Just a Kiss


To celebrate the pregnancy we decided to take part in an orgy. It was both our first time. We are both very liberal people with our bodies. She is quaint and shy, I’ll let you devise how I look in your imagination. I only had in mind to have intercourse in a room with other people doing it too, not joining in any activity as of yet. The signs of a baby hadn’t reached her body. As we entered the large room our eyes had to adjust to the dim lighting. We stayed close and wary as we ventured deeper into this den.

Our pores opened in estranged excitement as we breathed in the intoxicating aroma. We got to an empty bed of rose red sheets lit by a light overhead. A few dust particles flew across the rays emitted by the bulb.

She had her back turned to me, I knew she felt safe with me. Her stare lost in other’s mischiefs. The light from the bulb only light up half her body, her white thigh sparkled in comparison to her back, the light seemed to blanket her body. Her defined lines, still visible in the dark are comparable to sulks in marble from water erosion.

Smooth in all her glory she led me on the bed sitting us down. bursa escort bayan Our eyes closed we kissed only half on the bed. The sweat on her skin only helped smoothen the ride for my fingers that travelled along her breast finding a resting place for my hand by her ribs, but still in thumb’s reach to maintain a massaging motion. I turned my body facing hers whereupon of inevitable touching took place, inciting a laugh. A zesty smell lingered. The room had become darker as our eyes adapted to the light.

I stood up shrouding myself in the shades outlining the bed. She lay and stared into my eyes; although dark she still knew where to find them. I lifted her legs by her tender calves and squeezed as my skin dented her white figure. The sole of her foot was now facing the ceiling and as her leg magnetized my body towards it so did kisses flow through my mouth to her tense tendent.

She could hardly make a noise as her head fell to the side of her chest, her hands only slightly covered her mouth but I knew that they were there if she needed to bite with her gentle white grip, as she enjoys doing. I could only bursa bayan escort watch for a short while before returning to seeking her pleasure by venerating every inch of her body.

Her tense tendon contrasted with the sweet underbelly of her foot, this shift made mountains of her skin. I dared move down to the outside of her ankle where the skin is softest, to get a little in my lips and pull away. Her arousal was not only audible now but visual. Hardened nipples slipped away from her arm’s gentle grips. The lines outlining her small breasts now more defined than ever created a shadow. The black and white colors played and danced on her skin enhancing her beauty.

That got me hard.

Moving further down her leg I smiled still in the dark. It felt sinister in a way. Before reaching the knee, my eyes fixated on her contorting body I pulled away, not without trailing my fingers back up to her heel. I was swiftly back after asking a lady walking behind me a mouth watering request. She nodded in an amused reply with an alluring smile to accompany her body. She could strut. bursa merkez escort A leg poked me as she walked away, drawing me back to the lit bed. My fingers ran the length of her leg, but I used the top of my nails this time. Her skin was still hardened as was I.

As I stepped into the light my shadow covered the rays hitting her body. My paws sunk into the soft bed as I crawled forward. Eye to eye, she seemed frightened but trusting which turned me on even more. My arms either side of her shoulders, she ran her hands up my forearms towards my neck. My skin electrified, I wanted to close my eyes to this world of pleasure but I wanted more. I didn’t break the stare. Her arms linked behind my throat and she brought herself closer to my face where she waited, she too wanted more. Our hearts flourished through a passionate kiss. Our bodies intertwined, we could now feel one another’s tensions and bask in each others softness. The kiss could have lasted forever but stopped with a break to gasp for air. My arms were her arms, my legs hers. Like a beautiful supernova, we could have consumed the moment there and then, but I didn’t want to lead the dance just yet. A feeling I hadn’t experienced before caressed my soul as the world stood still, I could hardly work up the courage to look at her in the eyes but there was no denying the unstoppable force drawing us together. She knew, I knew. I love you.

(Sorry. Forget the strutting lady)

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