Baby Sitting


This is a true story though the names and places have been changed. To ensure that the younger generation appreciate the sensuality of the incident, I am giving a précis of the mores, prevalent at the time.

In the sixties in the U.K. there were few “enlightened men” who believed that women were entitled to enjoy sex as much as the males did. It was quite common, for girls to remain virgins, until their marriage and married women never to have had an orgasm even though they were mothers of children.

A frequent scenario in the households was of the husband coming home from the pub, slightly drunk, taking his wife to bed, kissing her roughly, putting a finger into her vagina, wiggle it around then get on top and literally use her body as a masturbating machine. Should the wife actually begin to feel aroused, providing the husband could last long enough she might climax. The others lay there frustrated and the more daring actually played with themselves, an extremely rare occurrence as it was “not the nice thing to do.”

My story began when I was an innocent young man of 18. My very first girl friend, who was almost four years older than me though still a virgin and I taught each other about sex. It was mainly by trial and error but we had a little help from a pseudo medical book, (soft porn masquerading as a guide to married folk on the joys of sex). I remember the book well; in one chapter it described 10 different positions of how to “do it”. We tried all 10 positions, in one glorious day when we had her house to ourselves, (her parents had taken a vacation and we had the house to our selves. Wasn’t my prick sore at the end of it.

I learned a lot though, especially on how to give pleasure to a woman and of course all those little areas in the body that made a woman more willing to engage in the sex act. Over the next two to three years we practiced and how.

My girl friend and I split up and we both moved on to pastures new. Judging by the stories that I heard about her, when I returned home to visit my folks, she certainly expected a lot more from her man than a quick knee trembler. I believe that one of her extra marital affairs led to an ambulance having to be called. Her paramour suffered a mild heart-attack, whilst making love to her. That must be another story though.

I joined the RAF and found that my experience with my older girl friend made me pay attention to the more mature females, (at that time mature for me, was anyone over 26). Invariably this brought a number of married women into play and play I did and kept learning on how to please a woman.

Eventually I met “Miss Right” and after about a year we got married. I was posted abroad and my wife had to stay behind in the U.K. until I managed to arrange accommodation for her. I’m afraid I gave in to temptation a number of times in the six months that we were apart. When she joined me it was to share a one bedroomed flat in a small German town. The ex-pat community all RAF personnel and their families, were very sociable and parties were de rigueur. These parties were quite innocent and mainly used for the wives to get to know each other. The men worked with one another at the camp but the wives, few of whom spoke German looked to each other for socialising and of course baby sitting.

It was at one of these parties that I met Meg; she was the wife of a workmate and was absolutely stunning. She was an Anglo- Indian, about five feet six tall, slim with a beautiful figure though small breasted, a B cup I guessed. One would never have guessed that she had three young children. Her legs were long and curved in exactly the right places, with hips that swelled out just perfectly and her derriere looked good enough to eat. Her features were finely shaped, perfectly proportioned and in my opinion put together in exactly the right way. Her mouth was voluptuous with full deep red lips and startlingly white teeth. Her eyes were dark brown ovals that lit up when she smiled. To cap it all, her hair was shoulder length and jet black. You can tell I was smitten. We met frequently and she and my wife became good friends, we baby sat for each other and her kids liked “Uncle Bill”

Things started to go sour between my wife and me and after about nine months we separated, not too amicably, and she went home to her mother. I moved back in to the sergeant’s mess as a single man. Naturally I maintained my friendly relationships with the families that we had socialised with and became number 1 choice of baby sitter for a few of them.

I started dating, initially it was single women, relatives visiting, female staff, a couple of local girls and then one night, at a married quarters party, given by one of my friends, I met a married woman whose husband was away on a training course. Sue had been persuaded to come to the party by my friends, knowing that I would be able to pair up with her, not in any mischievous way but as a dance/games partner, (they always played silly games at parties in those days). Sue and I mecidiyeköy escort hit it off and enjoyed one anothers company, so much so that I offered to escort her home to check on her children, she lived about a quarter of a mile away.

When we got to her house everything was OK and she offered me a drink, I accepted and as things go, when there is drink around and a man and a woman who liked each other, I made a pass. It was just a comment on how good she looked and how kissable her lips were. Sue invited me to go ahead

I was sitting in an armchair and pulled her onto my knee, I took her face in my hands and gently kissed the side of her mouth, I kept on placing featherlight kisses around her lips, her cheeks, her eyes, her ears and her neck. Sue was obviously enjoying the sensation so I covered her mouth with mine. Initially she kept her lips closed, I pressed my tongue against them and she relented. Her lips parted and my tongue slipped into her mouth and teased the tip of her tongue, “French kissing” was considered to be risqué in those days.

We were kissing for a while when I placed my hand on her breast outside of her dress, Sue didn’t object so I gently played with her nipple, that I could feel hardening even through the fabrics of her dress and bra. I undone first one then two and continued until her dress was open to her waist. I caressed her breast over the bra and slipped my free hand around her back and unclipped it. Sue made a small gesture to stop me but replaced her arm around my head almost immediately.

I was able to push the loose bra up off her nipples and I began to tease and tweak first one then the other until they were both hard nubs of ridged flesh. When I bent down and took one into my mouth, Sue moaned and when I took one between my teeth and gently bit it she whispered;

“Oh yes Bill, that’s nice please don’t stop.”

Encouraged I continued nipping her nipples with my teeth and flicking them with my tongue, I placed my hand on her knee and slowly moved it up her thigh, caressing her leg in small circular motions. Sue pulled my head tightly against her breast when my fingers reached her naked flesh above her stocking tops, brushing against the material guarding her vagina. I allowed my hand to pass over her mound up to her belly then back down to her thighs. I knew that it was having the effect that I wanted as her breathing had become shallower and she had opened her legs wider allowing me freer access to that spot that she wanted me to touch.

She was trembling with sensations that she had never felt before and gasped out loud when I slid my finger under her panties and into her wet slit. I penetrated into her vagina and ran my finger onto her clit, she shuddered and clutched me even harder, and her hips were bucking in passion as she tried to achieve satisfaction.

I stopped kissing her breasts and looked into her eyes, smouldering with lust.

“Do you want to be fucked?” I whispered.

The use of this word shocked her, people never said things like that especially to women. It also thrilled her, she knew that she was not behaving properly; she was allowing me liberties that only her husband had been privileged to before this night. That I was “talking dirty” to her only made it more erotic. She said nothing but shyly nodded her head in agreement.

She then surprised me by taking me by the hand and leading me into her bedroom, fortunately this was on the ground floor, away from the children’s room. Once inside she stripped off her dress and removed the undone bra. She stood there nervously, I wolf-whistled softly and sank to my knees in front of her. When my mouth closed onto her panties covered pussy she quickly stuffed her hand over her mouth to stifle the shriek that she had started. My lips and tongue teased her lower lips and I pushed some of the material into her crevice. Sue put her hands into my hair and pulled my head tightly into her groin; I reached up and slowly pulled her panties down to her ankles, my lips and tongue had free access to her vagina and I lost no time in thrusting my tongue as deeply into her as I could. I tasted the juices seeping out of her lips and down her thighs and my chin. I moved to her clit and lashed the engorged bud, pushing out of its protective sheath. I took it between my lips and sucked and licked at it, I ran two fingers into her pussy. Sue’s shuddering was such that I could hardly keep my mouth on her centre of enjoyment and as her breathing quickened I heard her moan and she fell away onto the bed.

I took the opportunity to strip off and my prick stiffened as I looked at this attractive woman, spreadeagled on the bed, her black nylon stockings and black garter belt framing her inflamed vagina. I moved to her and pushed a couple of fingers into her dripping cunt; she looked at me and said;

“Fuck me Bill please fuck me.”

Kneeling between her thighs I placed the tip of my penis at the entrance to her vagina and thrust it deep into her body. maslak escort I plunged in until my pubic hairs met with hers. We began to move in unison; Sue’s hip rising up to meet mine as I thrust down onto and into her.

“God yes, God this is good oh God I’m coming again.” She groaned.

I felt her trembling and she almost bucked me off as her body arched up in her ecstasy.

I withdrew from within her and turned her onto her belly, without giving her time to wonder, I mounted her from the back, doggy style and began to plunge my prick deep into her willing body. In this position I was able to reach round to her front and used my fingers to stimulate her clit.

Sue’s juddering grew more frantic as she felt wave after wave of electric like shocks of pleasure invade her body, racing from her clitoris. Sue experienced orgasm after orgasm as my prick raved her vagina and my fingers her clitoris.

I could feel my climax building and said;

“I’m coming Sue, I’m coming.”

“Pull out Bill, pull out, you have no protection.” She pleaded.

I pulled out and turned her over, putting my prick between her tits I thrust it up and down a couple of times and my thick hot sperm jetted over her breasts and chin, some hit her open mouth and she surprised me by swallowing it.

I sank down onto the bed beside her; she looked at me and said.

“Thank you that is the first time that I have had an orgasm in my life. Where did you learn such tricks. I have read of men kissing and licking women down there, but never expected you to do it?”

In the resulting conversation I learned that her husband fucked her once a week, on Saturdays provided she did not have her period. He came home drunk, got on top of her pushed it in a couple of times, shot his load, rolled off and went to sleep.

We remembered that we were expected back at the party so hurriedly cleaned ourselves up, dressed and scooted back. Our hostess, my friend Pauline grinned knowingly and asked whether we had got lost or something.

That experience with Sue had some very strange repercussions, a few weeks later, at a squadron dance. I had started dancing with the current girl friend and found that it was a sort of Paul Jones dance where everyone changed partners when the music changed. I found myself dancing with one of my new colleague’s wife who was a stranger to me. It was a slow waltz and as we introduced ourselves, during the first few steps, she made a strange remark on hearing my name; she said

“Not THE Bill Thomas?”

Laughing I enquired as to what she meant by, “THE Bill Thomas? ” I was astonished when she informed me that her friend Sue had told her all about our session and even more flabbergasted when she offered the opportunity to show her if I was as good as Sue had said. Needless to say a date was made and she had the opportunity to make her own mind up.

Shortly after this I was asked by Meg to show her cousins around the local area. This came about because I was one of the few friends who had a car and who had no family ties. Her cousins were coming over for a few weeks the following month. I agreed and took some annual vacation to ensure that I would be available. What I didn’t know was that Meg’s cousins were two teenage beauties and after their visit I was sorry that I hadn’t booked more time off to recover, they were HOT.

Believe it or not this story to date is just to set the scene for my baby sitting tale. Meg and her husband asked me to stay over one weekend and baby sit their three children on the Saturday as they wanted to visit an exhibition in a town about 150 miles away. It would mean them leaving very early in the morning, hence the invitation to stay. I agreed and drove to their house on the Friday night, we had a few drinks together and I got up with them as they left on Saturday morning. All day Saturday, the kids and I messed around. Jan was the eldest at 5, her brother Pete was 4 and the baby of the family Mike was 3 years old.

We were playing hide and seek and Jan had gone into her parent’s room and had hidden in a clothes closet. I had heard her giggling as she tried to fool me and started looking around the room, carefully avoiding the closet until the very last. I pretended to give up and Jan came out of the closet. She was wearing some of her mother’s underwear, over her own clothes. I laughed at her and made her take them off.

When I went to put them back in the closet I received one hell of a shock. On one of the shelves there was a pink coloured dildo, it was made of a hard rubber and shaped like a normal penis. On the same shelf was some very sexy underwear. Items that were extremely rare in those days, I got a hard on looking at them and imagining Meg wearing them. The thought of her using the dildo almost made me come in my pants. I wondered what sort of sex life that she and Tom had.

Later that evening after I had put the kids to bed I went back into the master bedroom and looked around. Meg was obviously merter escort heavy into sexy undies, she must have bought some of them in the red light districts, split crotch panties, peek-a-boo bras, items that were never advertised in those days. Making sure that everything was as I had found it I went to the lounge and waited for Tom and Meg to return.

I heard Tom’s car pull up and went to the door. Meg came walking towards me, the strong lights behind her made her white skirt seem transparent and I saw the full length of her legs in silhouette, once more I felt my penis harden. We went inside and after coffee went off to bed.

The phone ringing woke me up, I looked at my watch and saw that it was only 4: AM, I heard Tom say to Meg that he was wanted on the base to cover for sickness. I went back to sleep and was woken up by young Jan and Pete jumping on me demanding that I get up and play with them. I rose, showered and got dressed. Megs had a cup of coffee ready for me when I got down to the lounge. She still had a robe on and when she sat, it parted to reveal a black silk night gown. I looked everywhere but at her body, I did not want to ruin our friendship by making an unwelcome pass. We finished the coffee and Meg went to get dressed for the day.

On her return we spent some time playing with the kids until they went for their afternoon nap. We sat in easy chairs, facing each other. Meg held a mug in her hands and looked right at me;

“There is one thing that I like about you Bill; you never try to undress me with your eyes, as other men do. Some of Tom’s friends come here and I feel dirty at the way they look at me.”

She mentioned one of them and I knew what she meant, he was a sleazy character and I wouldn’t trust him with a photograph of the cat on the mantle shelf, let alone with a woman as beautiful as Meg. It came as a total surprise to me when I head myself say.

“I think that you are the most beddable woman that I have ever met and the only reason that I do not undress you mentally is that I am afraid of what I would do, if I started to do it.”

“Do you mean that you want to make love to me?” she said.

Again I surprised myself by saying.

“No I want to fuck you, I want to take you to your bed, rip your clothes of you, lick your cunt then fuck you as hard and as often as I can.”

She got up out of her chair, her face flushed, with rage I thought and braced myself for the slap across the face that my words had deserved. She moved right in front of me, leaned forward and said, breathlessly.

“Why don’t you do it then?” Bent towards me and kissed me.

I responded by pulling her onto my lap and thrust my tongue deep into her mouth; my free hand crushed her breast.

“This isn’t what you promised, you said that you would rip my dress off and lick my cunt.” She said.

A light went off in my head; Meg was a sexually liberated woman, far in advance of the age. The dildo and sexy underwear showed that she was far from conventional.

I stood up, lifting her easily and carried her down the hall to her bedroom; I threw her onto the bed, locked the door and turned back to her. I caught her dress by the neck line and pulled it as hard as I could, buttons flew around the room and the cloth tore. She was totally naked under the dress; she had planned this all along. I saw also that her pussy was completely hairless; it was the first time that I had seen a shaven pussy.

I fell onto the bed with my head between her thighs, I pushed her legs as far apart as I could, she was almost doing the splits, and my mouth flew to her snatch, she was well lubricated and I could taste the essence of her juices. I pulled the lips of her labia apart and used my tongue, lips teeth and mouth to tease, nip, suck, and lash her exposed clitoris. It unsheathed itself under my ministrations and her hips began to buck into my face as her body responded to the stimulation of my mouth on that hard nub of nerve endings. I thrust two fingers into her gaping cunt and plunging them in and out brought her to a massive climax. Her body was arched in the ecstasy with only her shoulders and heels touching the bed as she shuddered into another orgasm.

“Now fuck me you bastard she.” She whispered, “I have wanted you to fuck me ever since we first met, now get your prick into me.”

Hurriedly I threw off my shirt and trousers, my boxers going with my trousers. I had a massive hard on and lost no time in plunging it into her. When it was deep within her vagina, I rose up onto my knees and placed her folded legs against my chest her shoulders were the only part of her body touching the bed. My prick was almost pointing vertically down as it rammed into her surprisingly tight hole. She gasped out loud.

“God I’ve never had a cock so deep into me, fuck me Bill fuck me hard.”

I was happy to oblige and continued to piston in and out, my hands were free and I took a nipple in each one and started to pinch, and tug on them. Meg’s breasts were quite small but her nipples were large and had hardened to ridged nubs of flesh. Meg used her fingers to rub and stimulate her clitoris. All too soon I could feel my body reach to its climax, that exquisite warmth spreading from the tip of my prick into my groin.

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