A New Life for Debbie Ch. 09


Chap 9 : Debbie is shared by her former students

Kirk had taken a sabbatical tour of Asian countries to celebrate his first ten years of employment by a big software company. His job took so much time that he had still not found a suitable girl to share his life : no time to find the girl and even less to court any but he wasn’t alone in that case and the poor unlucky guys who had found a sweetheart were so much occupied with their jobs and other mandatory social activities that their wives had had to find support among their staff, their tennis trainer or some other person working in the personal services, just modern gigolos if you can give that name to such a very demanding trade!

His friends had only the help of porno films and masturbation as they feared venereal diseases from gonorrhea to AIDS. Kirk had found another solution for his sexual needs : he had adhered to something that named itself The Organization managing brothels in many countries throughout the world, either public or underground but always sumtuous and the girls were just fantastic. All the customers were regularly tested to be clean, the girls were too but it was normal as they were cloistered in the lush whore houses of the group. No source of contamination, absolute chastity outside. Kirk just wondered where the Organization found the hordes of pretty girls who entertained him on the various houses he had visited. There were rumors that these girls had been abducted from their homes in England, USA or Europe but also from the rest of the world as you could find there black, asiatic or Indian beauties among the white ones!

It was the first time he visited Singapore’s Chinese brothel. It was known as the busiest of The Organization. He had wondered about the origin of that name : they were relatively few Chinese girls there and there were no specifically Chinese decorations, at least less than in many hotels in the peninsula. The brothel looked like so many international class hotels that he felt immediately at ease. He went to the reception desk where he was informed that shows were offered free of charge every hours in the Aphrodite hall in the basement. The customers could then book the girl they had just seen in action for as long as they wanted. Prices varied from 200 to 400 dollars for a quarter sessions, depending on the age, beauty and experience of the girls but he could book a girl for an hour or a full night, if he agreed to the fee.. The man in charge advised him :

– You should have a look to the session at 10:00! Debbie is the star of our house! Some people come here in Singapore from England or USA just to see and fuck her! The management trusts her so completely that she is one of the happy few who are allowed to travel freely on planes without supervision but Debbie and her daughters nearly always travel with their bodyguards.

Debbie! The name stirred old memories in Kirk’s mind : a teacher in South England when he was 18. She had a fabulous figure : a typical hour glass, with a very thin wasp waist, large wobbling hips and a mind blowing pair of boobs. All her students fantasized about these huge bazooms. Never before and never since, he had had the luck of discovering a girl with such out-of-this-world assets. She was their wet dreams personified and each of them masturbated several times a day in front of a photograph of their master taken in the courtyard, a photograph stolen in the pure paparazzi tradition!

The photo Kirk had loved the most was still on his computer, as a background image. It had been taken at a swimming pool in Guilford when he had chanced on Debbie wearing a skimpy white bikini to work on her suntan as she was not on duty. Kirk had sold the image to all his friends, the prelude of a very rewarding commercial career! What a high school teacher from South England would do in a brothel in Singapore? It was completely impossible! And now, she should be around 50, with wrinkles on her face, sagging breasts and belly, a pale image of her former splendor when she was his teacher. But this girl was the star of this brothel! There was really no chance at all. Nevertheless, he had to see her! He was so excited that he decided to book already a girl. The one he was given was 22 or 24 at the maximum. God! She was a younger replica of Debbie as he remembered her and she was heavily pregnant! His cock became instantly erect and hard. It seemed longer than it had ever been! Really Debbie’s image was getting at him! He was getting insane! After having fucked the girl in her three holes, he exchanged a few words with her. Her name was Joan and she was reallyn 23. She was expecting twins. That was why her belly was so huge Kirk had thought she could deliver any time. She was only in her sixth month of pregnancy! This Joan was the gentlest whore he had ever met, quite ready to discuss, speaking a perfect English!

At a quarter to ten, Kirk took position in the waiting line to watch Debbie’s show. There was a silk dais on a stage. rus escort The silence was complete, almost religious. The men around Kirk and a few women among them had their faces turned toward the dais. Very few spoke to one another and the culprits were scolded and told to shut up by their neighbors. At 10:00 exactly, four men entered the hall, two black and two white men. They were burly and very muscular, probably Debbie’s bodyguards! They positioned themselves in the four corners of the room. They had the quiet assurance of well trained and seasoned warriors, probably former Marines or Rangers but clearly people you wouldn’t try to antagonize if you wanted to live one more day.

The dais opened slowly while the room lights were replaced by spots centered on the bed that had been hidden by the dais. There was a form lying on that bed, a white girl and she was naked and heavily pregnant like the girl he had fucked a short time before! She stirred slowly as if she was awaking of a deep sleep. She stretched her arms, yawned and sat on the bed. Damn that girl seemed as splendid as Debbie had been five years before but she was turned toward the opposite side and he had a light spot hampering his vision. A whirl sounded and the bed began to turn giving anyone in the assistance the occasion of watching Debbie from any angles. Fantastic! he could see her hour glass hips, her incredibly thin waist, the massive shape of her breasts. He was about to see her face at last. God! This girl was nearly as beautiful as his recollection of His Debbie! Then her face came into full view!

Kirk gasped in surprise : it was without any doubt his former teacher! She seemed to be totally impervious to ageing! She was exactly as he remembered her, as she had been five years before!

Two men mounted on the stage to join her : they were black, huge mountains of muscle. They stripped bare hastily and displayed very impressive huge cocks in the 11″ and longer category. Kirk had always been proud of his ten inches cock but felt ridiculously dwarfed in front of them. Their skin was as dark as the night in complete contrast with Debbie’s white skin! Debbie left to the first man the center of the bed where he stretched quietly. He took Debbie’s hand and drew her to him. Debbie straddled him in the elegant manner of a gymnast. The black man’s cock tip was reaching up to her stomach. She lifted her body up, aimed his cock to the entrance of her crotch and wiggled her hips as she engulfed slowly his cock. As she impaled herself progressively, she opened her mouth and moaned in delight until he was totally sheathed in her hot and obviously very wet snatch.

Penetration had been swift and regular and the front lines of spectators could have heard some revealing slurping noises : Debbie was enjoying what she was doing, enjoying it a lot! The black man humped up two times, just to show that he could go no further. Then he took Debbie’s buttocks in his large hands and pulled them apart, exhibiting her puckered ass hole. The bed was still turning on its axle allowing any one to have the perfect view of the woman on the bed and her black lover.

The second black man joined them on the bed. He pushed his huge cock into Debbie’s asshole with apparently no particular difficulties even though he was really huge! The woman now taken by two gigantic cocks just moaned, smiled and arched her back, caressing her second lover with her luscious mane while she offered her glorious breasts to the first one. He bent down and took her left nipple in his mouth and fingered the other one. He was extremely careful not to hit Debbie’s pregnant belly too hard!

Debbie was now tightly sandwiched, a white girl between the two black men, a classical oreo sandwich, in fact! After a few minutes of total immobility for the benefit of the assistance, they began to move in and out of Debbie’s holes. They may have rehearsed several times as the double penetration transformed itself soon into a sensual ballet. Kirk was entranced watching his former teacher, a woman he had desired from the first time he had seen her, wishing just to hug her naked body against his equally broad chest was fucking two black men in a brothel so far from their native South England!

As the two black men slowly increased the tempo of their cocks drilling into Debbie’s body, Kirk’s mind whirled in total disarray. Suddenly, the solution jumped forward. It was quite simple : first find an immediate release by booking that mouth watering gal. He couldn’t leave without fucking her. It would have been better for her future surprise but it was far above his possibilities : he HAD to have her NOW! Then he would ask to meet someone from the direction, then inform all his former buddies who had studied in the same class. . . and had lusted after their beautiful teacher. He could also contact guys who had spent a few years in the same high school. He had never discussed with them but he was quite sure istanbul bayan eskort that Debbie had inspired them the same strong feelings. . .

Two hours later, Debbie received in her bedroom a new customer. She had taken a fast shower to wash away the sweat and the cum that covered her body after she had received three Chinese men together. They had used her body two times each, changing each time their positions. They really knew how to treat a frail white woman, even though she was heavily pregnant. They had massaged her breasts, sucking milk from her nipples and making her drink some directly from her own udders when they got less taut. The session had been quite enjoyable for them all! She let her next customer in. From his look, he must be English and his face reminded her of someone. . .

– Hello, Mrs Debbie!

That bass voice! She had heard it already! Her new profession had allowed to meet very intimately quite a lot of men, but, no, this one never fucked her, she was sure of it! Maybe she had met him earlier, at Uni? No she remembered all her friends at that time and they would have called her Debbie or used her nickname Dee, and not that pompous Mrs Debbie! A lightning bolt hit her : he was one of her former students in high school, Kirk Springfield! He had been one of her brightest students, he went to USA : Yale or Harvard, she didn’t remember. God, he had been fascinated with her breasts all the year. Whenever she lifted her eyes, she could see him ogling her boobs! What was he doing there in Singapore, so far from home?

– Hello, Kirk, or, if I should respect the house protocol, Master! It’s a surprise to meet you here!

– Kirk will do if I may call you Debbie. The surprise is for me, too. I was mesmerized when I discovered it was really you there, a whore in Singapore! How is it possible?

– A long story! I had some problems at home and I was sent here in Singapore with a job proposition I couldn’t turn down. It would be too long to know all my adventures but I divorced my husband in England and discovered that this job I would never even envisioned I would try out some day, brought me many contacts and satisfaction. I made it my permanent job!

– So you are happy being a whore and receiving customers who just fuck you and use your body!

– In a few words, Yes, I’m happy there and nothing would make me change my life, now! My life is now in Singapore and my home is here. My name here is Debbie Whitaker, a local resident, even if I keep my US identity preciously! But times goes by! You paid to fuck me! Are you still interested to fuck your old former teacher?

– You bet! It had been the dream of my life. I wanked myself so often watching on my computer the photograph of you in bikini at the local swimming pool!

– Oh my! You chased me even there!

– For sure! It was a competition between all your students : who would have the sexiest picture of you. We would have loved seeing you naked, even like this morning during the show!

– Uhhh! You were there! So I’ll keep no secret toward you!

– You are still my wet dream and I’ve never used any of your holes!

– Cool! You’ll still be able to unload in my three holes before the next customer comes in if you don’t waste any more time!

Twenty minutes later, it was an exhausted but quite exultant Kirk who left the room. Debbie French kissed him at the door of her bedroom, not caring if some one could see her from the corridor. She bade him farewell in the most delightful way. He went down to the lobby and lay down on a sofa to recover. When he had regained his countenance, he went to the reception and asked for an immediate appointment with the manager. . .

Three months later, Kirk was back in Singapore in the Chinese brothel. It was early, just a few minutes before nine AM. He was received directly by the manager.

– Mr Springfield! A pleasure to meet you, again! We have received your bank transfer of 40.000 dollars and we have informed Debbie she has been rented for two days full time by a group of one hundred men. As you requested, another girl of our staff will take care of fifty of them for the first day and of the second group the other day. It will be Debbie’s eldest daughter. She is a beauty like her mother, just a little less experienced but a seasoned whore like her mom and sisters. The girls are waiting for you in the Aphrodite hall!

– Did you. . .?

– Inform them of your identity? Not at all, your instructions were pristine clear!

Kirk opened the door of the Aphrodite hall and entered with a brisk pace. Debbie and Janet were waiting in a sofa in a corner of the hall. They were both wearing sexy red silk with black embroideries see through nighties with matching negligees. They jumped up, pushing their breasts forward and parting their legs to welcome the man who had rented them for two days, following the house custom. They bent down to the waist, pushing their arms ukraynalı escort to the back. Their cleavage was totally displayed and their dresses were sufficiently loose for Kirk to have a perfect view of their breasts and nipples.

Debbie lifted her eyes discreetly to evaluate their new master for the next two days and stopped dead : it was Kirk Springfield, her former student! She blubbered :

– Kirk! I never expected to see you again! It’s a pleasure but. . . I’ve been told that you have rented me and my daughter to service one hundred guys for two days. . .

– And that is perfectly true! Let me present you the people I took the liberty of inviting. Guys! Please come in!

On his invitation, the men Kirk had invited entered the hall. Mesmerized, Debbie watched them one by one stepping in. All of them were her former students she had met during her twenty years of activity. She blushed beet root at her public exposure to so many men who had known her in authority and saw her now in such skimpy outfit. She had known that all her students, at least the male ones had been always in LOVE for her and have dreamed to see her naked. Instinctively, she checked the buttons of her negligee. Kirk noticed her move and smiled. He must have been able to read her mind as he whispered to her ear :

– Debbie! Your former pupils are dying to see you naked! They have dreamed of you for years and in your job, you just won’t deceive them, will you?

Debbie emerged from her stupor induced by her complete surprise of discovering that one hundred of her former students had flown in from England to Singapore just to visit their former teacher turned whore. A smile came gradually to her face as she grabbed the belt that was keeping her negligee closed. She undid the knot and let the belt fall down to the floor. Her negligee opened, offering the assistance a glimpse of her wonderful breasts through her flimsy nightie. Still even slower, she took off her negligee and made it swirl around her before throwing it on the sofa. The nightie was quite see-through and every detail of her luscious curvy body was then plainly visible. She paraded among her former students, turning often on her toes to offer all of them a complete view of her body from any angle. She was teasing them like a seasoned whore but she was one, now!

When every one had ogled closely all her treasures, she went back to her sofa, turning her back to them and wiggling seductively her bottom. She grabbed the hem of her nightie and lifted it just under her crotch. She looked coyly to them from above her shoulder and made her half turn. Their mouths were gaping open but they just could see her thighs and nothing more. She turned back toward the sofa and, this time, heaved up the hem of her nightie somewhat more. When she turned to them, they could see partly her pussy and they gasped in pleasure. The next time, she showed them completely her pussy. Her former students expected that she would show herself even more on the next turn and they were rather frustrated when she sat back on the sofa. She had left her nightie hoisted up to show off her pussy.

It was Janet’s turn to make a strip tease for the benefit of their assistance. When every one expected her to join her mother on the sofa, she surprised them by continuing to pull up slowly her nightie. Soon her breasts came into view and the next time, it was the turn of her quite erect nipples. At that time, their cocks were all erect and quite hard from her exhibition. Janet turned once more toward the sofa but she passed her nightie above her head before throwing it in a corner of the room. When she turned back toward the assistance, she wore just her high heels. She kept her knees tightly closed and froze suddenly.

Debbie sprang back to her feet and took off her nightie, too, in a single movement. All her former students gasped. Their eyes seemed about to spring out of their sockets. Their dream was realized just in front of them : Debbie was naked among them, at last! Just to enhance the situation, they could see together their former teacher and a younger version of her. They were alongside and Debbie nodded toward her daughter. In the same gesture, both girls parted slowly their thighs, exhibiting in the most wanton manner their pussies. In the same movement, their hands went down onto their pussies and parted them slowly. The men watching them felt their hearts stop an instant when their left hand slided down to their clit and they began to frig themselves simultaneously.

Debbie and Janet fell back on the sofa, exhibiting in the lewdest way their pussies, daring the hundred men present to join them on the sofa and fuck them silly! They were so eager that nearly all of them made a step forward. Kirk took out a micro.

– Gentlemen, may I ask you to remain calm! Debbie and her daughter Janet are at our complete disposal for today and tomorrow! You’ll have more than enough time to fuck both of them. We’ll just follow alphabetical order for Debbie and reverse for Janet. Let’s see who’s first! Mmmhh! Ah Yes, Abrams, you’ll have the honor to be the first. Just tell us if you want to fuck her cunt or her ass and if you accept to offer her second hole to someone else. You’ll have ten minutes each!

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