Ashleigh Pt. 05


Kirsty bounded into the garden and before he could say anything, she had grabbed him in a hug. She was wearing a skin-tight dress, that left no doubt what she was wearing underneath; absolutely nothing. She leaned in and kissed Simon, suddenly flinching and pulling away, before leaning in again, only this time pushing her stomach hard against him, placing her lips close to his ear and whispering to him in a breathy voice. “Uuummm.” She bit his ear. “Seems I got here just in time?” Kirsty pushed her taut, flat stomach harder onto Simon’s erection, forcing him to pull away and making her giggle. “Oh my,” she panted “If I had been any later, I think that ‘cat’ would have been lapping at your cream, don’t you?” Kirsty shivered as if cold. “Out of the frying pan!”

Simon simply nodded dumbly, wondering why she was still hugging him and why she had pushed herself back against him despite him having edged away from her? And what did she mean ‘Out of the frying pan!’?

“Hey,” Kirsty said finally pulling away from him. “You didn’t reply to my text? Oh sorry,” Kirsty said turning to face Ashleigh. “I didn’t realise you had company?” Both Simon’s and Ashleigh’s eyes were locked onto Kirsty’s large prominent nipples, showing through the dress, she was obviously very aroused by the current situation. Or as far as Ashleigh was concerned, by pressing herself up against Simon’s erection.

Simon introduced them. “This is Ashleigh, my next-door neighbour, and Ashleigh, this is Kirsty.”

“Ah,” said Kirsty, the lady from next door, Simon told me about you.” Simon scalded her with a withering look, but Kirsty was enjoying this.

“Only the juicy bits I hope Kirsty?” She held out the coffee she had made for Simon, “Here is your coffee Simon. Can I get you a drink Kirsty?”

“Er, no thanks, Simon and I are going out for lunch.” She turned back to Simon, “are you ready lover?” She looked at his bare chest, “I know what I want, and I’m guessing you want the same.” She then laughed and added, “Then we can grab a bite to eat afterwards…” Laughing all the more at her little sexual connotation. She slipped her hand in his, “Grab your shirt, you’ll need that for the pub, but don’t put in on just yet,” she kissed him on his powerful bi-cep, dragging Simon out to her car.

When they had dropped into the car seats, Kirsty fell about laughing. “Oh my God, you should have seen your two faces. They were a picture. You looking all shy and bemused, mixed with embarrassment. Her all flushed, looking like lightning and thunder. If looks could kill, I’d be a dead woman. Still I suppose my face spoke volumes too, after giving you a hug. That was disgusting, making me press against that. You are a naughty boy!” KT was pointing at his erection, but her face was showing anything but, annoyance.

Simon mumbled something incoherently. Then said, “I couldn’t help it KT, and I kept pulling away from you, but you kept pushing back. I’m so sorry, you shouldn’t have had to put up with that. I… why did you keep pushing into me?”

“Well…Kirsty’s eyes were still looking down at what was bouncing in Simon’s shorts. “I… had to make it convincing didn’t I. Otherwise Ashleigh would have known.”

He laughed, “She did look pretty pissed, didn’t she? She had made a couple of grabs for me… for him, and was just about to pull down her skirt when you turned up. I have never seen someone that hungry, it was pretty intense, I didn’t know what to do. I think you’re right though, if you had not turned up just then, she would have been eating me for lunch. But really you didn’t need to worry. I… well I…would have just…”

“Disgusting!” Kirsty blurted out. “She is old enough to be your mother.”

“Yes, but you can see what I mean, she does look pretty fit.”

“Yeah, I’ll give you that…but… look I’m finding that really distracting, can’t you do something with it?” She pointed at his still pulsing erection as it made a tent in his shorts. It was not something that he could easily hide away. “Sorry,” she said, “that is unfair, after all, you had an older woman gunning for you and a young one hugging you and pushing against it, not wonder you are in that state.” Kirsty tried to take her mind and her eyes off of it. “But you can have any girl you like.” She continued where she had left off, “Why go for an older woman?”

“I think you are confusing me with you?”

“What, I can have any girl I like? Why would I want a girl, I want a man thank you?”

“No, I meant that you are comfortable approaching anyone you want, that is why you have had so many boyfriends.”

“Hey, that makes me sound like a real slut!”

“You know I didn’t mean that. I simply mean I struggle to talk to girls; you don’t struggle talking with guys.”

“But,” her eyes could not stay away for long and flicked back to his phallus, it had not changed its state since she looked at it less than a second ago. She licked her lips, “You’re talking to me right now?”

“That’s different, you’re you. I can gecelik escort talk to you.”

“If you can talk to me, and I hope we can both agree that I am a girl,” she pointed at her breasts which interestingly were still capped with large erect nipples, “then you can talk to another girl, right?”

“You make it sound very easy.”

“Well you don’t seem to have done too badly, after all, you have certainly made one woman hot for you, if not more?” She turned away a little shyly.

“Yeah, but as you said, it is not right that I am attracting women of a certain age.”

Kirsty looked back at him, her eyes falling back into his lap. She wanted to tell him how she felt about him. That feeling was even stronger now she had felt him hard against her. She wanted him as badly as the woman next door by the sounds of it. She just couldn’t do it however, the fear of ruining their friendship held her back. But it did not stop her stomach from burning at the touch of his hardened phallus.

“Ohhh, anyway, why was he…” she pointed at his erection, “why did he…you…you know get hard anyway? Do you want to have sex with her?”

“No, no…at least I don’t think so. She was just standing there in that sexy outfit, no panties on, revealing what she had under her very short skirt. Then she was fumbling in her pocket and I heard this buzzing noise and realised she had a vibrator buried in her pussy. I think she almost came there and then; she was squirming that much. Well, with the best resolve in the world, I think anyone would have cracked. Plus, would it be so bad if a part of me just wanted to get rid of the stigma that is my virginity? Anyway, when it came down to it, I was too scared to go through with it. I mean she is a proper cougar!”

They both laughed. “I can see I’m going to have to hook you up with someone, before we go off to university if this means that much to you. Though I’m not sure why you should have all the fun.”

“What do you mean, you’ve had sex before, I haven’t. How’s that having all the fun?”

“Oh, I don’t know what I’m thinking. And if you don’t do something with that, I might end up grabbing the wrong gear-stick my mistake.” Kirsty’s eyes had taken on a lusty hue, that he had seen in the older woman. Simon paused before turning away and covering his groin as best he could.

Kirsty started the car and headed off. She had another problem to be concerned about. ‘Had she made a mess of the dress by leaking upon it? She was so turned on by feeling the hardness and size of Simon’s cock that she was pretty sure she had. She would no doubt find out, when they got to the pub.

“Thank you for the rescue though, it was very sweet of you. And kissing me was a nice touch, though it felt weird.”

“Weird? Well thank you. How do you think if felt pressing up against that? She jerked her head at his groin. “Is it going away?”

“Stop talking about it and it might.”

She giggled. “I thought if the object of your desire had been removed, that it would calm down, eventually anyway?”

“Eventually…yes…when the object has been removed.”

Kirsty looked sideways at Simon, but he was looking out the window, obviously trying to concentrate on anything to help quell his erection. ‘Did he mean her? Did he mean that she was the object of his desire that was causing the maintained erection?’ She smiled to herself, hoping, daring to believe, that that was the case, maybe there was hope for her yet?

The whole situation had left both of the young people struggling with emotions and their own private thoughts. Both also trying to tame their lustful thoughts and their bodily needs. It was going to get complicated going forwards, Kirsty knew that for certain. Even more than ever, she wanted to have her shy friend. She had done one thing today, established what her competition was. And Simon was right, she did look hot, and if the state of his erection was anything to go by, he would end up being lost, unless she reacted quickly. It was getting to the point of now, or never.

For her part, Ashleigh was pissed off. She had been that close to the biggest cock she had seen in years, “Oh hell,” she spoke to the empty garden, “that’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!” She threw her coffee on the grass and stomped back into the house. “He has a girlfriend? Well why wouldn’t he, he attracts them like flies… AHHH! I should have grabbed him when I had the chance!” Without really thinking what she was doing, she put on the TV and set it up on her favourite porn channel. Then did a search for ‘big cocks’. Looking through what was displayed, she went for a video where a young man was caught by his mother as he masturbated, she then of course lent a hand, or two and then gave herself up to him. It was corny, unsatisfying and unrepresentative of what she wanted to see, but even so, as the video ended, she had still dropped her skirt to the floor and brought herself to orgasm through her wet tights. She didn’t istanbul eskort need the porn to help her with that. She had Simon. And the vision of his barely hidden cock.

She slipped her hand inside her tights and slid her fingers easily inside her dribbling pussy. Then exposed a breast and teased the nipple, as she thought about her next move, assuming she could get him away from that young woman of course?

The following day, Simon had got to work early on the fence. He had set a number of the posts yesterday and finished up the rest. He then started fixing the panels, he would be completed by today easily. In many ways, he was hoping he would. The physical barrier between him and Ashleigh would make it that much harder for him to be influenced by the older woman, so he was working at a pace.

By lunch time, there were just two panels left to do. He stopped for some food and to do some quick sketching. Her wore the same shorts as the day before, but had elected this time to wear some pants, just in case Ashleigh should come stalking. He had arranged with KT for her to come over in the afternoon so that they could do more work on his composition and he had a little tidying up to do on his drawings before then. As his sun was suddenly blocked out, he looked up into the eyes of Ashleigh, holding out a beer to him. “I thought you might like a drink, as you have been working so hard?”

She was almost just a silhouette due to the strength of the sun back-lighting her. From where she stood before him, she looked completely naked. His mouth dropped open. ‘Surely, she couldn’t be, not standing in his garden, displaying all, what if his parents had been about and saw her, or any of the neighbours for that point?’

“Thank you, Ashleigh. That is thoughtful.” He removed his sunglasses and realised that Ashleigh was actually wearing something, but only just. Her new black bikini. The three small triangles of material struggled to contain her ‘hot spots’, but it was her eyes that were burning the most. He pulled his eyes away from the well-proportioned body and looked to her face. “Look I want to apologise for yesterday. My behaviour was completely inexcusable. It will not happen again.”

Ashleigh simply brushed the comment to one side. “We’ll say no more about it Simon. I was a little shocked, but then realised it was the best form of compliment really. That a handsome young man should find my body compelling enough to induce an erec…to get har…” She seemed to struggle. “To show it. Are those your drawings, can I look?” Without waiting for permission, she knelt before him, her magnificent breasts now only a foot away. She put her hands on the pad in his lap. The uppermost hand literally centimetres from his genital bulge. As he looked upon her breasts, her nipples began to swell in erection, pushing the material of her bikini up into a ridged point. She may as well have not bothered wearing it, for all that it covered. The raised bumps of her areola were clearly visible through the thin material.

Simon felt the tell-tale signs that his resolve was already crumbling and looked swiftly away.

“Oh my God, Simon, these are really good. Is this Kirsty? It certainly looks like her?”

“Yes, she models for me some times. This is a commission I’m working on for a client.”

“Ummm, a man I’ll bet, wanting a pert pair of breasts and a tight bum. Your girlfriend has a very good body Simon.”

“No, it is a woman actually. She’s a divorcee and a patron. She does like to see paintings of naked women though. Yes, Kirsty does have a very good body.”

Ashleigh turned the page, there were more sketches and little finished pieces of Kirsty as she stood in the pose. Ashleigh was blown away at how good they were. She looked up at Simon, who was doing his level best not to look at her breasts. “These are incredible Simon. You have a real talent at sculpting the female nude in graphite.” Her voice was a little quivery as her eyes fell first to his dormant bulge and then back to the pad.

As she turned the page she was again amazed at the quality of his work. This time the subject was a male nude. The guy looked superbly chiselled and his muscle structure was all there. He was drawn with the smallest pair of pants on, so that little was left to Ashleigh’s imagination. Though when she turned the page again, she needn’t have bothered as there were the man’s genitals for all to see. He wasn’t particularly large in that area, but the crafting of the drawing, which was studying the hips and thighs, was so finely detailed, that even his pours were visible.

In turning the next page, Ashleigh contrived to move her hand a little closer to Simon’s manhood. She was now just a centimetre away. Any movement by either party, would result in the inevitable. Ashleigh again looked up at Simon. Her chest had begun to heave slightly and her lips had gone dry. She could feel the burning in the pit of her stomach that heralded her growing arousal. Her nipples were now painfully otele gelen escort erect, something that had not gone unnoticed by either of them. She licked her lips before she spoke again in a quavering voice. “Would you consider drawing me some time Simon?” As she spoke, she turned the page. But seemed unable to draw her eyes away from his.

As it had before, her body started to betray its needs. She trembled, imperceptibly, but he could see it. She could feel the throbbing of her heart in chest and it began to beat faster. The heat from her vagina began to spread outwards. Ashleigh knew she was already wet through. Her small triangle of bikini panties, would hide nothing.

For his part, Simon noticed that her pupils had dilated and her face had become somewhat flushed. He felt trapped and almost watched things as if from the third person perspective, where he could see the train crash about to happen, but could do nothing about it. He simply nodded his head to Ashleigh’s question as he looked down at the page she had uncovered, Simon knew he was in trouble.

Ashleigh finally looked at the next drawing. She gasped. “OH. OH Simon, but I see you have drawn me already, but how…and…and in lingerie? This is…this… I… I am shocked Simon… how…”

Simon finally broke his silence. “I’m sorry Ashleigh. I did some quick studies of you the other day in your bikini. Once I hold an image in my head, I can then usually draw the subject however I like. I should have asked you, I’m really sorry.”

But Ashleigh looked anything, other than angry. “But Simon. I… if I didn’t know better, I’d say you had been through my underwear draw? I have a short negligee just like that. And I love to wear stockings, this is so erotic. Ohhh Simon, you are so naughty, drawing me like that. I would never have thought that the quiet young man from next door was drawing me and fantasising about me dressed in sexy underwear. Would you like me to put some on for you? I will if…” She paused, as she turned the next few pages and saw all of the studies that he had done of her. She gasped again at the final few she looked upon. “OH, Simon. Now that is just plain rude. How could you have drawn that part of me without seeing me naked? Have you been spying on me? Have you been wanting me to take my clothes off for you all this time? Oh God Simon, you’ve even made me look wet in that one.” She panted out. Her chest heaving more than ever. “I don’t know what to say. I feel violated, but flattered at the same time. The quality and detail are amazing, you must have looked long and hard at me to do this Simon. Did you…did you get hard when you were drawing my bum and pussy?”

Her fingers finally made the move she had been wanting to do since she first saw him in his cycling gear those weeks before. Her fingers lightly nudged into the packed bulge in his shorts. Simon jumped in reaction. He had never felt the touch of a woman’s hand in that area. Other than Kirsty yesterday, he had never had his penis touched by any other part of a woman. Ashleigh had put a taper to the ‘blue touch paper’.

Simon creased his face in concentration, but it was to no avail. Ashleigh felt like she had been given the green-light, as Simon had said nothing, and she rested her whole hand upon his crotch. With her other, she reached for the tie on her bikini top and tugging on it, pulled the material away from her breasts. Her shaking was now more pronounced. “Look what you do to me Simon. You must have been aware yesterday what state you had me in?”

Her hand began to gently caress him. “Ohhhhhhh, oh Simon, he’s getting hard. Oh God I can feel the blood pulsing into him. FUCK, he’s growing so quickly. Do you like my breasts Simon? Do you want to touch them, do you want to suckle upon my nipples?” Her rapidly spoken words escaped Simon. He could think of nothing other than the fingers running along his growing penis as it took on form. The boxers he wore under his shorts were not tight legged and he knew from experience, that his cock, in the right position, would burst forth from the leg. But he had other things to contend with now.

Ashleigh had moved towards him, her breasts bouncing as she did so, she moved her hand from his crotch to his chest and started to rub upon his little nipple until that too stood to attention. She then leaned forwards and licked it, putting her cherry red lips about the small erection to suck and nip it. Her left hand had moved his pad to one side and now ran up his thigh to slip up inside the leg opening of his shorts and that of his boxers to find what was now a fully erect cock, furious in its confinement, molten in its heat. Ashleigh simply whimpered, her whole body breaking out in goose-bumps. The culmination of so much waiting and wanting was now in her hand.

It was Simon’s time to gasped as her cool hand began to massage him. He didn’t know what to expect, but as her fingers slowly gripped him and pushed back his foreskin to fully reveal his large cock head, Ashleigh cried onto his encapsulated nipple and shuddered against him, her breasts now rasping against the side of his chest. She broke her mouth free, gasping in air, “Fuck, oh FUCK, oh, Simon, Oh, you… you’ve made me… oooohhhhh, oh, oh, you’ve made me come already…OHHHHH JESUS…OOOOOOOHH!”

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