Inexperienced and Unprepared


Bob and Hazel had been what most would call late bloomers. At the start of the relationship, Bob hadn’t bloomed yet. They met on a dating website. He made her laugh with his disarming sense of humor and she had amazed him that someone had found him funny. Their first date went very well although both of them were awkward. There was none of the uneasy breaks in conversation that would normally occur in such a situation.

It almost seemed that the two would be natural together, until the date was ending. When they got back from the restaurant, Bob went to park the car and no sooner had he stopped and she was gone. Bob had thought that the date was successful and was shocked that he was totally wrong in his interpretation of the date and, owing to his lack of experience, left. He had a long drive ahead of him and kept playing the date through his head trying to figure out what went wrong.

The next day he wasn’t sure what to do since he had been set up on a blind date a few months before and thought that the date, while not as effortless as this one had been, seemed to go fine until he called to see if she would like to go on another date and never got a return call. He wasn’t sure how to tell Hazel that he had a really good time and hoped that they might be able to go out again. Thankfully she emailed him and relieved all of his concerns. She had had a wonderful evening and had hoped that they could do it again. Turns out both of their senses of time and communication were off, she felt they had sat in the car long enough and thought that he would see her off and he thought that she hurriedly exited the car. They were a go for another date the following weekend.

The next few dates went off without a hitch. Bob not knowing what to do was keeping them going slow. Bob had a feeling that it was driving Hazel crazy too, as it was, but she didn’t want to rush him. It was then Bob decided to move it along.

Their next date was going to be at one of those adult arcades. The night was going great and Bob decided to make his move with a shooter game. This would allow them to be active and get closer to each other. He had figured that it would be a sweet move to give the winner a kiss for the victory. Shots were missed. ammo wasn’t refilled. Bob brushed her shooting hand to “distract” her playfully. It resulted in Hazel winning the game. They continued this way for the next hour.

When they left, as they were approaching the car, Bob’s heart was in his throat and was stuttering he was so nervous when he said that she deserved a kiss for the victory. Hazel was taken back by this but was also instantly excited by this. While kissing, escort Bob was amazed at how soft her lips were and how amazing she smelled.

They left to go back to Bob’s since that is where Hazel’s car was parked. Since the and the night was still early she was invited inside to watch a movie. When the movie started, Hazel cuddled next to Bob and he started massaging her head and running his fingers through her hair. With this she melted into the couch.

After the movie was over with, while the clock showed much later than either of their loins were telling them, they were each waiting for the other person to say “Stay because I want to fuck your brains out” Bob’s cock was so hard it could have been driven like a stake into the ground. Hazel’s pussy was so wet it could have irrigated the desert. Hazel made the first move and said that she could stay the night. With that, the two of them fell onto the couch making out and grabbing each other’s bodies.

After a few minutes, they decided to go to the bed to get comfortable. They were making out and groping each other’s bodies under their clothes while walking to the bed. Bob was fumbling to take off Hazel’s bra because he couldn’t wait to suck on here ample titties but couldn’t stand not having one another tongue’s in their mouths and since he lacked experience, couldn’t work the clasp while occupied. Hazel had her hand down Bob’s briefs and was fondling his cock while she had one hand on Bob’s neck and playing with his hair with her fingers. Her hand down his shorts was making it even harder for Bob to concentrate on taking off her bra. Hazel could sense his frustrations and stepped back and took the bra off without an issue.

Bob was staring at this beautiful topless wonder and went to resume kissing and fondling but she wanted to tease him and made him stop. She slowly took off her jeans leaving only her panties and socks. Rather than show Bob what was he was dying to see, she slowly took off each sock and was about to take off the last item but she realized he was still fully clothed and she wanted a show.

With that she sauntered over to the bed sat next to Bob and started massaging his cock to further build his excitement. She said “I’m a wholesome lady, you ain’t seeing my dripping pussy until I see that hard cock. I am a wholesome lady after all. Now FUCKING STRIP FOR ME” in an animalistic tone.

As Bob was walking into the center of the room, Hazel was starting to get comfy on the bed and no sooner did she look up and Bob was nude. So much for the show. Well between the rubbing and the tone in her voice Bob was excited and had to see her in all her glory. And bursa eve gelen escort with that, the stage was hers once again and the panties were on the ground.

She walked towards Bob and he finally got to put her melons into his mouth. He was excited how firm her nipples got. As he was kneading or sucking on each one, Hazel’s juices started running down her thigh. After what seemed like an eternity, Bob finally slid a hand down from her tits started playing with her pubes. While he had always leaned to the shaved women in the porn that he had stroked to, he couldn’t think of anything more beautiful than the natural woman standing in front of him. At this same point in time Hazel had grabbed his cock that seemed to have gotten harder since she started stripping but Bob had to stop her for fear of spraying cum everywhere.

It was here that Hazel again took lead since she needed his cock badly and asked where the condoms were at. Since Bob was as inexperienced as they come he didn’t have any. She decided that there would be no penetration, but they could both get off. Hazel laid on the bed, placed her hands over the head to give Bob full access to her body and directed him to explore her. Bob, still enamored by her tits went to licking them and tweaking her nipples. This was continuing to drive Hazel crazy and she desperately needed release. She grabbed Bob’s right hand and placed it on her pussy. This snapped Bob out of his trance and he then started fumbling with genitalia that he had never dealt with. While Bob was getting frustrated from not know what he was doing and not being able to see what he was doing since he his tongue was dancing with Hazel’s, she was loving his fingers exploring every fold of her soaking wet slit.

Wanting to get a better look at everything, Bob decided to kiss down her body and eat her out. Hazel tried to stop him, but he desperately needed to see if her juices where as delicious as the rest of her. He slowly, tentatively, licked from the bottom of her opening to the top. When he got to the top of her lips, one of those exotic pubes tickled his nose causing him to take in a huge breath of her womanly aroma. The smell was utterly intoxicating but at the same time it was slightly over powering. For fear of ruining the evening, Bob was going to go back but Hazel, sensing his apprehension, said that he had been making her panties wet for hours and totally understood if her scent was too strong and he didn’t have to eat her but pleaded that she needed to cum and just use his fingers.

With that, the fingers on his right hand slid right into her velvety görükle escort pussy and the left thumb went to where he thought her clit was. Thankfully, like most young men, Bob was clueless where her clit, engorged as it was, was located because if he had found it, even with the amount of juices that were flowing, would have hurt due to his pressure. She tentatively grabbed his hand, not wanting to discourage her trainee, slowed it, and softly put it on her clit. With the fingers that were sliding into and out of her pussy and her clit finally getting the attention that it desperately needed, she arched her back because her orgasm was coming on quickly. Before she could relax and really enjoy the build up, the orgasm crashed on her. Wave after wave caused her back to arch and drive head and shoulders into the pillows. All she could get out was “OOOOOOHHHHHHH GGGGGGGGGGODDDDDDDD” Bob, not sure if he had seen the most erotic thing in his life or if she was acting noticed his sheets were wet. Not talking a wet spot, it was a platter size area that could probably have had her juices wrung out of them.

Bob was getting ready to go again but Hazel made him stop so she could stop spasming and catch her breath. Once the cloud was lifted from her brain, she had to have Bob’s hard cock. She had him lay on the bed and with one hand she grabbed the shaft and placed the head into her mouth and started sucking on it. Her tongue danced over it while her hand was stroking it. She took turns either licking around the head or licked up and down the shaft. Pre-cum started oozing out of it which she eagerly lapped up. After what seemed like an eternity to Bob but not enough time for Hazel, Bob begged her to stop so he wouldn’t cum. He grabbed her head and pulled her down because he had to nibble on her lips and kiss her. Hazel didn’t stop stroking him though. She needed to see Bob orgasm at her hands. After a few moments, Hazel felt Bob’s muscles start to constrict and knew it wouldn’t be long. She sat up to get a good shot of the show and went back to the mission at hand.

Bob, who had been watching Hazel’s handiwork intently, finally realized that he was going to cum, announced it at the same time that he made eye contact with her. At this instant he saw the desire in her eyes shot harder, further, and more than he could ever remember in his load blowing life.

After slightly cleaning their cum soaked bodies and stripping the drenched sheets from the bed, they settled down in each others arms for a snooze.

A couple of hours later they woke up refreshed and ready for round 2. This time it dawned on Bob to taste his fingers to see what Hazel’s juices tasted like and they were as delicious as he had hoped. He knew that their following session would involve him eating her pussy. This round was much shorter, but they promised that next weekend they would have condoms and wouldn’t have any of the distractions that they had this time.

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