Beach Rendezvous


They had made arrangements to synch their schedules and travel plans. She’d be flying in from far away for a weekend meeting with some girlfriends, while he drove in from closer by for some sightseeing. They would do anything to see each other, never missing a chance to confirm their cyber-passion in the real world. They would be meeting at a beach resort known for its beauty and charm, yet it wasn’t what interested them. She was staying there with her friends and it just happened to be close enough for him to justify the drive.

They saw each other from a distance and they couldn’t wait to be in each other’s arms again. But where would they find enough privacy to exchange kisses and maybe more without raising suspicion. They had agreed to meet at the shop of the beach club and resort, but neither had time to get a separate room where they would be guaranteed not to be disturbed. It was a drive by meeting, almost. It was a miracle they’d be able to meet at all, so even just the chance to exchange a warm handshake made this all worthwhile.

She mentioned escort mecidiyeköy that walking to the shop she had passed a bungalow where the resort was hosting an open house. The light came on and they walked quickly to the open house, if nothing else, to steal a few kisses while checking out a remote corner of the bungalow.

As luck would have it, they were the only people in the open house, and the realtor was more than happy to sit in the front study and watch TV. They asked to look around and he quickly agreed. They pretended to check out the downstairs amenities before heading upstairs.

As soon as they entered the back bedroom they met in each other’s arms in a kiss that would melt an iceberg. Months of frustrated passions flowed between them as they caressed each other and pressed their bodies together. As if communicating by thought alone, he pushed down her walking shorts as she undid his pants, freeing his throbbing cock. She had not worn panties on purpose, expecting something, anything. There was no need for istanbul eskort foreplay, they both wanted the same thing.

She rubbed his cock against her shaved mound before inserting it into her soaking wet pussy. They rocked together while kissing for several minutes before he asked her to turn around. She bent over and reached between her legs to grab his cock and place it against the moist place where she craved to have him again.

They quickly established a rhythm that had him pistoning smoothly in and out of her wet pussy as his balls swung freely, smacking her clit on each stroke. He held her firm ass to make sure he was giving her all of his length as she pushed back on every stroke. This wasn’t making love, it was sex, the kind of passionate sex that people have who have gone too long without being able to share their passion. Her pussy seemed to milk his cock as he felt his oncoming orgasm. She asked him to fill her pussy with his cream as her words sent him over the edge, pumping shot after shot of hot white cum deep inside taksim escort her womb. He held her sexy ass to steady himself as he experienced one of the most intense orgasms he’d ever had. He saw stars as he slowly came down from the pinnacle of pleasure.

They continued to grind together for what seemed like an eternity, yet not being ever long enough. As they came back to reality they could make out other voices downstairs. They quickly cleaned up in the adjoining bath as they kissed and caressed each other, reaffirming their passion for each other.

As they walked out, they saw two other couples that had entered the bungalow and were keeping the realtor busy, allowing them to escape without explanations. They walked around the other bungalows, basking in the afterglow of their forbidden tryst. He thought he’d love to spend the rest of his life with her. She looked at him as if she was thinking the same thing.

As they made their goodbyes, he told her that the next time he would make sure she came, but this time it was punishment for her being such a bad girl. She kissed him tenderly and said “Yes Master” before slowly walking away.

They would meet again, in a different place, at a different time, but they would never again recreate that incredible experience.

If only their love had lasted…

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