It’s Icky


It’s Icky — by Polly+Anna (1113 words) First time Cunnilingus (1/27/20)

Tuesday – January 7, 2020

“Eww,” said Lizzie, “its icky, how could you.”

“I could and I would,” I said smiling at my twin sister. “Really, right now. I’d love to.”

Now my little sister, at almost nineteen she is two inches shorter than me, and I are really close. Well not quite so close that I would be referring to performing an act of oral sex upon her. I was trying my hardest to be totally enthusiastic without seeming creepy to her bestie and our also eighteen-year-old running buddy Savita.

As I turned my head and looked very briefly into the deep brown pools that were the eyes of Pastor Renquist’s middle daughter, desperately looking for a reaction, I could honestly say that right now I was in love… Or lust… Maybe just horny enough… That I would have licked the sweat off of her exotic brown skin. Fortunately, although I was a stereotypical brainiac and quite awkward socially, I was astute enough not to actually make such a statement out loud.

“We could take a shower,” I said, trying to be helpful. At least I was trying to be helpful.

“Nobody is at home,” Lizzie added, “‘the parental units’ are in ‘Vegas.”

My heart skipped a beat. I didn’t know why Lizzie was helping me, but I was grateful. It was true. Mom and dad were out of town working at the CES, Consumer Electronics Tradeshow, in Las Vegas Nevada. Our older siblings were in college and our little sister would be at a friend’s house until after dinner.

“You bursa sınırsız escort know, you could borrow something of mine to wear,” Lizzy said.

“I guess that’s okay,” Savita said, “if you don’t mind.”

I hoped that my erection didn’t show. Or maybe that it did show… I mean just enough to show Savita that my mind instantly went to the concept that when she put on a pair of Lizzie’s pants, she wouldn’t be wearing any panties. Or could I even dare to hope, wearing a… A dress?

As we showered in separate bathrooms, I thought to myself that my insane new year’s resolution: to get laid before my birthday on March first, and to not be a nineteen-year-old virgin might not have been all that insane after all. I washed myself carefully, it was hard to avoid giving it a couple of tugs, but I managed. I wanted to have all of those feelings while my face was buried in Savita’s place.

I was a conflicted, romantic idiot, just standing there naked in the shower, staring at my towel after I had turned off the water. Fantasizing about the taste of Savita’s pussy juices. Thinking that it was perfect, that we could make love and it would just be pure pleasure for both of us, no risk involved. I wasn’t even sure that I would have to tell Father Laird at confession on Sunday, although I could tease him by asking questions about exactly what constituted sex.

I had already driven our priest half-way around the bend with my persistent questions. Like where in the Bible does it actually say one has to be married to have sex? And bursa üniversiteli escort just who married Adam and Eve? Why was our age too young today? But back in our grandparent’s day it was the norm. Grandma had dad when she was my age. Did people change? And where in the Bible does it say that? I mean, I built a robot in Mr. Staddlemeyer’s class that–

My daydream was interrupted by Lizzie telling me that they were both done. Wonderful, I had just successfully taken longer in the bathroom than a teenaged girl – actually two of them. What a dubious accomplishment to add to my resume.

Both of them were sitting on Lizzie’s bed wearing cute little lightweight dresses, Lizzie’s was black, and Savita’s was appropriately yellow like the sun from wince her name was derived.

“Isaac, come show us how to get the ‘Net Nanny’ off of this thing,” Lizzie said, handing me Savita’s Chromebook.

“Sure thing,” I said, wondering when I was going to wake up and be disappointed that this whole day was all just a wet-dream.

“You know,” Lizzie said, “I think we should call his bluff.”

I looked at my sister quizzically.

“They just do that stuff in porn,” she said, as she opened a website after I handed her Savita’s Chromebook.

I looked, she had pulled up a gif of a girl eating another girl.

“I meant what I said. I think that is so hot.” I looked at Savita and smiled an insecure little grin, “I bet you taste so good…”

“Really?” she said softly bursa anal yapan escort and shyly.


“You wouldn’t,” Lizzie said while moving Savita’s hemline up very slowly so that I could confirm what I already knew. No panties.

Savita smiled.

“May I?” I asked her.

She answered by way of a tiny nod.

I bent down and kissed her curly black pubic hair. It smelled of Lizzie’s fancy-smancy green tea shampoo. I gently rubbed my nose to and fro and was rewarded by a different, a more natural, more sensuous aroma. I kissed her mound again.

Savita leaned back and Lizzy shuffled to get behind her best friend and hold her with both arms. They were wrapped around Savita just beneath her breasts. I laid down on my belly and she spread wide – placing her legs on my back.

You can learn a lot on-line, I thought, but not the best part.

I dragged my tongue through her slot and then ran it up and down across her most… Her moist… Her moist, most sensitive flesh… My lips and my tongue visited the fragrant opening to her soul, and I tasted the sweet nectar that she made within. My nose visited and rubbed its way through the valleys formed by her paired curtains.

I took each of her four vertical lips between my two horizontal ones. I folded them over and over again, stimulating them with my lips and my tongue. Doing this caused her hips to slowly involuntarily gyrate. She moaned softly and used her hands to guide me on my journey to her ecstasy.

Finally, I kissed and softly licked the delicate ridge between her inner curtains. As I did so, I felt that part of her swell and throb beneath my tongue, and I felt her tremble.

“What’s it like?” Lizzie asked me as she watched.

“Oh, it’s really quite icky,” I said with a mile-wide smile. “You wouldn’t care for it at all.”

(For Isaac Tolkien who suggested the theme.)

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