Bambi and the Tutor Pt. 01


It started innocently enough – Bambi, a freshman at a very expensive and formal college, who had already been held back a year in high school, was causing her parents, Fifi and Pierre, much concern that she would not get through the final semester of the year. As a result, they decided the best course of action would be to send Bambi to a tutor. They needed, however, to find the right tutor, one who specialized in disciplinary tactics as well as expertise in the courses Bambi was currently studying: sexuality and human sciences. You see, Bambi is actually a very bright, almost 20-year-old. She is also a very attractive, tall, fit and sassy blonde, who over the years has given her parents nothing but grief with her defiance, boldness and promiscuity. She enjoys playing the innocent, but her escapades with members of the football team have not gone unnoticed by her parents. Through her friend, Mrs. Robinson, Fifi was provided with the name of a tutor, Mr. Thomas, who came highly recommended for his unusual, but highly effective approach to discipline with young women such as Bambi.

Fifi reached out to Mr. Thomas and conducted an initial interview of him to ensure that he was well advised of Bambi’s issues and what would be expected of his “lessons.” At that meeting Fifi was quite impressed by Mr. Thomas, his Resume and, of course, his physique. Fifi is no innocent herself. In fact, one could say that the Bambi apple did not fall far from the Fifi tree in terms of sassiness and promiscuity. It was not a coincidence that Fifi arranged the initial interview of Mr. Thomas on an afternoon when Pierre was out of town. And it was always Fifi’s intention of making sure that Mr. Thomas was enough of a man to “control” her daughter, and she certainly did so during the interview, but that is a story for another time.

Arrangements were made between Fifi and Mr. Thomas that he would have an initial session with Bambi at his home, and armed with the information as provided by Fifi, a lesson plan was set in place and a date scheduled.

When Fifi told Bambi of the arrangements, she was incensed. Bambi was further annoyed when she learned that there were certain conditions she would have to meet for the session.

First, she absolutely had to arrive on time. Secondly, she was to wear her college uniform, despite the session being scheduled for a Saturday afternoon. Lastly, she was to attend freshly showered and shaved. Failure to comply with any of the conditions would result in disciplinary measures.

When the appointed Saturday arrived, Bambi did as she has been instructed by Fifi. She even headed out a little early to get to the appointment. Fifi was pleased.

However, in true Bambi fashion, she stopped to watch the football practice at the college with her friend, Kimmie, and spend a few minutes playfully teasing members of the team by flashing her pussy and large breasts spilling from her button down, which were clad (again as instructed) in virginal white panties and bra, from the sidelines. Kimmie, an equally poorly disciplined girl, had heard of Bambi’s forced tutoring and out of solidarity for her friend, had brought a bottle of tequila for Bambi to take with her to the session to “break the ice with the tutor”. When Bambi looked at her phone, she realized that she still had a 10-minute drive to the tutor’s home and she was already 5 minutes late.

While not particularly worried – with a wink, an innocent smile and flash of her breasts, Bambi could get away with anything with anyone – she was a little concerned having been warned by her mother that there would be serious consequences for any infraction of the rules. As she pulled into driveway and walked to the tutor’s door, she felt the butterflies in her stomach – were they from fear, excitement, left over from the football field debauchery or just her usual raw sexual desire? Fifi had told her how gorgeous the tutor was. She had to collect herself before knocking, and, standing in front of the door, realized she was also a little wet.

She had just lifted her hand to knock, when the door flew open.

“Bambi, I presume,” Mr. Thomas barked and pulled her inside. He lead her to the dining room and, standing next to the table, took the bag with the tequila from her and then stood şişli escort back to inspect. “Well, you are very late. That is not acceptable and you will be paying the price for that infraction, but I do appreciate that you at least adhered to the dress code.”

Bambi felt the scrutiny of his gaze… glare, but he was a very attractive “older” man, and she could see the outline of his erection through his jeans.

“OMG, you’re huge. Fifi didn’t fucking share that tidbit,” she absentmindedly muttered under her breath.

“I heard that. You are simply adding to the list of punishable infractions. Keep it up and you will be a very sorry young lady.”

The tutor took in all of Bambi. Her large round breasts sitting high and bursting out of the white blouse, the short navy blue skirt that barely covered her tight ass cheeks. She was indeed delicious to look at, and the spitting, although younger, image of her mother, Fifi.

“Let me confirm why you are here, Ms. Bambi, so there is no misunderstanding,” Mr. Thomas began. “You are here, most importantly, to learn discipline and how to behave, to do as your parents tell you and focus on your studies rather than fucking your way around the college. Secondly, I will be teaching you the intricacies of sexuality and human behaviour – how to properly pleasure a partner, how to ask or show your partner to properly pleasure you and how to pleasure yourself. Do you understand?”

“I don’t think you can teach me anything I don’t already know when it comes to fucking, and I’m pretty sure you have no idea how to properly discipline me,” Bambi shot back, clearly trying to get a rise out of the tutor. And she did…

With a quick movement Mr. Thomas spun Bambi around and bent her over the dining room table. With her short skirt riding up, her ass was fully exposed. Holding her by her hair, he spanked her left butt cheek hard three times with his open hand, leaving an angry red hand print. Bambi was caught off guard and yelped.

“Make that mistake again at your own peril,” the tutor whispered in her ear. “Now, stand up. I need to ensure you have complied with all of the conditions in terms of attire. Remove your blouse and skirt.”

Bambi did as instructed, letting the short skirt fall to the floor and unbuttoning the blouse. Before she could fully remove it, the tutor, grabbed it and twisted it so that it was wrapped around and restraining her wrists. He held the blouse and her wrists firmly in that position while tracing the edge of her white bra from the strap down her ample breast to the centre and up the other side. She wondered whether he had an idea how that spanking and now this light fondling was getting her excited… she expected he did.

Mr. Thomas took in her long tanned and toned legs, the white thong panties which had nicely exposed her bare ass for the spanking and her glorious tits spilling out of the white bra. He continued tracing her cleavage while holding her wrists in the twisted shirt and allowed his finger to find a nipple – which was fully erect. He was rock hard.

“Now, I must confirm that you are fully compliant with the rules.” He lifted the same finger that he been exploring with and reached down, gently pushing aside her white panties and feeling the incredibleness of her naked pussy. He let his fingers momentarily stimulate her clit and then wander down between her lips where he found her delicious wetness.

“Well, well, you are a little slut, as your mother indicated,” the tutor accused. “Are you wet from the encounter that made you late? Or perhaps you like being disciplined.” He released Bambi’s wrists, tossed the blouse aside and pulled off her panties. He lifted her up and sat her on the edge of the table.

Bambi was not sure what was going to happen. This had been nothing like she expected, but the truth be told, she was enjoying it. The men… no “boys”… she had been with to date had not been interested in her punishment fetish. In fact, she had never broached the subject with any of them. They were simply interested in a quick fuck. She wanted to tell Mr. Thomas that nothing he was doing was truly punishment; it was her pleasurable fantasy.

While Bambi sat still on the edge of the table, naked except for her bra, the kağıthane escort tutor removed his belt and carefully placed it on the table, and then his jeans, shirt and briefs. Bambi was used to her athletic college boyfriends, but the tutor was lean and cut, and it was then that Bambi realized the full extent of the hugeness of Mr. Thomas’ cock. She could not take her eyes of his gorgeousness. She wanted to suck him… for him to fuck her.

“See this?” the tutor asked, as he stroked his pulsating member. “I know you want it, but not yet. You can, however, have a little taste.” And he lifted a pre-cum covered finger to her mouth, which she sucked and licked with enthusiasm.

“Enough,” he barked and pulled his finger from her mouth. “Has anyone ever brought you to climax without touching your clit or fucking you?” he asked as he reached behind her and undid her bra and tossed it aside

“No… well, my friend, Kimmie, and I have played a little and I’ve been close with her on occasion,” Bambi answered sheepishly but with pride.

“Well, this will be a good place to start the lesson then.” The tutor placed his big hands over Bambi’s nipples and slowly began rolling her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He then bent his head and placed his mouth on one nipple, flicking it with his tongue. Bambi began moaning. Mr. Thomas increased the pressure on the nipple he was squeezing with his fingers and began lightly biting the other. Bambi’s moaning became more intense and she started rocking her hips. She grabbed the back of his neck and pulled herself into him.

“Oh, such a naughty girl, you are. You are forgetting who is in charge here, Bambi.” And with that the tutor pushed her flat on the table, with her legs hanging over the edge, and leaned over top of her so she was completely pinned and unable to grind her hips. He returned to her breasts – licking, sucking, pinching and biting – until she was in a frenzy.

“Are you going to have an orgasm?” he asked.

“Please, please… yes…,” Bambi begged.

As the tutor increased the intensity, Bambi let the waves of her first orgasm wash over her. While she convulsed on the table, the tutor kept up his expert stimulation until she quieted.

Mr. Thomas was close to losing control himself, but he knew he wanted to taste her sweet cum before he fucked her. As Bambi shuddered from the last of her climax, he knelt down, parted her long sexy legs and pulled her back to the very edge of the table so he could easily eat her beautiful shaved cunt. She initially protested, but as his hot tongue darted around her clit and then into her pussy, lapping up her cum, she relaxed. She quickly decided that she would be more than happy to have another orgasm before taking that massive cock… and she was already scheming the blow job that she would him that would rock his world.

“Oh, gawd, you are fucking good at that,” Bambi squeaked as Mr. Thomas, having cleaned her up with his tongue now began focussing solely on her clit… and then insert a finger inside her.

Her tightness was exquisite. Barely two fingers would fit. He slowly finger fucked her while performing interesting tricks with his tongue. Bambi soon started towards a second orgasm. He could feel her wetness increase – starting to run over his hand and down towards her ass, so much so that he was able to enter her ass with a finger. Completely filled – finger fucking both her tight little pussy and ass – Mr. Thomas pushed her to a screaming climax.

“Oh, fuck… oh, fuck… oh, fuck…” Bambi screamed as she exploded.

The tutor withdrew his fingers and with one last lick, came up and gave Bambi a deep hard kiss, letting her taste her cum. He then left her on the table, panting and sweating, to calm down. He stepped into the kitchen, washed and poured them a glass of tequila to share.

Returning to the dining room, he found Bambi sitting up on the table holding her blouse to cover herself and looking very disheveled.

“You know, there are still consequences which need to be dealt with, Bambi,” the tutor said as he handed her the glass and allowed her to sip the tequila. “Give me the blouse and the glass. Lay down on your side,” he instructed.

Bambi wanted to protest, taksim escort but she was spent from the intensity of her orgasms, so she did as he said. She so wanted to touch his still hard cock, but…

Before she could finish the thought, Mr. Thomas was standing at the side of the table, his cock near her face, with the belt in his hand. He slowly began to give her the “strap,” lightly whipping her with the belt on the side of her butt cheek. The belt snapped and cracked as it contacted her skin. It stung. It was incredible. It hurt like a son of a bitch, but she did not want it to stop. She moved her head closer to the edge of the table in an attempt to reach his cock with her mouth.

“Not yet,” Mr. Thomas snapped – at the same time as snapped the belt hard against her ass as she lay on the table in a fetal position.

He worked his free hand between her legs, and found her once again soaking pussy waiting for him. He stroked and fingered her while continuing to crack the belt, leaving small welts on her skin.

Bambi gripped the side of the table and lifted herself partially to a sitting position. Her body stiffened. She looked directly into the tutor’s eyes as the third and most intense climax yet overtook her body. She could take no more… but wanted so much more…

Mr. Thomas lifted her off the table and sat her in a chair.

“You have been a good student so far and hopefully have learned a thing or two about consequences and discipline,” he said standing directly in front of her. “In fact, you have been a good enough girl, that you can now have what you want.”

As if with renewed energy, Bambi seized the moment and immediately took the tutor’s cock in her mouth, hungrily sucking it. What she lacked in skill – which Mr. Thomas knew he could teach her – she made up for in enthusiasm.

“How deep can you take me, Bambi? Are you like your mother? Can you take me to the back of your throat?” the tutor, on the verge of shooting his load, mumbled. He of course realizing that Bambi learning he had allowed her mother to suck his cock, would make her all the more eager… and he was right. Bambi took him deep and then slid back to the tip, running her tongue over and around his hugeness and then all the way down the shaft again until she almost gagged. The tutor guided her head, holding his cock to the back of her throat a moment longer.

“Oh, you are already very good at that. Are you good enough to swallow?” he asked.

“Oh, gross,” Bambi answered – barely audible from her cock filled mouth.

“Take it, young lady… be a good girl.”

Bambi could feel his cock stiffen a little more and his legs and ass tighten in anticipation of ejaculation, so she pulled away. It was too late, the tutor exploded, shooting his cum over her chin, chest and tits and spilling onto the floor. He held her shoulders and pulled her into him, as he could barely stand. His cock was pressed against her cheek as the last few blasts of cum squirted into her hair.

She let the tutor hold her in that position. He could not see that she was grinning slyly, having thoroughly enjoyed the entire session… and secretly laughing because she would have loved to have swallowed his load.

When he loosened his hold on her, Bambi sank back into the chair and seductively scooped a finger full of cum from her breasts and put it in her mouth. She took another finger full and put it in the tutor’s mouth.

“You are very naughty… but also very good,” Mr. Thomas laughed.

They collected their clothes but sat naked at the table sharing the remainder of the glass of tequila.

“I think I need some further sessions,” Bambi commented.

“I have to agree,” the tutor responded. “I think further discipline is in order as well as additional lessons on proper ways to pleasure a man… and I certainly need to feel that tight pussy of yours on my cock.”

“H’mmm… I was thinking the same thing. I wonder too, whether you might be able to do a special session for both me and my friend, Kimmie. She is much more defiant and unmanageable than me,” Bambi queried, hoping the answer would be ‘yes’.

“We will see if those arrangements can be made, but I will need more information on Kimmie. Now, get cleaned up and dressed and be on your way. I have other students to meet,” the tutor replied.

Bambi did as she was told.

The tutor showed her to the door. As she walked out, she turned and winked at him. The tutor knew he was in trouble…

To be continued.

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