Auction of Promises Ch. 03


For some reason, she was beginning to believe in fairy tales…..

It started so slowly, she almost didn’t notice it, but Penny’s life began to change. At work, she was suddenly the star. She had always been sharp and full of good ideas, but now, her ideas were absolutely brilliant, causing her superiors to take a second and third look at her and wonder why she wasn’t one of them. She was promoted once, then again, then a third time, until she was comfortably ensconced in the upper echelon of the company. It felt right to her, spending her days helping the company grow and become recognized for its innovative thinking.

Then, over time, she looked into the mirror and finally made peace with what she saw there. Her lush curves no longer annoyed her, now she saw them as pleasing. Suddenly, her dark hair and eyes, her pretty dimples, even her petite size seemed right and good. She shopped for new clothes, confidently looking into the mirror and approving of the woman she was.

If there was anything in her life that wasn’t perfect, it was her lack of time to spend with Meg. It seemed she never had a moment now to go by the house and listen to Meg’s tales of school and her friends. She couldn’t go to the soccer games and cheer for her. She missed the afternoons at dance rehearsal, watching Meg twirl around on her toes. When she actually had a moment to pause, she missed Katherine, Robert and Meg very much.

But she didn’t have very many of those moments. Her life was so much fuller now. She sometimes wondered how she had felt busy before. Now she had a wonderful career, something she had always wanted. Now she had new friends, as the other managers began to demand her time for work and social events. Best of all, now there was William. He seemed to be everywhere. Beside their increasingly frequent dates, it seemed he was anywhere she was. They shared so many interests, attended the same esoteric club meetings. At first, she wondered about it. Then, like all the other great things happening in her life, she just accepted it and enjoyed the serendipity.

William was a loving suitor. He never crossed the line or became a nuisance, but he was attentive and caring in a way Penelope had only dreamed of before. He sent small, thoughtful gifts at unexpected times, making her smile. His calls were never intrusive, but just long enough and often enough for Penny to feel important to him.

She found herself happy most of the time now. She hummed to herself as she walked around her house, she sang aloud when alone in her car. Sometimes, when she was with William, she would have a song playing in her head, and he would start singing the same song in his lovely, rich voice.

He always called or asked politely for the next date, as if there was any doubt about her desires. The dates themselves were things of wonder. He seemed to know the kind of things that would delight her. No routine dinner and a movie for them; William’s dates were marvels of surprise.

They walked in the park regularly now. The hot dog vendor Joe, knew their names and prepared their meal before they even reached him. William took her skating, patiently helping her learn to keep her balance and move forward at the same time. He loved musicals as much as she did, and surprised her with really great seats to many productions she had longed to see. He found book signings with writers she enjoyed, surprising her once with dinner with the author. Even renting a movie and having take- out chinese was a treat. She had never met anyone who had the same taste as she did in old movies. If it was William’s turn to bring the video, she was sure it would be something she wanted to see or couldn’t wait to see again.

He was still a mystery to her in many ways. His job seemed to allow him unlimited time to woo her, his schedule corresponded with her own so many times. He wasn’t flashy or ostentatious, but she knew he had money and didn’t mind spending it. He was so gentlemanly, so polite, so considerate. He made her feel precious and loved.

As the days passed, Penelope felt more and more sure of his love. He didn’t rush her, didn’t pressure her to declare her feelings, but, everyday, he let her know how much he cared. She spent her hours, happily working or talking or meeting, but William was always on her mind, always in her heart. She knew she loved him, knew she wanted to have him in her life forever.

He didn’t pressure her in other ways either. Night after night, kazak escort they went out together. And, night after night, he brought her home, walking her to the door, kissing her, holding her close. Each night, the kisses grew a little longer and more passionate, the caresses a little more intimate. It grew harder and harder for her to tell him goodnight and send him away. She knew he was waiting for some signal from her, but she was totally inexperienced in the dating world, and unsure how to proceed. She tried to call Katherine, the person who would have perfect advice for her, but was always just a minute too late to reach her.

Penelope turned to Julie, a woman she had met at the office and had come to cherish as a good and trusted friend. Penny and Julie had been lunching together for quite a while now, and Julie had heard so much about William and knew his importance in Penny’s life. She had already decided that William was the perfect man for Penny and was happy to help keep him in her friend’s life. Julie listened intently, nodding her head sagely many times. When Penny finished her story, blushing and stammering, Julie spoke.

“He is waiting for you to take the lead, Penny. He doesn’t want to rush you, which is a good sign. Guys who are this patient tend to be in a relationship for the long haul. He is interested in forever, Penny, not just one night. He needs to know you are ready. You are ready, aren’t you? When I met my Jim, I felt the same way. He was my knight in shining armor; he was everything I had ever wanted. It would please me so much to help you with William, to make you as happy as I am.”

Then, Julie helped Penelope plan the next date with her sweet William.

Saturday was their monthly opera night. William had bought season tickets for her as a birthday present, a frequent reminder of their first night together. Penelope shopped carefully for the perfect clothing to wear that night. She wanted everything to be exactly right. She entered store after store, trying on everything, critically examing the results in the mirror. Finally, pleased with the results, she happily carried her purchases home.

That day, she went about her regular activities, cleaning house, doing laundry, listening to music, while in her mind, she planned the evening. She wanted everything to be absolutely right. Finally, it was time to get ready. She ran a bath, adding a large handful of vanilla bath beads. She shed her grungy housecleaning clothes and stepped into the warm tub, sinking down with a sigh. She rested her head and thought about William, replaying all the wonderful times they had already shared, fast-forwarding to the exciting times ahead. As the water began to cool, she washed her skin with fragrant vanilla soap, imagining William’s hands moving along her flesh, touching her. Her heart began to race at the thought of sharing herself with William. She knew she would finally find out what lovemaking was all about. Penny was glad she had waited, tonight would mean so much more than a meaningless romp with a virtual stranger. Tonight would mean everything.

Penelope stepped from the tub, wrapping herself in a thick towel. She applied her makeup lightly, knowing that William preferred the real her. When she walked into the bedroom, she let the towel drop to the floor as she began dressing for her date. She had purchased new lingerie, sure that this time it would be seen and appreciated. She stepped into the black lace panties and garter belt. The black lace demi-bra made her breasts look even fuller. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she carefully slipped into the sheer black hosiery, clipping them in place with the garters. She stood before the full-length mirror, amazed at how sexy everything looked. She had never thought of herself as sexy or desirable…not before William. Now, she was pleased with her appearance, content with her body.

Her dress hung in the closet. Sliding open the door, she removed it and carefully placed it on the bed. It was a little black dress in the best sense of the term. When she had tried it on at the store, it had seemed made for her and she couldn’t resist it. Now, looking at it, Penny knew she had made the right choice. It was a beautiful silk crepe, softly draped over her breasts, fitting her snugly to the waist, then falling in gentle gathers to her knees. The black stockings made her legs look extremely shapely and the black high-heeled sandals gave her a stature istanbul bayan escort that felt odd to her.

She wore her dark hair down, soft curls brushing her bare shoulders, sending shivers through her body. Penelope felt electrified, as if every inch of her body was hyper-sensitive.

William was prompt; he always was. He kissed her sweetly, told her how lovely she looked, then led her to the car, helping her into it, closing the door firmly. The drive to the Opera House was filled with conversation, they always had something to talk about. Tonight, they were going to see ‘Capriccio’, the story of Madeleine and the men who loved her. It was one of Penny’s favorites.

They enjoyed the music, the story. Holding hands through the first act, they were transported to the world of birthday parties, intrigues, and unrequited love. At intermission, they walked together to the lobby and played their game as they sipped wine. William leaned down attentively, watching her lips as she spoke, touching her hand or arm frequently. When the lights began blinking, he protectively led her to their seats, continuing to hold her hand throughout the second act.

Penny wanted to lose herself in the story again, but she was becoming more and more nervous, thinking about her hopes for the end of the evening and the beginning of her life with William. She wasn’t sure how to proceed, how to let him know that she wanted to make love tonight, not stop chastely as they usually did. She felt hot, then cold. She shivered. William instinctively wrapped an arm around her, holding her close. Penny felt like crying; it was all so overwhelming. She wondered how other women did it, made this very important decision, knew that this one was ‘the one’.

Too soon, the opera ended. Penelope was quiet on the drive home, suddenly too frightened and unsure to continue with her plan. William walked her to the door, but tonight, sensing something was wrong, invited himself inside. They sat on the couch, with a glass of wine in their hands, and still Penny didn’t speak or even look into William’s beautiful eyes. He knew something was bothering her and he wanted to help, wanted to fix it for her. He waited patiently for her to tell him, to unburden her lovely heart to him, but still she sat silently, looking so frightened.

Finally, he took her wine from her, set both glasses on the table, and pulled her close. He inhaled her sweetness, felt her soft hair beneath his cheek, her warmth filling him with happiness. He knew he wanted to stay with her, near her, for the rest of his life. He turned his head and kissed her hair, moving his mouth to her forehead, nose, cheeks, chin. As he moved, he left kisses on her fragrant, soft skin, wanting to mark her as his own. On her cheeks, he felt tears and licked them away. He pulled back, finding her eyes on him, dark and frightened.

“Please, dear heart, tell me what is wrong. If it is possible, I will fix it for you. I love you, my darling Penelope. I love you and want to be with you. I want to grow old with you, holding your hand as we watch our days pass. Let me help you now. Please!” His voice was soft and loving, his arms around penny were comforting and warm.

She rested her head on his chest, listening to his heart beating so reassuringly. She loved him. And she wanted him. She wanted to be with him in every way. Suddenly, it didn’t seem so overwhelming. She just had to tell him, show him how much she cared and how much she wanted to share herself with him. She looked up, her eyes full of love and trust. Her arms went around his neck, her mouth searched for his as her eyes drifted close. When their lips met, she felt she was home. She opened her mouth to him, inviting him to enter her. His tongue ran over her lips, sending tingles through her body, making her melt. He slipped into the corners of her mouth, probing there, making her moan. She kept trying to get closer to him, to feel his body against hers. Her fingers twisted into his hair, her breath was nearly non-existent as he continued to kiss her thoroughly.

William’s palms were on her cheeks, then sliding down her neck, feeling the warm satin of her flesh, embracing her with his beautiful hands. He gently massaged her bare shoulders, his fingers probing and delving, when before they had been so reticent. Penny was torn between getting even closer to him and pulling back to allow him access to all of her. She wanted to see what happened azeri escort next, and felt ready for that step. She was breathing rapidly now, her body flushed, her eyes dilated with desire. Her fingers moved over his back, trying to find warm flesh to caress, a primal desire overtaking her.

Her mouth searched for his, like a nursing baby, and she almost cried when he moved away from her. She blindly sought him again, her hands gripping his arms and pulling him closer. Reconnecting with him, she sighed happily and rubbed against his chest with her aching breasts, suddenly needing to feel his hands on them, easing the pain. She didn’t know how to do it, how to let him know what she wanted from him. She pulled back slightly, looking into his eyes with all the desire she felt for him, hoping he would understand and help her.

William looked at this incredible woman, his darling, and wanted everything too. His hands reached behind her, finding the zipper and pulling it carefully. Penny wanted to scream with impatience, but simply nodded, whispering words of love and desire, encouraging him to continue. It seemed to take forever, but her dress finally fell to her waist and her full breasts were exposed. She was breathing so rapidly, so erratically, he felt concern. Then he looked into her face and saw the absolute trust, the total desire there, and forgot his worries. His fingers lightly traced the delicate straps of the black bra. He ran one fingertip along the lacy edge, feeling her firm, warm flesh for the first time. She waited, again not sure what to do, how to proceed. William seemed mesmerized by just the sight of her, but she needed more. She wanted him to unhook the little bra, take it from her, and feel her aching nipples, hold them in his powerful hands.

Penelope didn’t know what she wanted beyond that, quite what to expect. She just knew if he would finally touch her, she could be content. Poor Penny didn’t know that the more he touched her, the more she would need his touch. She didn’t realize that she had just barely entered the world of desire, need, longing. She imagined that this incredible craving would be quenched by one touch, one evening of satisfaction.

William continued his slow exploration of her upper body. He lightly traced her shoulders, her neck, her throat with the pounding pulse. He kissed her there, making her moan softly. They were completely entwined, and still trying to get closer to each other. William found the tiny clasp and opened it with remarkable skill, freeing Penny’s breasts. He feasted on the sight of them, delighting in the beauty before him. Then he bowed his head, placing a gentle kiss between the orbs. His breath was hot on her skin, yet she shivered with longing. His fingers moved lightly over her distended nipples, causing her to cry out, repeating his name over and over.

Finally, William bent over her, taking her taut, pink nipple into his warm mouth. He closed his lips over it and began to gently suck on it, causing Penny to arch her back and moan. She kept one hand in his hair, holding him to her breasts, while the other began to search for him, wanting to give him the same pleasure. William was nearly lost in the joy of touching her for the first time, knowing that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. But he couldn’t quite lose himself. There was a thought nagging at him, one that wouldn’t be denied. No matter how much he wanted to totally immerse himself in the moment, he just couldn’t. Sighing, he pulled away, moved beyond her touch.

It took a moment for Penny to realize her loss. Then she opened her eyes, searching for him, wanting him near her again. The look on his face stopped her. Sadly, she sat up straighter and pulled up her dress, waiting for the words she knew would break her heart. She was sure he didn’t really want her, that he didn’t want this, not the way she did. She waited, already mourning the loss of William. She was so sure that his words completely surprised her.

“I love you, Penelope. I love you so much. Marry me, my darling. I will make you happy and keep you safe and be the happiest man on earth. But, if you agree to marry me, I have one request. I want this….all of this…to wait until our wedding night. Which will be very soon, I promise!”

Penny just stared, unsure of what she had heard. She had expected him to say he had made a mistake, that he didn’t want her after all. It took her a moment to understand exactly what he had said. He loved her! He wanted to marry her! AND he wanted her too, but wanted to make love to her as his wife….his wife!

“Yes, please. I want to be your wife, your partner. Yes, yes, yes! I want to wait too. We have our entire lives to make love. Yes, William, yes!”


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