Except for the nightly, daughterly style hugs and kisses goodnight, there was no contact between us. Until this day.

Tiffany and Cleo had been wandering the deserted beach just north of Little Farmers Cay. The island was mostly rocky, sharp coral with a few bits of beautiful beach sand intermixed. Cleo had scraped her foot across one of the sharp coral mounds, cutting it and then proceeded to step into the sand, mixing her blood with Ataköy escort granules of crushed coral. This could become septic quickly and presented a serious danger to her health. Tiffany recognized this situation and helped Cleo to the dinghy and back to the big boat.

Doctoring was always left up to me so I prepared a tub of warm water as my wife gathered all the medical supplies we had aboard. Since I had things in hand and Cleo was not in immediate pain or danger, Tiffany and my wife went topsides to relax in the sun while I was below attending to Cleo’s wounds. Her skin was incredibly soft as I took her ankle in my hands, guiding her injured foot into the warm water. I kept glancing up her legs as I washed around the cut and she took notice instantly, slowly spreading her knees apart farther and farther, providing visual access to her crotch. I could see where she had recently shaved, closely, the soft fabric of her suit outlining the lips of her pussy, the button of her clit clearly a visible bump in the material.

She bit her lower lip, not in pain from the procedure, but almost in sensual awareness. Her wound cleaned thoroughly, she probably should have had stitches. Armed with only sail needles and whipping twine I decided that care and a butterfly bandage would have to suffice. I could take two quick stitches but they would be painful and probably leave too large a scar. If she just took it easy it would close up soon enough and nature would take its course.

Because of her injury, Cleo spent a lot more time around the boat and less time adventuring. Since her mobility was limited we took this opportunity to sail to a very remote island and enjoy the solitude of being the only boat for miles around. Tiffany and my wife putzed around the boat while I took Cleo in the dinghy and I did my usual hunting for dinner underwater. I kept going under to find a grouper or snapper which we could filet and every time I returned to the dinghy she was sunning herself in the skimpiest little thing she could have found. After three trips back to the dinghy I found her lying, appearing to be asleep, on her back totally topless.

She had the cutest little tits. Just buds like you would find on a pre-pubescent tike. Almost all nipple, puffy and very full taking up almost the entire area of her budding breast. It brought back flashbacks of middle school and spying on the girls in the locker room. As I climbed in the dinghy and dropped into the bottom she jerked awake and sat upright. Making no effort to cover herself I openly stared at her quaint tits.

“Does it make you uncomfortable when I am like this?” she asked.

“No, just very horny!” I told her quietly to assure her I was a man just like the guys she dates.

She didn’t do anything to cover up or minimize the protrusion of her nipples and I got the impression she was staring at my crotch more and more. But it could have been wishful thinking.

I succeeded in pulling up two 4 pound lobster which we cooked over charcoal on the grill with some excellent pasta and served with a couple of bottles of and excellent Piesporter. We topped this all off with an after dinner drink of Nassau Royale over ice. Needless to say by the end of the evening we were all just a little tipsy and sloppy. Her hug goodnight felt prolonged and tighter than usual and she kissed me on the lips as she usually did, but it seemed to last longer. My imagination at work.

The next morning it was just the two of us in the dinghy again, but after watching her down a large V-8 juice I got the feeling she was just a bit under the weather. Perhaps too much wine the night before. Again we went around the island and were out of sight of the anchored boat and any humans. I dove on the reef a couple of times without success and swam back to the dinghy for a short rest to find her topless once again, this time without waiting nearly the entire trip to take it off. Her tits were tanning nicely, the bright white skin turning a slight reddish hue then darker, nearly as dark as her nipples after only a couple of days. The sun works wonders in the tropics.

The third trip back to the dinghy I found her completely naked and I about freaked. This was starting to get a little too much to take and I was getting to be in the worst way possible. She had shaved and it looked recent. It was not just the trim job I had imagined but totally shaved sides and top, leaving only a small, thin tuft of hair just below her navel. She now looked eleven and I was dying. I knew she was really twenty but GOD did she ever look young.

This time she made no pretense at sleeping. I climbed into the dinghy and was about to say something to her, though I don’t really know what I was actually going to say, when she informed me that she thought her foot healed enough to do a little swimming. She stood, her pussy only inches from my face, did an about face and executed a perfect jack knife into the warm and clear waters. Bakırköy escort I couldn’t take my eyes off her little bottom. That perfect ass, pointing at me, displaying all her treasures all at once. She swam a brief circle around the dinghy, leisurely turned over and swam on her back for a few minutes, her nipples pointing skyward. Then she returned to the dinghy as quickly as she departed.

As she climbed back over the rubber inflated sides of the boat, her womanhood was splayed open for my total absorption. And absorb I did. She reached up and fluffed her hair, shaking off the salt, her short perm nearly standing straight out (almost as straight as I was standing at that moment). She looked at me quizzically, with a wonder on her face, so angelic, so inexperienced it made me shutter.

“Aren’t you going to take off your suit too?”

Although the thought had crossed my mind, I was reticent at being too obvious. It could be that she was not giving messages but just being an open, flaunting 20 year old.

“I’m not sure that anyone else would appreciate it if I did that”, was the best I could come up with on such short notice.

“There is no one but me around and I would appreciate it”, she said, stressing the I.

So, what the hell. I untied the string around my waist, raised my hips up, slid down the bulky shorts, the tip of my dick getting caught on the band momentarily, springing back forcefully against my belly. I heard a little gasp as she saw my fully erect member for the first time but, other than that, she kept silent.

We lay there silently, absorbing the rays of the sun, feet to head. The dinghy riding quietly at anchor a quarter mile off shore of this deserted island. The ocean breathing rhythmically, inhaling as the rubber boat rode up each wave, exhaling as it slid into the trough. I occasionally glanced over at the scenery, looking the length of her body. Seeing the soft skin of her knees, thighs, that little tuft, her smooth belly right up to those little pointed, puffy tits. I could see wetness between her legs but it was hard to tell if it was excitement or just sweat from the hot sun.

My raging hardon still standing at full attention, we laid along each of the inflated pontoons of the small boat when she suddenly slid off her perch and onto the floor of the dinghy, leaned over and put her hand on my thigh. Without stopping she slid right up to cup my balls and dropped her head over the tip of my oozing cock. I was deeply inside her mouth almost instantly, without preamble, she began a long, slow return to the top and instantly back down.

She repeated this motion over and over again, slowly but persistently while her hand fondled my sac, lifting and separating my balls, flicking her finger over the space between the sac and my rear entrance, sending shivers up and down my spine. Her beautiful, round ass was within easy reach, so I did just that. My hand ran over her soft curve, my finger tips flitting lightly over the crack of her ass. She shuttered as I reached her swollen pussy lips and ran my fingers the length to her clit. It was swollen and protruded almost a full inch from under its hood. I stroked it like she was stroking me.

Her squirming made it difficult for her to keep the rhythm on my cock but she tried valiantly. I was building to a massive blow and she was shaking all over the bottom of the boat as I concentrated on her clit, wetting it with the juices from her pussy, making it slippery and moist. She came in an almost violent rush, trying to keep my cock in her mouth but failing as she screamed and moaned. It was a good thing we were so far from other people. It took almost two minutes for her orgasm to subside as I teased her asshole with my soaking fingers, trying not to make her uncomfortable with over stimulation of her now very sensitive clit. As my fingers lightly danced around her puckered entrance she slid back as if to accept them. Taking this as a clue I pressed firmer at her hole, she pressed harder against my finger. It slid in almost without resistance, right to the second knuckle, where she stopped pushing back against my hand.

With my finger firmly inserted in her ass she went back to work on my cock, this time with renewed energy, using both hands. Her small fingers wrapped around my cock tightly, one atop the other. I had never had two hands fit around my dick before and still leave room for sucking but her hands were so tiny and it felt so wonderful. She sucked the end, lapping and drooling while her hands stroked up and down in great rhythm and consistency. It didn’t take long before I couldn’t hold it any more. The effect of the days of teasing and the abstinence of the past couple of weeks built a huge load which shot forcefully into her mouth, filling it. In desperation she finally pulled off just as the third spurt shot into the air and landed across her nose, hitting her in the left eye. Excess was seeping out the corner of her mouth as two more shots fell across my belly.

When it was obvious that I was to emit no more she slowed her stroking to a halt and looked at me. Cum dripping out of one corner of her mouth, a drop falling off her nose, one eye closed with a cum trail over it as she shook her head and slightly laughed.

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