Learning Experience


My name is Jade and I would like to tell you about my first sexual experience. While sex at this age may be normal for some people, I was eighteen years old and very inexperienced. Just the previous summer, my body had undergone some incredible changes that I still wasn’t sure how to deal with. I went from virtually flat-chested to a d-cup and developed hips, so I had gone from “flat as a board” to hour glass figure. I was secretly delighted with my new womanly body and would have taken to wearing tight clothes to show it off had my parents allowed it. My best friend, Liz, was terribly jealous from what little she saw as she had no curves to speak of and looked as if she would be on the low end of a b-cup for good. She had always envied my thick waist-length hair and my long legs, but now she told me she hated me for being so utterly feminine! I laughed because I had always envied her for her gorgeous corkscrew curls and beautiful tanned skin. I began to feel Liz’s brother, Michael, who was eight years older than us, watching me a lot more closely than before and could see that he had noticed my metamorphosis. I had never been allowed to date, and avoided the boys at school as much as I could, knowing my parents would beat the hell out of me if they even thought I had “impure thoughts”. My home was an unhappy one, with strict parents who became worse as the contents of the latest bottle of scotch diminished. Liz was my escape, and I spent many nights at her house. After her father died when we were younger, Michael took over as head of the household. Their mother had moved out of state to join her new husband, so it was just Michael and Liz in an enormous Victorian house. I envied their lifestyle and freedom!! My parents were unaware of the living situation at Liz’s house, otherwise I would not have been allowed to step foot inside.

One particularly bad night at my house, I took a bus to Liz’s house. I was in tears the whole time and became even worse when Liz answered the door and looked sympathetically at my swollen face and bleeding lip. Liz gave me a pair of shorts and a tank top to wear so that she could wash my clothes, which had quite a bit if blood on them from my busted lip. I washed my face and then as I removed my clothes, I noticed that some blood has soaked through my shirt and stained the white material of my bra. Oh, I hated that bra! My mother forced me to wear a minimizing bra that seemed to start at my chin and end at my waist, and would be furious if I ruined one of these expensive torture contraptions, even if it was as a result of my father using me as a punching bag. I took of my bra along with my jeans and the baggy shirt that was my uniform. I changed into the borrowed clothes which were a little snug due to the difference in our proportions. When I walked into the living room, Liz looked at me funny. I realized that she had never really gotten a true, good look at my new figure, only glimpses as I rushed to cover myself when we changed for gym at school. I was very conscious of my large breasts pushing against the thin white tank top material. My nipples were hard as rocks, probably gaining sensitivity back after being sprung from the contraption!! The shorts came just an inch or so beneath my butt, and were tight everywhere! I broke the uncomfortable silence by telling Liz about my bra, and explaining my lack of having one on. She turned the stereo on for me and told me sit back and to relax and she would take care of everything. She took the clothes to the laundry room and returned a few minutes later with two glasses and two bottles of wine from her father’s wine cellar. I normally did not drink-I had seen what it did to my parents.

After making sure that Michael was out for the evening (Liz said he had gone to a beach house with friends and would not be back until the next day), I began to pour my heart out to Liz. I’m sure that Michael was aware of my situation, but I wanted to maintain whatever dignity I could. Liz listened as I told her about the latest evening of abuse. She poured the wine as I began sobbing again, and let me cry on her shoulder. Before I knew it, we had finished the first bottle of wine and were starting on the second. My tears had dried up, and we began planning my escape from the “house of hell”. We had done this on many occasions over the years, counting down the days until I had the moneyto leave for good. I started feeling pleasantly sleepy and relaxed after the next glass of wine, so Liz pulled out the futon for us to lie on and I drifted off to sleep pretty quickly.

I don’t know how long I slept, but I woke to a fabulous feeling. I thought I was still dreaming, so I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed the sensations I was experiencing. I felt light stroking on my breasts and felt my nipples harden almost painfully. This continued for a few moments, and then suddenly there was a hot, wet mouth on my right nipple. I thought I would die from the pleasure! The mouth sucked and nibbled my hardened nipple, and I felt a bursa escort tightening sensation in my stomach. The wonderful mouth then switched to my left breast and began to work its magic there as well. When I heard a feminine moan, my eyes flew open. This was no dream! Liz was kneeling beside me on the futon, and it was her mouth that was causing these wonderful new sensations! I was mortified and tried to sit up and push her away. She held my shoulders down and talked soothingly to me while stroking my hair. She told me that she loved me and that she hadn’t been able to help herself. After I had fallen asleep, she sat and looked at my body, which was more scantily clad than it had ever been. I was lying on my back and she could see the sides of my breasts that the tank top couldn’t quite cover. She suddenly got an overwhelming urge to touch me, and just stroked those outer edges. This must be when I became aware of the feeling, because she said that my nipples became hard and extended immediately. Liz said that she lost control when she saw the outline of my nipples through the thin shirt and that she really just wanted to look. She pulled up the tank top and began lightly stroking my breasts, enthralled with their size and shape. She said that she couldn’t help but use her mouth on me and became quite excited as she suckled my huge tits.

Liz swore that she was not a lesbian; she loved men and was already sexually active, but that she found me so beautiful and sexy that she couldn’t help herself. She told me that there was nothing wrong with two people as close as us sharing pleasure each other. As she spoke, I became more relaxed and more open to her. I smiled and looked into her green eyes. She looked thrilled and didn’t hesitate to start stroking my breasts again. She kissed me tenderly, careful with my lip, and I felt her tongue move slowly and sensually in my mouth. Her mouth once again moved to my nipples and she kneaded and sucked my tits until I thought I would scream! She then removed her shirt and revealed her perfectly rounded small tits. I sat up next to her and we kissed again, but this time I started touching her breasts. They were so soft and firm, so different in size than mine. I decided I wanted a closer look, so I kneeled in front of her and began examining them. She had huge areolas that covered a good third of her breast, and her nipples were as big as my pinky nail. I began to gently lick the nipple of her right breast and heard her gasp. This excited me, so I began to suck on it, first gently and then harder as she put her hand behind my head and pulled me firmly to her. “Use your teeth gently”, Liz instructed, and I obeyed. I took the nipple between my teeth and softly scraped them. She was moaning pretty loud, and I felt a strange sensation between my legs. I felt myself getting wet and became more excited. I attacked her left breast and was rewarded with the same response from her. This felt so naughty and so good at the same time.

All of the sudden we heard Michael’s voice, “Well, isn’t this a pretty sight! And all this time I thought you were so sweet and innocent, Jade.”

We both jumped up, neither of us having heard him come in the door over the sound of the stereo. I looked around desperately for something to cover my chest with and realized in despair that our shirts were on the floor on the other side of the futon. I tried to cover myself with my hair, but Michael came over to me pushed it back over my shoulders. He told me to stay exactly where I was, and then turned to Liz, who was looking at him miserably.

“Michael, it’s not what you think. Jade had a bad night and I was just trying to comfort her”

Michael looked at Liz and laughed, “Comfort? Is that why her mouth was on your tit, Liz? I’m not surprised with you. God knows how many guys you’ve had here over the past few years. But Jade? I never would have suspected this from you.”

I was mortified! What if Michael called my parents? They would kill me, maybe literally.

Michael stared at me really hard, his eyes taking in my naked breasts and my shorts. I tried not to cry, but the tears were slowly streaming down my face.

“I guess you’re parents would be pretty pissed if they found out about this wouldn’t they, Jade? I know how it is for you, so I’m going to give you a break. I’m not going to call them, but you have to do exactly what I tell you to. If you don’t the deal’s off and I call”.

“Thank you, Michael. I’ve never done anything like that before, and I swear I won’t ever do it again.” I started to go get my shirt when he grabbed my arm.

“I didn’t tell you to move, did I”, he asked, “You will get dressed when I tell you to. Right now you and Liz sit down on the futon”.

We obeyed immediately, and Michael sat in a chair across from us. He was so good looking, with curly black hair and gorgeous green eyes. He was about 6’5”, a foot taller than me, and had this incredible, toned body. I had a crush on him from the time bursa escort bayan Liz and I became friends at age 8, so I was terribly embarrassed that he had caught me in this situation.

“So, why don’t you tell me what went on here tonight, Liz. I want to know everything that happened.”

Liz told him the whole story, from the minute I walked in the door to the moment he surprised us.

“Well, Jade, did you enjoy playing with Liz’s tits?”

I didn’t answer him, and he once again reminded me of the rule he set.

I reluctantly admitted that, yes, I did enjoy it.

“Good, because you two are going to reenact the evening for me. Now, pour yourselves another glass of wine and relax.”

Liz poured the wine and I almost gulped the whole glass at one time. Michael went to the cellar and got some more wine. He then told us that we were all going to go up to his room.

When we got upstairs to Michael’s room, he made us sit on the edge of the bed. He gave us some more wine and sat on the sofa across the room from us.

“Okay, girls, I want you to start kissing.”

I thought I would pass out before being able to do this in front of Michael!

Liz leaned over and whispered that it was going to be alright, and then tenderly kissed my lips. She pressed a little more firmly and then her tongue was in my mouth. I was too aware of Michael watching to enjoy it or respond, but Liz seemed okay with it.

“Now, Jade, I want you to play with Liz’s tits. I want you to use your hands and mouth. Liz, hold her hair back so that I can see.”

I did what I was told and once again sucked and nibbled at Liz’s breasts. She seemed to enjoy it, even with her brother watching.

After a few minutes, Michael told us to switch. “I want to see your mouth all over those huge tits, Liz.” Liz complied and began licking and sucking and I couldn’t help but get lost in the feeling, even with the voyeur in the room.

When I moaned out loud Michael told us to stop.

“Now, I want you both to take off the rest of your clothes. Holy shit, Jade, you are incredible! That body was made for pleasure! I want you to sit on the edge of the bed and spread your legs wide. “

I couldn’t believe this request, but did as told knowing the alternative.

“Liz, kneel down and open Jade’s pussy lips. I want a good view.”

When she did this, I felt moisture trickle down towards the bed. I thought I would die of shame, but Michael was pleased.

“That is a beautiful pussy, Jade, as beautiful as the rest of you. Tell me the truth, are you still a virgin?”

I told him that I was, and he smiled. “Okay, Sis, I want you to tongue bathe your best friend. Make sure you clean that wet pussy good.”

Liz leaned forward and I felt her warm breath. Amazingly I was turned on! When her tongue touched me I thought I was going to hit the ceiling. She licked my pussy from front to back a few times and then started flicking her tongue against my clit. I couldn’t help myself as I started thrusting my pussy against her face. I wanted that incredible feeling to keep going, but when she started sucking my clit, I lost it. She sucked my clit softly in and out of her mouth and suddenly, my first orgasm hit me like a train. I screamed and my body kept shaking as she sucked and licked me, and then as she put her tongue in my hole to lap up the juices that her magical mouth had released.

“Well, I can tell you enjoyed that, Jade. Good work, Liz. Now, Jade I want you to lie down on the bed. Liz, you are going to straddle Jade’s face so that she can return the favor and eat your pussy.”

I looked at Michael in shock, and saw that he had pulled his cock out of his pants and was idly stroking it. It was huge-it had to be at least 9” and it was growing. I quickly looked away as Liz pushed me back on the bed. As she moved her pussy over my face I noticed that she had shaved her pubic hair into a small area. I didn’t have much pubic hair, so I never thought of anyone doing that. The second thing I noticed was her wonderful musky smell and then she had her pussy right on my mouth and nose. I didn’t even have to think, I wanted to taste and feel her cunt with my tongue and mouth. She was so hot and wet and she tasted so good. I wanted to lick and suck every drop of that delicious juice from her and have more. I imitated her by flicking and nibbling on that hard bud that was her clit, and she started moaning and moving on my face. Not wanting it to end too soon, I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy and began to fuck her with my tongue. She pushed her pussy down harder on my face and began grinding. I completely forgot about Michael as I concentrated on making Liz come. Suddenly I felt a warm mouth on my pussy. Michael! I moaned into Liz’s cunt as he sucked my clit and began his own tongue fucking. If Liz had been good, he was the master! I had no more inhibitions; I only wanted him to get deeper into me. I spread bursa merkez escort my legs further and heard him chuckle.

“So you like me eating your virgin pussy, do you Jade? You know I’ve wanted a taste of you for quite a while now. You tried to hide it, but I could see those tits and that luscious ass. Many nights I jacked off thinking of you down the hall with that sinful body and that tight pussy. Looks like my fantasies are going to come true tonight. I’m going to make you a real woman!”

I struggle to get up when I realized what he meant to do, but Liz had me pinned from above, and Michael held my legs down from below. He lowered his mouth again, and all thoughts went out of my head. He licked and sucked me with his hot mouth and Liz began grinding her pussy against my face again. Holy shit! This was amazing. As I sucked Liz’s clit harder she screamed and came, her juice running onto my face. As I felt my own orgasm approach, I thrust my tongue into her as far as I could to get every bit of her come that I could. I felt her muscles constricting around my tongue, and that was it. I began bucking and thrusting my cunt in Michael’s face and he sucked harder and faster. When I came he continued licking me until I my legs were shaking. Liz moved away and Michael was right there. He began to play with my tits and licked and bit my nipples until I cried out. He pulled me into a sitting position and told me to scoot to the edge of the bed.

“Now, Jade, you’re going to learn how to suck cock. I want you to give my balls a good tonguing, and then you will lick and suck my dick until I tell you to stop.”

He stood in front of me and I couldn’t look away from his dick. It was so incredibly large in girth and length. How was I going to get that in my mouth? I had no point of comparison, but I figured that most cocks couldn’t possibly be that big. I hesitantly touched him and his cock twitched immediately. I saw a drop of fluid on the tip, and when I touched it he sucked his breath in. Looking up to see if I had done something wrong, I saw a look of pure lust on his face and decided to continue my exploration. His cock was so hard, but so silky and stroked it all over, enjoying the texture. When I touched the head it twitched again, and I realized that it must be sensitive like my clit! I was thrilled with my newfound knowledge and went down to his balls. I cupped them in my hand and began to stroke them. Michael groaned and told me to lick them. I moved my face towards his balls and inhaled his scent. I was turned on by his smell as I began to tongue him. I gently sucked one of his balls in my mouth and felt his hands tighten on my head. I did the same to the other ball and then I moved back up to that incredible cock. I touched the head with my tongue and tasted the salty fluid. I then began to suck his cock. I wanted to get as much of him in my mouth as I could, but he was just too big. I licked and sucked his shaft as he began to thrust into my face. Suddenly he pulled back and put his cock between my tits. He was thrusting harder and harder as my tits enveloped him, and with a loud groan, he came all over my chest.

Liz came back into the room with some towels, handed them to Michael and announced that she was going to bed. She leaned over and kissed me deeply and left the room. With one of the towels, Michael cleaned my breasts, rubbing softly and thrilling me with the texture of the material. After he was done he began kissing me. He laid me down on the bed and began kissing me from head to toe. I was so turned on and was extremely wet again. He moved back up and spread my legs apart. He kissed me again and I could feel his cock hard and throbbing against my stomach.

“This is going to hurt for a second, but I promise it will be worth it. I’m going to fuck you better than you’ll ever be fucked again in your life.” With that he began rubbing his cock against my pussy. I was so wet that he had all of the lubrication he needed. I was scared to death of that huge dick, but before I could think too much about it he thrust himself into my cunt, breaking my hymen with one hard plunge. I screamed as the excruciating pain radiated through me, and he covered my mouth with his and kissed me gently while he stayed still inside me. After a few minutes the pain did subside, and he began to move slowly in and out of me. I felt like I would rip open, but he kept moving and after a few more times the feeling changed. It started to feel so good; I began to move with him. I wanted to feel that big cock as far in as I could get it.

“Oh, yes, your cunt is so fucking tight. Oh, Jade, can you feel how tight your sweet pussy is around my cock? It’s like a glove.”

It was tight, and the friction was amazing. He plunged into me a few more times and then he told me to get on my hands and knees. He thrust in my pussy from behind and I thought I would die. It was too much; I couldn’t stand that incredible sensation. He moved harder and faster in and out of my pussy and I couldn’t help but cry out his name. It felt so damn good! When he reached around and started rubbing my clit, I came almost immediately. As I felt my cunt muscles tighten around his shaft, he groaned and released his hot seed. We collapsed in that position until we were able to move again.

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