Doctor Knows Best


It’s a normal working day at Doctor K’s clinic.

She just finished examining a 20 year old college student complaining about chest congestion.

It was getting late into the evening there were 2 patients still waiting to see her, the nurse calls in Jenny, after about 10 minutes it’s the last patient of the day who had a sore nose and a pain in his lower back.

As it was getting late and dark clouds had formed and looked like the evening showers were approaching. The receptionist cum nurse called the last patient Mr Kar into the doctors room as she entered she asks the doctor if she could leave as it was going to rain cats and dogs. Being as understanding as she was, Dr K let her leave early and wished her a good weekend.

Dr K asked Patient Kar regarding his complains, he goes on to explain that he has had a pain in his lower back for some time now. Dr K advices Kar to take off his shirt and loosen his shorts and lie on his stomach on the examination table.

She presses her fingers on his lower back starting at the base moving down to the lower back, there is a sudden jerk from Kar as her hand slides down and Dr K ask if it hurts there, Kar says that it starts there so she carries on her examination now by using a metal shaped rod to check his lower spine, she uses the rod which feels cold to Kar, and continues to move it down the back Kar tells her the pain is lower, and lower until without knowing Dr K has taken the rod right down to Kar’s anus a sudden jerk from him as the cold metal rod brushes his anus, a sigh of pleasure as Dr K continues her examination by pressing the rod harder on his anus.

Just then she pushes the rod aside and asks him that she suspects that the pain might be connected to the anus, instructing him that she has to do a thorough check and to go behind the screen and take off his clothes and lie back again.

Kar feeling a bit nervous did as the pretty Doctor asked and was now completely naked. Dr K calmed him down and told him not to be nervous as she will be very gentle, and proceeded to apply some vaginal jelly and inserted her index finger into his bursa escort anus, the pleasure was instant and his penis suddenly jumped up to life making him lying on his stomach very uncomfortable. Just as he taught the insertion was complete she quickly pulled out her finger and inserted some more liquid and then a ball like object with 4 extension lenses which she informed was a camera.

It was slightly painful but more pleasurable for him as this was the first time his anus was being violated in this way.

Dr K then asked him to sit up as she needed to do the normal check on the heart and chest area she proceeded to use her stethoscope ever so slowly all this while Kar could not contain his excitement and it was showing in his enlarged cock which he was trying to hide with his hands, Dr K being the understanding Doc she was realized this and comforted him by saying that it happens to all her male patients and she has a way to relieve the discomfort in time.

The pleasure Kar was now experiencing was great as he was sitting on the table and the ball shaped lenses in his anus were moving around under his weight.

After her standard exam Dr K asked Kar to lye back down but now on his back so his cock had nowhere to hide, she then explained that as a precaution she has to check on his penis if there has been any soreness which might be connected with the pain in the anus. She then touched the cock head ever so gently moving down the fore skin with one hand and cupping the balls with the other, just then I thought I was going to explode in her hands but I controlled myself, before I could take another breath she suddenly lowered her beautiful face on my cock head, ever so slowly taking me as deep as she could in a slow provocative rhythm, down, then back up to the head licking slowly at the head before going down again, she continued this for about 3 minutes I just couldn’t take it any more and just before I exploded she quickly pulled up and collected all my warm cum in a container, hope You enjoyed my method of obtaining a sperm sample for the lab and I told you I had a way to relieve your bursa escort bayan discomfort. I was totally speechless and just moaned with pleasure. As Dr K walked away with my cum in the container,she told me to relax for a few ninutes as she prepares for the next examination,as she walkedaway I had a good look at her excellent body she was 5-4″ Beautifully tanned skin with a shapely 36-25-38 figure and the cutest tight ass I had ever seen, peering deeply I realized that I could she that she was wearing a black thong under her sexy Doctors dress.

Please lye back on your back as I need to check your other complains about your sore nose, the sweet voice of the Dr called out. I did as she instructed, lying for about 5 minutes waiting for her, I kind of dosed off, then suddenly I was awoken by a soft touch of her fingers feeling my nose area, it was a bit ticklish at first, realizing my discomfort she proceeded to blind fold me saying that it will help in the examination and prevent any cream going into the eyes as it might burn a bit during the application process.

She started the cream application, but instead of her fingers I felt a soft lips like feeling on my nose and it had a very sweet juicy feel and smell of nectar. Just then I realized that these were not lips but they were the sweet Drs pussy lips on my nose, inches away from my lips, as any sane man would do I obliged the doc and started exploring these lucky pussy lips with my mouth ever so gently followed by my tongue slowly rotating and probing her pussy and cunt area, I could hear her moaning and her breathing became heavier, after about a few minutes, she calls out and says that she needs to get a scan from my face all the way down to my feet.

With that the mysterious pussy lips are taken away from my face, not knowing what to expect next as my senses where playing games with me, the sweet voice again then said that the scan will start in about a minute and to be as still as possible as the machine was very sensitive to movement. My cock was throbbing with excitement not knowing what to expect bursa merkez escort from this temptress of a Dr.

A thud and the scan started it was a thing moving from about a inch over my face, moving ever so slowly from my forehead down to my eyes, my nose, my mouth where it stopped for awhile above my lips so close I could smell something it was strong sweet, then suddenly some sort of sticky liquid fell on my mouth, it tasted sweet and sour dark mystic, then it hit me it was chocolate syrup mixed with pussy juice, heaven! It started moving down to my neck, chest, stomach, and then to just above my cock, this was too much for me, I just wanted to take control and fuck the hell out of this Dr. , but I just couldn’t move as if I was in a spell. Just then pop she sat on my cock and I screamed, it was marvelous, she slowly started moving up and down my pole with the choc syrup and pussy juices mixed on my cock, the sensation was fantastic, as nothing could top that, just then the Dr suddenly pulled on the camera in my anus and one of the lenses popped out. I had lost total control of myself by now and was pumping the Dr as hard as I could. Don’t over exert yourself, the scan requires you to maintain a normal heartbeat, the sweet voice spoke out, so I calmed myself and the doc took over moving ever so slowly down my shaft and then up all the way to the tip pausing there for a bit, as she went down again on my cock I felt another lenses being pulled out from my anus, before repeating her heavenly sequence again.

I was now totally in her control, as if she had put a spell on me, it was fantastic, the doc was now moaning with pleasure and we where both close to Cumming as the pace of her thrust had increased, I jerked into her forcefully and exploded deep into her pussy, as I was exploding she pulled the last lens out it was unbelievable the pleasure was intense, holding her tight as I poured every last drop in, after about a minute or two she lifted her self from my cock and said that the scan was completed and said I now needed to take my medication, suddenly I felt a warm spoonful medication in my mouth.

That’s a good boy, your treatment is over I hope your back pain and sore nose feel better. With that the Doc removed my blindfold and asked me to get dressed and pay the bill.

As I was walking out still dazed, she called out and said, don’t forget to make an appointment for a follow up.

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