And Finally a Son

Addison Rose

Back in the early 70’s, I was married with a wife and two young sons. Our best friends, Ed and Kathy lived down the block and they had two girls the same ages as our boys. Ed was a teacher and coached kid’s baseball. He was really a baseball nut and could go on endlessly about statistics, players, coaches, etc. He coached the T-ball team our oldest kids played on.

One Saturday he and I were supposed to take the team and our younger kids to a double header at the local stadium but I got called in to work early that morning. It was a hot day, being late August.

When I got home, Billi, my wife and Kathy were sitting on our couch, each sipping margaritas with an almost empty pitcher on the coffee table in front of them. My wife offered me what was left of the pitcher and asked me to fix another.

Slurred would have been a better description of her speech and Kathy wasn’t much better. I fixed another blender full, poured myself a glass and took them the remainder and went in to shower. I returned wearing a pair of cut-offs to enjoy the only cool room in the house, the living room where we had a window air conditioner.

I sat in the chair opposite the girls and Kathy stood up to show off her sundress my wife had made for her that day. She said, “It even has matching panties,” and pulled up the skirt to show them off. It was a white fabric with yellow daisies.

Now Kathy was usually very shy but the alcohol was obviously getting to her as she was even trying to tell dirty jokes. Kathy was a little hard body in those days and I could never see her with Ed, as he was a mousy kind of guy, we call guys like him nerds.

We told jokes and out of the blue my wife switched the subject to sex. Kathy seemed to get embarrassed and said that she should leave and let us be alone since we were without kids for the rest of the afternoon.

My wife frowned and said, “Not this weekend, the red flag went up this morning.” My hopes of knocking off a piece just went out the window I thought to myself as my wife won’t play when she’s on per period.

Then Kathy shocked the heck out of me. She said, “Well dear, there are other ways to take care of your man.”

I tried to muffle my laugh but couldn’t. “You don’t know my wife very well. The last blow job I got was the night before our wedding,” I sort of blurted out.

My wife gave me a dirty look and said, “Well I try, it’s just that I gag so when I do.”

Kathy looked at her and asked, “Didn’t anyone teach you how to give head?”

My wife just shook her head. Kathy jumped up and went into the kitchen, returning with a couple of bananas. Handing one to my wife, she had her peel it and she began to show her how to take the banana deep down her throat, telling her to relax her throat as she went deeper.

Watching those two suck on those bananas had my shorts tenting and I was noticing a wet spot where I was leaking. Kathy said, “See Hun, now you’re getting the hang of it.”

My wife pulled it out of her mouth, then said, “Well if his dick was only this big I’d probably be able to do it.

Kathy told her she was joking. Well my wife is not one to toy with; and with that she quickly came over to me and yanked my shorts open. She grabbed my dick and said, “I’d like to see you try that with this!”

Now here I was, sitting there with my wife shaking my hardening dick at Kathy. It’s not all that long but it quite fat.

With what reminded me of a lioness pouncing on her prey, Kathy hopped over the coffee table and landed on her knees in front of me. She grabbed my cock away from my wife’s hand and began sucking it like there was no tomorrow.

My wife squealed a bit as Kathy went all the way down to my pubic hair then ever so slowly drew her lips back up to the tip. I was in heaven but then I worried that my wife would get pissed. I turned to check her out and she was sitting back on the couch, her hand in her own shorts, fingering her clit.

I was trying to hold out, as I wanted this to last as long as possible. Kathy was sucking like no tomorrow and just as I was about to cum, my wife let out a passionate scream, which stopped Kathy and delayed my explosion.

My wife passed out from her orgasm and the alcohol and I was sitting there with my hardon leaking like crazy. Kathy got this impish grin then stood up, dropped her panties as she turned around then sat down on my lap, guiding my cock deep in her tight blond pussy.

Her ass bounced like a super ball. She was moaning and saying, “Yes, fuck yes. Oh damn, I’m cumming,” over and over. Now here I was, fucking my wife’s best friend with my wife passed out not 8 feet from us. I figured there would be hell to pay but Kathy’s tight pussy began milking my cock and I exploded deep inside her.

She sat there for a bit, just wiggling her little ass on my lap. I could feel her pussy milking my cock as she squeezed her pussy tight. Soon my cock began to stiffen again. Her soft pussy was like a velvet glove caressing eve gelen escort my steeled shaft. She turned her upper body around and smiled saying, “I see you like my exercises.”

I took her face in my hands and deeply kissed her. Our tongues intertwined like two mating snakes. Kathy broke our kiss and hopped off of me, pulling me up. I followed her like an obedient puppy as she led me to our bedroom. She pulled her dress over her head, and jumped onto the bed, her legs spread wide, motioning me to join her.

I kicked off my shorts and dove my face into her cum filled pussy. This was the first time I’d ever tasted my own cum but I had to lick that little blond fringed treasure of hers. She loved me sucking her large clit into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue.

She had two very intense orgasms then pulled my face away. “I need you in me!” she said huskily and I was more than glad to oblige. As I crawled between her legs, she pulled them up so they were resting on my shoulders. This pulled her love canal up just perfect for deep penetration and I again felt her delicious tightness.

She began bucking beneath me as my cock pistoned her with abandon. I don’t remember ever being so sexually charged. Kathy was cumming almost non-stop and her shrieks of joy were getting louder and louder.

I was worried that she’d wake my wife’s alcohol induced slumber but fucking this little hottie was clouding my judgment. Kathy’s body went rigid and she let out an ear-piercing scream that I just knew was going to make the neighbors call the police and at the same time, her pussy clenched my cock, causing my own explosion deep within her silken walls.

As she eased her legs back to the bed, I gently kissed her face all over as one hand played with her firm tit and hard nipple. I lay on top of her enjoying our afterglow, keeping most of my weight off of her, feeling her firm breasts just gently brushing my chest hair.

When Kathy’s breathing returned to normal, she took my face in her hands and gently kissed me ever so softly. “Oh God. Thank you. You have no idea how much I needed that,” she softly said.

The phone ringing interrupted our reverie, it was Ed saying he was taking the kids for ice cream and would be home shortly. “Tell Ed that I’m home fixing dinner.” Kathy whispered. We quickly dressed and Kathy helped me get my wife into our bed and cleaned up the living room. She then gave me a quick kiss. She took a couple of steps, turned and said with a gleam in her eye, “That was lovely, we’ll have to do it again sometime.”

About 20 minutes later, Ed showed up and I fixed the boys some dinner, my mind still reeling from what just happened and worried about that my wife would say.

Later that week, when I got home from work, my wife was fixing dinner and our boys were playing with Ed and Kathy’s girls. They had come in from the back yard and were getting some Kool-Aid. “Hun?” my wife asked, “Could you go down to Kathy’s and check out her light for her. She says she’s having problems with it.”

I was tired but figured it was the least I could do after what she had done for me. I grabbed some basic tools and spare parts then walked down to their house. I rang the bell and Kathy answered the door wearing a housecoat, her hair wrapped in a towel looking like she had just stepped out of a shower. “Am I here at a bad time?” I asked.

Kathy smiled and said, “Definitely not. Ed’s up at his brother’s seeing if he can help his son with his term paper. I’m glad you’re here.”

I asked her which light it was and she led me into their bedroom, then to the master bath where the defective switch was. Right away I saw that the switch was bad and luckily I had brought another. I replaced it as she sat on the edge of the counter watching me, her housecoat open so as to give me a good view of her shapely legs.

As I clicked the light on and off I said, “All fixed. Anything else I can do for you?”

With an impish grin, she said, “Yes, can you please check out the switch for our bedroom light?”

I walked over to the light switch and clicked it on and off a few times. “What’s wrong with it? I asked.

Huskily she said, “Whenever the light goes out, I get so horney for you I can’t stand it.”

I turned and she had dropped the towel and housecoat and was lying on the bed naked, beckoning me to join her with one hand as her other stroked her little pussy. I worried that we might get caught but this sexy little wench was just begging for a good fucking so I unzipped my pants, pulled out my now hard cock and gladly obliged her.

She was squealing as she came again and again. She lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my body as I began pounding her like crazy. Her velvet pussy was pulling at my stone-like shaft. I wanted this feeling to continue but she began to clamp down with her PC muscles and sent me over the edge.

I emptied my seed, deep within her. Just istanbul eskort bayan as I was pulling my pants up, we heard her girls enter the house. Kathy jumped up and threw on a smock and kissed me and said, “Thanks, I really needed that. You really are a fantastic lover.”

I gathered up my tools and headed home to dinner. “Get her problem taken care of dear?” my wife asked as I walked in.

I tried to contain my smirk as I said, “Most definitely!” and headed in to shower, as I wanted to get her smell off of me before my wife noticed anything.

Saturday afternoon, the boys were watching TV as I mowed the back lawn and my wife was busy with laundry. Our doorbell rang and the boys raced to get it. “Mom! It’s Kathy!” our oldest shouted.

Kathy was in her jogging outfit of a sports bra, silk shorts and running shoes, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Damn she looked sexy I thought as I headed in to get a better look.

My wife and Kathy were talking and I overheard Kathy asking if she’d go jogging with her. “Come on, you promised!” she begged.

My wife shook her head and said, “Sorry but I’ve got too much to do right now,” she said then turned to me, “Hun, why don’t you go for a run with her? You’ve been saying you want to start getting more exercise. This would be a good chance.” I figured it was just a run so I went in and put on some shorts, a clean tee shirt and my tennis shoes.

Kathy and I took off at a gentle pace as we headed toward the park. As we rounded the corner just outside of the park, Kathy took off like a jackrabbit and said, “Can’t catch me!”

Well I’m not one to balk at a challenge so off I went after her. She zipped in and out of trees and bushes, darting just out of my reach. She was going into the thickest part, which was slowing her down when all of a sudden she turned and grabbed me, pulling us down onto the underbrush.

She was kissing me hard, her tongue darting in my mouth with such a fervor I was really caught unaware. Her hand went into my shorts and she fondled my cock into readiness. Her other hand, tugged down her shorts and we coupled like animals in heat.

This was hot, raw sex, not love or passion. I pounded her hard and she began to shriek as she came and I covered her mouth with mine as I was afraid we’d be noticed by others walking nearby.

Kathy giggled, “Sorry. I’ll try to be quieter. We wouldn’t want to get caught now, would we?” She pushed me off of her, which confused me a bit, then turned onto her hands and knees, wiggling her ass teasingly. I gladly took her up on her offer and mounted her again, grabbing her hips and slamming myself deep into her silky depths.

Kathy was biting on her shorts, trying to muffle her orgasms. I was trying to get her to cum harder and harder and it sure seemed to be working. All too soon, I felt a wondrous rush as my balls twitched and I filled her depths with my hot cum.

I fell over and we lay together for a bit, trying to recover before we resumed our run. We got ourselves put together and brushed each other off and headed home.

That night as soon as the boys were in bed, my wife suggested we hit the bedroom for some play. I followed her in and we had some good sex. Since I had cum so hard earlier with Kathy, I gave my wife a good long fucking and we fell to sleep in each other’s arms.

Kathy began showing up a couple of times a week for a run, or should I say a romp in the park. She was the horniest thing, well a lot hornier than my wife. It was sure an ego booster, to have a sexy woman want me.

Trouble was I was having terrible guilt pains. One evening when she showed up, she had her girls in tow. “Would you mind watching the girls while we run? Ed had to go school tonight, it’s conference week.” Kathy asked my wife. My wife agreed but this night, instead of heading to the park, she headed for her house. We rushed into their bedroom and our clothes flew off.

Playing with her on a bed was so much more fun. Besides, she didn’t have to muffle her orgasms and I gladly helped her have many. I just loved going down on her. She had this down-like pussy hair, almost non-existent and a prominent clit that just begged to be sucked. I really enjoyed her cumming in my mouth, especially when she flooded me with her juices.

She was the first woman I’d ever been with that gushed when she came. I don’t know who was more surprised, her or me. She got a little embarrassed but I assured her it was very sexy.

“I’m looking forward to doing that to you again, and again,” I said with this evil grin. Kathy climbed on top of me and rode me like she was on a bronco. It didn’t take long and I rewarded her efforts with a big orgasm of my own.

Afterwards, I snuck out the back door and made a hard dash for home, as I wanted to look like I had been running. Once inside our house, I told the girls that their mother was at home and I walked them to their house.

Kathy met me at the front door rezidans escort and thanked me for bringing them home. As the girls headed in, Kathy stepped out and softly raked her nails down my chest. I grabbed her hand and told her that we needed to be more careful as the neighbors might see something.

Then I told her of my guilt feelings and she asked me if I wanted to quit seeing her. I said, “Maybe we should just slow down a bit. We wouldn’t want to take the excitement out of our meetings now would we?” She agreed and headed in.

The next week was agonizing as she never showed up to run and when she was down here with my wife, there was no indication of any inkling she wanted to play. I figured she was getting even with me for saying what I did. I guessed my good fortune was over.

Then Wednesday morning, my boss showed up to the jobsite where I was working. He walked over to me with his normal cocky look only this time he had this silly smirk on his face.

“What’s up?” I asked. He’s really an arrogant asshole but he puts me on a project and leaves me alone, because he knows I will get the job done and done right.

His broad grin filled his face as he said, “Your girlfriend called. She wants to meet you for lunch at the Sheraton. You sly dog, you!” I must have turned ten shades of red but tried to gain my composure but couldn’t find the right words. Finally I just nodded and turned to go back to work.

“Hey, aren’t you going to tell me about her? He asked.

Stammering a bit, I finally said, “She’s not my girlfriend, she’s a friend of my wife’s and wants my help planning a surprise birthday party for her husband. How come you have such a dirty mind?”

Dick smiled and said, “Well she sure sounded sexy on the phone. I’m just relaying the message.”

The next hour crawled by until I could head downtown to meet her. I stopped and picked up a bouquet of flowers for her.

As I entered the lobby of the hotel, Kathy was waiting for me. She looked lovely, radiant and absolutely beautiful. She took a whiff of the flowers and gave me a kiss. I took her arm and was going to head to the restaurant but she pulled me over to the elevator.

Once inside we kissed and boy had I missed her hard body. Her silky dress accentuated her sensuality even more than usual. The material clung to every curve of her body showing the world she wasn’t wearing anything under it.

We got out near the top and she led me down the hall and opened up the door to a suite. Once the door shut, we were out of our clothes and were fucking like crazy. We played in the bed, on the chair, in the hydro tub, in the shower and on the floor. I had lost track of time when all of a sudden there was a knock at the door.

“Room service,” the bellman said. Kathy headed into the bathroom as I pulled on my pants and opened the door. This young man had a silly grin when he saw the condition of the room. Bedding and pillows strewn about the floor left little doubt what we had been up to.

He pushed a cart into the room and stood there waiting for a tip. I opened up my wallet and only had a $20 so I shoved it in his hand and rushed him out the door. I turned and Kathy was setting the food on the table. There was a bottle of chilled wine, two shrimp cocktails and large plate of lasagna.

I didn’t think I was that hungry but we ate with such gusto it was like something out of the movie Tom Jones. Kathy opened up another dish and there was melted chocolate ringed with fresh strawberries. She dipped one in and put it in her mouth then leaned over to share it with me.

I took some chocolate on my finger and decorated her nipples then slowly licked it off. She giggled then pushed me onto my back on the bed, the chocolate in her hand.

Kathy stroked my cock back into hardness then put a strawberry on my shaft and drizzled some chocolate on it. She then went down on me with excruciating slowness.

Giving me head was how our playing started but somehow we hadn’t done it since. I enjoyed her mouth and the sensations she was giving me. The tingling was growing stronger and stronger until it felt like her mouth was affecting my entire body.

My ass was arched off the bed as I tried to get all of my cock into her marvelous mouth. It was delicious and I wanted to savor every second of it. She teased me over and over bring me to the edge of cumming then slowing down and drawing lines of chocolate on my cock then licking it off and bringing me to the edge again.

Finally I begged her for release and she obliged I blasted off so hard I thought the spurt would push her head from my cock. I shook and twitched with aftershocks as Kathy slowly kissed her way up my body to my lips.

We kissed so passionately I was in a state of rapture. I held her and said, “I know it’s wrong but I’d love to spend a long, long time with you.”

Kathy’s eyes lowered and she said as she held me, “That can’t happen. This will be our last time together.”

I was aghast. I stammered, “Why? Why? What’s wrong? Did I do something?

She smiled and said, “Yes you did! I’m pregnant!”

My mind raced with thoughts of her wanting me to divorce my wife and marry her. I was speechless. Then I remembered she said this was our last time together.

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