Before I Get Old


Ashley was pretty much a brat. Anybody that knew her for more than ten minutes could tell you that. But beautiful, sexy, single women in their twenties often get away with being brats by being…sexy. Ashley was used to getting what she wanted and what she wanted most often was sex. In fact, she was somewhat addicted to it.

Oddly enough, however, Ashley’s sex life was unusually predictable and routine. A guy would ask her on a date. She accepted. They fucked. And so it went.

None of those dates were with the men Ashley secretly desired. There were reasons for that, none of which mattered much to Ashley. She wanted them.

It was a month before her thirtieth birthday and Ashley was having drinks after work with her older sister, Kayla. Ashley used the straw in her drink to play with the ice, swirling the cubes around aimlessly. The music in the bar was nearly loud enough to cause ripples on the surface, but Ashley didn’t seem to hear it.

“What is wrong with you?” Kayla asked.


“You’ve been moping around all night,” Kayla said. “I sure hope you aren’t sulking because of the birthday you’ve got coming up.”

Ashley looked up and said with a frown, “I’m going to be fucking thirty, Kayla. How did YOU feel when you turned thirty?”

“Like I was one year older than twenty-nine,” Kayla replied. “Get over it.”

“I can’t. It’s depressing as hell. My entire life is passing me by and I can’t stop it.”

Kayla laughed and said, “You’ve got everything you need. What more do you want?”

“It’s not always about material things, you know,” Ashley answered. “There are other…things…that are important in life. Things that can’t be bought.”


“You wouldn’t understand, Kayla. You’ve always been happy with whatever you have. I want…more. I want it all,” Ashley said.

“Give me an example.”

“I could give you a whole list.”

Kayla, slowly losing her temper as she often did with her little sister, said with disgust, “Fine. Give me a list. Write down everything you want that you don’t have.”

“You’ll think I’m a pervert or something,” Ashley said.


“Because what I want is mostly…well…physical things.”

“Like sex?” Kayla asked.

“Yeah. Mostly.”

“Write them down. I want to know.”

When they met the next evening at Kayla’s house, Ashley provided her list. Kayla hadn’t expected her sister to actually follow through on the task and was somewhat surprised to find herself opening up the sheet of paper Ashley handed her. She began to read.

“Oh my God,” Kayla said.

A few seconds later, Kayla uttered, “Fuck. Are you kidding me?”

“I told you,” Ashley said.

Kayla folded up the paper, unfolded it, read it again, and said, “These are your fantasies?”

“Yep. I’d give anything to do any of them before I’m too old.”

Kayla kept the list and spent considerable time after Ashley left thinking about what was in it. Ideas flew back and forth across her brain and plans began to formulate. As much as Kayla thought her overindulged sister didn’t deserve it, Kayla saw the opportunity to give Ashley a birthday she’d never forget.

The next day, Kayla set forth making the first item on the list come to fruition, unbeknownst to Ashley.


Jason was Ashley’s newest co-worker and Kayla heard about the shy, handsome man from the day he was hired. He was twenty-eight and single, but with an on-again, off-again girlfriend. Ashley found Jason to be extraordinarily frustrating as attempts to flirt with him were disregarded; or so she thought.

Truthfully, Jason was uncomfortable with the public setting of Ashley’s advances and found the little blonde with the great body to be on his mind far more than he expected when they first met. Not being the kind of man to initiate anything with a woman until he knew her fairly well, his attraction to her went unacted upon.

Then, he got a phone call.

“Hello,” Jason answered one morning in his office.

“Hi, Jason? My name is Kayla. I’m Ashley’s sister.”

“Hi, Kayla. What can I do for you?”

“Actually, it’s the other way around. Do you have a minute to talk?”

Jason and Ashley were among the first employees to arrive each day on a floor that held about twenty people in private offices. Ashley had attempted to use the ‘quiet time’ in the past to chat with Jason and get at least a date out of him, without success.

Half an hour after Jason’s phone call, Ashley was pleasantly surprised to find him standing at her door.

“Jason. What’s up?”

He entered Ashley’s windowless office and closed the door, silently locking it at the same time.

“Hi, Ashley. Sorry to bother you so early, but can you stand up.”

With a look of bewilderment, Ashley stood.

“Come here, please.”

She walked around the corner of her desk until she was a few feet in front of Jason.

“Get undressed, Ashley.”

It took a second for the command to register with her, but a sly grin slowly crossed Ashley’s face. She kicked off escort bayan ataköy her shoes and reached for the top button of her blouse. Jason watched intently as she worked her way down the row of buttons, revealing a silky white bra and full, firm tits in the process. It was when she let the blouse fall down her arms that Jason first felt the stiffness inside his pants.

Ashley never took her eyes off his while she unzipped her short skirt. It fell to the floor and she brushed it aside with her foot. Jason scanned her from head to toe. He stepped forward and put a hand on the underside of one of her breasts, gently squeezing the bra and tit. Jason slid the hand down her stomach and onto the outside of her panties. He could feel the warmth.

Ashley didn’t wait for Jason’s next demand. She reached out and put her palm on his crotch, feeling the hard cock underneath. She rubbed it at the same time Jason was putting his own hand inside her panties, seeking out her clit.

They kissed long enough for Ashley to undo Jason’s belt and unzip his pants. She kneeled down to take them off and then ran her hand up and down the outline of his cock inside his briefs. Ashley pulled them off and gazed longingly at the long, thick erection pointing out at her. She leaned forward and licked the cock from the base to the tip before spreading her lips and putting the cock inside her mouth.

Jason put his hand on Ashley’s soft hair while her head bobbed up and down on his shaft. He never felt as hard as he did when she finally stood up again in front of him. Jason reached around and unhooked her bra. He slid it off and threw the bra aside, putting a mouth on one tit almost before the bra landed. He sucked on it while cupping the other tit in his hand. The nipple hardened inside Jason’s mouth and he bit it lightly, getting a moan of delight out of Ashley.

Then he removed her panties and had her turn so he could admire her tight ass. Jason moved so that his rock hard cock was pressed between her cheeks and he was reaching both arms around her to grab her tits.

“I want to fuck you, Ashley,” he said into her ear.

“I want you to, Jason.”

He pressed on the top of her back and Ashley leaned forward, putting both hands on her desk to support herself. She spread her legs.

Jason put the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy, watching her pink skin shimmer from the moisture that collected there. Ashley barely had time to prepare for the forceful thrust of the cock deep inside her. Still, she exhaled a muffled expletive. Not one of revulsion, but pure joy.

Jason let his cock linger inside her and appreciated the tight warmth of Ashley’s pussy. He drew it out almost all the way before driving it back into her. Then they began to fuck. Jason held one of Ashley’s tits in his hand, pulling and pinching the nipple until she moaned. His cock slid into her like a piston and his legs slammed into her ass with each thrust.

This was little more than unadulterated sex, brought on by several weeks of mutual attraction, pent up desire for each other, and a little encouragement for Jason from an unexpected caller. Both participants would have liked it to last longer, but the excitement of the moment caused both orgasms to build quickly.

The manipulation of Ashley’s tits sent tremors through her body that collected at her pussy and drove her closer and closer to a climax. The resulting tightening of the grip on Jason’s cock caused him to feel the cum ready to be released.

Finally, Ashley announced as quietly as she could under the circumstances, “Oh fuck. Yessss!”

She gripped the edge of the desk more firmly as her orgasm began. Jason pounded into her with near-violent effort. Then he grunted…plunged his cock into Ashley even harder…and started to fill her pussy with load after load of cum.

Their groans filled the office and the desk creaked from the power of Jason’s thrusts. Ashley reached back to rub her clit and another orgasm began. Almost emptied of cum, but still hard, Jason continued to fuck her.

He collapsed on top of her when they were done, his cock dripping the last of his cum onto her ass when he pulled out. A moment later, they were kissing passionately and promising each other to do it again on another day.

A few miles away, Kayla had Ashley’s list in her hands, looking at her next assignment.


Tom had been Ashley’s neighbor for more than two years. He was a young-looking thirty-eight years old with an outgoing personality and biting sense of humor. Tom was married, but that never stopped he nor Ashley from partaking in a friendly game of seduction neither of them expected to fulfill. At least, not until Tom received a phone call from Kayla.

Two nights later, when both Tom and Ashley were in the yard after dinner, Tom sauntered over to talk to his neighbor as usual.

“Hey, Ashley. You look awfully good in those shorts,” Tom said, watching Ashley from behind as she put away the hose.

“Tom, you say that about every single thing I’ve ever worn.”

Ashley bayrampasa escort turned to face him and wiped the last of the water from her hands.

“Well, it must be true then,” Tom said. “And don’t forget what I said about it being fine if you just go topless in this hot weather. Old man Johnson over there won’t mind, I’m sure.”

Ashley grinned and said, “Thanks. I won’t forget. Not sure it will ever get that hot, though.”

“Want to come in for a beer?”

Before Ashley could answer, Tom added, “Patty is away on business again.”

In all the time she’d known him, this was the first such invitation. Ashley ran a hand through her hair and replied, “Sure.”

She walked behind Tom, gazing at his nice ass and the muscular arms and legs she had noticed so many times before. For an older man, he turned her on like no other. At least, like no other man she had never fucked. Tom led her in through the garage and, holding the door to the house open for her, it was his turn to inspect her luscious little body.

Tom wasn’t unhappily married, but his marriage never stopped him from looking at and often lusting after other women. Once or twice in earlier years he succumbed to the temptation. He seemed to be over the habit until moving in next to Ashley. The first time he saw her he secretly wanted her.

Tom grabbed two beers from the refrigerator and joined Ashley in the family room. They sat on opposite sides of an L-shaped couch and gossiped about people in the neighborhood or happenings at work. Ashley chose not to tell Tom about her episode with Jason, even though he likely would have enjoyed it thoroughly. Almost as much as he enjoyed watching her tits press against her tank top while she talked and gestured with her arms.

Ashley noticed the wandering eyes and, by the time she was near the end of her bottle of beer, was in the mood to switch into full seduction mode.

“Wouldn’t you rather be out with the guys when Patty was gone,” Ashley said to Tom.

“I do that sometimes,” he replied. “This is better.”

“I don’t know much about sports and whatever else you talk about with them.”

“But you’re better looking than them,” Tom said.

“You never got turned down much when you asked a woman out, did you?”

“Not often. I’m out of practice, though.”

“It worked with me,” Ashley said with a grin.

“You’re easy.”

She threw a pillow at him which Tom deftly dodged. He said, “I’m sure I could learn a few things on dating from you.”

“Ha. I’m sitting here with you,” Ashley said. “What’s that tell you about my dating schedule?”

“It’s early yet,” he said. “You’ll probably leave here and go out for some REAL fun.”

“How do you know what I consider fun?”

“Tell me,” Tom said.

There was a slight pause during which Tom was pretty sure he saw Ashley considering her options. Then she got on her hands and knees on the couch and crawled over to him. He couldn’t take his eyes off the ample tits attempting to fall out of her skimpy top. Ashley got within reach of him and stopped.

In her sexiest whisper voice, she told him, “I think fucking a handsome married neighbor when his wife is away would be fun.”

Tom scarcely had time to say a prayer of thanks for Kayla’s advice before Ashley was in his lap, facing him. He wasted no time in placing his hands on her tits, confirming for himself that there was no bra separating them from the tank top. Ashley allowed him to knead them through the shirt while her hands sought out his cock. She could feel it hardening inside his shorts and reached up inside a pant leg to find the cock and give it room to grow.

By that time, Tom was lifting Ashley’s top to expose the tits he had prized for so long. Ashley completed the job of removing the top and Tom began to lick and suck on the finest breasts he had ever seen…or tasted. Despite Ashley’s moving of his cock, Tom still felt the discomfort of his raging erection trying to escape the confines of his shorts.

Ashley gripped it and said, “God, Tom. That didn’t take long.”

“You do this to me,” he replied between licks.

Ashley slid between Tom’s legs and opened the shorts. The tip of his cock was already visible before she even pulled the pants off.

“Do you always go without underwear? I wish I’d known that the past couple years,” she said with a grin.

“Only when I’m going to see you.”

Tom leaned back and Ashley did what she did best, as he soon found out. She used her tongue, lips, and mouth to urge another inch out of the throbbing hard-on. He watched her blonde hair flop from side to side as the blowjob picked up speed and Ashley only stopped when the first salty taste of precum hit her tongue.

Then she stood in front of Tom and slowly stripped off her shorts and panties. She gave him a few seconds to gaze at her nude body before climbing back onto his lap. Ashley pulled off Tom’s shirt and they both sat naked on the couch—Tom with a sizeable erection and Ashley in her customary state of perpetual horniness. She didn’t escort bayan avcılar take long to resolve matters. Ashley moved her pussy directly above Tom’s cock, using her hand to position it perfectly. Tom watched as she lowered herself, allowing the head of the cock to spread her pussy lips open. Then she sank lower and lower onto the shaft.

Tom closed his eyes as the magnificence of her tight pussy engulfing his cock became real. He put his hands on her tits and played with the hard nipples. Soon, he moved his hands to Ashley’s ass, squeezing the soft flesh as they fucked. Ashley settled onto Tom’s cock all the way and leaned forward so they could kiss. The new angle heightened the pressure on her favorite spot and she had to delay the inevitable orgasm.

Without warning, Tom leaned to the side and Ashley found herself falling gently onto the couch with Tom still inside her. He moved along with her and they were side by side, kissing and fucking. He rolled her some more and he was on top, driving his cock into her with renewed force. Ashley wrapped her legs around his sturdy waist.

“Fuck me harder, Tom,” she begged.

He did just that, saying, “I want to hear you cum, Ashley. Long and loud.”

Tom banged her as hard and fast as he could and Ashley gladly accepted all of it. She held him tighter as her orgasm neared. His groans told her he was close, too.

“That’s it, Ashley. Cum for me!”

Tom was ecstatic to hear her loud shriek as Ashley’s orgasm started. He rammed his cock into her and listened as she pleaded for more. A few seconds later, his own orgasm began with a blast of cum shooting into her pussy. That was followed by many more as they climaxed together in a chorus of loud groans. They rolled on the couch to finish it off, each of their bodies trembling one last time before collapsing in satisfied exhaustion.


Kayla had to think long and hard about the next item on Ashley’s wish list. She was almost out of ideas and on the verge of striking it from the list when Ashley told her she was going to have to have an electrician come to the house to fix a ceiling fan that wasn’t working. Kayla excitedly told her sister she knew a good one that would be cheap and offered to have him call her. Ashley gladly accepted.

Arrangements were made for Kayla’s friend to be at Ashley’s place three evenings later. Everything fell into place perfectly for both women.

Richard was a thirty-five year old friend of Kayla’s who didn’t know the first thing about electrical wiring, but he was exceedingly good looking with a body to match. He and Ashley had never met. When Kayla outlined her scheme to Richard, he accepted his role without hesitation, especially after Kayla described Ashley in detail.

He arrived at the designated time with a toolkit in hand and Ashley welcomed him in.

“I’m really glad you could come in the evening,” she said, closing the front door behind Richard. “I hated to take time off just for this. I hope it’s easy for you.”

“I’m sure it will be. I do fans all the time,” Richard said with a smile.

“It’s in the bedroom. This way,” Ashley said, leading the way down the hall.

Richard watched every step the stunning little blonde took in front of him. This job would, in fact, be much easier than Kayla had made it sound.

They turned into the bedroom and Ashley pointed up at the ceiling fan above the bed.

“That’s the one,” she said, flipping the wall switch on and off with no effect.

Richard set down his tools and said, “Too bad it doesn’t work because it’s going to get hot in here.”

“Oh, it’s not too…,” Ashley began to say.

But she never got to finish her thought. Richard had walked over to her and forced her back against the wall with a powerful shove.

“Hey!” Ashley cried.

Before she could speak again, Richard’s mouth was covering hers and he was kissing her feverishly. Ashley struggled in vain to get out from under his grip. She felt his hands climbing the front of her collared, knit shirt. His tongue entered her mouth. He clutched at her tits.

Ashley’s efforts to protest were smothered by the kiss. Richard massaged her tits and then moved his hands to the top of her shorts. He managed to open them. Ashley squirmed while Richard slid a hand inside.

“Consider this payment in advance,” Richard said to her, seeking out her clit with his fingers.

“Get off me!” she demanded.

Her pleas were silenced when Richard started to rub her clit and pussy. He kissed her again and moved his hand from inside her shorts to inside her shirt, letting his fingers rise until they rested on her bra. Ashley felt his hard cock against her body. She gasped when he roughly squeezed one of her nipples.

“I’m not sure you want me to get off you,” Richard said.

He yanked up her shirt with both hands and pulled it off. Richard fumbled with Ashley’s bra until he finally had it open, removing it with equal aggression as the shirt.

“Now let’s see how those beautiful tits taste,” he said.

When Ashley tried to push him away, Richard took both of her wrists in his strong hands and held them up while he sucked on each tit. He only let her arms down—but still in his vice-like grip—when it was obvious she could not break free. Richard licked and sucked on the tits until the nipples were rock hard.

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