Bathroom Romp


The club was ear-bursting and beautiful. There were more sexy men tonight than I’ve seen in my entire life and I didn’t know how to respond. I sat coolly with my Smirnoff on the rocks and scoped out my potential candidates. My best friends sat on the left and the right of me, adjusting their water bras and fidgeting with their hair. They weren’t at the club as often as I was, they felt out of place and nervous. I came here almost every night after my parents went to bed, with my fake ID and $20 of cold, stolen cash from the “emergency” jar at home. This was an emergency in my mind, if I didn’t come here for two nights in a row I felt lonely. After all, I had turned 18 only six weeks ago and had just purchased my first fake ID. These men were my prey for the night. I felt like a majestic female lion.

I subconsciously winked at a 30-something year old man down the bar. He grabbed his beer and ordered a margarita for me, then made his way down to my bar stool. His eyes grazed my chest and managed to get stuck on my cleavage. I smiled, and glanced as his package cautiously fluttered upwards.

“I… erm… bought you a drink. Fan of margaritas?”

“Ahhh yes, I am very fond of them thanks.”

I sipped on the drink anal escort and turned my back to the man to talk to my best friend Madison. I could tell he had a look of fear on his pale skin. I snickered to myself and went on discussing what us girls should do this evening with Madison. She didn’t like the club, she said, and she wanted to go home.

“Already!?!” I blurted, dumping the remains of my strongly mixed margarita on the bar, “Ah, fuck!”

“Excuse me miss. I can lend you my napkin to clean that up if you’d like.” Interrupted a tall, handsome, man.

“Oh, but see, I got it on my jeans as well.”

“Come on with me then, I’ll take you to the bathroom so you can wipe your pants down with water.”

He looked seductively towards the bathroom, and I knew what he was thinking, it seemed like a good idea. I rose from my stool coyly and followed him. This was the slutty side of me that my best friends hadn’t seen yet. Even without looking, I could tell that their mouths were open at awkward, ugly angles and that they probably wouldn’t utter a word until I came back. They thought I was a virgin, an innocent virgin with a newly printed fake ID, experiencing her first time in bayan escort istanbul a club.

“Right in here, babe. Nobody uses this side bathroom.” he whispered in my left ear. I was hoping he’d try a nibble while he was there, but no such luck.

We entered the bathroom quickly and silently. Not that anyone would have heard us, as some no-name rock and roll band was playing gory music on stage. Immediately after I reached the rusted-out sink, I turned around and grabbed him by the collar of his navy dress shirt. I reached his hot, wet lips with my own and he began to kiss me forcefully. I kissed him back, and tried to keep my own drunken lips in time with his. Within 2 minutes of heavy making out, we had both of our clothes off. He grabbed my hair and yanked me down onto my knees.

“Do you suck cock?”

“I could try.”

“Fucking excellent then.” He grunted as he grabbed the back of my head and made my mouth slide along his dick.

I purposely spat all over his thick, throbbing dick and I slid my mouth as far down his package as I could manage. I eased up and slowed down for a few minutes to let my jaw relax, only to have him force my lips and tongue back down his cock. This went şişli escort on for about 5 minutes, and I was beginning to enjoy it when I felt him quiver slightly. Suddenly I felt a blast of warm erotic juices hit my moist tongue. It tasted salty, unusual, and delicious. I swallowed and instantly wanted more, but he wasn’t allowing that. He grabbed me and turned me around so that my breasts were pressed against the cold, dirty sink. He grabbed a small bottle of lube from his pocket, and I watched as he rubbed his cock completely with the slimy substance. It instantly made me soaking wet, and I wanted him to fuck me then and there.

“Just fuck me in the ass, now.” I heard myself shout to the man.

He obliged without further questions, and I let out a gasp of pleasure as he slid his cock in between my two butt cheeks. I had never felt so much pleasure as I did for the following minutes. He grabbed my hips and pounded me so forcefully that I thought I would clearly explode when I climaxed. After 10 minutes I felt a strong urge in my lower stomach, I could feel the orgasm coming, and I couldn’t wait. I felt a tingling sensation overcome me, and I could hardly stand any longer, but he kept pumping his thick cock in me. Then, I burst, and a steady stream of white ejaculate emerged from my cunt and hit the dirty tile floor. At the same time, he came, and I felt his strong cum hit inside me. We stopped, and he smiled at me. He tugged his clothes back on. Then, he left the dirty bathroom with a “thanks for that.”

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